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Masport President 6000AL SPV 3'n1 IC

Masport President 6000AL SPV 3'n1 IC

MPN: 564846
4.5 from 4 reviews

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Masport President 6000 AL 3 in 1

I was after a mower to replace a tired old 19" cut popular brand one I have. My block is flat and about 900 sq m. so the self propelled version wasn't important for me, the 21" cut is, though.
I like the alloy deck and the dacron catcher, even though the bag catcher tends to have a limited life when compared to a hard plastic version. This bag catcher is over 60 lts capacity, where Masport's biggest hard catcher is a measly 42 lts, too many trips to the green bin for me.
The engine is very easy to start, hot or cold, one or two pulls see it running. I have never owned a Briggs and Stratton engine, so only time will tell with longevity. A dislike would be the very high ' idle speed ', not much slower than cutting speed, but hopefully this can be adjusted come first service time.
The mower is incredibly noisy when running at cutting speeds, but this noise eminates from the cutting disc and 4 blades, and to a lesser extent, the engine cooling fan situated on top of the engine. The engine itself is not too bad noise wise. It does have a huge amount of power, and doesn't bog down easily.
The mower itself is relatively heavy, but still easy to push thanks to 8" wheels on ball bearings. I like the green and black colours. The handle is relatively long when compared to my old mower, but well positioned for my 6'4" height. It has a really nice cut, and catches well, with the catcher filling nearly all the way before an empty is required. I have not used the mulch plug yet, so cant comment on the mulch capability.
Very good service from the local Authorised Masport dealer.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

powerful mower

Plenty of power, easy start.
Only wish I had purchased the self propelled model, as I find it heavy going up the sloping block after a while.
It is a heavy mower to push if you have spongy thick thatched lawn, but by lowering the cut height gradually over
time you can dethatch the lawn as the motor has lots of grunt.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Wide cut, powerful engine, and self-propelled. This thing is a beast.

We purchased a new home in Newcastle last year and moved from our previous house which had an average amount of lawn to mow at the front and few small sections at the rear (terraced area, pool area). The new home is 800 sq m block with house towards the front and lots of lush, established grass at the rear, with a slightly sloping block that fell away towards the bottom (easement).
My wife's dad, on seeing the back yard for the first time, said to me you should look at a self propelled mower. After mowing it for the first time with our old faithful Victa Statesmen, I could see why he suggested it. It was bloody hard work owing to the dense grass, slope and block size. So I researched widely and settled on the Massport President 6000 as it had a wide 21 inch cut, a large 190cc Briggs and Stratton engine (US made), and was a self-propelled mulching mower. This thing is what "Tim the tool man" would buy.

The first time I used the mower I was blown away at the difference to a regular yard mower. This thing literally did the lawn in half the time (about 30 minutes or less). The engine's power is really obvious and it eats up the grass with its quad blade setup, regardless of length. With the other mower, it would bog down when it hit thicker grass...but not the new Masport.. I reflected that my first road/trail bike was a 250 cc four stroke and this thing has a 190cc B&S four stroke engine.

The self propelled feature has 8 settings, and at its quickest you would literally have to jog to keep up; so I run it at only 1 or 2 or 3 at most. When I get to the bottom of the yard I just pull a 180, pull in the handle and it drags me back up the hill.

I used the mulcher plate attachment on the second or third mow. Having never owned a mulcher mower before I didn't know what to expect. It made equally short work and the cut and mulched clippings were almost impossible to detect as it had cut them so finely. The lawn is looking really great with this mower.

As one would expect with a mower swinging a 21 inch cut and a large 4 stroke...it is very heavy and wide and at least half as long again as the old Victa it replaced, so not as manoeuvrable when having to push back and forth. So if you have lots of finicky bushes and gardens to get around, then perhaps a smaller and more lightweight model would work better. This thing is for effortless straight-line cutting efficiency, up hill or on the flats. Just pull in the bar and you can mow with one hand and it drags you along doing all the work.

As another reviewer reported, it is quite a loud engine. Perhaps that is a function of its size, or the comparatively small muffler.

Have had the mower for a bit over 6 months now and it has been fantastic. I have dropped it for a service and oil change today, and the drive belt needs tensioning. It very easy to start with no priming needed and it starts every time without fail.

Perhaps the only downside is the fabric catcher. It is large capacity (65 l) which is good, but I get the feeling it will not go the distance beyond 2 years, and by then it will be beyond warranty period for that item. The mower and engine have 4 years warranty, which is good for any appliance.

As the largest capacity, top of line model, it isn't cheap. But if you have a large and/or sloping lawn to mow (but not big enough for a ride on), then I recommend you look at this mower. It makes mowing a breeze.

21" "Push" Mower (i.e. Not Self Propelled) - Just Purchased

Update - 26 November 2018: Just thought I'd write a quick update. So, two weeks shy of 3 years since I wrote the original review below.

1. Mower is still going GREAT. Despite the best intentions to have it serviced regularly, it's been left to work hard with the usual weekly use with little love and maintenance, but keeps on going great.

2. Due to some ill health at one stage the lawns were left for almost 3 months and when the MASPORT dragged out of the garden shed it started after 3 pulls ... and then proceeded to mow the now almost knee high lawns with ease.

3. The issue with the wheel tracks is still a bug bear when the lawns a left to grow a bit longer, which I usually do each Winter, but like now, as the summer warm season growth kicks in I lower the mow height and and the more compact lawn does not seem to be as impacted by the wheel racks.

So, overall I'd recommend this mower.

Original Review:

After deciding to retire an 11-year-old Victa Corvette 400 Series, I have been researching lawn mowers for domestic use on a fairly well kept Qld Blue Couch lawn in Northern NSW - I take pride in my lawn and often receive comments on how good it looks.

I decided I wanted a mower with a wider cut (the retired Victa was 19") but despite changing the direction of mowing each time, the wheels had made wheel well marks in the lawn, so I wanted an option of changing the wheel track.

My research online and then visiting local mower shops (i.e. not Bunnings or Masters) I had narrowed it down to either another Victa Corvette 400 (VGMS486) for $599, a Honda (HRR216PKU) for $699 or a Masport President 600 AL Combo for $749.

The Victa being only 19" cut was only included due to the good run from my previous mower. In the end, the cutting width lost out for the Victa.

The Honda was 21" cut, but a steel cutting deck and it had the "engine brake" which I thought could be an issue since the motor cuts out when it was released and would mean restarting the mower after the catcher was empty every time - which for my lawn means about 5 or 6 times every mow. The local Honda dealers sales staff didn't seem very interested in spending much time with me either - I took that into account due if I ever needed support for any warranty issues (i.e. would they be keen to help then?).

So, I ended up buying the Masport President 6000AL Combo IC - it is the one WITHOUT the self propel system. It is standard "push" mower with a 21" Aluminum cutting deck. Decision to buy was swung in it's favour by the fact the local dealers staff were really helpful. The competitive price that was offered - $670 pushed it over the line. STOKED!

So, it's been brought home today and started for the first time - first pull and away it went. It is a lot louder than I had expected, and definitely a lot louder than my old, 11-year-old mower but the torque, the engine power, was obvious as I increased the revs and felt the blades spinning. WOW!

I can't wait to use this on the lawn and report back on how it goes. I had only just mowed my lawns a day ago, so need it to grow a bit to give this new lawn mower a run. I'll post an update in a week or so after some use.

EDIT - have upgraded rating to 5 stars due to how well it has mowed our lawn.

First mow the lawn was dry and had a half weeks growth (I was busting to try the new mower!) and it was awesome. REALLY noticed how fine it chops the grass, the clippings were really really fine, as fine as any I have seen from a barrel mower at the golf club! Serious. Even my better half commented how fine the clippings were compared to our old mower. I can see the mulching function would work really well with such fine clippings.

Second mow, 5 days later, again a tad excited to try the new mower again, but also working around some forecast rain, and this time the lawn was a bit damp from overnight dew. I also dropped the cutting height a notch and so took off more from the lawn this time. Mower cut NO WORRIES and never clogged even though it was heavy and wet - it just kept throwing into the catcher until the catcher was full, but still did not leave clumps of wet cut clippings. It just seemed to keep them inside the chute.

NOW, there is something everyone must note about this mower. The wheels are offset. Have a really good look at it in the shop, or online, and you will see that one side is set inside the cutting deck by approx. 2 inches, while the other side is set inside the edge of the cutting deck by approx. 1 inch - and, the wheels on one side are actually not straight in line with each other. This is a good thing!

The wheels set inside the cutting deck has meant this new mower is not running in the same wheel tracks as my old mower. The old Victa had the wheels in line on both sides (as do almost all other mowers), and regardless of mowing direction the wheels would be in the same rut going on each cut. With the new Masport, it does not happen that way, and in fact, the wheels are actually not running in the previous cuts wheel marks due to the offset inside the cutting deck. Sorry, it's probably not making much sense, but have a look in the shop and online and you'll soon understand what I mean. This "offset" means you can mow back and forth and not have the same wheel tracks, and when you alternate the direction of the mow, from week to week, can effectively mow without being in the same wheel track for a few weeks at a time.. actually longer if you do a slight overhang cut from time to time too!

I've found the wheels run nicely along the uncut grass edge, just outside the previous cut and therefore means each run is across uncut grass, rather than one set of wheels on the cut section, while another set on the uncut section, which means the mower is actually cutting more evenly.

The only negative I've found is that with the wheels up on the uncut grass, you end up with two wheel tracks where the lawn is pushed down by the wheels and it does not cut as well in that strip where the wheels have run, but that was more with the longer lawn - once I dropped the cutting height a notch, that issue has all but disappeared. I'll be dropping another notch for the next cut and expect the issue to completely disappear. I'm also expecting it will cut my lawn like a golf course and will look amazing once again.

I'll update again in a few weeks or month.

Date PurchasedDec 2015

Questions & Answers

Anyone had any problems with the masport 800 had it for 6 months but all of a sudden it just stop working tried to start it but couldn’t pull the cord and there was oil coming out of the air filter can you help me out?
No answers

Belt has broken twice now is that a common thing with this model??
1 answer
I have had this mower since new. I bought it when we moved to the new house coming up 2 years ago. It is 800sq m block with plenty of grassed areas and sloping in places. It is thick established buffalo grass so I mow every few weeks. I have only had the belt adjusted at first servicing. Other than that no issues, and no breakages.


Masport President 6000AL SPV 3'n1 IC
CategoryPetrol Lawn Mowers
Price (RRP) $1,199
Power SourcePetrol
FeaturesDeck Clean-out Port, Mulching Capability, Quick-Start Motor and Self-Propelled
Catcher Type Rigid
Catcher Capacity80 L
Cutting Deck MaterialAluminium Alloy
Cutting Width540 mm
Height of Cut12 mm to 63 mm
Number of Blades4
Weight44.5 kg
Manufacturer Warranty4 year(s)
Engine / Motor
Engine Displacement190 cc
BrandBriggs & Stratton
Engine Type4-Stroke and OHV (Overhead Valve)
Engine NameBriggs & Stratton 190cc OHV 4-stroke Engine

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  • MPN: 564846

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