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Masport President 3500
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I am very Happy with my purchase. I had trouble with two other models until I got this model.
This is a Great product. Light and easy for a lady.Great for use in a small area and easy storage. Does not take a lot of room. The price was very reasonable.

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Good, solid feeling mower

After 14 years my trusty Victa died and I was looking for something as reliable to replace it.
The Masport has the same engine as the comparable Victa but what sold me was the larger dual bearing wheels and a more robust, positive feeling catcher attachment. The new Victa still has the same system as my old one which failed after a year of use.
The larger, freer wheels make pushing it through the longer grass easy and the engine chugs through it effortlessly.

The only down side is the catcher doesn't seem as big as the old Victa but hopefully I can keep the grass short enough to start running the mulching feature.

As for reliability, only time will tell.


Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Great compact self propelled mower

Had the traditional petrol mower for years, but with thick buffalo grass it needed some heavy pushing. Over the years had always considered a self propelled mower like, Honda, husky, JD always came up but I didn't want to spend $900 plus and they were quite large in size. Came across the Masport President at $750.00 so decided to buy it because of its compact size and price was right, well I should have bought one years ago, I've had it for over 12 months now and it's great, it does take about 6 cuts to get used to the propulsion which is variable, speed depends on how much you push the lever but once mastered it's a breeze. you need to trial cutting height if cutting thick buffalo to find that proper height.

Pros - starts 1-3 pulls, no priming, size, very economical compared to my other Masport, has mulcher which does work well if grass is at mulching height, electronic so minimal services

Cons - catcher a bit small, but then it is a compact mower, cable routing and accelerater lever does get caught up at times when handle is folded, catcher can at times get stubborn to insert.

Great mower extremely happy, curiose to see the longevity of the propulsion mechanism.

Best Mower on the Market - good for young children ages 10 +

I have had this mower for a few weeks and it has been awesome. With ball bearing wheels, it makes it very easy to push and steer. It has mulching catching and smart chute out the back which allows you to discharge the grass clippings to the side. The powerful 163cc Briggs and Stratton™ engine cuts through any grass wether its buffalo or couch grass. This mower is very light making it easy to carry up stairs. It is very easy to start this mower, it is equipped with an auto choke and doesn't even need a prime. It has a throttle which allows you to give it more power when you are going over heavy grass and it also allows you to let it sit at idle when you are walking between where you want to mow.

There was only two things that I could say on the negative hand of this mower. When you use the mulcher, you cannot use it up around the house because it sprays grass clippings everywhere. The other thing is that you cannot open the catcher cover when the engine is running because you get hit with grass clippings that stay in your eyes forever.

I believe that this mower is a great buy for medium and small sized lawns especially for children to use because it is a very light and maneuverable mower.

If you would like to watch my video review on youtube the link is below


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President 3500 ST S19President 3500 SL18 3'n1President 3500 SL19President 3500 AL S18 3'n1
Power SourcePetrolPetrolPetrolPetrol
Price (RRP)669729649729
Minimum Cutting Height610610
Maximum Cutting Height68786878
Cutting Width460460460460
Mulching CapabilityYesYesYesYes
Replaced byMasport President 3500 AL S18 3'n1Masport President 3500 ST S19

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