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Australian Manufacturing at it's finest :)

So my first touch with a Maton was back in 2000, an EM225c from the local music store. I sat down, played some chords (newbie guitarist at the time) and oh wow - the tone sent chills... Beautiful minors and great balance across mids and highs particularly, even though a base model adjustment of the bass when plugged in made this guitar sing!

Fast forward 16 years and I now own 7 Matons - exclusively Maton fan. They have served me so well, the TE1 Artist that I purchased in 2003 has never needed a service, I took it in to my local store and they described the neck as "straight as an arrow". If you're thinking of a Maton, don't hesitate to buy whatever you can afford, they will be your #1 today, tomorrow, and the decades to come. Make then sing, make them squeal, but they'll always return to you exactly what you put into them. Superior workmanship throughout the range, I commend the Maton Guitar Company of Melbourne, Australia for their fine contribution to the manufacturing of Australian Musical Instrument. An honest and sincere thanks for your hard work. Love them like they're my children!

Great sound

Have been saving for this for quite a while cause I normally play electric but I'm really liking this guitar and really think it was with it!

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