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Meguiar's Deep Crystal Wet Look

Meguiar's Deep Crystal Wet Look

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amazing product

i have used many bottle of this product and it is amazing. it is very east to apply and remove. i have used it on my car and motorbike. makes the paint a little hydrophobic as well so water doesn't stick on it. only think you should be careful about it is that, it leaves white residue if you don't wipe it off properly of black trim. so make sure to be careful while applying. over all i give it 9/10. :)

Easy polish

This is really a great product, very easy to apply, easy to remove and the shine is just great, we have a silver Kia Rio and the paint really just becomes a deep clear wet look, water beads and it lasts very well, though to really get a professional look, re-apply every six months, the wax smells great as well, that's just a bonus, all there products have a nice scent to them.
Ease of application

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