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Masport Bunnings 486 3'n1

Masport Bunnings 486 3'n1

MPN: 578762
3.5 from 30 reviews

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Great reliable mower.

I have only used the mower a few times now, but I am so far very impressed.
It was easy to assemble, and it excellent on fuel, using less than any other mower I’ve ever owned.
Really easy to manoeuvre,.. so far very impressed with the mower.

Purchased in May 2019 at Bunnings Warehouse for $498.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Noise Level
Fuel Efficiency
Product is used: Occasionally

Best lawnmower .. our grass is now amazing!!

This lawnmower is one of the best we have ever owned. It starts first time every time, we can do the backyard without having to empty the catcher numerous times too! The catcher is quite large. Pushing the mower is so easy as its smooth and allows us to jot struggle like we did with out last mower. Easy to adjust the cutting levels too. Definitely recommend this lawn mower for quality, price and ease of use!

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Good engine and thats about all....

I bought a Masport mower six months ago and things started to break. First the throttle lever stopped working. Works one way only, then the catcher fell apart poor click in design (it comes in two half and clicks together) and worst of them all is the the disc that the blades are on. It broke after six months of use and they won't cover it under warranty claim. Another poor design...... they now have after market kits where they included a strengthening washer to compensate the poor design. Next thing will go will be the wheels bearings. They seem to be rattling .

Date PurchasedMar 2018

A good and basic lawn mower.

I recently purchased a 500 E series ‘Briggs and Stratton’ Motor on a ‘Masport’ 620 Chassis and after using the Mower twice, the following comments will be helpful.

The Rubber Primer Bulb is large and easy to press.

Grass Catcher takes a while to fill and is easily removed and replaced.

At only 140cc, the Engine is underpowered for such a large Chassis.
Despite this, the Motor is strong enough to cut long Grass.

The original ‘Masport’ brand cutting Blades are made of thick quality Steel and aren't rubbish.

Foam Air Filter is easy to remove, clean and install.
(Despite the Instruction Booklet stating Detergent should be used to clean the Filter, it’s best to rinse first in Fuel then Water, before adding Oil. Detergent won’t be needed)

Engine starts first time and is reasonably quiet, however isnt well designed.
(As an example, Spark Plug lead is too close to the OHV Cover)

I’d like to see Drain Plugs re-introduced in the Sump Cover, as some people like to drain oil from the bottom, rather than having to turn the Mower over or pump the old Oil from the top. Drain Plugs are options for those who need them.

Apart from changing the Oil, Air Filter, Spark Plug and Blades, there’s no further maintenance that has to be done, which is typical of late model Mowers.

The ‘Briggs and Stratton’ 440 ml Oil Bottles should be enough to fill the Crankcase.

As all Mowers are now sold with Pull Start Rope extended and attached to the Handle, I decided to disconnect mine to enable the Rope to fully retract into the Housing.
The Rope then had to be shortened, as it was too long.
It’s better to disconnect the Rope from the Handle, as it gets dirty quickly and with exposure to Sun and Water, will eventually deteriorate. Dust will also find its way into the Rope housing.
A small problem presented itself after doing the above, as the Rope Handle got in the way of the Oil filler Cap.
To get around this, pull the Rope out about 30 cm and wrap in around the threaded section below the Fuel Cap which will be enough to hold it.

Regarding the ‘Masport’ 620 Chassis, I had extreme difficulty raising and lowering the Deck to adjust Blade cutting height.
The side Lever is difficult to move and will be returned to a Dealer for service.

The Model/Type/Code numbers on the Engine are hard to find and read.
I don’t know which group of numbers is the Model etc…

Despite its shortcomings, the ‘Masport’ 500 E Lawnmower is a basic, no frills machine that represents good value for money.
One last tip, always buy from a Lawn Mower shop rather than a Hardware outlet.

Date PurchasedNov 2018

Ripper little Mower

Just brought the Massport 3 in 1. This unit runs a Briggs & Stratton 4 stroke (made in USA)

I reseached the Choice Magazine reviews and went shopping to look over the Victa....Toro...Rover....Massport & Husqvarna.

Massport won hands down ! No choke or prime required before start.
I unpacked and filled with oil / petrol, pulled the cord (easy no strain) started Straight away.....very surprised as to how quiet the unit is and the comfortable handle grip.
Mowed the lawn straight away with ease.The unit is light, easy to navigate and clean....would I buy again....absolutley

Date PurchasedSep 2018

very happy with my lawn mower

the catcher is large, l dont think you would wont anything bigger as it would be too heavy to empty. As l have a big back and front yard, it does need emptying a few times when we are mowing the lawns. The blades do tend to turn inwards often tho, constantly tightening them.

Date PurchasedJun 2015

Easy to use and start!

I am delighted with my new Masport mower. My teenage son assembled and put oil in when it was first purchased and raved to me about how much he loves it. I finally have used it myself and couldn’t believe how much easier it is to use than our old victa. It starts first time, has a very wide cutting area and is so easy to push. I would absolutely recommend this mower!

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Happy With It

I avoid mowing as much as I can and only actually do it when I have to. That means the grass is often longer than ideal and this thing chews through it no problems. It always stats first pop and has given me no trouble at all. I would prefer a better design for the catcher like the old style ones as it can block up at the mouth if the grass is damp but it's OK. The width of the cut it quite reasonable, have not measured it but it seems to cover a good width per pass. This has served me well so far and I am quite happy with it,

Date PurchasedJul 2016

Great Mower so far

Purchased my Masport 486 20.04.18 and used it next day. We have an 11.4 acre property but only about 3 acres needed mowing. The 486 was a delight to use, started first time every time, even when it ran dry. The grass I had to mow was pretty tough in some places and the motor is powerful enough to go straight through in most cases with out losing revs. I spent 5 hours on two days using it and it mowed brilliantly. So far so good, highly recommended at this stage.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Good for Price

This mower cuts well. It has a good cutting width that gets the job done quickly. It sometimes clogs up and when it does it bogs the mower down quite a bit and then drops big clumps if grass. I really like the mulching plug and the catcher has a good capacity.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Love my mower

Got my new masport mower only a few months back easy toassemble out of the box added oil started first pull just chugs away through stubborn grass. Briggs n stratton motor rang their helpline for advice had it out most fortnights no trouble at all. This is the first masport I have had I usually have had other brands Im really surprised and amazed

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Starts first go everytime

The best thing about Masport mowers is where your wheel goes the blade goes. I have owned Masport mowers for the last 7 years and found them to be reliable and efficient mowers. Whether you are using them for commercial or home you can't go wrong using a Masport mower.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Great mower

My mower always does a great job. The Wider deck minimises the passes over the back yard. Starts every time and 4 stroke engine is much quieter than my old 2 stroke mower. Very easy to start and never misses a beat. I love the catcher level indicator. I trust the Masport brand. This is a great mower for an average size Sydney yard.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Good product

We initially bought a Victor lawn mower which is said to be very good. Unfortunately, our Victor lasted for only 10 minutes and it stopped working completed. So we brought that Victor back to Bunnings and they could not fix it. So we exchanged the brand-new broken Victor for the Masport. And it has been operating fine. it is easy to operate and maintain, and the cutting results are good. I am happy with it so far.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

A great mower

i am a owner operator lawnmower landscaper, i only use masport commercial mowers
they have never let me down so far,regular blade replacements and oil,spark plug,filter
change,they are not the high end like the hondas,but 1 pull away it goes,its never broken down
regular service and a bit of TLC still going and havent looked back.the mowers have paid themselves
over and over if its just luck i dont know, they wont last forever,but ill be buying new ones in the distant future

Date PurchasedJan 2014

Dangerous - Do Not Buy

This mower is crap, the motor didn't last six months, the "smart chute" is faulty which caused2 broken windows and one rock to my own throat. Service department replaced the chute but after that couldn't care less about the mower. I was told I was misusing the mower. All I did was stand behind it and push it to cut the grass. Heap of crap, do not buy!

Date PurchasedApr 2015

What a waste of money - Masport 486 3N1

I bought this so I didn't have to keep stopping to empty a catcher, but I have to stop almost as often to clear the great clots of grass that accumulate under the mower. It doesn't seem to spit the grass downwards, and it builds up inside the mower, specially in the back left corner, and the only way to get it out is to stop, turn off the mower and stick your hands in under it to scrape it out.
It is very noisy and rattly. I've always preferred 4 stroke mowers, because they are quieter than 2 stroke, but not this one. It's easy enough to start, but sounds like it's going to shake itself to pieces.
It does not cut the grass well. Even though I put the wheel over the bit I already mowed, it often leaves a swept over line of grass at the edge of each pass, which pops back up a little while later, giving a messy, unfinished looking lawn.
I would not recommend this to anyone. Spend a bit of extra money and get a better quality mower.

Date PurchasedJul 2016
Nearly 12 months on and this mower has practically died in the a$$. Yesterday, trying to mow the lawn and it would hardly go above idle speed. I am going to have to take it back for repair or replacement. Not happy, Jan >:(So I worked out that you have to clean the air filter on the mower, so it didn't really die in the a$$. I just didn't read the instructions properly. I did that and it's working again. I have moved and have different sort of grass and it does a better job on it. It still feels like it's going to rattle itself to pieces, but hasn't done so yet. I still wouldn't buy another one of these, but it's chugging along ok for now.


Awesome mower found mine at the dump .Why it was thrown out i dont know ,cleaned the carby then fired straight up,it gets punished on big lawn jobs and i cant fault it.Always been a 2 stroke man but this dump found mower really has impressed me with all its power and ease for starting go get ya self one.

The catcher that cant catch!!!

After purchasing this machine from bunnings a few months later the catcher had a small split in it and i went back in for them to tell me there was no warranty on the catcher.i felt this was very poor as all i had done was mow the lawndidnt even know how this happened.Then the so called smart chute clip doesn't work so it lets grass come out the back.i now have to use a timber wedge to keep it closed.this has nothing to do with the small split either.I always had a victor which my last one went for ten years and got conned by the man at bunnings that this mower was great.This has a great cut and would be a great product if not for the cheap plastic chute that failed after 2 months so i would advoid purchasing.

a great disppointed 486

I purchased a masport 486 from bunnings 1 year ago. The lawn mower stopped one day and took it back to Bunnings, who in turn sent it to an authorised agent of Masport. They have called me to say it is not under warranty as it is due to the mower being tipped over " oil tipped.
This is not the case as I am the only one that uses the mower on a flat block and it has never been tipped over.

I rang Masport warranty section to discuss but was fobbed off.Very bad form from Masport and the warranty is based on what they say only and it appears they will tell you want ever possible to avoid paying anything.
very disappointed in the way masport has dealt with this and will advise all face book followers , linkedin followers to stay clear of this company and their products.

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Questions & Answers

Is the bolt holding the blade on reverse thread?
2 answers
Do you mean the single Bolt that secures the Blade Holder to the Crankshaft or the Bolt that holds the actual Blade to the Blade Holder ?.The bolt that holds the blade to the blade holder.

My 486 mower generates a lot of smoke when it is started then the smoke disappear,also I can!t start it again right away once it stopped,after about 4 hours it start, What is wrong with it?
1 answer
Too much oil?

Hi all, im looking at getting the masport with the 550ex motor (140cc) and wondering what the power of these are like for a large lawn in 19" range at the moment my old 375 Briggs engine is chugging away easy with it im just after a larger mower. Any help will be great thanks
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Masport Bunnings 486 3'n1
CategoryPetrol Lawn Mowers
Price (RRP) $498
Power SourcePetrol
FeaturesMulching Capability, Quick-Start Motor and Side Discharge
Catcher Type Rigid
Catcher Capacity42 L
Cutting Deck MaterialSteel
Cutting Width485 mm
Height of Cut6 mm to 72 mm
Number of Blades4
Noise Level75 dB
Weight28.6 kg
Manufacturer Warranty4 year(s)
Engine / Motor
Engine Displacement140 cc
BrandBriggs & Stratton
Type4-Stroke and OHV (Overhead Valve)
NameBriggs & Stratton 550EX 140cc OHV
Release dateSep 2006

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  • MPN: 578762

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