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NuFinish Once-A-Year Car Polish

NuFinish Once-A-Year Car Polish

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Used this on my truck...twice...that was enough...actually too much.
Paint has been fading since them...Dont use as regular wax or polish.
Newer models can better take this polish. Read the reviews please.

Purchased in August 2015.

easy to use great product

I have used NuFinish for approx. 20 years.
My vehicles are almost always parked in an enclosed garage, so this may help with the results obtained from this product.
Water beads & runs off for the 12 months once the initial 2) applications are done as per instructions, and washing the vehicle with
plain water after suds have been applied is just so easy.
I use it on the wife's Calais, my ute, the 4WD, and the motor bikes. I also find that after cleaning the chrome exhaust and other shiny bits, that applying a NuFinish keeps the chrome looking good for a lot longer, even on the exhaust pipes.
It does not actually cut the paint surface much, (like say Turtle Wax seems to), if at all, so if the existing paint needs a cut, you will need to do that before applying NuFinish.
It also has Guanaba in it so using it on powder coated roo bars etc. as recommended by some manufacturers is OK.
As I like value for money this is a Thumbs Up.

i used so many others till i found Nu-Finish

i have a RED coloured holden vz one tonner paint was in fair condition, but no way near perfect so i cut it back, using a compound, the result was ok, but not ideal so i used another different brand cutting/polishing compound, then i used turtle shell polish every weekend, i was happy with the result until i used Nu-Finish.... WHAT AN INCREDIBLE RESULT, i cant believe it, it gleams like brand new paint, with a mirror finish.., this is the best polish i have ever used in my whole life, and i have owned over 40 cars..., mg midget, rx7, honda crx, EH holden, etc etc...., i have used so many different compounds and polishes over the years but this is the best, and i am so amazed by it..., (i thought my car paint was as good as it could get until i used Nu-Finish) i will never use anything other then Nu-Finish ever again (in fact i have thrown away all the other polishes)

25 years of use.

Brilliant product. Over 25 years & 4 new cars I have used it on all, with fantastic results. I wait 1 year from new apply as directed and have had comments on how great the duco is when I have sold each car. You can apply it out in the sun and it is easy on and very easy off.

Incredible Stuff

I have a 14 year old collectors car which has been locked away & under cover for 12 of those years. This vehicle only has 26,000 klms on the clock. It was first stored in a shed under wraps near the beach on the Gold Coast. So even though it was protected from most elements the salt air still managed to dull the paintwork. It was not too bad and it was mainly just slightly crusty salt water stains on the paint from condensation. But do you think that I could remove it and bring the smooth finish back? No way.
I did not want to use abrasives or a buff on the paint, but I tried Mothers polish, Meguiars polish, Armor all polish & just about every other polish on the market. I spent a fortune on this stuff but none of them worked for my situation.
But I had never tried NU Finish
This was because I had read posts on an online car forum that it is not really a polish & only applies a clear coating over the paint, and if you paint is marked it doesn't remove the marks or bring out a shine, but just traps them underneath for everyone to see.

How wrong were those posts because this stuff is brilliant and the best polish I have ever used. With one light application the salt water stains disappeared. I didn't even have to buff it, I just wiped it on and let it dry, then I just wiped it off. The paintwork is now good as new with a brilliant smooth shine. I still can't believe how easy it is to apply & remove.
It is mildly expensive but still cheaper than the other top of the range polishes that didn't work for me. It also does exactly what it says on the bottle which is amazing on its own
I am converted & I wholeheartedly recommend it.
I will only ever use Nu Finish on my vehicles from now on 10/10

A must for all my cars

I've been using this product for all my cars and have been really satisfied with the results. Use this product correctly and you would not need to wax or polish your car for a year. Let me tell all you need to know about it. This product is not a polish. It is a sealant. So what you have to do is buff and polish your car first and then put this on top to seal the shine. Make sure to put it on all painted surfaces so it can seal and protect it. Re-apply again after 2-4 weeks. And you are set. If you wash your car yourself using a car shampoo and a sponge or microfibre cloth, it will last a year or more before the sealant wears out. Always use car shampoo when washing. Don't use any powerful detergents like dishwashing liquid or laundry soap. I dont know the effects of using automated car washes but i dont recommend them as they are actually harse for your car.


I can understand why some people rubbish this product. Basically, I think it's because they 1. expect it to be a miracle treatment that restores neglected paint surfaces to new and/or 2. requires zero effort. Neither is true. Another factor is brand snobbery; I suspect some enthusiasts resent the fact that it isn't a high end brand mouse milk with a price to match. Sure, there might be better products out there, but at a price.

It is a paint sealant, so your paintwork must be in good condition first. It will not remove oxidised paint, or chips and scratches. If your paintwork is rough to the touch, you would need to use a specialised product first, such as a clay bar or cutting compound polish. However, the advantage is that if your paint IS in good condition, it won't remove any of the clear top coat. Being a sealant, not a cutting compound, It's not aggressive.

Another point is that the car must be thoroughly clean before application. I wash mine twice just to make sure all dirt and grime is removed. On this topic, Nu Finish's orange oil car wash is excellent. It's not expensive, cleans well and is much less likely to leave spots after drying with a chamois. It comes in a large bottle and lasts me for ages.

In my experience, the cream takes more elbow grease to remove and buff than the liquid. For large flat surfaces like a bonnet (hood), it requires more effort before all the swirls are removed. I would strongly recommend NOT to use any left over gluggy, separated Nu Finish cream that has has been in the can for ages as it can leave swirl marks. By experimenting when this happened to my bonnet, I found that these swirls can be removed by applying a coat of liquid Nu Finish and buffing as normal. So my advice is, if you prefer the cream, use it all up and save a little for only small area touch ups.

The liquid is definitely the way to go for the easiest results. But having said that, the effort required to wipe and buff with either is much less than conventional polishing creams. I use cheap micro-fibre cloths from the Reject Shop to apply and buff, and they work fine.

I would also strongly advise using masking tape to mask off rubber and vinyl trim, such as door rubbers and roof rack strips, especially the softer, textured types of trim. Nu Finish will haze to white if you get any on it. Yes, you can get it off with mineral turps on a rag but it takes several goes and takes the blackness out of the trim. The few minutes' time taken in masking is well worth it as it speeds up the application and eliminates the angst when you get it on any unprotected rubber trim. A case of less haste, more speed.

From my experience, Nu Finish does a great job on my car, and without any prompting, quite a few people have remarked, "It's so shiny!". To be honest, I've never used any of those expensive American potions, so I can't say how Nu Finish compares to them. All I can say is that I've found Nu Finish extremely effective in my case. It's reasonably priced, easy to apply and buff off, produces a great shine and is durable, with water beading off the surface at least six months after application. Unless you're an expense-is-no-object car fanatic, Nu Finish should meet your expectations, but only if your car's paintwork is already in good condition. It's Nu Finish, not Nu Magic!

Poetic licence in a bottle

Firstly, there is no such thing as a polish which lasts a whole year. There are just too many variables a car's paint finish is exposed to for such a claim to be made. If you visit the NuFinish website, it states that you have to apply this product twice within 30 days for maximum protection. So already the labelling is inaccurate. It also states "no rubbing or buffing". Ok, so how on earth do you apply and remove the product - squirt it on and hose it off? Welcome to marketing 101 for the lazy car owner.

Granted this product does last longer than other comparably priced formulas, however there is no getting around it. If you want your paint work to look its best, you must be prepared to work hard at it and often. There are many better products on the market which will give you a superior finish. Meguiars products would be at the top of my list.

keeping clean keep it shine

Easy to use brings some shine but nothing to great, there are better products out there which bring more shine but they also come at a price. In the end it’s a good product but don’t expect too much, the price is very affordable as well. Be aware of the plastic parts don’t rub over it as it leaves marks.

Don’t use for stone chipped body

Bought after the recommendation of the detailing guy. It’s ok, not great. Yes this can last much longer than normal wax but it requires perfect paint surface which is rare. It clogged in all my stone chips, making the car look really sandblasted. It removed all my touchup paints. Horrible. Cost me so much money and time to rectify. I was so frustrated that I asked for even a $15 refund. It’s true you pay for what you get. Meguair is the best.

Its a sealant not a wax or polish

You need good paint to start with that means removing swirl marks and any dirt before this goes on the car and you will have much better results. I use it every 6 months and i think it works very well just make sure not to get in on trim as it leave a white mark.

Good polish, but a bit of work involved

This is a very good polish. I believe it use to be one of thoes TV infomercial products, but one that actually was good. I have used it for a few years now. It's not a one a year polish as it says you have to reapply in 30 days. The water beads off it well and it does last a long time.

It stinks though. With most polish/wax smell great, this doesn't. The reason why it only got 4 stars is it not "no buffing" as the bottle says. It takes a bit to buff off once on.

Crap. Crap more crap. Does nothing.

Honestly speaking. It does crap to the car.
It's not a wax and it's not a polish either so I don't know what it is. Always used wax and thought might give this latest technology a go as they state on their packaging but I was wrong.
It specifically said if you don't like it then a FULL Refund but guess what the shop is not taking it back and I have tried to contact nufinish and they are too busy to reply back.

Its a Good product

Its been around since Jesus played Fullback for Jerusalem and has a devoted band of follows as well. Its not as exotic as praying at the Temple of Megs or Autoglym but its dam effective. It truly is a once a year polish and i have used it on my Metro Gray metalic CX7 every year (5 years) sometimes "twice a year" and the duco is still absolutely brilliant and in great condition.It gives 5 star protection for all sorts of baddies and if your not into lots of polish and waxing ( I am for my SS its my chosen one) then this is the product for you.Some say silicone in a polish is not good for the paint but they also say the J guy didn't get 60 touches against East Jerusalem. Try it its cheap and I have had no issues with it nor have some mates who also use it. Just don't get it on rubber trim!

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Just an update i would rate it as a hybrid polish/sealant and yes make sure u have a decent paint job before applying. But 4 ease of use and life span it does a good job. I use Polish Angel products on my SS because thats where i put my energy those products are $ mighty but so very very good. I still rate Nu finish as a good product but there will always b folks who dont like it thats their call.

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