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Martec should be called Muppets

Martec is a shocking company. Warranty is baaaadd. I bought 3 fans . On install electrician showed me a ticking sound. Called martec warranty they told me to put fan on winter setting. This seemed to get rid of tick.. THEN it returned. Had Martec come to party for their electrician to look at. He told me there is a known fault. So he installed a spacer.. solved. But no the other two fans develop tick. Contact Martec they send electrician. Both fans same issue as first. Both had same fix. However Martec only will claim one as warranty as other had a bit of head wire in cup.. however tick has gone from same fix as first. Been a long 6 months. Asked them to review. Thoight it all good then i get a Letter of demand. For payment. Communication is stuff you flush down toilet. Warranty is written on the toilet paper. Am now going to pay to get rid of them. Need another 3 fans they WON'T be MARTEC brand. Have contacted lighting illussions where i purchased to inform them of this terrible company. Have also let my electrician know, he said he will never install one again, and will talk people into other brands. I am votting with my feet and mouth. Best $80 i spent was paying this bill and letting people know how BAD MARTEC are.

Purchased in November 2018.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level

Stay away from Martec fans

Absolute garbage, nothing but clicking and ticking noises from the get go, 6 months in one has stopped working..

Please stay away from this company, shoddy warranty and there customer service is about as good as there fans. .

Purchased in October 2018 for $178.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level

Multiple failures of Martec DLS1344W with both Premier and Duo Remote Kits

I had an electrician install 5 Martec DLS1344W Lifestyle Ceiling Fans with Premier remote kits and 2 of the 5 remote transmitter units failed within days. Martec forwarded 2 new Premier remote kits and the electrician swapped out the faulty ones. I was not easy to get Martec to honor the replacement of these, but eventually they agreed.

In a second premises, an electrician installed 3 Martec DLS1344W Lifestyle Ceiling Fans, this time with Martec Duo remote kits, and was to install 3 additional fans purchased with Martec Duo remote kits, however before this occurred one Duo Remote wall unit of the original 3 failed. We tried all 3 "spare" ones which were to be used in the other fans once installed (first setting the code to match that of the installed failed Duo wall unit)- ALL 3 of the "spare" units were tried on ALL 3 of the installed fans (resetting the code to match that of the installed fan in each room) - None of the 3 worked at all.

The retailer, Lighting Illusions were very helpful and told me that they had stock of 3 Duo units and would get all 3 to my closest store. I collected these one at a time, tried each of the 3, and NONE of the 3 worked on any of the fans.

On contacting Martec, they advised me that the Duo remotes were no longer produced and therefore refused to honor any warranty on these - basically telling me that since they could not supply the Duo units any more, they could not or WOULD NOT do anything at all, so I was on my own.

I took the case off the failed unit (since these are only battery operated) and was horrified to find that it had a manufacture date indicating it was 5 years old at purchase. I then checked the other units and manufacture dates were just as old, or older. In this process I could also identify that the manufacture and assembly quality was extremely poor, where soldering displayed poor workmanship (crystallized joints), the solder flux had not been cleaned off (as should have been done), the battery supplied was tested (found to be below voltage so part discharged at purchase - I purchased and tried new batteries), the battery did not fit properly and the push buttons stuck as often as not. The original working units are more trouble than they are worth because of the manufacturing defects mentioned. I actually have to push on the battery to get the buttons to respond as a result of the poor fitment of the battery in the battery holder.

Absolutely the first time I have ever known of electronic devices "aging to failure on the shelf" as the built-in obsolescence feature!

Still great after 8 years

Some customers have not had a good experience so I thought I'd share mine. I bought 4 in 2011, 2 with the halogen light & 2 without. I installed them myself in our new house. They are the brushed aluminium models and even though we are right on the coast have no signs of corrosion at all. I give them a clean annually.

All 4 have run faultlessly for 8 years. I have had to replace 1 halogen bulb which blew. They are quiet, perfectly balanced & provide plenty of air movement. A balance kit was supplied but I did not need to use it. The motor is quiet and the plywood blades make a lot less noise than the equivalent aluminium blades. We rarely use the high speed, usually low and medium are sufficient. These just have the wall switch so no remote control which is one less complexity. I have too many remote controls anyway. I've just ordered 2 more (factory seconds) direct from Martec Clearance for just over half what I paid in 2011. I'll update this when the new ones have been running for a while.

Date PurchasedJan 2011
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My 2 new (apparently factory seconds) fans have been installed and are running well. They were brand new in the box & I could not find a mark on anything. Running well, properly balanced and no noises.

Very Happy

Got a bit worried after reading these reviews but the store I bought from said they sell 100s of these fans every month and rarely have any warranty calls. I am so happy i listened to the stores advice. They are quiet, have had no problems with the light (I like the 3 stage dimming) and are balanced perfectly.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Please heed the Negative reviews, disappointing Ceiling fan.

After having good experience with the silent Kogan DC pedestal fans thought it'd be good to replace our bedrooms old A/C Ceiling fan with a DC, unfortunately didn't read the many Negative reviews on Martec products here first.

On our electricians recommendation we went for the Martec Lifestyle DC Fan with LED and remote, when installed it is a good looking fan but when the fitting electrician turned it on the fan had a noticeable bearing knock.....He took it down and exchanged it for a new one from his wholesaler...

2nd one installed, no knock but had a annoying electrical resonance hum especially noticeable on its lowest Fan settings, worse than the old A/C fan it replaced and questionable seeing I'm a light sleeper...Leaving the 2nd installed we later found that night when trying to sleep that the LED light turned off unacceptably glows like a miniature moon in our rooms centre for the entire night.

Not happy we contacted the installing electrician, to his credit he tried yet another unit out in his own home first before coming out, when arriving he remarked the new one had the same hum and glow as our installed unit so no point changing it a third time....

Our electrician who is a good one and has performed other electrical work for us has logged a call with Martec sending in videos of the fans hum and light off glow but given the difficulties people have stated here when dealing with them suspect this will be a painful experience...

Date PurchasedAug 2018

I bought 3- Buy something else

I purchased 3 Martec Lifestyle ceiling fans 2 1/2 years ago for the bedrooms in our house. The fan in the main bedroom had to be replaced under warranty, as the fan only ran on slow speed from the beginning.
The 2nd and 3rd fan are in the kid's bedroom and guest bedroom. They make loud ticking noises. The 40 year old ceiling fan in our dining room is quieter.
Back to the main bedroom- there is now an electrical issue with the lights on the first fan, ( the fan that was replaced under warranty.)
The Martec warranty system is a pain in the backside to deal with- I understand it needs to be installed by a licensed electrician, but dealing with the warranty department with statements such as Martec will charge a service fee if the Martec electrician considers the fault is not their's etc- makes you reconsider lodging a claim with their warranty department.
I'm currently looking into replacing all 3 ceiling fans. Not sure what I'm going to replace these fans with- either something more expensive, or a cheapie from Bunnings, but I'm sure Bunnings would happily just issue a refund without question if their fan was faulty.
I feel like I've outlaid good money for something that should have lasted longer.

Date PurchasedMay 2016

Great product, a few cons

The fan is very quiet, looks great and performs well. They also have fantastic customer service. However, some cons.

Firstly, the dimming feature is crap. You have to click the light on and off as it cycles through the settings from high, to medium, to low brightness. And it doesn't remember your last setting, it defaults back to brightest.

The warm/cool setting is also difficult to adjust. You have to remove the glass dome and switch it over. Not something you want to do regularly. I was hoping this would be on the remote, but no luck. Not a big deal though.

A couple of screws didn't come out of manufacturing properly, so had to be replaced, bit of a quality issue there. But the customer service was excellent. Prompt and no issues, a big plus on that front.

I bought 2 fans, and the fans operate slightly differently on startup. One turns on and starts spinning correctly. The other takes a couple of seconds, before turning the wrong way initially, thinks about it, then starts spinning the right way. Very weird.

One last thing is the noise it makes when you turn the light on/off. I just don't need the beep. It's not loud, but it's weird and I don't like it.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Worst fans on market.

I be very clear I purchased 3 Ceilin fans they are noise and worst fans on market.
Looks ok bad product must replace after one year do not by Martec will cost you money.
Customer service is bad they come to fix one and is worst than before newer again .

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Terrible.... lasted one day

Purchased the white DC motor model without the light for family room and new white fans with DC motors and LED light for bedrooms....that came out January 2018. They seemed to tick all of the boxes especially the one with the light - could change colour 3000K, 4000K or 5000K and it had a dimmable LED - only limited to three settings though. Felt sick the morning of install when I found these reviews but decided to continue.... BAD MISTAKE !!
Did not like the very basic remote control. When you changed the speed of the fan, there was no indicator on the remote to remind you of the speed you selected. Same with the timer. No lighting on remote.
Set lights on the 4000K setting. All three fans had noisy motors picked up by the electrician when he first turned them on. Nothing to do with installation as he double checked that. It was a buzz that seemed to change gear when changing speed and did not disappear when we ran them for a few hours in summer and winter mode as suggested by Martec. The fans with lights were also wobbling - easy to detect by just putting your fingers on the light fitting. I had the worst night sleep and that was enough.
Contacted Martec about paperwork needed to get them out BUT decided these are brand new and ALL THREE not doing their job so I contacted company we purchased them from and took them back for a refund. They have been very supportive.
Now looking for another DC motor fan as they are said to be quieter.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Disappointing .. don't buy

This worked fine for the first three years.One month out of warranty the light stopped working.
According to consumer affairs Martec still have an obligation to repair or replace.
Martec refuses.
I requested that they supply the parts free of charge and I will wear the installation cost. I thought that was a fair compromise as it's probably the LED system which can be easily replaced. At cost price Martec would be out of pocket around or less than $20.
I will have to pay for an electrician to install.
So if you want a fan and light that work for around three years then go for it.
I hope that when the light dies again it does in inside warranty ..
Very disappointing.

Date PurchasedNov 2014

Bought 3 regretted all 3

We have had Martec fans for the last 30 years. They have been great but were due to be replaced, so we decided to stick with what we know. We bought 3 of these units, 2 with lights 1 without. A total waste of money.

Let me start.
On installation all made ticking sounds and wobbled, 1 so badly I asked for a refund. The blade was physically warped and could not be balanced. I spoke to someone in their head office and after a bit of wrangling they said they would send out new blades. They confirmed the sale and model with the copy of the receipt they had on file.

About 10 days later I got the blades. Wrong blades for the wrong model.I rang them and advised of the mistake. They admitted their mistake because they new the exact model number from the receipt. but refused to send out another set and wanted me to return the wrong set at my cost. They said I could get another set of blades from the place of purchase, so we went there (lightspot on Anzac highway. Great service) after going through a few sets I found some blades that were not out of shape. Fitted the blades still wobbled but was able to balance it OK.

3 months later the motor failed.low speeds worked but could not get it to work on high speed. Bought a cheaper replacement fan because it was hot and I couldn't be stuffed dealing with their pathetic warranty service. Cant even remember the brand of this knock off but it went straight in and did not need balancing and is whisper quiet.

Fast forward 16 months and now the high speed in another Martec fan has failed! I spoke to a sparky about testing them and from my description he said it is definitely the motor but its not worthwhile him coming out to test it. he said you are better off buying a new fan. He recommended Mercator.

So that's what we are doing this morning getting a new Mercator.

Never again Martec. You lost a loyal customer through your crap Quality Control

Date PurchasedJun 2015

So Far So Good

I cringe reading the negative reviews.
Purchased a factory seconds martec Fan c/w LED (I rent) and it looks sensational. I replaced an old Omega Casablanca model that was making shorting noises at full speed. So far it is quiet and very powerful.
The wifey is pleased with the new fan as well so that's always a bonus.
The light is brighter than a single LED e27 globe I had in the old unit, I was hesitant at buying the LED version but I'm glad I did now.
My main criteria was price, after scouring 4 different shops on the weekend I was shocked at the exorbitant prices for Ceiling Fans.
I went online and honestly couldn't go past the look and price of the Martec lifestyle series. Although early days I'd be happy to buy more of them if it continues to perform.
Sorry to hear about other peoples issues, I can only say that compared to what I've seen out there the Martec unit looks great, is powerful, bright and well made, most of all exceptionally priced.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Terrible product

The model I bought was the one with 24w dimmable LED. The LED went off in one week. Terrible quality for a fixed light that I cannot replace easily. Called for a warranty service but was told they don’t cover DIY installation. Now I have to chuck the whole fan after just one week. Stay away with this brand.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Great so far

I did read a bunch of reviews about the Martec lifestyle fans and decided not to buy based on the terrible reciews. I decided to buy a different brand, the Franco Urban fans, turns out, it’s just a rebranded Martec fan. When I was un boxing I panicked when I saw the Martec badge but the electrician was there so we continued with installation. So far the fans are great, very quiet, provide a lot of air flow and very bright (which is what we need). The electrician also mentioned that they felt very good build quality. So far we are happy with the purchase. Also, we purchased online in Adelelaide on a Monday afternoon and they were delivered 9am the next day, very impressed.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Worst product

Purchased four of these in 2014.

1 x replaced under warranty within two months of install - quite the debacle which took 2 months of complaints and Consumers Affairs being involved.
2 x wobble like crazy when on...
2 x tick loudly when in use... (was told they need to warm up and that it'd go away in a few weeks...)
1 x no longer changes speed. Unfortunately we're out of warranty now by two months. Martec not sending out a technician but have offered to send out a replacement control mechanism which 'might' be the problem.

We foolishly bought a number of martec lights at the same time... they too are shizen, with the ballast in one blowing within two months.

Date PurchasedJun 2014

Poor product no service

2016, I also purchased 5 fans for my home and one for my 78 year old mother, I wish I had done reviews before hand. I thought I was buying a quality item that should last. Mums failed and 3 in my place make buzzing sounds and globes keep blowing, we are changing them all out. Contacted the Martec Warranty number and all the woman would say is do you have the receipt = yes, do you have the installers certificate= No (who does) and I said they are only 4 months old and were installed by a licensed electrician . Can I just bring them to your store for evidence = NO, we must follow the procedure or no warranty can be claimed. Martec are the are the worst at customer service, do not support their customers, never again...............people ...don't buy Martec (my opinion)

Date PurchasedMay 2016

Do your homework before purchase

Purchased 7 fans for my new home that was being build, I wish I had done reviews before hand.
I thought I was buying a quality item that should last. Unfortunately this is not the case.
When the fan is on 3 its hardly moving and the noises that come from the fan just scares me. I'm in the process of replacing all fans,

Date PurchasedSep 2012

crap product of the year

Absolutely terrible product these fans do not push out enough air and get electrical interference at certain times of night but by far the worst problem is the clicking noises they make.
We contacted martec and to get them fixed what a bloody joke we have had to chase up the electrician who installed them to get all of his details, take videos and many emails back and forth , two month later and still can not use our bedroom fan because its so out of balance and noisy .
All three different electician that have been sent out so far on waranty claims have said the same thing they are a bad product and that we will most likely be making further claims due to the fans loosing there speed hence pushing out even less air .
Safe yourself allot of stress and stay clear of this product and even better martec all together.
Crap product crap warranty.

Date PurchasedAug 2016

Definately avoid Martec

Had a fan installed two months ago, the LED lights started buzzing and the speed of the fan has problems. Even it is set on "high" seems like it is on "low". The most ridiculous thing is that the fan is spinning but does not give any airflow. Contacted the customer service, was told to wait for two or more weeks to get the technician out. Finally the technician came to fix up the buzzing light but unable to explain why the fan is spinning at the low speed. I have to contact the customer service again as the problem is not fixed but to my surprise, received a rude email saying that their technician claimed that it is blowing at the correct speed and it is my roof structural problem. I have paid for a certified electrician to check on it twice and it is definitely the fan problem but Martec is not admitting to the fault. Very disappointed with our Australian company and being treated like this. If I were to read the review before, I will not even buy this brand. My problems are not being resolved. Still waiting for them to replace the fan which they say they will but it has been over several weeks now.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

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Manufacturer Warranty3 year(s)3 year(s)3 year(s)3 year(s)3 year(s)
Blade MaterialAluminiumWoodWoodWood
Number of Blades44
Body MaterialAluminiumMetalAluminiumMetal
Blade Diameter1,320 mm1,320 mm1,300 mm1,320 mm

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