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Masport President 4000

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Very good mower

Great mower purchased it as a back to our ride on unit. This Masport President 4000 has it all catcher mulcher and stick mulcher up to 35mm diameter. And it handles the 35 mm sticks no worries. We live in a very hilly tree filled area so there is always multiple branches down on trees, that we just simply feed through the mulcher chute and gone all is left is mulch for the gardens. Great! We only have to empty the catcher 2-3 a cut as stated earlier this is a back up for a bigger mower so we are very happy with the Masport plenty of power to do what we want and more. After the previous mower we had let us down badly it is so good to feel like we have a quality product, that we can rely on once again. GOOD WORK masport

Date PurchasedMay 2018

This is very good.

This is by far the best lawn mower that I ever had. No problems at all. Very affordable. Briggs and Sttratton engine is very strong and works great. I am very happy with my new mower. The grass in my yard was very long. And this mower did a great job. I have purchased three mowers in less than 5 years. So far this one is working great. I would recommend.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Great lawn mower

This by far is the best lawn mower i have ever brought not only do tou get value for money but you get trust and reliable lawn mower great mulching to. Have had cheap brands before but not worth having better off getting a great mower for that little bit extra

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Great mower with good power

Overall a great mower - has a bit of extra power to make the job easy. Briggs and Stratton engine works perfectly. Comes with a catcher or mulcher settings, easy to push and store - comes with a handing hook for the catcher and the handles fold down to size. Easy to clean and I like the colour.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Falling to bits. Warranty not honoured

Used on a single easy-going lawn on a 5th acre house section. The plastic catcher has cracked, other plastic broken, rubber handle falling apart. Very inferior compared to the Victa I owned for 30 yrs. The Ellerslie Stihl Shop from whom I purchased the mower did not stock the spare parts or honour the warranty

Date PurchasedJan 2015

Gets through couch grass

My old Victa Corsair finally gave up on me. Looked around at Bunnings and Mitre 10 for a replacement but finally settled for a Masport from local mowing company (Mowers Galore). Was recommended by a friend and it's fantastic. Easy start. No stupid mixing of fuels. Cuts through our couch grass, even when long and wet. Folds up easily for shed storage. Initial cost is high but if I can get 20 odd years out of it like my Victa- its worth it. Can't fault it.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

used on my aunts lawn as she ownd it works like a charm.

It works completely fine and has a great amount of power and leaves great stripes on the lawn and easy to use the lawn mower. Works fine and is very fuel efficient. Please buy asap if it still available and I believe it is. Will definitely use it again if she wants me to.

Date PurchasedOct 2013

Very hard to start with semi old fuel! Model 4000 president B & S 161cc

Once i have started the mower it does everything i require. The engine/or design makes it very hard to start with leftover fuel in the tank or in a storage container over a few weeks old. I am fit and reasonably strong and it may take up to eight attempts to start, if you are an older person etc i would suggest at minimum get this possible problem written into the warranty. The service person from the mower shop i purchased this from also stated that the problem is worse on premium fuel.

Date PurchasedJan 2015

Not worth the price

After spending a small fortune on a mower i believed would last a while, the catcher and catcher flap have a major design flaw... the plastic parts are splitting and falling off.. I have had to do some DYI repairs to strengthen it and prolong the life but it was only a short term solution....I will be going for a Honda next time.

Date PurchasedOct 2015

Excellent quality .

Im a contractor and decided on the masport president series mower for my business 8 yrs ago and still today this mower starts runs and performs like the day I got it . The only problem was replacing the hand throttle just recently which was $25 and easy to fit myself . I highly recommend it ! Just feels so solid and we'll built along with a beatiful cut. I mostly mulch and couldn't be happier with its mulching as sometimes I cut grass a little higher than I should for mulcher and it still looks great . The only negative would be is that they could have the height adjustment a little higher at maxI mum height as I been a contractor sometimes I have to do lawns that have been left to over grow . Yards where I can't get the zero turn into. Ifor this 1 will ever die I'll surely be getting another masport .but this mower still runs like the day I got it so may be a while . Also if your comparing any bunnings masport or Hondas etc it's totally different quality and generally around half the price .and You get what you pay for with mowers.

Date PurchasedJan 2009

Go Out And Buy One!!!

I'm into buying something good once and having it for life. Because of this I did my research and found the Masport 4000AL the below is why I made the decision
- Aluminium so will never rust
- Cuts as wide as the wheels so saves me time with the wipper snipper
- Pull string up the handle so no bending down
- Can mulch so no need to stop mowing to empty the grass (I do it weekly mulches the grass to dirt fine particals so you see the grass darker but never any clumps)
- Commercial Briggs and stratton motor = double the warranty from the standard and effortless in thick and tall grass (backyard was 1.3mtrs tall between last mower dying and picking up this one)
- 4 stroke so no stuffing about with oil and petrol mixes.
I purchase it from my local Dealer, they filled it with oil + petrol gave it a run all ready to go when I collected it. Also through in the first service in 3 months free
I also purchased a $7.00 hose attachment which is invaluable. ( a hose attachment is where you hook the hose up to the mower while it's running to let it clean itself underneath gets rid of about 85-90% of the grass underneath some gets stuck around the back flap. The mower comes with a hole in the main body for the attachment already)
I have used it now for 1 month just a pleasure to use but I will update this review if anything goes wrong along the way so that if I ever have an issue arise everyone is informed.
28/08/2017 - So had the Masport now for 9 Months and nothing has changed , still looks brand new it has been in for the first service and nothing wrong didn't even need new blades just an oil change still just as easy to clean and use, have been using the catcher lately instead of the mulching attachment as the grass and ground have been exceptionally wet and want to keep the cuttings off it to help it dry out. I'm 100% massport converted now wouldn't bother looking at anything else.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Great Mower for the Price!

I have owned two of these and were great for my horticultural business. Never had any issue. Reliable machine.
Better than Victa! Easy to use and works like a knife through butter!
The mulching feature is great on slightly longer grass in hot weather as you don't really need the grassbox!

Date PurchasedSep 2012

Don't listen to negativity. This is a top mower..

I recently replaced my victor 2 stroke of 20 years with the Masport 4000AL. Masport offered better value for money at $765 as opposed to the Honda HRU19K $850. I had to wait 5 days to receive the Masport, and my yard was in desperate need of mowing.
I'm so impressed with the Masport with its effortless power and huge catcher capability, I mowed my whole yard only having to empty the catcher twice. I would have had to empty the catcher on my victor at least 5 times. I didn't even need to get the blower out after mowing as the Masport left minimal clippings behind. I highly recommend this mower to anyone looking to replace any great mower.


Had the unit for almost 2 years, I was talked into it by the retailer, who I have purchased from in the past. PLEASE DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. Masport should be embarrassed to sell this. It is gradually falling apart. Not sure where to start with the faults. The B&S motor is the only redeeming part of the unit, rest of the mower is very cheap. Retailer is not interested. Catcher does not fit properly, falls off all the time, pull started cord failed, list goes on.....I do like to do my own mechanical maintenance myself, but I have had enough. I should have purchased a pair of scissors, it would have been less stressful.

Great Mower At Good Price!

I bought my 4000al about 8 months ago, it was cheaper than some other high end mowers like Honda, etc. So far it's been great, starts and runs fine, catcher is good. 4 blades are great, also like the padding on handle. One bad point, mulch plug is hard to fit, once fitted it works ok, although don't use it on high grass or wet grass (common sense anyways), apart from that one problem it's good so far for the lower dollars.

Less than OK

This is the current President 4000AL S19 Combo IC (purchased July 2015) with RRP $799. Rated as suitable for commercial use at place of purchase.

Has 19" aluminium deck with 4 swing back blades and is catch and mulch capable. Cut area is beyond the wheel width on both sides. Comes with a Briggs OHV Commercial Series 850 IC Ready Start engine with 190cc and 11.2Nm of torque (or 11.5Nm depending on which Masport spec sheet you read). Has Zone Start, a plastic catcher and 11 height settings from 11mm - 73mm. It weighs 32kg.

I bought this machine as a back up, for its light weight and for the Briggs that came with it.

The aluminium/alloy deck should be very durable and the swing back blades will provide engine protection (compared to a single fixed blade) in the event you hit something solid such as concrete or a star picket, etc.

Deck size is ok but I would have preferred 20" for the money.

Zone start saves you from having to reach all the way down to the engine to grab the starter cord....nice!

I'm a fan of plastic catchers as they're tougher than fabric ones but this one is disappointing. It's thin and flimsy so lifetime catcher warranty will be handy. The catcher is also very small at 42 litres and fills quickly.

The height setting metal strip on the side of the deck seems flimsy so I wonder if/when it will break?

The mower cuts grass but doesn't do a consistent job in all situations e.g where there is thick clover, long grass or spindly grass/weeds. This could be because of it's relatively lighter weight? On established and even lawn it's OK.

It comes with a commercial Briggs engine but I'm not satisfied that this 850 IC Ready Start engine is the same as the one on my Pro Cut. It doesn't seem to have the same torque and regularly labours with long grass/wet grass/thick clover.

As a back up it's OK but like most things these days I'm not satisfied it's worth the money.

I don't consider it to be suitable for commercial use; maybe light commercial at best and I doubt the self propelled version would be any different.

Would I buy again, maybe but I'd be inclined to try something else.

Update 9/1/16
The 2 halves of the catcher (top and bottom) don't stay locked together when carrying weight so whilst mowing cut grass pieces stream out the back of the catcher..
There is a design flaw re the position of the mulch plug (when engaged) as the right side rear corner is hit by the blades damaging the plug. The damage allows debris to escape which leaves a line of debris behind the mower as you walk along.
The mower has trouble rolling over obstructions e.g sticks/liquidamber seed pods so you need to steer around or move it. This may be because of the mower's light weight or the really thin rubber on the wheels? (Pro Cut/Commercial Hondas/TPE mowers have no probs).
The Briggs 850 IC Ready Start engine on the Masport isn't as strong as the one on my Pro Cut, even though it's powering a 3" smaller deck with no self propulsion.
Used setting 4 today (while catching and not mulching, as per the instruction on the deck) and now I'll have to sharpen the blades as I ended up cutting dirt. Who knows what settings 1 to 3 are for?

After all that I'll still use this mower so I have to leave my rating as a 3.

But would I splash cash on one again, no way.

Another update @ Feb 2016
The catcher became totally useless, didn't just have a split between the 2 halves but a huge gaping hole! Lucky I wasn't at a job. Catcher's covered by a lifetime warranty but no point getting it replaced (only the faulty half is replaced anyway) as it will just happen again. I made my own repairs and it's BETTER than new!
Mulch plug just got worse and worse and, not covered by warranty as apparently the damage was caused by a build up of grass on the underside of the deck, which 'skewed' the position of the plug. Tried out my new mulch plug which I had to buy and after just 1 lawn it was already showing signs of being hit by the blades (and no build up of grass on the underside of the deck).

As a consumer we're supposed to be satisfied with this?

Definitely NOT worth the money. Rating changed to 2.

Update 10/1/18
Lasted a while but the height setting metal strip on the side of the deck did finally brake, or more precisely, the 2 rivets holding it to the side of the deck failed. I'm not handy so $50 to repair. There are now 3 heavy duty rivets holding it (should have been in the first place?).

Really disappointed by place of purchase who assured me this machine is up to commercial work. When I explained the probs above they about faced (even made me buy a new mulch plug!) and said.....it's not really a commercial machine etc etc. They offer a gr8 range of equipment and plenty of guys use them, but for mine, they don't back up what they tell you at time of sale. Lesson learnt....I've found other dealers who ARE more obliging and haven't been back to Western Mowers.

Date PurchasedJul 2015

Save at the Recycled Yard - Bargin.

Purchase this at the Local Recycled Yard in 2011 and was still under warranty when I checked it online.
Purchase at a Bargin price of Just $20.00 with No Catcher. So I Took it home and Restored Back to Life. I Purchase the 19" Catcher and Mulching Plug at my Mower Shop. I clean it up, Took the Motor Off so I can Respray Half the Mower Deck of Hothouse Green Paint which came off a GMH Holden Commodore Color I been told. Bought New Wheel Bearings for the Wheels, New Air Filter Fitted, New Blades and Change the Oil with SAE-30 Grade Oil. Start Her up and it's Running like a Dream. This is my Replacement Mower and am in love with it, With the Briggs & Stratton Quantum I/C 5HP Motor is a quite performance to mow the lawn with it. As I do and Repair Mowers as a Hobby, Masport Mowers saw this on Facebook and they Fell over backwards of my Comments and the Price too, They Love it. Would Like to say thanks Masport Mowers for Providing more Info on this mower.
Everything on this Mower.

A disgrace

Looked nice in shop and then > catcher fell apart > that damn autochoke floods it > handle bar protector broke down > the pin on the smart chute fell out > not worth the drama, somebody's being to smart by halves on the manufacturing line !!!! this is an inferior push mower that toros leave in the dust


Wont start when hot..... this mower seemed to be the right one until I mowed the front lawn and wheeled it out the back.

Been back to mower shop twice since new only 1 month old


A wonderful mower I would recomend to any one.
Worth spending a little extra. As it goes along way to making a one tedious chore
easier and faster
Super balance due to 8" wheels all round, mulching cuts mowing time in 1/2.
Now upgraded to B/S Qauantum I/C 60 with a 4yr Warranty. Super Shute Mulch/Catch & Side Discharge. Alloy Deck for long life.
None to mention!!!

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Questions & Answers

how much does the president 4000 st s19 combo weigh and the 3000 al s18 combo ? ONE HAS ALLOY CHASSIS AND OTHER IS STEEL , I HAVE TO CARRY ONTO VARIOUS SITES BEFORE USE .THANKS . ADAM
No answers

Is my lawn mower 2 stroke or 4 stroke? it's a passport president 4000 quantum cats 60
1 answer
Hi Suzie, if the mower is a passport president 4000 then it is a 4 stroke mower.

Is chipperchute for chipping shrubs& branches useful? Thanks Philip
1 answer
Hi Philip, The Chipperchute is Only Design for Light Stuff like Small Twigs, Leaves, Small Garden Refuse and Weeds. If you going to use some very Large amounts of Garden Waste,, I Suggest you have to look at a Large Chipper Mulcher in Either a Electric or a Petrol Model. It is very useful as I have Seen some Mower Contractors use them only for Light Stuff Only. I Hope this Info has help you out Mate. Cheers and Good Luck.


Masport President AL S19 Combo ICMasport President 4000 ST S19 ComboMasport President 4000 AL S19 Combo SP
CategoryPetrol Lawn MowersPetrol Lawn MowersPetrol Lawn Mowers
Price (RRP) $899$729$999
Power SourcePetrolPetrolPetrol
FeaturesDeck Clean-out Port, Foldable Handle, Mulching Capability and Quick-Start MotorMulching Capability and Quick-Start MotorMulching Capability, Quick-Start Motor and Self-Propelled
Catcher Type RigidRigidRigid
Catcher Capacity42 L42 L42 L
Cutting Deck MaterialAluminium AlloySteelAluminium Alloy
Cutting Width485 mm485 mm485 mm
Height of Cut10 mm to 77 mm7 mm to 73 mm12 mm to 55 mm
Number of Blades444
Weight31 kg33.6 kg36.9 kg
Manufacturer Warranty4 year(s)4 year(s)4 year(s)
Engine / Motor
Engine Displacement190 cc175 cc190 cc
BrandBriggs & StrattonBriggs & StrattonBriggs & Stratton
Engine Type4-Stroke and OHV (Overhead Valve)4-Stroke and OHV (Overhead Valve)4-Stroke and OHV (Overhead Valve)
Engine NameBriggs & Stratton 190cc 4-stroke OHV Professional ICBriggs & Stratton 800EXi 175cc OHVBriggs & Stratton 850 190cc OHV
Release dateSep 2006Sep 2006Sep 2006

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