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Medela Mini Electric Plus

Medela Mini Electric Plus

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Very convenient

I really appreciate that this pump can run on batteries. It was super useful for long car trips so I could pump and feed instead of stopping the car to feed. It is also a small unit, which was good for the car and will be good for taking to work to express. Bring able to express both sides at once makes this a huge time saver.
However, it is a bit noisy, and I must hold my hands in place when pumping both sides, so I prefer to only pump one side at a time when I have the luxury.
convenient, comfortable
noisy, cumbersome


I had tried 2 pumps before this one. 2 were electric single pumps and 1 was a manual pump. I honestly thought i had no milk left. I was trying my hardest to pump and getting maybe 5 ml out!! I was getting more by using my hand. I had practically given up hope and when my second baby came around i decided i would be better to just NOT pump. Until i was given this pump as a gift, and boy was it the best thing ever. It took a while to get used to holding them both on at once, but i found that it made let down so easy! Once one side would start flowing the other would copy and i would have no problems getting 150ml of milk out AFTER a feed. I also liked the medela facebook group because i liked them so much and read something about the size of the spout affecting how much milk actually comes out. So i sent them a private message, Where they told me they would send my a flyer of info with a nipple sizer to see what spout i needed for my pump. Boy was i shocked when it came, they even sent me a freebie! What an amazing company!


I think this was a great unit. At only double the cost of a manual pump it is worth it if you plan on expressing once a day or have any hand or wrist issues. It also assembles in 3 easy pieces and is easily turned up and down in intensity.

If only they could invent a boob tube or something to hold the suckers while you pumped which left you hands free!!!!!
Great unit. Can express both breasts at the same time, halfing time spent expressing. Inexpensive at $249 compared to the symphony which I hired from the chemist for $40 for 2 weeks after my baby was born. Since then I have found out the symphony costs about $1500. In terms of effectiveness I didn't notice any difference between both the mini-electric or symphony.

I had carpel tunnel after pregnancy (bit like RSI),which is why I went for an electric pump rather than a manual pump. Before you buy a manual pump do the pumping motion on one hand for 10 mins and see what it is like. Bear in mind any wrist or hand issues will be exacerbated with manual pumps. Also unlike manual pumps there are only 3 bits to put together ie sucker, membrane and bottle. Some of the manual dozens of bits to assemble and wash.
Bit noisy, need to turn up the TV when expressing. Given you need both hands there is not a lot you can do apart from watch TV for 10 mins. Symphony was much quieter which comes at a cost.


I have returned to work 3 days/week and express at work 2/daily. I can get the job done in 10 minutes. It's a great little unit for part-time work, small and easy to store in a cool bag. I do have to use a manual pump to stimulate let down, but after that it has good suction. If you're wanting an electric pump to use at work and only have small breaks I would recommend this over the Medela Swing.
Easy to use. Good suction, small enough to fit in a cool bag and carry around.
There wasn't enough stimulation for let down. I don't get as much using an electric pump.


Not impressed at all. Once both pumps are attached, there is no way for you to vary the suction strength as the control is on the main unit, not on the pumps themselves. This is a problem when one breast/nipple is more sore than the other (eg: when one is more engorged or one nipple has damage). The only way to change the suction while expressing is to detach one pump or do it with your teeth. I have resorted to using only one pump because of this. Not worth the money ... I would have been happier with a single unit.
Double pump
Hard to control the suction strength, was very loud, felt uncomfortable for me and impossible to mimic letdown.

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Mini Electric Plus
Release dateAug 2007
Replaced byMedela Mini Electric

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