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McCulloch CS400T

McCulloch CS400T

3.5 from 11 reviews

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Terrible..waste of money...get a Husqvarna for same price..

Absolute crap...does not run for more than 20 min. It over heats.chainsaw is 6 months old. Had less than 2 hours use, then wouldn't start. Paid $110 for a useless service.. starts, if you can get it to, then stops.
Need to leave it for 1 hour before attempting again...
Lucky this one is not mine. I borrowed it.
I had one previously. Different model same issue... all rubbish in my opinion.. not even suitable for kindling..

Purchased in March 2019 at Bunnings Warehouse for $400.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance

good,tough little unit and cheap.

purchased this little chainsaw from Bunnings two years ago and have given it a good work out on some tough WA timber. Easy to start and easy to use and does the small jobs its intended for. Quality motor from Husqvarna that is a tad under powered but if you want more power buy a bigger one. Keep a spare chain ready as hard work dull it very quickly and its easy to put a new one on and than sharpen the old one at leasure.

Date PurchasedAug 2016

Great for heavy yard work

After spending a full weekend trying to start a bunnings purchased chainsaw and then it seized on the second cut, I searched for something that was more robust with a long bar and wouldn't send me broke. My research led me to the McCulloch range - they are certainly not the product of old but are somewhere in the middle from a quality and performance point of view. Initially I wanted the CS370 but found an old stock CS400 on a hardware store shelf that I got for the same price as a 370. It started first time following start procedure and using correct fuel/oil mix which I think is crucial with these small 2 stroke motors. The first day of use it ran rough, stalling a couple of times - I didn't run it too hard, second day of use it ran flawlessly so I assume it was just a running in process in the early use. It cuts well, very well, plenty of power for my use, I can't fault it so far. And I can confirm it is essentially a rebranded Husqvarna, many parts under the covers are stamped with the husky branding.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Suits my needs

I picked up a CS400T at an auction for $100.
The chain was blunt as expected.
I bought a new chain, spark plug and cleaned the filter.
It fired up straight away and I put it to work in the garden cutting back tree branches.
I have worked this chainsaw hard. It has delivered the goods.
I have used it on some very hard wood and undertaken some plunge cuts in difficult cut areas.
I have put about 20 tanks of fuel and oil through it.
It is light weight and easy to use..
Loads of power.
Good ergonomics.
Starts easily.
You must be vigilent about the chain - it can and will loosen during operation due to the tightening mechanism.
No nudge bar.
You will need to check the idle as it will vibrate the screw loose and stall. A quick turn and you are back on track.
A little higher maintenance than a BIG $$ chainsaws...
I have no expectations that I will get a long life from the saw - as it is not suitable for the type of work I am using it for. However, I will maintain it while I save for a more suitable saw.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Try something else

Easy to start, but chain comes off frequently, despite careful tensioning. Difficult to work on. Have owned a few different chainsaws, this one is not recommended. Spend more time fixing it than using it. Refitting the chain is awkward and the tightening mechanism is problematic.
The 12inch Ozito is much better.

Great value for money

Can't fault this saw for the price, I did a few mods and this thing cracks, sure it's not the best saw on the market but with a sharp chain and maintained bar it's perfect for the homeowner.
Made by husquarna, and not Chinese .
Remember your fuel ratios,
40 liters of fuel to 1 liter of oil.
5 liters to 125 ml

Good saw

Bought the cs400t as I had bought a McCullouch before and enjoyed its realibilty and power. Cuts well but didn't enjoy the fact I had to replace the clutch within the first 30 hours of use, didn't want to mess around at a shop and being a mechanic and all replaced it myself, i found it a very easy unit to work on so it would be suitable for the DIY person for when the warranty period expires to keep on.

Chainsaw. McCulloch CS400T 18" Bar.

I bought a McCulloch CS400T recently. Cost $269. I mixed the Stihl oil at 1:40 (20mL per Litre UL petrol). Filled it. Pumped the diaphragm several times. Filled it with Chain Oil (a vegetable based oil) . Chain brake on (as per instruction). Choke on (It is not a good mechanism when wearing heavy gloves). Pulled the start cord a few times and it fired. Go to run position 2. Pull again and it runs with higher revs. Smoke appears from the chain break within seconds. Flick chain break off and blip the throttle. All is well. Start cutting up large gums fallen after the Sampson Flat Fire. It works well and has plenty of power. Makes a meal of the large timber. After a few good size cuts it dies, maybe just 10 minutes of WOT use. It will not start again. It is very very hot. I try again at 10 minute intervals but it will not start. After an hour it starts again then fades away after 10 minutes or so of hard use. It is obviously too lean. I check the high needle to make it richer by 1/8 to 1/4 turn and discover you need a special tool. You can't buy the tools either. I took it back to Bunnings and replaced it with a chainsaw you can adjust the mixture. I was working at about 1000ft elevation. Summary the CS400T is a good cheap chainsaw but get it tuned for the altitude and temperature you are working in. The warantee is only good for 30 days commercial serious use, but 2 years for domestic use. Bunnings gave me cash back. Their (unpublished) policy is if it is less that two weeks old - no questions.

mcculloch cs400t chainsaw quick review

hi. got one of these to cut down a conifer that had split and was leaning on guttering of house. lets just say that it fires up extremely easily every time and works exceptionally well. i couldnt decide what saw to get but i ended up with this one due to it being a returned item that had been used once and had a bad chain. the store (bunnings warehouse) checked it over and included a new chain with it so there was not a problem. ended up getting it for nearly half price so it represents excellent value. i think i would have paid full retail anyway without a problem as it is made in the usa not china like others and is actually a husqvarna saw with mcculloch written on it. highly recommended saw.
good quality and not made in china like others are.

Mccullock cs360

Great little unit! We live in Airlie beach North Queensland and there isn't a great deal of places of which hire out chainsaws etc, so basically had the choice of paying $120 for a days use of a stihl or purchasing the little black beast for $240, therefore was pretty happy to get more then 2 uses out of it!
It hasn't got the most grunt as tends to bog in a bit with the more dense and softer Timber so wouldn't be incline to buying one if it were my livelyhood, though it does everything that I need it to do and seeing as am only using it perhaps 2 per month it's excellent!

Very good saw for the money

Bought from Bunnings for $270. I was looking for a reliable chainsaw to do some occasional work around home and for family/friends. I couldn't justify spending twice the price on a Stihl / Husky / Echo etc. and the specs of the McCulloch seemed to compare very favourably to the comparable saw of the more expensive brands. I also liked the fact it was made in the USA and in the back of my mind I remembered my Dad's old McCulloch that had plenty of power and lasted forever. I am aware that McCulloch have gone through many changes over the years from being very good to being fairly ordinary but now they are owned by Husqvarna they should be on the way back up again. I also like that I can go to a Husky dealer for spares / servicing unlike some of the other cheaper models which those dealers won't touch.
I have owned the saw for about 2 months now and used it to fell and buck 2 medium/large Cocos Palms and plenty of other trimming jobs. It was simple to assemble out of the box and easy to start when following the instructions. I have never had any starting issues with it. It runs well apart from the occasional stall while idling and the low profile chain has good speed and cuts quite easily when sharp. I also really like the tool-less chain tensioner. It isn't the most powerful saw I've ever used but still has enough guts to get through most home-use jobs. It doesn't feel as solid as as a Stihl or Husky but to be fair it cost half as much and really is very good for the money I spent on it.
Only time will tell if it lasts as long as my Dads old McCulloch but so far so good!
Good value, tool-less tensioner, reliable
Occasional stall, some confusion over 2-stroke ratios.

Questions & Answers

Bought a cs 400t took first one back as it wouldn’t stop running when idling or it just cut out after adjusting screw T. Bought a replacement. This one is cutting out all the time and now when eventually it starts, I press for full running after 30 - 60 secounds and it just stops. Only used it for an hour as anyone else had issues or a solution please.
1 answer
You MUST start with a full tank of fuel. 25ml per litre (40:1) Start the saw, let it idle for 20-30 seconds and then start to give her a few bursts of 1/4 to 1/2 throttle, but not full ball. You can get to work, but don't flog the guts out of it for at least 2 mins. You want your engine to warm up somewhat, before ripping into full power band. See if you can get it hot and go from there. Could be a dodgy spark plug if it keeps dropping out. Keep us updated okay. Cheers.

My Mculloch CS420t leaks gas when stored. Any idea what is causing this?
1 answer
I found that the oiler leaked from oil residue in the tank. Try storing the saw without fuel and oil. Hope this helps.

I brought the CS400T model having trouble getting it to run without cutting out mixture I have used for petrol 5lt to 100ml of oil is this correct?
2 answers
20mL oil to 1L petrol is 50:1. So 100mL to 5L is correct for 50:1 oil/petrol mix. 25mL oil to 1L petrol is 40:1. So 125mL to 5L is correct for 40:1 oil/petrol mix. Put the oil in first then add the fuel.20mL oil to 1L petrol is 50:1. So 100mL to 5L is correct for 50:1 oil/petrol mix. 25mL oil to 1L petrol is 40:1. So 125mL to 5L is correct for 40:1 oil/petrol mix. Put the oil in first then add the fuel.


McCulloch CS400T
CategoryPetrol Chainsaws
Bar Length45 cm
Weight5.5 kg
Engine Displacement40 cc
Fuel Tank Capacity300 mL

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