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Meguiar's Gold Class Wax

Meguiar's Gold Class Wax

Liquid and Paste
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easy to apply and remove...excellent gloss, 3 or 4 weeks before it needs to be reapplied... very ordinary....i can achieve similar results with a brand much cheaper....and why do we pay 3, 4 or even 5 times as much for our car care products as charged in the US? i know our wages are higher but not to that extent.

Works well but.....

I found the wax went on very well came off easy as well and gave a nice deep gloss on new paint but it didn't work for me on older paint that i had corrected beforehand and it didn't last as long as i had hoped for (aprox 4 weeks and it needed to be reapplied)

Excellent visual effects but fails to protect for very long.

This product is about $10 USD in it's home country, which is about fair value. I've just purchased 5 from repco for $17... They were $25 with a 30% discount for club members. So fair value. Repco has been known to have a list price of around $45 on this, which is beyond ridiculous for this product.

Don't go counting on this product to give great protection or last long. I've been using it for years (and suspected any protection was 2 months at best, probably less) and to my dismay this was proved when I recently found bird poop on a car I'd polished with this product only 2-3 weeks before. Upon washing there was some fairly major paint damage that took me 20 mins of continuous work with Meguirs compound to remove!!! And if you've got good eyes and know where to look you can still see it. I was mighty disappointed with the product at that point. However it does restore the visual appearance of your car dramatically (especially red) with very little effort. You just have to expect it's providing very little protection and will (IMO) need at least monthly application for even minimal protection.

I've just topped an application of this product with a second coat of the paste version of this product hoping that'll give longer term protection. This is ridiculously priced in Australia though at around $55 AUD when it's also about $11-12 USD in it's home country.

I'd like to hear from Meguirs regarding the longevity issues I've experienced and also the ridiculous pricing on some of their items in Australia. Happy I paid $17 AUD a bottle for the liquid (473ml), but that's what it's worth.

deep shine but durability isnt that great

if your okay with monthly waxing for great deep shine, this is wax for you. if your looking for durability and maximum protection, go for sealant or synthetic product.
product goes on and off like butter unlike some heavy synthetic products but durability isnt that great. i see wax disappearing after few heavy rain..

This wax is hard work to apply but gives excellent results

The Meguiar's gold class wax is an excellent wax. Worth the extra money. However, it is hard work to apply it compared to other waxes. Don't let it dry too long as it can become quite difficult to buff. The good news, though, is that you will then be rewarded with an impressive shine and protection to your car paint. It also lasts a long time.

Gives an exceptional shine

I used this product on my car (after first using Meguiars Ultimate Compound) and on my mother's car (without Ultimate Compound) and I believe this will be the last car wax I ever buy. Other waxes have been acceptable but this one just looks outstanding! It's like looking at a new car. I can't believe I let my car look so dull for so long, but I was too lazy. Now I'm happy to take good care of my vehicle. Fantastic product!

Perfect shine

Meguiar's Gold Class Wax produces an excellent high gloss, water-beading finish. This product contains a polish (but no cutting compounds) so it looks sharp even if you apply it to a surface that has not already been polished. Needless to say, i prefer to spend the extra time using paint cleaner, clay bar kit, polish, (cutting compound only if/where necessary), before waxing - the results are simply amazing. Causes streaking on black plastic bumpers and trim, but the label gives very clear instructions about how to avoid this problem, and the streaking is easily removed by wiping with Meguiar's Deep Crystal Paint Cleaner. Washing every 2-3 weeks with Meguiar's Gold Class Car Wash, this wax lasts about 8-12 months on my car. This wax is not cheap, but I rate it as excellent value for money. I have used a few of the Meguiar's range of waxes - all of them are great, and this is my number 1 choice.
Good instructions on the label, long life, looks fantastic!
Expensive, but still excellent value for money

great product

Ive used gold class three times on my car in about 8 months. Probably more than i had too. Brings a great deep shine to the surface of the car. People have ask me how i get such a great shine to my car and i tell them what i use. Best farthers day gift ever.
Great deep shine
I did go over the whole car again just to make sure i got it all off

Works well

When used with gold class car wash and quick clay, the wax lasts 4-6 months.

Buffs off quite easily.

I'd recommend this only to people who are willing to spend a few hours, washing, detailing and waxing their cars.

I've used turtle wax, and glide-on-glaze. I like the Meguiars product better than these two.
Works well
Takes more time to apply than wash and wax products

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