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Mercator Grange 1300 DC

Mercator Grange 1300 DC

MPN: 35904526
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Mercator Caprice Fan

We nought 3 fans in 2018. 2 are ok 1 faulty from the start. All professionally installed.

Mercator warranty is hard to contact and is un helpful. Sadly we will have to act againt the supplier.

I would not risk another Mercator product

Purchased in June 2018.

Build Quality
Value for Money

Nice looking and quiet but.........

I bought two of these fans from the big green shed to replace some old units at home. The fans look good and are quiet but the first two settings do nothing and the third blows hard. No point at all using the first two settings they do nothing. I don't recommend this fan.

Purchased in February 2019 for $135.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level

bad customer service, noisy fan

we purchased a Mercator fan in November 2018 has a constant ticking noise, and we have emailed the customer service team 3 times and one phone call, still no Electrician called to look at the fan. We would not buy another one of the Mercator Fans EVER, still noisy and now we have decided to get another brand from the hardware store, and throw the Mercator one out. I don't understand why they have to send their own Electrician out , when we have a qualified Electrician who could have replaced thefan in 3 days and we have waited over 3 weeks for a response from the customer sales at Mercator. It was over $137.00, not too dear but it is like throwing the money in the street!!!!

Purchased in November 2018 for $137.52.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level

Don’t do it!

We replaced 12 fans with these - the only ones that work ok are the ones we put remotes on.
The first and second settings are the same (slow) and third setting is warp speed.
We have also have a lot of clunking noises.
Warranty/Customer service is rubbish - they Wont take responsibility for these issues.
On a positive note.... They look nice!

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Absolute Dog!

The fan ticked and clicked at the outset. It was replaced by Mercator and worked well for a few months but has now it has started to rattle and vibrate after the winter. We are also very annoyed with the very harsh light that comes on whenever we turn on the fan.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

I would not purchase this fan again

I had eight of these fans installed and within a year all but one was ticking, clicking or knocking. To their credit Mercator replaced all fans, however, half of the replacements are already worse than the first fans. Now I need to decide if I should go for another warranty claim or bite the bullet and just replace them all with a different brand. I would simply avoid buying these fans in the first place.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

I think manufacturing quality has dropped

I have four ceiling fans professionally installed with remote. They all started working ok.
After four months only, two fans started making a ticking noise.
I had the two fans replaced (one under warranty) and the warranty replacement is now ticking again...
While the warranty process is smooth, i think the failure rate is too high. You would have to guess the manufacturing quality process has diminished.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Worse fan in history

After only a few short months after being installed it started this horrible knocking noise. Also I was told it's a great high performance fan (yeah right). I can sit up on the ceiling turn around and blow more air then that thing. Worse fan I have ever seen. If all you guys are looking for a fan that's really good I purchased a matter lifestyle fan they look similar and better air movement and it's quiet!!!

Date PurchasedApr 2016

Fan is ok, remote is a dead loss

I thought this fan would be the answer, being DC with an LED light, but at purchase with the whole kit in a box, I didn't look at the remote. The fan works ok, and its quiet, but the remote!!!. Makes the fan beep with each change, and you have to use the display to see what you've set. To change fan speeds you have range thru the whole 6 speeds with a beep each time. Given that most people change speeds on a bedroom fan in the dark this is the dumbest design you could imagine. I'd give that a one out of five.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Nice quiet fan with el cheapo remote - until the ticking started

Professionally installed 1 yr ago, my bedroom fan started making a noise when the remote was "off" but the wall switch power was still on - as often happens in early morning. Now it "ticks" on all settings. Given the comments on this page, I will contact the manufacturer for a fix! A second, less used, fan in the dining area is still ok. At night it's annoying that the remote makes a really loud beep, and has no sleep setting. Otherwise a beautifully effective, quiet fan. Especially good as a gentle fan on low speed in a fairly small bedroom (3x4m) where the traffic noise is too loud to sleep with windows open.

Date PurchasedDec 2015

Second fan now failing!

The first fan I had installed came with a ticking sound and was replaced under warranty. Now, around 18 months later, the replacement fan is making a high speed knocking sound. It will come and go randomly. I use the fan most nights and always on the lowest setting. The remote control is simply awful with no backlight and very poorly designed controls. The light cannot be dimmed either! Oh well, I'll be contacting Mercator again for another warranty repair.

Date PurchasedMay 2015

Let down by the remote - poor design

the fan is good. no real issues except we had two of ours loosen up and start clunking around and needed to be tightened up on the mount points.
however the Remote control sucks. i would never buy these again for this reason.
stupid design, loud beep if you change settings, rubbish!
at night you can't see the remote and need to know the buttons, you would think a basic concept would be an up down arrow for changing the speed or perhaps an obvious large button for the light switch, nup... all he buttons are just randomly placed with no concept or thought.
wish there was an aftermarket remote control or hardwired option instead.

Date PurchasedJan 2013

Not happy have 6 of these fans

Our new house has 6 of these fans main bedroom tick noise from day 1. Electrician stripped and fixed.intermittent whining noise now after 3 months.bedroom 2 ticking and whining.bed 3 whining.bed 4 whining noise.dining and exterior no issues.awaiting manufacturer rep to look at. Have video of fans making the whining noise

Date PurchasedApr 2016

Terrible fan

This fan has been causing me trouble for over a year. I bought 2 of these fans and right from installation, the light in one of them was strobing when the fan was on. Mercator told me it was because it wasn't earthed and that they have encounted this problem numerous times before. The electrician then earthed the whole lighting circuit in our apartment and the strobing stopped but the electrician advised that this must mean that the electricity was slowly leaking through the earth wire and that pointed to a fault with the fan. Mercator declined to comment when I pointed this out. Soon after, the same fan developed an annoying tapping noise that made it basically unusable, especially at night. The fan was replaced under warranty. Not long after that, Both fans developed clicking sounds (different to the previous sound but still annoying). Both fans were replaced under warranty. The same afternoon, I noticed an intermittent tapping sound in one of the fans (the same noise that the original fan made). I don't know how many fans I will need to go through in order to get 2 working fans in the house! It is incredibly annoying and a waste of everyone's time. I can only conclude that these fans are terrible quality and I would never recommend this brand to anyone. On top of everything, the light is an incredibly bright white light and and I never use it as a result.

Mercator please supply me another fan

Bought Mercator grange white BC lasted only three years stopped working completely. Got electrician to look at And Told need new rf controller. Comp fan is 149 dollars and controller 90. Searching for better brand Mercator where is your 5 year warranty fellows. Perhaps it's just a gimmick. Please help

Started off great... but broke after 12months

Like all the other reviews, the fan started off fine..But after a few months of operation, it started to develop a tick.
Now the fans (i have 2) will only work on low. Not sure if its the fan or the remote/receiver thats buggered.
Oh well.. Time to look for a better brand.

Warranty replacement went off without a hitch

12 months ago I had professionally installed by an electrician 2 x Mercator Grange DC Ceiling Fans and recently one of them developed an annoying clicking sound. I rang Mercator's warranty hotline and sent them my proof of purchase and installation receipt from the electrician. One week later Mercator's own electrician arrived, confirmed my warranty claim and replaced (installed) the fan on the spot - no questions asked! I could not be happier with the service and will recommend Mercator products as a result.

ticking sound - cause and fix

The ticking/clicking in my unit was caused by loose lamellae (plates) forming the pole pieces/rotor of the DC motor. I fixed it by stripping the unit down and smearing a high-strength epoxy onto the ends of the poles, forcing it into the gaps. After re-assembling the unit it was dead quiet (apart from the blade noise at higher speeds). I regard this as a manufacturing fault, but I'm guessing that I voided my waranty.

This repair should not be undertaken unless you have a pretty good idea of what you are doing, and have access to the right tools and equipment. The motor housing is a press fit, and the nut at the base of the motor was very hard to remove.

The clicking noise in my unit occurred at all speeds, corresponding to 8 clicks/revolution. There are 12 poles on the rotor (attached to the shaft, which in these units are actually stationary), and 8 permanent magnets on the stator (the case of the motor, which in these units, is actually the rotating part). If the unit is rotated gently by hand, with no power on, there are 24 'resting' positions per revolution. Any given pole experiences 8 positions where it is directly opposite a magnet, and 16 poisition where it is partially between magnets. As my unit was rotated by hand around its rest positions it clicked in a pattern of (2 clicks, 1 silent), giving 8 clicks/rotation. This seemed to correspond to 1 faulty pole approaching, then leaving, a position directly opposite a magnet, but there may be other explanations. On inspection, several poles had gaps between the lamellae, and one pole had a gap separating its bottom lamella. I suggest that you test any new units by hand before they are installed.

Merctor 4 Blade Fan Stainless Stell Brushed

I bought 3 years ago 4 fans for my house. They were recommended as the best and quiet fans. Good looking with remote controls. After 1 year, 2 developed buzzing noise, higher the speed noisier the buzz, warranty rubbish as I installed them myself I did not have installation certificate from electrician. All was installed properly. Noise was in the unit. Fans were rarely used!!! I spend more money to get good quality product. Do not buy them unless you want to have buzz all night. Go to Bunnings buy product with longest warranty and return when get noisy.

Annoying ticking sound

I had 5 of these put in my house a year ago. Most make intermittent ticking noises at all speeds.

The one in the master bedroom is so bad it wakes me up & keeps me awake. Ive removed light cover & globes & unscrewed housing from ceiling to reduce noise but the ticking still appears regularly. The master bedroom fan was installed by mercator's own electrician as a warranty replacement, as first one was DOA.

Would not buy again.

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Questions & Answers

Where is the remote receiver on grange dc led fan. I have to change the dip setting as one remote works on both the fans. Thanks
No answers

I just bought one of these and will get electrician to install it. The reviews are terrible. I feel like taking it back because 90 percent of reviews say that at the very best, the ticking noise is terrible. Should i be afraid?
1 answer
I put in 2 in about 2016. One of them ticks but that room is now my study - it used to annoy me a little when it was my bedroom. The other fan in the living/dining room is fine. I suspect that if I follow up with Mercator they’d come & sort it out, but I just haven’t bothered to follow up. IMHO, the fans look great, cost very little to run and move the air silently on the low speeds, and just with a little wind noise (& some ticking) on the high speeds. So efficient that I never use more than the second setting. You might also consider whether the remote control does what you need. Mine beeps - not ideal if you have a sleeping partner. Also no auto off/sleep function or anything fancy. For what I paid, I still think these are good value, but would probably go a bit more upmarket next time. Hope this helps.

Can you purchase a replacement motor for this ceiling fan?
1 answer
I have no idea, but I don't know why you would bother. I doubt if it would be cost effective, just buy a new fan.


Mercator Grange 1300 DC
CategoryCeiling Fans
Price (RRP) $159.00
Colour / Finish White
Power40 W
Manufacturer Warranty2 year(s)
Blade MaterialMetal and Wood
Number of Blades4
Body MaterialMetal
Blade Diameter1,300 mm

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