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Mazda MPV LW (1999-2006)

Mazda MPV LW (1999-2006)

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Piece of junk!!!

High fuel costs.
Car looks like a pond whenever it rains (yes seals have been replaced).
Mass air flow sensor replaced twice.
Water pump replaced twice.
Ball joints gone after 30000ks.
Transmission is loud and clunky.
Revs are all over the place whether driving or idle.
I am not and erratic driver or a lead foot. Just a mum with 4 kids to get from A to B.
My list goes on and on.
Do not waste your hard earned cash on this.
And we had owned it from new.

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Date PurchasedJun 2002

Best 7 seater ever

I bought my MPV 2000/2001 model in 2011. We are so happy with it. You will not find a people mover which drives like a car, powerful V6 when you want power, space like a van, visibility like a bus. I wish they have the new version in Australia.
When you have kids and if you like to travel , this is a very good vehicle to have.

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Date PurchasedApr 2011

Good family car

Have owned the MPV for the last 10 months. My wife wanted another Kluger but the rear leg room is only for little kids. The MPV Can seat 7 adults but middle row seat leg room is tight. All of the rear seats are removable, but they are heavy and a pain in the back to put back in. Has rear aircon vents in the roof which work really well. It handles well considering it's quite a tall car. Very easy to park and reverse especially if you lower the back of the middle seat when not in use. Fuel consumption is around 13L per 100kms which I expected from a V6. The most annoying and pretty dangerous is front wheel drive wheel spin especially on wet roads. Don't even think of trying to take off quick in the wet. It will just sit there and spin away!

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Date PurchasedJan 2016

10 years young

We have 3 boys and had taken MPV to many road trips. MPV is a highly versatile car because it contains 7 individual bucket seats. Each seat is removable, great for those camping trips & transporting big items, book cases, beds etc. We never have any trouble our MPV, car always park out in the open yet the paint work still looks new. I found it hard to part with our MPV because no car in the current market offers 7 individual removable seats. it is a very roomy car but drives like a std station wagon, except better due to its height.

Mazda- Never Again

Got our 2005 MPV brand new from the dealership. Over the past 9 years is has been nothing but trouble. A few months after getting the car, the immobiliser didn't recognise the key, resulting in towing to the dealerships service centre. A few years later, there was electrical malfunctions, the HOLD light was flashing so Mazda replaced the gearbox. No difference. Replaced gearbox again as the light didn't go away. Turns out the radiator had split and coolant leaked on to the battery terminals. The right side sliding door is unusable as it jams. The central locking system is an abhorrent failure, doors won't lock/unlock. Lights behind gear position indicator/odometer burnt out while the car was new, one of the tail lights was smashed on the side when we picked up the car. Our air conditioning doesn't work, makes a loud fan screeching noise. Water pump had been changed numerous times as have the ignition coils, for an unknown reason the car shudders and misfires. Loud grinding noise when coming to a stop. If I could help one person- DONT BUY ONE!!!!!
Fuel economy
Wear and tear. Lack of attention to detail.

Transmission5 Speed Auto
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Also the cruise control is hopeless. Drops gears going up hills and goes into the red zone.

Love it!

We bought ours second hand & I absolutely love it! My biggest concern in owning a large car is that I didn't want to feel like I was driving some big minivan or truck like a lot of larger 4WD's feel like. This car drives just like a wagon and is easy to park. The sliding doors in the back are easy for getting the kids in and out of & there's plenty of room for everyone. There are only a few drawbacks but I can certainly live with them. One is that there is not a lot of boot space if all the seats are in but as we only have 4 kids (the car will hold 7 people) we take out one of the rear seats so there is plenty more room for shopping etc. Secondly it can be a little hard to judge the distance in front when you are turning in a tight spot or parking as you cannot actually see the front of the bonnet from the car. After a while you do get used to this also. Thirdly it can be a little difficult to see out the back while reversing - we have taken the head rests off all the rear seats to make this a bit easier. Other than those few items, we have never owned a more comfortable, easy to drive car. I read some reviews prior to buying this model that said they could be underpowered but this issue has obviously been addressed with our model as we have never found it to be sluggish even when fully loaded with kids & luggage. It's a great car, we love it!
Easy to get into & drive
Not much boot space when all the seats are in

Just paid over $1000 for 2001 MPV water pump. Beware!!! Buy a Toyota instead!!!what year model do you own?


As i stated in my last review I was going to but a Kia carnival and after hearing all the issues decided against it. However i had in mind that the new Grand Carnival 2006 onwards should be ok and had more room than mpv. So I really wanted the new grand cranival. But i thought mmmmm will the new ones have problems, should i but one and risk it. I could never forgive myself if i was driving on a family holiday and the car broke down to a point that it could not be fixed....so i bought a MPV. I have just read a story where a family bought a new carnival and on the way to their family holiday to Queensland the kia broke down and had to be towed and they had to hire a car to get them to qld and home again. Wow i am so glad i bought my MPV. In november 2008 i drove from Cronulla to Umina with 3 bikes, 6 family members and all our luggage, needless to say that my MPV had so much power that it carved up every other car climbing up the mooney mooney hill. And again n april 2009 i drove to Newcastle and the same my MPV kicked...well you know what up the mooney mooney. We love our car even my childrens friends call it the'silver bullet'....one very happy owner of the MPV.
This is the second time i have placed a review - why - to try a help other potential kia buyers.
Evereything about it, sliding doors, 5 removable seats, 5 rear baby seat anchor points, not too big a vehicle, nice design, quality of workmanship


The mazda mpv (1994) is very spacious and with a 3.0L engine has ample power for day-to-day tasks as well as country driving. We drove this car from near fairfield/liverpool all the way to katoomba once, the jenolan caves once, and canberra once! On all three holidays there were six of us, all seated in comfort (the seats are great) and there is excellent leg and headroom in the 3rd row, which cant be said of newer people movers. Adults fit easily into the 3rd row, and its easy to get in and out of it too, with only two seats in the middle row, the left side is empty and without tilting or moving any seats you just walk into the 3rd row!
Dual air con. V6 power. Cheap parts and service. VERY reliable (300,000km and going strong). ABS on rear brakes and discs all round.
I dont like the column-mounted gear shifter. I'd rather it on the floor. Air con can struggle on hot days. Suspension noisy over potholes and doesnt absorb bumps very well.


Mine is Late 2005 model. I love this car it is so practical, the 5 back seats all come completely out(they are a bit heavy) there is so much room, enough room in boot space for Mountain buggy pram and school bags with all 5 rear seats in place. With 2 back ones gone we can put 3 bikes and a tricycle. I have moved 3 times since purchasing, I moved our entire house except the large furniture and white good in the MPV took 4 trips. Have looked around for something more economical but the compromise in space is not worth it. Service cost are about the same as most other large cars, had no problems at all, it is a tough car and upholstery cleans easy. Great family car that doubles as a work van while kids are at school.
The 5 individually removeable back seats, Sliding back doors
Fuel consumption I get 14L/100km around town and 10.2L/100km on the highway.

Mazda MPV Engine issues

American Ford engine biggest weakness with this car. In 2011, the car was taken to the work shop twice at great cost to repair.First being a cracked PCV hose and the second was for a faulty coil. Both these items are located at the back of the engine, practically underneath the dash board so took a long time to locate and fix. Reading on the MPVClub website, this is a very common problem. Mazda Australia would not come to the party to fix the coil issue even though the car had not yet at that int covered 100,000kms. I would suggest check service history if buying used to see if these two problems have been addressed. Otherwise, steer clear.
Spacious, easy removable seats.

Transmission5 SPEED AUTO


Looking at the service records for this vehicle, there appears to be few repairs on any major (expensive) parts, more like a series of small electrical problems. Time will tell if this continues.
value for money buying price--$7000 from a dealer for a 1999 model with 104,000km. V. comfortable on the open road.
Uncomfortable surge uphill in low gear in automatic setting--drops into high reving low gear then drops back quickly. V. annoying each time I leave home which is on a hill. High fuel consumption as mentioned in previous postings.

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My husband and I had a MPV 2003 model for 5 years. It was an absolutely fantastic vehicle as we had four children aged between 11-5. There was a lot of room inside the car, the seats were full size suitable for adults if required. The sliding doors we loved and so did the kids. It was a bit heavy on fuel - probably around 12L/100kms. We just sold it. It had done 138,000 kms and was starting to have problems with the transmission. I would recommend a MPV as it is a great people mover with lots of grunt. We had a Commodore wagon previous and the Mazda was a lot faster at take off and going up hills. Loved It !


have been absolutely pleased with MPV. I suspect though Mazda intends phasing out MPV at the end of 2006/7. They don't seem interested in getting a greater market share by introducing a new MPV which is updated. Take a look at the Japanese website & you will see what the Japanese have this year. Great styling, bose sound system, electric doors, GPS, the list goes on. What do we get? 5 years since the last major re-vamp. Wake up Mazda, Australia. things look good for the new Tarago!
flexible seating, V6 power plant, Interior space.
Dated Looks. Lacks Gizmos.


Exception drive experience, value for money and kids are happy when travelling long distances as there is plenty of room.
Flexible seating, great for holiday travelling interstate.
expensive to service

Questions & Answers

I was just wondering if it is expensive to replace parts
2 answers
Depends on the parts. All genuine Mazda parts will be expensive but if you shop around and get second hand parts or parts from Supercheap, they would be reasonable. Labour charge is always the biggest cost if you decide to get parts replaced by a Mazda dealer.The above reply from charles jamed is spot my mechanic always tries to use genetic parts as in most cases they are no different

Are computer problems common with the MPV. I have one and the garage is telling me i need a replacement. Are they avaiable and how much do they cost
1 answer
I've had no issues with my MPV however go to www.MPVCLUB.com as it contains a wealth of information and plenty of helpful members who maybe able to answer your question.

I want to know where is location of Engine Serial number for Mazda MPV 2002
1 answer
I have heard it is below the oil filter


MPV LW (1999-2006)
Release dateJan 1999

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