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Meguiar's Gold Class Car Wash Shampoo & Conditioner

Meguiar's Gold Class Car Wash Shampoo & Conditioner

G7116 and G7164
4.9 from 7 reviews

Recommend this product for cars and household cleaning

this is the best shampoo I have used on my SS Commodore and my wife's' Suzuki Vitara
They come up looking like show room standard and we frequently get comments on the shine
No need to scrub off mud as it slides off with a hose down
Recently we used it during a house clean on mirrors, windows and shower screens -the shampoo took all the soap scum off and left the shower screens shining Very impressed as these can be hard to clean
Used a very small amount to wash wooden floors which looked great -clean and shining too
Telling the family how many uses this shampoo has as it has no strong odour and is not harsh on skin
It is cost effective because it doesn't take a lot to lather up to get good results

The Best I have found

This is a great product. It’s not cheap, but you get what you pay for. After a couple of washes, you can really see the difference, witha shinier finish and deeper colour. I use it with the new snow foam cannon and pressure washer for complete no touch washing. Awesome results, and I’m fussy.

Very Good car shampoo

All, just wanted to share my experience with this product. For a car soap or shampoo here is Australia it is a very good over the counter (OTC)/consumer product, sure there are better out there but this one is quite good as it stand. It has a fair bit of wax + polymers in it so the car will feel like it had a small amount of wax put on it. The protection last up to 2 wks (just in time for next wash lol). The only draw backs is that this is US centric product and as such they like it in bulk and like to add a lot of it, so you will go through at least 100-120ml per 9l bucket. Compare that with good concentrates that require only 30 mils and you understand my drift. In the US this is #1 shampoo as costco sells it in bulk cheaper then juice. Here we have to pay bulky transport charges etc. Saying that, if you find on special and use it you will not be disappointed, just remember 1 gallon is 3.7L here.. Also note, lots of semi pro detailers haves used it or still use this shampoo as its so good.

Brilliant product

I used this after been recommended by a friend and have to say this and their interior cleaner makes my 2010 cooper look like new finally a product that lasts and does what it says it does!! Will certainly recommend this to anyone wanting a good car cleaner, great job

Its Gold Jerry Gold !

I have a Hazard Yellow SS Ute and this Gold Class brings it up like a new show room car. I wash every other week and probably don't need to as the car is still brilliant but its in my DNA I love my SS.I have given it to friends and after washing their cars they head out and buy a flagon of the Gold stuff. I want to try the Meguiars NXT or Ultimate Car Wash just for a comparison but the Goldy beats any other brands i have ever tried. A1

By far the best car wash I have ever used!

Meguiar's Gold Class Car Wash Shampoo and Conditioner is by far the best car wash that I have ever used. Unlike some other products, this car wash does not dissolve away the wax coating from your paint - I wash my car every 2-3 weeks, but only need to reapply the wax every 8-12 months. This product does not seem to cause deterioration to the rubber seals around the car doors and windows, or to the dark plastic bumpers, side mirror fairings etc. I have fairly sensitive skin, but this product has never caused dermatitis, unlike some cheaper/bulk-buy car washes. It is available in a 473ml bottle, but for only a few extra dollars the 1.89L bottle is the better choice. This is the only car wash that I would ever consider using on my own car, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone who cares about maintaining their car's appearance.
Good for sensitive skin, does not dissolve wax protection, value for money (of the larger bottle)

The most luxurious car wash gel in the world.

Basically what sets this car wash gel apart from all others is it's texture; this gel is the softest, silkiest feeling high-sudsing formula in a liquid gold coloured gel.

It feels ultra smooth on the paint & glass work of the car as you work away the dirt & road grime.

It's as lubricated as any true wash product could be & as a result the paint and glass work dries super fast, feels ultra smooth to the touch & looks as if it's been waxed when dry due to these unique one of kind lubricating qualities.

Think of it as Wash N Wax but without any residues or vision impairment (esp in glass areas).

I rate this product above any I've used by Polyglaze, Kitten, Mothers, Turtle Wax etc.
Best performing wash gel with the best results on the market.
It's very expensive & measurements are in imperial not metric - so hard to measure correct dose.

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I used to use this all_alloy, but was never as happy as you are with it, which makes me wonder if we were using the same product? I would have only given it 3 stars.. Try Bowden's car wash I say, you don't use as much (one capful) and it leaves a really great finish.

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