Does a good job of cutting lawn even when grass is long and lush.

Easy to start, push, maintain and clean. Does a great job of cutting grass (but it does bog down on longer grass so you have to go slower). I do not have the self propelled model (so I don't have problem with drive belt coming off that other reviewers have complained about).

Absolute lemon of a machine!!!

First i will start by saying I'm a qualified diesel fitter of 15 years, and this mower is a lemon!!
My constant problem is with the Self propulsion system failing and the drive belt falling off all the time,iv used this machine about a dozen times and Iv had 3 drive belts come off and go through the blades, it's all round just a poorly built machine!! Now that iv research this mower I'v seen I'm not the only person having this same trouble with this model.. If there is no long term fix to this problem, this machine should be withdrawn from sale to other customers

Very Disappointed

This mower has no grunt. I had been using a rover that was about 20 years old. I didn't even buy it, I was given it by a neighbour that was moving away. I used it for 6 years, no problems at all but then the pull string broke and I thought it was time for an upgrade. The lawn was getting out of control so I bought the P2000 without too much research. I have since come to the conclusion that the 2 extremely positive reviews on this website are by sales reps.

I admit that I was expecting issues with the first now considering the length of the lawn. The mow shut off regularly but I cleaned out the catcher and restarted (it is easy to start, I'll admit that) but a week later, I mow again, and the same issue. The grass isn't too long but the mower is not powerful enough to shoot the trimmings to the back of the catcher. The result, the carch gets 1/3 to 1/2 full, then the mower shuts down and needs emptying and clearing the blades. I only have a small area to mow and it took me 3 times as long as it took with the rover because I was constantly clearing the blades.
For $450 I was expecting a lot more. I will be returning and looking into the river models around the $700 mark.

Nearly gave it a 5 but then it broke.

2 months old and I was cutting the grass thinking to myself that I should come on here and write a good review. Next lap of the lawn it broke. Self propulsion suddenly stopped working and I had to take it back to the shop for repair. They told me I must have run over a stick, stone or acorn and that knocked the belt off its mechanism. Odd reason because I have tall fescue turf lawn in small rural backyard with no sticks, stones or acorns.

Before that I had been happy with my purchase. Quiet mower. Easy to start. Catches and mulches well. Cheap to run. Sadly easy to break.

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Broken again! Same problem with the belt for the self propulsion coming off which. Bloody annoying. Don't buy one.

Excellent Mower

The President series is the same price as Masport's and Makita's in Bunning's, however, the build quality of the chassis is heads and shoulders above their offerings.

Visually, the President series looks great and the green is a throwback to old-style mowers.

The engine is a plucky B&S mower and is very fuel efficient. I get 2.5 mows of the lawn from a 750 sqm block. It's extraordinarily easy to start - I got my 4 year old to pull the starter cord and it fired immediately. It is also much quieter than other mowers I have had in the past - the engine note is not your typical roaring mower motor.

It is easy to push as the handle is at a comfortably height (I'm 6'4") and the single handle to raise or lower the cutting level is robust and very easy to use.

I picked mine up for $450 at a local mower store ready-made. The 4-blade assembly cuts the grass beautifully and is noticeably better than my previous mid-level Victa. So far, I have used both the catcher and mulcher. The mulcher is particularly impressive as it cuts, mulches and pushes the clippings down into the lawn as long as you aren't taking more than around 1/3 of your grass height. I got a real kick out of the fact that it simply didn't leave any grass behind. That said, don't push the mower too fast as you won't give it enough time to mulch properly and you'll leave barely noticeable trails to the side. Already, the lawn looks greener and is softer to walk on after two months. It's also suppressed the bindi's really well.

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Just in response to "Mower Man" - I'm not a rep of any sort - since using this mower for over a year, it's quiet operation does leave you feeling as though it's underpowered but it never conks out and if you keep the filter clean, replace the spark plug and change the oil and blades when necessary, it'll work for 99% of people mowing their lawn. If you are looking to mow long grass, forget this mower. If you want to have a beautifully cut lawn - at least consider it.


This mower is a fantastic piece of machinery. With a 2 year Warranty on the Engine, a 4 year Warranty on the Chassis and a Lifetime Warranty on the Catcher. Great for small or large areas, with varying height levels.
Well worth the money. I'm so pleased that I chose this product.
Thank You MASPORT.
This mower has many fantastic features.
It is so easy to start and manoeuvre.
The mulching feature is a great addition.
The quick action feature in lowering the handles is so easy.
There is nothing to dislike about this mower.


q45 model. bigger engine and alloy body and bigger wheels. overall went well apart from bigger wheels breaking. also ability to add extra blades makes for a better cut.
reliable, runs and cuts well. Easy to service
on the Q45 model the rear wheels broke after 1 year, paint started to flake as well as stickers came off easily.

Questions & Answers

I have a Masport 2000 President. The back right wheel hass come away and I gave, hopefully all the parts. I want access to a instruction book to rest the wheel. Any ideas where to get one?
No answers

I have a Masport 2000 President. It is 2 and half years old. The front left wheel bracket is loose and I can't see how you tighten it, any help?
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President 2000ST S19 (140cc)President 2000ST S18 (140cc) Self PropelledPresident 2000AL 2'n1 (150cc)
Power SourcePetrolPetrolPetrol
Price (RRP)479599629
Cutting Width485460460
Maximum Cutting Height715973
Minimum Cutting Height61710
Self PropelledNoYesNo
Mulching CapabilityYesYesYes
Release dateFeb 2010Feb 2010

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