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Maxxis MA-P1

Maxxis MA-P1

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Bought a set of Maxxis from Stillwell Hyundai on my last service. I cannot recall the tyre type, this is was these ones. In general i've had the same brand on the past on other cars and they are good. Eliminates noise and are durable. Came with warranty which is great too. Car drives smooth.


Strong Brand, Reasonable Price

After doing some research I realize I didn't need high end performance branded tyres for my 2002 Corolla. I needed something that doesn't hurt my wallet yet not some ambiguous PRC brand. Thus I found out about Maxxis which is made in Taiwan (mind you Taiwan is not part of PRC and they are way different than PRC). I have done 10k on these and they still look almost new. Also it's a sweeter deal when it's buy 3 free 1 offer!

Car2002 Toyota Corolla

Bad in the wet

OK in the dry but drive steady in the wet around corners because there is not much grip wouldn't fit them again. They seem to be lasting OK at 18000 KLM built is a worry about the low level of grip in damp conditions. I think there are a lot better tyres for not much more money

Car2013hyundai I 20

Not safe in the wet

I haven't had the tyres for more than 6 months so cannot comment on durability and long term wear. Road noise is good, dry grip seems quite good also. However I really cannot recommend these. If I would enter a wet roundabout at anything other than a sedate pace the front tyres slip and lose grip. Honestly, these tyres scare me. If you had to quickly turn the wheel on the highway at 100 kph in the wet I would not trust them to maintain grip and avoid the hazard.The tyres came with a 30 or 60 day satisfaction guarantee and unfortunately we didn't have wet weather until after this period so I was SOL.

Size used: 165/60R14

CarSuzuki Alto


Have had a set of Maxxis P1 fitted to my stepdaughters car last September (Toyota echo) have just done a rotation on it and absolutely no visible wear after approx 11500kms will be fitting them to my Kia Rio when it needs tyres asked my stepdaughter what the car was like around the city in the wet she said it's solid on the road with no sign of slip or skid on braking or cornering even in heavy rain

Car02Toyota Echo sedan

great tyres

I have had four of my cars fitted with maxxis tyres and that's all I ask for when I need tyres they have the best grip in the wet and you just notice the difference on the road I highly recommend them, they are also priced well and will last.

Cartoyota aurion, vz ss, and a calais


Treadwear - 440
Temperature - A
Traction - A

- Good tread depth.
- Good in dry
- Smooth enough ride
- Good value

Not great in the wet around corners. Having to stop quickly in a straight line is fine but just driving around corners and roundabouts, it really shows where this tyre fails. It is no where near as bad as the Goodyear GT3 though! Tyre creates a bit of understeer and increase in fuel economy.

I've tried different tyre pressures and the results are the same when trying to gain more grip in the wet. I put it down to the make of the car and the tyres. It is an Excel, so no traction control, ABS, etc. which I'm sure would help. I would assume that using the MA-P1's in a larger size and vehicle would be fine; also having the extra safety features that it would be a reasonable tyre in all conditions (as from all of the other good reviews).

It's a shame because all of the other reviews are fantastic, but it didn't work out for this car.

CarHyundai Excel

Surprisingly, a very good tyre for a budget tyre

I have Maxxis MA-P1, 205/55R16 91V on my Madza 6, 2005. I got the tyres at 84,000 kms and have now done 34,000 kms on them (Madza has now 118,000 kms). Well, I must say that I was a bit skeptical at first as this is a real budget priced tyre and had heard bad stories about these tyres wearing very quickly. . I can now report that I am very pleasantly surprised with these tyres. I haven't had any problems at all with them. They keep their pressure very well, they wear at a rate that I would expect from a more expensive tyre. They give good handling and stay well balanced. Road noise is a little high though. Overall, through, I am therefore very happy with these tyres and can recommend that specific brand if you are looking for good value for money from a budget tyre.

CarMazda 6 , GG series, Classic, 2005

maxxis ma-p1

I have had maxxis ma-p1 235 (16 ) 60R on a Tucson just done 100,000km great tyer good all rounder no road noise .

Great tyre for budget

I have two cars to maintain on a tight budget.The first car was fitted with a set of maxxis tyres some three years ago thirty thousand klm still plenty milage left on them. Second car was fitted with the MA-P1 just recently the road noise was less, the cornering was good, good in the wet, good all round tyre for the budget minded.

Great Reliable Tyres

Been using them since 2007 on a Rav4. Changed them twice since then. I could say the average lifespan of these tyres are around 60k kms but i believe it can go up to 70k kms. So far, my current set of tyres have reach 60k kms on it. Anyway, seeing all the good reviews here, my set of tyres will probably be same as them but i would like to note the best part of these tyres that I have experiences with it is that one of its tyres had 3 nails stuck to it 8 months ago. It loses Psi every week but somehow it didn't go lower than 25psi. I didn't patch it up that time since I'm going to change them soon anyway but now it is still going strong. Bought the whole set for AUD800 at Bob Jane for my last 2 sets but I think I can get it cheaper elsewhere. Will keep using this brand for my next change.
Reliable and long life.
Nothing so far.


I just changed my 3 worn tyres today for my Daihatsu Applause with these MAP1, originally suppost be Kelly Tyres, but out of stock. So far I've driven on dry road (hope for raining soon, wanna test out the traction)...saw so many good review, I wanna give it a try ($79 per tyre)...together with alignment and balancing, all done....if is good, i wanna buy another 2 more (make it all 4 MAP1, and 1 MAP1 for spare).....
Cheap, saw so many positive reviews on this tyre
Not sure yet..nothing to say

Best General Purpose Tyre In 35 Years Driving Cars

Installed and used two sets in the last few years, on two vehicles (RAV4 and Impreza), having used Japanese performance tyres for many years, including Toyo, Dunlop, Falken, Bridgestone, Yokohama. In both instances Maxxis replaced Yokohama. *Nothing* prepared me for all-round improvements from Maxxis: direct steering, grip wet and dry, sure braking, quietness, comfort and low wear. These are rated 380 for wear and A for both temperature and performance. Sturdy 5-ply with generous tread made in Thailand (like Michelin and others). Estimated wear driven sensibly? 60,000km approx. Great value (Cost $100 per tyre less than Yokohama!). Highly recommended. (Mountain bikers are familiar with Maxxis quality from way back.)
Grip, comfort, low noise and wear, bang for buck

Excellent value, better than some bigger brands

These are so far the best tyres I've had on any of my cars. I've had three cars (N12 Nissan Pulsar, R31 Nissan Skyline & currently SV21 Toyota Camry wagon) & the two Nissan's both had full sets of Kumho's. The Kumho tyres were OK, although replacing them with Rotalla's was a dumb idea because they are literally the worst tyre I've ever driven on. When I got my Camry, it already had a set of these MA-P1's. I'd never heard of them & just assumed they were cheap rubbish, but WOW, they feel great on the road! The two front ones ended up scrubbed out badly on the insides but that's blamed on the (visibly) bad camber it was running with at the time. Because I liked these MA-P1's, I decided to get two more brand new ones to replace the worn-out front ones & get an alignment to sort that horrendous camber out. Months & months later there is absolutely no sign of wear on the new fronts or even on the old rears. Very impressive performance & handling. Long wearing tread but not at the reduction of quietness or grip. As well as being great in the dry on any road surface, they are BRILLIANT in the wet. For about $88 from JAXQuickfit Fairy Meadow they are great value & tick all the boxes. I also think they beat the Kumho Solus tyres I've had in the past, & I think that's a big credit to Maxxis to put them up against a big brand like Kumho & have them come out on top.
Great value, wet/dry grip, aesthetically pleasing, sturdy construction & rubber compound, quietness, handling & very impressive tread wear.

Got them as my Dunlop SP Sport 2030 were worn out..almost.. very good while turning in speeds of 70 kmh and applying breaks .. will post another review after 5000 kms. Good bang for the buck I think.For sure, definitely.

Great value for money

I'm a grumpy old man who puts the microscope on just about everything. I put these on at 346,000ks and just put a new pair on the front today, at 402,285ks, and I think they are great. And I could have waited another two months if I really wanted to. But I wanted a bit more comfort so I chose to do it now. But I reckon nearly 60,000ks out of a set of tyres is great value.

Mind you, and read this carefully, I run them at 42psi. Now why would I do that?
Old Alf Doherty who was Reg Ansett's head mechanic at Epsom just outside Bendigo had a running fight with the three big tyre manufacturers for more that twenty years because he said if you run a tyre on the low pressures recommended by manufacturers you get poor performance and increased wear.

Well after that twenty year stoush the manufacturers had to hoist the white flag and say the Alf was right. The 42psi figure made the walls of the tyre remain more stable and accordingly ran at a lower temp. and so created less heat and of course less wear and tyre went further.
As an ex cab-driver in Canbrra for five years; I proved beyond doubt the fact of Alf's theory. With all the round-abouts here, tyres get a triple workout compared to nearly every other city in the country. And the cabs I drove were run at 42psi and the tyres lasted on average nearly 40% longer. Duh!

The thing I look for in a tyre is how they perform in the wet. I give them 8 out of 10 for that. And at $81 they are (for me at least) the best value for money on the market.

I got mine at Jax Tyres in Belconnen in Canberra. In fact I refuse to do business with anyone else. I believe they have the best customer service of any store in Canberra. And I mean any store not just the tyre type.
Dollar for dollar you'd be hard pressed to find another brand as good. I'm not saying there's none there but these are great.


Couldn't fault them, have just worn out a set over 4 yrs - would guess 55 - 60k in that time. Pd $80 ea THEN, now $92 - have now ordered my SECOND complete set of 185/70/R14 for 2004 Honda Civic with front and rear balance for $461 all up. Just over $2/wk over 4 years - beat that!
Quiet, exc ride, exc grip. I hate noisy tyres, these are NOT noisy.


A very good tyre for the family sedan, that should last well. I would recommend anyone checking the price before buying another brand.
Quiet and smooth. Perform well in wet and dry. They have been on the car for around 5,000kms, replacing Michelins, and for the money I can not fault them.
Nothing to date.

The almost perfect touring tyre

This is undoubtedly the best touring tyre I ever had - soft and quiet to ride, yet with good grip on both dry and wet surfaces. Its round sidewall gives a good protection for your rim at the kerb. But this is not a thread or bumper so do not try to ride on it. :-) If you need a better performance, pump it up above recommended pressure. I use normally 36 psi instead of 32 (185/60R14). It will make it also stiffer on turns. The latest advice is not recommended, if you use it regularly on a bumpy, country road surface. Yet even with this increased pressure the tyre wears much faster on edges than at the centre. Nevertheless, it is a very good value for money tyre. I was driving it mainly on a hilly, winding roads of Mt.Dandenong ranges and freeway and they lasted me just over 70k km. (in 05/2008 paid $89) Since this is my best so far touring tyre, I give it 5 stars, because I cannot give it 4.5 here.
Quiet, good grip on dry and wet, cheap
Wears mostly on edges

Well said, I have been using these tires since last 3 years in my Suzuki ALTO and many people after having a close look, tell me that the tires are new. These tires have a very long life and i recommend them. I am using 175/70 R13 OWL(outline white letters).The tyres are wearing on the edges for one of two reasons. Out of alignment or your running them on too low a pressure. Go to 42 psi and have the alignment done. It gets knocked out fairly easily if you clip the kerb when parking etc.


Will never buy them or recommend to any one else.
Don't waste money on substandard products.
Buy something more sturdy and reliable.
Cheaper than others
Poor quality. Had them on Nissan Maxima and the tyre fractured at 10k with a very low impact on a bevelled edge sidewalk at 40kmh. When approached, both Bob Jane and Maxxis company were nonchalant about the poor quality of their tyres, obviously they were well aware of their product. All they were interested in was making more money by selling more substandard tyres. They did not feel there was anything wrong with the tyres fracturing at 10k!
I would recommend staying away from Bob Jane and Maxxis both. There are better dealers and tyres available.

If you're stupid enough to run into curbs you shouldn't expect a long life from any tyre! Sub standard drivers shouldn't post reviews!!40kmh is not a "low impact", that's still some speed to squash a tyre side-wall against something. You'll find most tyres, cheap or expensive, Maxxis, Pirelli, Michelin, whatever, will not fare well when met with any gutter or surface with the full weight of a car against it. This is down to poor driving.I don't believe that. Just the same way as the Bob Jane mob and Maxxis didn't believe it.


Hadn't heard of them before, recomended by tyrefitter. Checked the U.S. government tests, rated 440 treadwear, A-traction, A-temperature, from A,B,C ratings. Put a set on the maxima 4 years ago and changing after 74,000 km bought them for $85 in 2006 now $89. Wish we had comparative Aust. government testing for local brands.
Good all round tyre well priced.
Performed well, wet, dry, cornering and low noise.

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74,000! That's brilliant. And I thought I was doing OK at nearly 60,000.

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hi all I had to replace four tyres so I went for maxxis tyres MA-P1 195/65/14 so 11 months later down to no tread so had to replace them all over again not very happy at all but I just want to find out why the hell these would wear out that quick ??? thanks in advance
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DId you get a four wheel alignment done when you bought them? Pretty important.


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