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Apre 2 in 1 Electric Breast Pump

Apre 2 in 1 Electric Breast Pump

4.7 from 23 reviews

Not effective enough

Based on price and reviews I thought it would be a good purchase.
I’ll begin with pros:
Compatible with other bottles and it made it so easy to pump into the bottle and then your done!
When battery operated it lasts a long time. Didn’t have have to replace batteries for a month (that’s dependent on the use of product)
No leakage into cord
Quiet device

Just wasn’t expressing enough milk, was getting 25ml per breast.
Bought the double kit and barely got suction power making it useless.
Easy for the nipple to slip out

I’ve switched to Medela and love it. I’m getting 60ml per breast, and it’s much lighter to carry around.

Purchased in January 2019 at Ebay for $180.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Usage Frequency Long-term
Milk Expressing FrequencyFrequently (more than once a day)
Feeding Methods Baby Formula and Breastfeeding
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Hi Missy and many thanks for your balanced review. Its really uncommon to find that there is not enough suction from the Apre as a double pump and we even have a video comparison showing it in dual mode compared to the Medela and Avent models and the suction is stronger. Perhaps we could help you with troubleshooting as I think maybe there was an issue with the twin kit part? Anyway if we can assist to turn things around please do contact customer service! The Apre team

What an amazing buy

When I bought this pump I was skeptical as I couldn't find it any any major baby store but the reviews won me over and I understand why. Its an amazing pump!! I think its so cheap because they sell online only and mostly direct, so you get a pump thats better than the major brands for half the price. It works great and super comfortable.

Really fast pump

I found this pump really easy to use. I would schedule pumpings in between breastfeeding and found that I got a decent (200mL) amount each pump although it took some time for my supply to build up to that point. I never travelled with it, had it set up in a relaxing nook with a book and some snacks while I pumped. I found an average pumping session would take approx 15 mins for both sides.

Doesn’t make any sound while expressing milk

This is such a quiet and efficient pump.I switched to this unit after getting sick of my previous noisy and expensive pump which was painful. This one is very comfortable and the suction controls and speeds are great. It also doesn’t hurt my boob in any way despite the fact that the pump is hospital grade. Don’t waste your money on the bigger brand ones. I highly recommend this.


Very good product, great quality, worth paying a little extra for the two in one system.
Easy to use with instructions etc.. highly recommend to any mum having troubles with noraml breast pump or just need a easier one to use. Overall amazing product. . . . . . .

Super happy!

I was definitely sceptical of this pump given its price compared to others. However I have been really plesantly suprised - it’s great! I’ve been using it for 5 weeks and it’s been perfect. I used the medella in hospital for a week and can say that the Apre is just as effective and is in fact more comfortable with the silicon insert. I also like how it has several different settings when you first turn it on - seems to be very effective in initiating let down. Would definitely recommend!

Everything is fully-adjustable and it works like magic

Extracting milk is definitely a big challenge for me. It used to hurt so bad. This pump, for me, didn’t hurt at all. It fits really well, is really comfortable and quiet and I am able to express heaps of milk from it. Since then I gave it to my friend and she also noted the same. So given the amazing price and the quality I have to say its been surprisingly good!

milk expression doesn’t hurt at all.

I owned a few breast pumps that provided me nothing but pure discomfort not to mention that the pumps expressed tiny amount of milk which is discouraging. I did some research online and found this one. I bought it a week after and never stopped using it ever since, I love that it puts little pressure on my breasts and expressed milk really easily, the shield is ultra soft and assembling it is easy.

Great for new mums to express

I left hospital and hired a pump for 3 weeks I was on the medala symphony at hospital then hired the adeama and then after reading reviews and also needing something strong but affordable I purchased this apre 2 in 1 electric pump online at the pharmacy it was $110 plus $10 postage. I was apprehensive when it arrived as it was a small unit in comparison and the ones you hire are a large unit but this little machine is amazing! The massage feature at the start is great and then you can select a range of suction levels it has the option to be battery operated so it's small enough to transport with you on trips and it's relatively quiet despite other reviews. I'm impressed as there are noisy machines out there. I would definitely recommend

Not complicated to use and works well on batteries

I bought this on eBay at a steal around $100. . I love that it’s easy to use, the extraction doesn’t hurt at all because the suction is fully-adjustable. It has the capacity to massage my breast while it’s pumping which is awesome. I also like that I could take this anywhere especially when I’m out and I need to pump, all I need is to bring some batteries. The shield kit was easy to assemble and convert to a dual pump, without any discomfort at all. I did notice that I had to turn the suction up higher when using it as a dual pump as I guess it works the motor harder? Overall, I think this one is a great buy for mums who produces a generous amount of milk.

Great Product

I needed a pump that would extract my milk many times through the day. I put the suction to my breasts and plug this in and I’m good. Whilst I never found pumping that enjoyable I found this one the most comfortable and effective. The suctions doesn’t hurt me even using both. It was a great value buy as breast pumps can be so expensive which is why I thought Id write this as a shout out to other mums.

Love this pump

I was looking to buy electric breast pump before delivery my second baby. But electric one, its not cheap. So i found this Apre pump on ebay and price is affordable. After using it, i am quite happy with it. Powerful and reasonable price. The only downside the sound of the motor is quite loud. But i guess all electric pump is noisy.

Brilliant and economical

I bought this on eBay for about $100 and used it for about 3.5 months. Having never used a breast pump before I had nothing to compare to, however it has been brilliant.
I pumped between 2 and 5 times a day and it served its purpose. It has the ability to be used with batteries, but I only used it with mains power. The pump is easy to clean and store.
I did find that after about 3 months the pump stopped working correctly. It was still usable but just needed a tap to get going again. I emailed the seller and had a new one sent immediately. Overall I'm very satisfied with the pump and will use again if I have another baby.

Do not use it as a double pump

While this is a great product as a single pump it is ineffective as a double pump. When two pumps are attached, the pump furthest from the machine does not pump. I am disappointed with this product because I bought the second pump to save time and have not been able to use it.

I have not written to the company because when I wrote to them asking about whether I could buy a second teat from them I did not receive a reply.

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Hi "unhappy customer". Sorry to hear of this! In our product listing we show a video of the pump used as a double pump and the suction obtained, which is actually higher than the Medela Swing Maxi. Although we know not every pump will suit the needs of every Mum. We are always happy to help so please be sure to try to email us via the contact form on our site or you can call direct on on (03)95449290

Excellent Product

This pump is so good! I would definitely recommend to everyone. I would have to say it is heaps better than the other brands. While I was in hospital I tried the Medela, it was supposed to be a hospital grade pump. But I found that the level of suction was lacking. Apre is an Australian brand and their 2 in 1 pump is hospital grade. I couldn't have done without it in those first few weeks. I use the setting on the highest level and use the massage setting in between pumping to allow another let down. I use this pump for 30 minutes at a time and can get up to 120mls each breast. The pump can also take batteries which allows for this pump to go with you anywhere. Using it with batteries doesn't change the amount of suction. I would suggest that you invest in some rechargeable batteries though. The product is easy to clean, you can place it in the dishwasher and in the steriliser. The pump fits most bottles. I use advent bottles so I can pump and place the bottle straight in the fridge. Overall, this is such a great product.

Really happy

Works well, not super noisy, easy to clean and simple to operate.

I was looking for a fairly inexpensive pump since i didn't know how much use i will have for it. I previously had the phillips electric and this one is way better at similar price range.

I also liked choosing an Aussie company but when i contacted them asking when the product will be available again ( at the time sold out) they never replied. I managed to find one on ebay at a discounted price and an very happy with it so far.

Note: also the bottle that comes with it fits the pigeon wide neck teats. And you can also use the avent bottles or milk storage cups with the adaptor with the pump

Easy to use for first time mums!

I found the Apre 2 in 1 pump very easy to use. It is very comfortable and can be adjusted to suit the user and it remembers the last setting. Highly recommended for first time users as it is easy to set up. Great product. Easy to clean. Fits most bottles.

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Hi! We're happy to know that our Apre 2 in 1 Electric Breast Pump is serving you well. Thank you. Kind Regards, The Apre Team

Comfortable Breastfeeding

These electric breast pumps are the best that I have bought so far. While it does not come cheap, I am assured that there is only the Apre quality that I can trust. I value breast feeding so much that I continue the process so as long as I am able to express milk. The pumps can be switched on through outlet power or through batteries. The suction controls and settings are very comfortable and mimics the natural flow of milk and baby sucking through my breasts. What I love about these pumps are its versatility as I can bring it in the office and also use them at home. They are easy to work with user friendly controls that I can use to my advantage as a working mom. I can easily store the expressed milk into milk bags and directly into baby bottles. I am certainly recommending this to friends.

I bought these pumps because of;

1. Good Quality
2. User Friendly Settings
3. Comfort

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Thanks Ginny! We're happy to know that our Apre 2 in 1 Electric Breast Pump is serving you well giving you a comfortable breastfeeding experience. Kind Regards, The Apre Team

Natural Flow

This breast pump works well whether double or single pumping. The motor works well in expressing milk and remains comfortable despite double suction. I can easily adjust settings to make milk extraction comfortable. The LCD helps a lot in showing the status of the milk extraction but I wish it was bigger. It's also quiet to operate. I am also assured that milk doesn't get contaminated as closed design ensures zero chance of milk being contaminated. I can also easily store expressed milk using milk bags and baby bottles after expressing breast milk using this pump. The feeling of the pumping is very naturally flowing making milk expression not a pain in the breasts. The suction cup shields and massages the breast during expression. The Apre 2 in 1 Electric Breast Pump is also fully compatible with universal bottles from brands including Avent, Cherub Baby, Pigeon and other baby bottles that I have at home.

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Glad to hear that Vivian! We're happy to know that our Apre 2 in 1 Electric Breast Pump is serving you well. We promise to improve our products with your continued help in reviewing our products. Kind Regards, The Apre Team

Pumps well

I have tried at least two other brands of breast pumps right after giving birth and this is the only pump that has worked well for me. While it costs a little bit more than the popular brands, it is comfortable and does its job well. It is hospital grade and very easy to clean. I interchangeably use the pumps but I also do double pumping when I lack the time to express ilk. It fits well into baby bottles and milk bags that are commercially available in popular stores. I feel that I'm using a high end brand at a very reasonable price.

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Hi Sally! It's great to know that the pump that has worked well to your needs. Thank you for this positive review. Kind regards, The Apre Team

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Sorry, I don't know.

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