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Honda HRU19
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Good, reliable unit

Had mower now for 9 months, block of land is half an acre, easy pull start and cuts grass easily even when wet. Dont catch grass in catcher, use it on its mulch setting.

Purchased at Melbourne mower centre for $700.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
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Noise Level
Wet / Damp Grass Performance
Fuel Efficiency
Product is used: Weekly

One of the best buys you can make.

I purchase this mower, Buffalo Buck, back in February 2005 and it was the best thing I did.
It is unstoppable, unless it runs out of fuel, just kidding.
What I meant is that if you take care of this machine, it will last you a long time.
I recently found myself inside a Honda Power Equipment store and the lady behind the counter commented that once the Honda mowers are purchased they hardly see them again and I can see why.
They are well built and easy to service and maintain.
I try to wash mine after each mow and run the engine a little to dry everything then I spray WD40 around the movable joints.
I recently changed the rear safety guard and the air filter casing myself, easy.
I also serviced it, changed the Air Filter, Engine Oil & Sparkplug.
Run from the first pull every time.
I also have a Honda trimmer and Brush Cutter, both are equally impressive.

Date PurchasedFeb 2005

New HRU19M2 Buffalo Premium (November 2018)

This is the new HRU19M2PKU Buffalo Premium with the ‘wide open discharge’, currently $799 with the $100 Honda dollars off.

Purposely mowed part of the yard while it was wet to see if the new 'wide open discharge’ would block up as per previous models and it was all good, did an excellent job catching the wet grass with no cuttings left on the lawn.

Mowed the bulk of the yard with the mulching plug installed and as expected it mowed and mulched.

Surprisingly I liked the engine brake bar, thought it would be a PITA, but you don’t even notice it and it’s very easy to restart, so big thumbs up to Honda for the added safety feature. If you need to regularly stop to empty the catcher you might not like it, but it’s nothing a bit of Velcro couldn’t fix.

Other than that what else can I say, it’s a Honda and it cuts grass

Date PurchasedNov 2018


Best Mower I ever had with good catcher and easy to start great motor & easy to keep clean. Great height adjust too. In other words a great mower overall. Just goes & goes. Recommend this mower to anybody who is thinking of buying a mower. Starts first go every time

Date PurchasedJan 2016

Best lawn mower I've ever owned.

First of all this mower isn't for small yards. It's pretty heavy to manoeuvre around tight corners . It's great for long straights of grass. Mum lives on a corner block and is great for the nature strip and front yard but not so great in the small back yard. It's also pretty heavy. The 3 speed self propelled system is great. You can also push it manually if you don't want the auto propelling. This thing starts first pop. The catcher is huge and cuts through dirt if you let it. I love it but the wife thinks it's to complicated to use. That's what I say about the washing machine. Seriously it's worth every dollar.

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Mower for Life

I bought this mower in the 80’s so it close to 35 years old! I love my Honda because it cuts grass time and time again without fail, starting easily and strong enough to cut the thickest buffalo or kikuyu lawn.
Simply designed, rugged, made of real metal, big ball bearing wheels. I doubt you could buy such quality in the 21st century.
I paid $350 recently on it to overhaul the wheels,starting coil unit, etc, and it is like new again. I figure it will go another 35 years.
My only complaint is it’s inability to pick grass up effectively. Not really a concern anymore as I don’t use the catcher but mulchthe clippings back into the soil. This greatly improves the quality of my lawn. I didn’t purchase the mower in 1998 - I purchased it in 1983 from a mower place in Wagga NSW.

Date PurchasedApr 1998

Starts first time everything as promised

Fantastic mower.
Easy to start, nice and easy to push around, great catcher and that brilliant Honda quality and reliability.
Our yard is not the biggest but using this mower is always nice and easy and the catcher is one of the largest ones I have used.
And say goodbye to the hard to start frustrations of the older style mowers as this bad boy starts first time every time.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Great enrty level mower

My second Honda mower after buying cheaper brand models over the years. Definitely worth the extra money. Never fails to perform on a small/medium lawn at holiday home. Is a little light weight for anything heavy duty but easy to maneuver compared to my other Honda self propelled heavy duty mower at home. Don't waste your money/time on cheaper options..definitely worth the extra

Date PurchasedSep 2018

Grass catcher

We have had two Honda mowers. The first for 21 years. New one is great and starts every time. The only frustration is the grass catcher, as grass gets caught between the steel rod and the soft catcher. It gets emptied many times during each mowing session. Is there a hard plastic catcher available for this model.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Great Build Quality & Faultless Operation.

I've owned my Honda HRU19K1 for almost 4 years. During that time it has never encountered any problems. It starts easily and mows our lawns beautifully.

I was sceptical of the fabric grass catcher prior to buying it. But it's proven to work very well. With very little dust being blown about even when mowing dry grass. And of course it is light weight.

The build quality it typically excellent as you'd expect from Honda. Very robust and largely corrosion free even after 4 years of regular use. There are scratches and wear from normal use - But no structural or mechanical damage has occurred.

I hose down the mower after every use and replace the engine oil and air filter once a year. That is the only maintenance it requires to continue working faultlessly. I haven't had to replace any other parts on the mower...

If you are wanting a premium lawn mower that will serve you well for many years... I can recommend the Honda HRU19K1. It's reliable, mows easily and looks good too !!

Date PurchasedNov 2014

6 months under water and still goes

I service and repair garden equipment as a bit of a hoppy. Not a fan of the new long range buffalo. The only mower I have ever paid money for $1100 only to sell it 12 months later at a big loss. Far to heavy and the reduced discharge Shute it clogged and bogged very easy. They don’t build em like the used to. I’m currently working on the older ohc 19D 6 months under water and then a few years sitting in a paddock. I have had to replace is the governor springs and throttle cable for obvious reasons. I gave it a major clean up and I was amazed when second pull she fired up. It ran a little rough but with a tune and some further running it runs like a charm. I’m gonna keep this old girl as an experiment and see how long she will run for

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Great mower.

I love this mower! It's easy to start, easy to use, offers precision cutting, and as long as it is maintained with regular services it never has an issue. Look after the mower & it looks after you. There is not a day I regret buying a Honda mower and will never buy anything but again. Thank you Honda!

Date PurchasedJan 2008

Excellent Mower. Honda 1st in the Market.

Mower cuts great. Starts easy. Well built. Never had any problems for three years now. forget over brands spend a bit more to get an excellent mower. Very easy to manoeuvre and with great ease. straight edged cutting area.easy. I am very pleased with my purchase and i would definitely recommend this mower.

Date PurchasedJan 2015

Fairly decent mower

This mower cuts well when the grass is dry and not too thick. The less than perfect design flaw of having only a half a chute means it struggles with thick and/or wet grass and constantly clogs up, requiring the user to stop and unclog it. I also find the engine brake a pain, as every time you take hand of the holder, the mower stops. However, the mower like most Hondas, is a reliable starter, starting first pull every time. It does actually cut the grass really well when my lawn is not thick or wet.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Great mower

Very happy wih the mowers cutting results. Very easy to maneuver and with great ease. Very easy to operate and to maintain is very quick and easy. I am very pleased with my purchase and i would definitely recommend this mower to friends , family andall fellow work colleagues .

Date PurchasedJan 2016

piece of crap

Not happy at all, very big fan of mowing lawns, long story short, brother bought me a lawn mower from "Masters" couple years back for my birthday at first i wasnt overly excited knowing that it was cheap and never heard of the brand name before but still i was thankful, used it for about two years now never ever had a problem with it whatsoeverr, runs beautifully.. only cause im such a stubborn person i thought to myself i still need to get a "Honda" mower it wouldnt be right if i didnt, from hearing everyone talk about how reliable and "nothing beats honda" oh how i was so wrong about that! made my first purchase yesterday 18:04:18 couldnt wait to try it out once i got home.. ill tell you.. ive never ever been so dissapointed in my entire life.. not only am i an apprentice carpenter im lucky to make about $600 a week.. i pretty much spent a week and two days worth of work to buy this piece of crap mower. Clogs up within 5 minutes of using it, no words can explain how dissapointed i am, very expensive mower for such terrible design. #DONOTBUY

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Great Honda Reliability

It is a pleasure to use and always starts first pop. It has a precision feel to cutting which the cheaper mowers don't come close to. The catcher design works well even with overgrown or damp grass and seems to compress the catch. I am about to go and do the lawns this morning and I will be using the Honda and actually look forward to it whereas with my old Rover it was a chore. A good solid quality machine.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Can never start it!

This is supposed to be an "easy start" which is why I purchased it but I can just never ever start it. I use fresh petrol, etc. Been like this since day 1. Obviously took it back, but somehow they could start it in front of me, but I never could.

Date PurchasedJan 2014

They Are The Best Mower About But The Grass Chute Is Not Big Enough To Get All The Grass Out Can Blo

Mower cuts very even & is very easy to move around, and is one of the best to do your own services eg change air filters & blades and is so easy to start one pull and away it goes we bought one to try out on our mowing round and we bought another one to make it easy.

Date PurchasedAug 2015

I love this machine

I've purchased one of these myself and absolutely love it. Easy to Control, great revs and they also catch well in the wet. Only negative comment I can make about it is the grass exit chute clogs fairly easily when the catcher is attached. Damp grass is the chute's kryptonite.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

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i starts ok but only runs for a few minutes then cuts out but will start again then doses the same
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is tis a self propelled mower
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No, it's not self propelled.

is it self propelled
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Price (RRP)939899739769
Power SourcePetrolPetrolPetrolPetrolPetrol
Cutting Width482482482482482
Maximum Cutting Height7676767676
Minimum Cutting Height1616161616
Mulching CapabilityYesNoNoYes
Release dateSep 2010Sep 2010Sep 2010
Replaced byHonda Buffalo Buck HRU19K1Honda Buffalo Buck HRU19M1

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