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Spectra 9 Plus Portable Double Electric

Spectra 9 Plus Portable Double Electric

4.7 from 77 reviews

Best PUMP!

This pump is so comfortable & did not cause any pain on the breast. The pump is so easy to charge and very easy to use. It helped me pump out a lot of milk and kept the flow going.

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Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Usage Frequency Short-term
Milk Expressing FrequencyOccasionally (once a day or less)
Feeding Methods Breastfeeding
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Thanks so much for your review Anne, we're so pleased to hear how much you love your S9+ :-) Spectra Team

Perfect for my lifestyle

If you are the type of person who doesnt want to stay in one place then this is the breast pump for you. I always want my breast pump which is portable and because of goodfeedbacks i bought this one online. It is a closed system pump so i will not worry of molds coming inside the pump. It has a let down mode (massage) which i used for 2mins before pumping and it helped me pump more milk. The machine’s suction power is only at level 6 but its good enough for me to pump milk. I used it every 3-4hours and at the end of the day i only have one battery left so i always charge it everyday. Its very easy to clean and it includes extra bottle for feeding. Though, i dont like the teat of the bottle included thats why i didnt use it. The reason i gave it a 4star because its a bit expensive compared to other portable breastpump in the market. Overall, it is a good breastpump!

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Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Usage Frequency Short-term
Milk Expressing FrequencyFrequently (more than once a day)
Feeding Methods Baby Formula
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Hi Jireh, thanks so much for taking the time to leave a review of your experience of your S9+. So pleased it has been helpful for you. I noticed you had some concern with the suction strength? Could you contact us to explore this, as the suction strength is equal to a hospital grade pump, and the strongest on the market, so if you are not experiencing that, I am sure we can explore what is happening. :) The Spectra team

Amazing! Life-saver

I've purchased this pump after reading all positive reviews, and I must say it has proved to be an amazing product! It's efficient yet gentle (and that is quite important if you had to deal with sore nipples). It helped me to establish a good milk supply in early days, and later it helped me to resolve blocked ducts on a couple occasions. I am currently using it on and off and very happy with the performance. Also this pump is light, compact and not noisy comparing to the other pumps on the market. I would definitely recommend this product to a friend.

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Hi Maria, thanks so much for taking the time to leave a review of your S9+ experience! It's great to hear that it has helped you out during some tricky times too. :) Let us know if we can help with anything at all. :) The Spectra team

Faulty pump but no refund provided to returning customer

I provided video evidence of a faulty pump within two weeks of the original purchase and requested a refund under the Consumer Protection Act. I opted to purchase a different brand pump when sending the pump back as I did not want to have it repaired, and the mechanical changes that Spectra provided as a reason for the changes in suction levels, did not inspire confidence in purchasing a fourth Spectra pump. I have since stopped breastfeeding. The pump is no longer any good to me.

I am very disappointed in Spectra’s customer service – I am now seemingly stuck with a faulty pump that I bought back in September but Spectra has had for longer than I have, and which I only used a handful of times and could not use in battery mode because the reduced suction levels did not allow me to express the same volumes of milk as when plugged in.

Full story as follows:
I ordered my second Spectra 9 + pump this September. A few days in, I noticed that when I unplugged the power cord, the pump suction significantly reduced. I needed to increase suction by more than 2 levels in order to reach the same pump suction as when connected to a power supply.
I contacted Spectra on 28 September to inform them of the problem and provided video evidence of this. Initially Spectra tried to dismiss the issue by informing me that:

“This pump has had some mechanical changes to the previous one you had, so there will be some differences in the way it functions.
As a result I don't think this if a fault with your pump, but I am going to feed this back to the manufacturer so they know the new changes and the impact. I will come back to you when I hear back from them and update you.”

I explained that this is my third Spectra pump over the years, and my second 9+, and “feel that selling a battery operated pump that does not hold up to the same suction levels as when plugged in, is not satisfactory. It defeats the purpose of buying a battery operated pump. If this is in fact a known change that has been made to the pump, then Spectra needs to clearly specify in what mode the advertised 300mmHg suction strength is to be achieved.
It is not realistic to expect loyal returning customers to understand that they are receiving a different product to the one they bought only a year ago. ”
I was then told that the manufacturer had not responded and was asked to complete a warranty form. I explained that I did not want to make a warranty claim and receive a repaired pump as the pump is brand new, but want to return the pump and receive a refund instead.
After some back and forth – it was only until I made reference to my rights under the Consumer Protection Act that I was told they would refund me if their technician deemed the pump to have a fault. I posted the pump on the October 9th.
On October 19 I was told that no fault was found with the pump. After questioning this numerous times as I had provided evidence, I was told that Spectra too would provide a video of the testing that was carried out to reassure me of the suction strength.
When I followed up to request the video, I was told the technician sent “completely the wrong one, so I think there was a mix up.”
I can’t help but wonder if there was a mix up with my pump too.

It is now November 11 – Spectra have had my pump for over a month and I am yet to receive video evidence of the technical testing that was done, and more importantly, I still do not have my pump back which I can no longer use because Spectra have taken too long in sending it back.

Hi Leyla, thanks for taking the time to leave a review of your experience. I know we just talked about this, and I am so sorry for the experience you have had. As mentioned, we thoroughly tested your pump several times, given you explanations about what was happening. We did send through the video twice to show you that there was no fault. You can check the serial number on the pump to see we sent you to correct pump. We have refunded you as requested, because even though there is nothing wrong with the pump, sadly, we are unable to make this the experience for you we strive for. Best of luck. The Spectra teamDear Spectra Team, Thank you for the refund. I would like to point out that this refund has been actioned because when my pump finally got back to me today, it arrived without the original intact packaging I sent it in and both unopened breast shield sets, as well as tubing, were missing - therefore: 1. The pump can not be used unless new parts are purchased 2. I can not test the suction levels of the pump 3. I can not resell the pump for both of the above reasons The video link that was finally sent yesterday, to allow me to see the results of the technical testing that was carried out, is dependent on Spectra granting me access to the drive - this hasn’t happened yet. So I do very much appreciate the refund, but would like to say that making this process shorter and easier for people, would be very helpful. Regards LMS

Love it so far

I’ve only had the pump a few days and I’m extremely impressed and happy with my new pump so far! I highly recommend the spectra 9 plus double electric pump

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Hi Loryn, thanks so much for taking the time ti leave us a review of your experience with your S9+. :) So pleased you are enjoying already. :) Shout out if we can help with anything at all. :) Best Georgie Spectra team

Pump was not as effective as expected

The S9 is a good pump if you are using it occasionally.
I bought it as reviews said it was as good as a hospital grade pump but it is not. It really affected my supply greatly when I was exclusively pumping. It took me a while and a lot of work to regain my supply.
My lactation consultant also confirmed that the S9 is not as good as their hospital grade pumps.
I was also very unhappy that I couldn't return it cos I had apparently opened it, even though I had not connected any parts to the pump. I just turned it on to see how the suction was.

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Hi Anna, thanks for taking the time to leave your review of the S9+. We agree with you, the S9+ is not the same as the hospital grade pumps, and we do not recommend them for mums who rely on expressed milk to feed their baby. In fact we are very upfront about this when asked, and we have several posts in our blogs explaining this. There are some mums who have found it worked for them, but we know it is rare, and possibly lucky, and usually only works for the earliest days for them when used to exclusively express successfully. We also do not encourage mums to use this pump if they have previously been using a hospital grade pump, as it is not as effective at removing the milk from the breast. We truly appreciate your review, as some mums really are enchanted by the portability and want it to work and buy it, to be disappointed when they don't get the results they need. :( I am sorry it did not work for you. It sounds like the S1 or the S2 is the pump for you. Best Georgie Spectra team

BEST breast pump!

It took some getting used to since I was using the S2 before, but I get just as much milk from this smaller portable pump. Now I use both every day (S2 at home, 9 Plus at the office) and I really do love it. The main difference is the size and portability. Also, the 9 Plus does not have the additional cycle/speed setting but that’s not an issue for me. It will be perfect for traveling as well.

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Hi Isabel, thanks so much for taking the time to leave a review of the S9+! I am so pleased to hear it works so well for you at work. :) It is popular for it's size and portability, and it really delivers in that area for sure. Please let us know if we can help with anything at all. Happy pumping. :) Best Georgie Spectra team

Everything you want in a pump

Due to feeding difficulties I decided to exclusively express. I was doing this 7 times per day for 5 months. While at home I used a hospital grade pump but when out and about or when doing chores around the house I would use his pump. The rechargeable battery is a godsend! I put the pump in my pocket and could express while walking about the house!
I found it as powerful and effective as my hospital grade pump - extracting the same amount of milk in the same timeframes. I didn’t notice it was more or less noisy.

Great pump. Allows you to have freedom and flexibility!

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Hi FMR, thanks so much for leaving a review of your experience with the S9+. I am pleased to hear it fit into your routine so well. :) Let us know if we can help with anything at all. Happy pumping! Best Georgie Spectra team

My favourite breast pump ever

It's really comfortable using this breast pump and I used it every day for my baby. It won't hurt your nipples and feels so comfortable when I used it, it's easy to clean and it pumped a lot of amount of milk. It's really easy to bring to the office or for travelling

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Hi Utari, thanks for you taking the time to leave a review of your experience with your S9+. :) So pleased it has been helpful for you. Let us know if we can help with anything at all. Happy pumping! Best Georgie Spectra team

If claiming from health fund be aware... buying from Spectra website may not be covered

I discovered my Health fund (Teachers' Health) does not cover this pump as Spectra does not have an ABN and is registered in Singapore. Very disappointed as the website is an au domain and comes across as buying from an Australian based company in my opinion, with phone numbers in Queensland etc.
I have been offered a refund if I send back within 30 days, but will apparently have to cover the $10 delivery and have very little spare time to arrange this, working full time and being exhausted and pregnant.
I will try and buy from an Australia registered company, which will be more expensive.
So - if planning to claim from your health fund - check your health funds rules first. I'm sure it's a great pump though (thus my rating doesn't reflect my experience of the product) - just be aware!

I'm so sorry! It sounds like this wasn't handled right at all. (Spectra started in Aus by an Australian who then moved overseas ). It may be too late now, but we can arrange supply for you through an Au company so you won't have any issues. What a pain for you and we apologise!thank you for your response. I was given the name of another Australian supplier by a Spectra representative, who was very prompt in getting back to me via email. Unfortunately though I ended up being a lot more out of pocket. I was charged the $10 postage by Spectra Australia, had to pay around $13 to send the pump back to Spectra, and then paid an additional $50 for the pump through the other website as they weren't having the sale. I was surprised to be charged the postage costs to be honest and others I spoke with were also surprised by this. So the inconvenience combined with the additional cost of around $70 is what I was upset about. I have the S9 plus pump now anyway, and so far so good, and I may look at getting the S1 as well in the future - but this wasn't the best experience for me and I just want others to be aware.Hi Annam, I am pretty sure that is an error or oversight. :( Unfortunately some things occur automatically when a pump is received returned, but if you shoot us a message to support@spectra-baby.com.au we will certainly return that $10 to you. Apologies for this. We have changed our process around this situation now, so it is unlikely customers will be affected by this moving forward. I will keep an eye out for your message and we will get this sorted out for you. :) Best Georgie Spectra team

Perfect and portable

A great machine to use. found it easy to use whilst expressing due to mastitis and the varying speeds made life more bearable.
The charge time is great and I found i didn't have to have it plugged in while using.
Just need to pay attention with both cups on as I lost a bit while watching TV

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Hi Simone, thanks for taking the time to leave us a review of your experience with your S9+. When you say cups, are you referring the shields? It is always horrible to lose milk for sure! :( Have you considered grabbing a pumping bra, or making one to help with supporting the shields during pumping? This might help you relax a little and watch tv without any loss of milk. :) If you want more info about that, shoot us a message to support@spectra-baby.com.au and we will keep an eye out for your message. Happy pumping. Best Georgie Spectra team

Great product - everything you need in a pump

Simple to use and love the portability of this closed system pump. Walking around pumping has its benefits. Good suction, I didn’t notice any difference in output between the S9 stronger cousin, the S1. I use the S9 daily for 25 mins and get about a week of pumping from one battery charge. Massage mode works great for triggering a let down.

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Hi Cass, thanks so much for taking the time to share your experience with us about your S9+. I am so pleased it is working well for you. :) Shout out if we can help with anything at all! Have a good weekend. Best Georgie Spectra team

Hate it. Buying another pump.

Started having issues with the duck valves a few weeks after I started using the pump. They were very apologetic the first time and immediately sent me a new set of valves. I bought the membrane valves and used them heavily for three months with no problem, and used the duck valves occasionally as a backup. Now, again, they’re worn out after minimal use. However the customer service team tells me this is ‘regular wear and tear’ and not covered under warranty. I barely used them. I’m gonna go ahead and get rid of this pump and see what Avent can do for me.

Hi DMB, thanks for taking the time to leave your review of your Spectra pump. I am sorry you are having a difficult time with your valves. Unfortunately all pumps do require regular replacement of parts - particularly valves. :( It sounds like maybe the blue valves and membranes might suit you better, as that is a long time to get out of the membranes. :) The Spectra duck valves usually need replacing every 2 - 3 months, and even sooner if you're pumping frequently or sterilising. Your backflow protectors should be changed every 4 - 6 months, and again, sooner if using frequently or sterilising. Wear and tear on these parts is not covered under warranty, and given the age of your parts, it would come under regular wear and tear, meaning your parts are due for replacement to maintain the efficiency of your pump. If you would like us to help you buy these parts, let us know, and we will make sure you have everything you need. :) I hope you will contact us so we can help you get this sorted out for you, as we are confident our pumps are as good as any other on the market, and it supports you best to use the pump you have. I will keep an eye out for your message. :) Best Georgie Spectra teamI have two sets of the membrane valves. I only pump once a day. The duck valves are used as a backup and I’ve only used them about six or seven times in total so if you’re telling me that this is the average life span of the duck valves, then people must pay several hundreds of dollars on valves if they have to pump more than once a day. I imagine that replacing every 2 to 3 months is a guideline for people who are pumping at least a few times a day. So therefore since I’m only pumping once a day, then by your guidelines I should get 3 to 4 months use, not 7 days. I’m either receiving faulty duck valves or they deteriorate far more rapidly than the others.

Excellent portable double electric breast pump!

Love the Spectra 9 Plus portable double electric breast pump! As a first time mum this is so easy to use, the compact size and rechargeable battery is great for travel and work, and a competitive price compared to other double electric pumps on the market. It is a closed system, easy to clean and can be operated as a single or double pump. Highly recommend!

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Thanks so much for your lovely review! I'm so pleased to hear you love your S9+ :-) Anjuli Spectra Team

Better than i expected

I was considering the Spectra s2, but decided on the Spectra 9 plus as it was portable and i was needing a pump for returning to work.
I was amazed on how powerful the suction is and it's alot quiter than i imagined.
Great battery life and easy to clean. So glad i went for this model.

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Hi Jess, thanks so much for sharing your experience of the S9+ with us. I hope it has made your return to work easier. It is nice and quiet, and yes, surprisingly powerful compared to other personal pumps on the market. :) Let us know if we can help with anything down the road. Best Georgie Spectra team

Portable and easy to use

Love the compact size of the pump, makes it very portable! It is very straight forward and easy to operate. The parts are easy to assemble/dissemble, and easy to clean. Spectra has very good customer service, and tends to reply their emails very promptly (imagine immediate reply even though it’s out of office hours). They also helped me to choose the correct funnel size. Unfortunately I have very low supply, probably should have gotten a hospital grade pump.

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Hi Alice, thanks for taking the time to share your experience of the S9+. We are more than happy to help you work through difficulty with supply issues if it would help. Just shoot us an email to support@spectra-baby.com.au and our team will be happy to help. I will keep an eye out for a message from you. Best Georgie Spectra team

Effective, portable & quiet

I bought this pump in 2015 for when I had my first baby. It is a portable double electric pump that will work off of it's rechargeable battery so it's good for pumping while at work or out and about. The pump isn't quite as strong when it's not plugged in but it's still effective. It has two modes, the first is to stimulate your let down reflex and the second is to simulate a baby sucking. I found I could use this pump on the second or third setting to get a good amount of milk (it goes from 1-6 in terms of how powerful the pump force it exerts). However if you intend to pump to increase supply or pump long term/exclusively pump I would recommend a hospital grade pump. I have had no issues with supply and only used it once or twice a day to get milk to store in the freezer. I intended to use it for work but haven't gone back to work yet. If you have large breasts you will need to buy the larger breast shields as this only comes with the standard 24mm size. I found out the hard way when I got sore nipples from using a shield that was too small. The other thing that sold me on the Spectra range of pumps compared to the other leading brands is that's it is a totally closed system and therefore more hygienic. It's super easy to cart around in your handbag as it's small, it is easy to clean and easy to use. If you want to double pump though, get one if those bras that hold the shields on for you so you can have your hands free. I totally recommend this pump.

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Hi Claire, thanks so much for sharing your experience of your S9+. I loved what you shared about it being a closed system pump, which is so important for hygiene reasons, and is awesome to find in a personal pump. Let us know if we are able to help with anything at all. Best Georgie Spectra team

So easy and convenient

It’s so easy to use and great size to bring anywhere. The double pump is so handy and amazing. I wish there was something to come with it so I didn’t have to hold the pumps though. Easy to clean and resell if I needed to because of how hygienic it is. Sometimes I only need to use it up to 7 minutes to fill a bottle. Depends on my supply though

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Hi Jessica, thanks so much for leaving a review of your S9+! I am so pleased to hear you are having a great experience with it. If you send us a message at support@spectr-baby.com.au, we have some ideas about how to help you be a little more handsfree when pumping. :) I will keep an eye out for your message so we can help with that right away. Happy pumping. Best Georgie Spectra team

Perfect for Mums on the go.

As a full-time uni student, I knew I wanted a pump that was portable and easy to take with me in my bag whilst at uni or on prac so I scoured Gumtree for some affordable second hand options. The Spectra 9 met my needs perfectly - it's compact enough to fit in my backpack, it doesn't have to be plugged in to use and it effectively pumps milk. I'd use the pump twice a day for 15 minutes and only have to charge it every few days. Very happy with this purchase.

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Hi Mikaela, thanks so much for leaving a review of the S9+. Way to go studying with a little one and breastfeeding! I am so pleased the pump is helping you with that. :) Feel free to shoot us a message to support@spectra-baby.com.au if you would like any tips on using a second hand pump, or how to use it to get the most out of it. :) Happy pumping. Best Georgie Spectra team

So easy to use

Was so happy with this pump. Easy to use. Loved that it was portable and worked so well (though wasn't as strong when both pumps were used at the same time). I found the supplied bottles did sometimes leak so we tended to use the Avent bottles instead which are compatible. I will definitely be using this pump again when my second bub arrives.

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Hi Alt, thanks so much for leaving a review of the S9+. I am sorry to hear about the bottles, that's really disappointing. If you would like to send us a message to support@spectra-baby.com.au, we might be able to help you with those bottles. I also want to explore whether your pump needs replacement parts like valves and backflow protectors if you are noticing reduced suction when double pumping. A little suction strength decrease is normal, and is offset by the benefits of double pumping for milk output, but it should not be too noticeable. If you notice the decrease significantly, we might need to look at your shield kit to figure out what we could do differently to help with that. :) I will keep an eye out for your message so we can see if we can help you. :) Happy pumping. Best Georgie Spectra team

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Questions & Answers

I’ve had my pump for 3 months now, it was charging and pumping fine but I was pumping earlier today and it ran out of power. I plugged it in but it’s not charging. It’s plugged in properly and I’ve changed outlets, yet still nothing. Why is this?
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Can milk get into the actual pump? I was pumping and heard a funny sound and looked down and noticed milk was in the tubing. I quickly took the tubing off, but am afraid milk got into the Spectra 9 plus itself. Any ideas? It seems to still be working fine.
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Hi Darci, thanks for your question. You sure can get milk in the pump itself, and that is usually caused by using the pump without backflow protectors, or not ensuring they are dry before use. :( If you have milk in the tubing, there is a high likelihood their is condensation at least in the motor casing. :( This does void the warranty I am afraid. It might be a good idea to contact us so you can explore if there is a way to help you with a paid service to see if the pump can be saved. :) You can message us at support@spectra-baby.com.au. I will keep an eye out for your message. :) Georgie Spectra team

When using usb charger, the battery sign is flashing though the back light is still on. the suction is interment. What's the reason?
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9 Plus Portable Double Electric
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