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Meguiar's Ultimate Quik Wax

Meguiar's Ultimate Quik Wax

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quick and easy, with good shine and water beading...just dont expect it to last on the car...a wash or two, a few rain showers.

best used for after wash and dry...a top up wax....still a bit pricey compared to other brands that do a similar job

works well on dark coloured paint

its just ok

i have just brought a bottle and used it a few times on my car. i have to so i am not very impressed for the price tag of about $30. yes it is easy to apply but the result was not that impressive. i have seen better results from quick detailers. so i if you are after a quick and easy product, then try meguiar's Quick Detailer or Fw1 cleaner wax. other wise just get proper wax.

Tried and proven

My dad got me onto this stuff after he bought his AMG Mercedes. Coupled with the Meguiar's Ultimate Wash and Wax this stuff is amazing. One of the best finishes I've seen on a car and assists in the production of protective layers on you cars surface. There is the option of buying the full bottle of Ultimate Wax solution; but i find after washing the car and having the surfaces dry that this product still scores very highly with allot less mess and hassle.

Ezy and Brilliant Shine

This product is perfect for the perfectionist. Waxing your pride and joy has never been so easy and enjoyable. Brilliant!!!

Shiny and very very protective

Very easy to use spray and wipe no marks behind and the result is spotless also last for months even for rainy days repel the dust and with a quick shower the car is good as new I really really believe this is a great product affordable and easy to use the best thing you can get on the market

It has a strawberry scent...

I bought this as a recommendation from a fellow colleague when it came to cleaning my car. I would normally take my car to a car wash and use the brush and flavourless products. However for the period of 12 months or so; I have not used the car wash other than the high pressure hose to wash the exterior of the car; using the brush if I had would kill the paint job let alone the possible swirl marks.

This product unfortunately at times, I have used as a car washing product more so than a wax; but still does the job well. It creates a shine and has that strawberry scent that does not annoy me all the time. Cleaning my car is effortless with this product as I use in unison, a microfibre cloth.
Does what it claims
Can be a little costly.

Far quicker than waxing yet same result

The product is really easy to use, simply spray on and wipe off.
Buffing will bring an even better shine. Even after driving in the rain the car still looks clean.
The water beads staright off.
The quick wax only needs to be done once every 3-5 washes.
Great product as always from Meguiar's.
fast, easy , effective!
Avoid getting it on the glass, its difficult to remove.

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Ultimate Quik Wax
Release dateJan 2011
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