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Medela Breastmilk

Medela Breastmilk

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Just like the others

Needed a slow release bottle as our bub feeds too quickly. Other bottles we have state 'newborn' or the like but just flow too quick. When we saw 'slow flow' we thought, 'bingo!'. But just as bad as the rest. Still comes out too quick. Back to the drawing board.

Not worth the purchase

I have recently purchased the the 250 ml bottles. I have found the lids leak. Not the teat insert lid the other lid that come with the bottle. I have been in the situation where it leaked all through my bag and i had no milk for my baby. I much prefer the older lids.

Won't Have a Long Life

We used these bottles in combination with other brands and the Medela bottles have not stood the test of time. We used these bottles with Pigeon collars and nipples without the leakage problems others have had. The main problem we have is the measurement marks have worn off the bottles. They have always been hand washed and never microwaved. It's not a problem now, but if we were to have another baby that required measured feeding it would be a problem and to use them would result in inconvenience due to double measuring.

Don't bother with Medela if you're considering multiple children.

Total waste of money

Complete waste of money bottle leak all the time. Would not recommend anyone to buy, i bought 10 bottles because my bub was on expressed breast milk and i used medela pump but after 3 month i have to switch to another brand as it was very frustrating and spill milk everywhere from these bottles.

Leaks all the time!

I had purchased multiple bottles and teats for my baby. Every single bottle and teat leak. It is very frustrating as you don't only waste milk/formula, you end up with milk all over the place. I only purchased these bottles as I bought the medela breast pump. I contacted Medela about the leaks but the response was delayed and they sent some lid replacements but no teats, so the leaks still occur. After spending so much money on the bottles and teats, I continued to use them with even more frustration. I have had enough and will be trialling other brands.

Waste of time and money

Cannot get baby to use these. No trouble with breast or other brands design. So much spilt milk if she does manage to get some out of the bottle. As there is no milk at the tip she thinks its a game until she gets more tured and hungry. Glad we only bought the 1 to try.

Highly Recommend

I have read some negative reviews on here, each to their own i guess! we havent had an issue with these bottles at all, they dont leak, they are actually very good quality. We have been using this brand and product for our first born 4 years ago, and currently using them for our twins. Unlike other brands we first used, i would recommend this one for sure.


These bottles are terrible. Have only been using them for a few months and all the measurements have rubbed off! We bought another pack just incase we had a bad batch but same thing happened. Expensive for poor quality. Tried contacting Medela a few times, they haven't responded! Never again and won't recommend them.

The bottles labeled wrong

Do an experiment with one of your Medela Breastmilk Bottles, use any thing else your have in the kitchen that has Ml or Oz. Pour one into the other. They are freaking out by 20 percent!!! This is crazy ACC will close them down when they find out. Will be a massive product recall

Leak everywhere

We used avent bottles for our first baby which were great. Never had a problem. Our second needed a special needs teat that medela make at $63 a bottle. Exorbitant! Though the teat worked well the bottles leak constantly. Leaking all over our baby's clothes, us, the couch, the bed. It drives us mad.

Worst Bottles ever

Did my research and Medela had So many great reviews. Brought Medela bottles, the 3 pack from Target doesn't come with teats so we had to purchase teat separately. Would nor purchase again! They leak everywhere! Total waste of money. And so over priced so Would not purchase again. Back to closer to nature we go!

Excellent Quality

I am very happy with these bottles, I have been using them for 4 months now, and washing them in dishwasher. They have not faded or stained and look like new. They do not leak like some of the cheaper brands. I use them with pigeon nipples with no issues.

Good bottle to combine nursing and bottle feeding

These bottles are good to combine bottle and breastfeeding. The tests are designed to reduce nipple confusion and bottle preference. For young babies the slow teat is preferred

Great bottles, unfortunately they do not have a fast flow teat for older babies

My baby was born with a micro-form cleft and also suffered from silent reflux from birth - we bought, tried and tested numerous bottles before I came across the Medela range. The Medela bottles and teats were the perfect fit and to our relief he took to it instantly. My only disappointment is that I have had to look for a new range of bottles as unfortunately Medela do not produce a fast flow teat for older babies. I did purchase the Cherrub teats as I read that they were compatible with the Medela bottles but they did not fit perfectly and leaked. All up though a great bottle for babies 0-6 months.

Great bottle for a breastfed baby

I leave these bottles (with the slow teat) for my bub when I'm at work (I breastfeed at home). He has no trouble switching between breast and bottle with these (he was a bit confused by another brand I tried, took ages to latch on to the bottle). No issues with wind, which he has had with other types of bottle. Highly recommended if you are breastfeeding.

Leaking everywhere!

I don't know how these bottles got such a great review, in my opinion they must be fake!
They leak everywhere, more on the couch and baby then in her mouth.
The pump is good is about it. For the amount you pay, you would think this product would be better. Very disappointed
You can't buy teats bigger then a medium, and don't really look because you just assume bigger teats would be available.
They have a soft spot when heated.
Save your money and look elsewhere.

Best bottles ever

As soon as I fell pregnant, I started researching what sort of breast pump to get and had heard great things about Medela. Due to purchasing the Medela breast pump, I ended up also using the bottles and have not looked back since. I am pregnant again and will definitely be using this for my daughter as well.

My son took to the bottle very easily. He started on the bottle from about 2 weeks old after having poor latchment issues and myself not being able to exclusively just breastfeed for that time. I used the pump and he just drank from it and then back onto the breast he went again and I would pump to ensure my supply stayed up. I would express milk and have so many bottles to give to my in laws to look after my son and he had no problems at all with the teat. There is a slow and medium flow that you can purchase. The slow flow is really good!

Also, the bottles come in 2 different sizes so once your baby starts drinking more, just go up a size.

I absolutely love these bottles. Seriously the best in the market and highly recommended if you want an easy transition from breast to bottle later on if you need to go back to work or stop breast feeding for any reason.
Easy to use and clean, teat is not so wide.

Great quality, hard to clean

I started using Medela bottles when I had to express milk due to Mastitis and baby not feeding well at the breast. These bottles are solid and the markings are easy to read. The neck of the bottle is narrow so they are hard to clean unless you get a narrow bottle brush cleaner. The lids never leak and they look and feel like they will last and last. Overall am very happy with these bottles.
Sleek appearance, stable base, markings easy to read
Narrow neck makes cleaning difficult

Great product

The Medela product range is great! I would highly recommend the bottle in both the 150ml and 250ml sizes. Perfect for those who want to mix feed (breast feed and bottle feed expressed milk or formula). My baby quickly learnt how to use the bottle without messing with his interest in breast feeding. The bottle is extremely sturdy...it didn't break when I dropped it full of precious breast milk!
Clear measurements shown on side of bottle

Great product!

We bought the Medela bottles when we bought the Medela Swing Pump. They are very durable, good size to express into and will hold enough milk or formula for baby until they are about 6 months. We use the slow flow reat which works well with our baby.
We will use their other teats as baby gets older and change to their larger volume bottles also. We would liike to see the range availble at more stores so they are easier to purchase.
Reliable, easy to use
Priced too high

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Questions & Answers

My baby drinks both formula and breast milk from the medela bottles and teats. She is 7 weeks old and im finding she is starting to more frequently pinch the teats when shes drinking... What could this be the cause of? Do i need to go to a M flow teat to stop this? Is it normal as she doesnt do it with the pidgeon teats only the medel. Thanks Ilanda
1 answer
Hello Llanda, My baby started doing the same thing with the size S and I moved him to the size M and it fixed the problem, although he was already 12 weeks. I think it happens when they are trying to get more flow by sucking harder. The only thing I would checm is that the M flow is not to check for her. Hope it helps, Ana

Please what is the diffrent between the normal medela bottles and the calma bottles? I boght calma bottle but my daughter didn't like it iam thinking to try the normal medela bottle
1 answer
The calma bottles are just a different teat that is meant to be similar to breastfeeding. I found my baby hated them as well. You can use alot of different brands teats in the medela bottles. If breastfeeding and using bottle only use a slow flow teat. I use pidgeon small Peristaltic teats in the medela bottle, but you could also try to medela slow flow teats.

Hello there I bought medela bottles but i have a question can i sterilize medela bottles in Avent electric sterilizer? Thank you
1 answer
Yes, that is the steriliser I use. It can fit 6 bottles in it.

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