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Michelin Primacy LC

Michelin Primacy LC

4.4 from 28 reviews

everything is awesome but costly

Had ecopia100 before, the review is based on the comparison. Primacy LC four tyres cost about 200~300 AUD more than ecopia100. However, the quality is way better. Quiet, stable, comfortable and lower rolling resistance. I can't believe the driving experience is improved so much. In return, the lifespan could be shorter due to the softer rubber, as they are new tyres, this is just a guess.

CarToyota Camry Hybrid 2011MY, 215/60/R16

Poor lifespan for an expensive tyre

While the tyres are quiet, they are not durable at all. I had the Michelin MXV8s before and they lasted over 80,000kms. Replaced by Michelin Primacy LC and barely lasted 26,000kms. Same car, same type of roads, same driving but less than one third the life! Ridiculous! Never getting Michelin again and going for the Pirellis instead.

CarToyota Aurion Sportivo ZR6

Michelin Primacy LC 215/55/R17

I purchased a set of Michelin Primacy LC 215/55/R17 at the same time I purchased my Toyota Aurion Sportivo SX6 in 2013. Since then, I have done approximately 90,000km, just rotating the tyres twice. Surprisingly there's still heaps of tread which is just mind blowing. I think it's a combination of the tyre and car working well together because from the other cars I've owned, they usually get 40,000 - 60,000km from a set of tyres.

Personally, I never noticed any difference in fuel consumption but they're very quiet on the road which is great because I do a lot of freeway driving.

At this stage, i'll keep buying Michelin because these tyres are by far the best I've ever owned.

Car2006 Toyota Aurion Sportivo SX6

Poor Customer support

My Michelin Primacy tyres came OEM with my Toyota Camry. In less than 5 years from manufacturing stamp date, the side wall started cracking. Sent and spoke to the customer service from Michelin and received only 20% discount off retail when there is more than 20% life left on the tires. Manufacturing defect as affect my other tyres. Not buying Michelin tyres again from the poor support.

CarToyota Camry

Splendid tyres

215/55 R17
Very impressed with noise reduction and grip. Love these tyres. I think the grip feels better and I am driving on the rough roads of New Zealand which is not as stressful being so windy that I have previously been for ed to lower speed for fear of losing control. Not anymore.

CarDriving a toyota estima (2009).

Very Impressed

Just put on a set of 4 and immediately impressed. Just put on a set of 4 and immediately impressed. Just put on a set of 4 and immediately impressed. Just put on a set of 4 and immediately impressed. Just put on a set of 4 and immediately impressed.

CarCamry RZ

Great C/P value

I use these tires over 20000 KM on my Focus 1.5 turbo. They are the best tires I have ever used. Michelin Primacy LC has excellent voice reduction, good wet conditions performance and long mileage. If you are looking for a high C/P tires. I think that Primacy LC will be a good choice to you.

Car2016 Focus 1.5 Turbo

Excellent tyres 205/60/R16

Run almost 75000KM on Perth roads, still have just over 2mm tread depth on each tyre. Excellent grip on both dry and wet conditions. Noice reduction is also very good. They fit originally when I bought this car 4 years ago. If you are searching for long lasting tyres and not bother to spend a little more (around $163 each), I definitely recommend this tyre.

CarFord Focus Ambiente 2012 Sedan 1.6

Very Good Touring Tyre

Had Bridgstone Tauranza on 2013 Toyota, OEM fitment. Bridgstones were OK tyres but a bit noisy, vibration/ harmonics on certain surfaces and average wearing. The Michelin's are surperb at blotting up road irregularities and are super quiet. Wet weather performance is OK particularly for such a hard wearing tyre of 280 rating. The car is so much more quiet and comfortable on these Michelin Primacy LC DT2, very happy. Around corners they are OK but remember they are not a performance tyre. Top marks.

CarToyota Camry 215 55 17 V rated
Interestingly the rolling diameter is about 7% more, than the Bridgstone Tauranza's so do not be too concerned about an indicated change in fuel consumption, as you may well be travelling further. This was checked via the 5km odometer markings on roadway, and consistent with GPS checked speed vs speedo reading. Speedo now super accurate, previously was out by 8 kph at 100kpm. Most cars seem to have inaccurate speedos and close odometers, by design.Fully loaded getting between 6.06 and 6.29L per 100km using these tyres, pulp fuel, full synthetic oil in 40 degree heat, sitting within 5% over of posted limit.

Great Mileage

My Honda Euro came equipped with Michelin Primacy 235 45R 18 tyres. I was really amazed by the durability of these tyres ... I replaced them at 96,000km with Pirelli Cincturato P7 tyres which were a similar price to the Michelins. I had no problems with the Michelins although I had a minor gripe about the rather dead steering feel I experienced at highway speeds. The Pirellis seem to give a better "feel" at highway speeds although I doubt that they will be as durable as the original Michelins.

Very smooth and quite tyres

I got them based on reviews and noticed a quite a difference in steering and noise from my previous Dunlop sport. The life is apparently short for a expensive tyre which what most reviews say.

Sluggish steering

Had 4 tyres fitted when they first came out some years back, and when I left Bob Jane, I immediately felt the poor steerability of these tyres compared to the original Michelin MXV8's. I though maybe it was due to they being an eco tyre. As Jeremy Clarkson says, it is like driving in porridge. Worse still, I didn't notice any improvement in fuel consumption, in fact it was slightly worse. Since then I have to pump it up 4-5 psi above normal to get some feel in the tyres.

The good thing is they are quiet and has lasted 60k kms which would be consistent with the treadware rating of 280. As far as traction in the wet etc, well I'm no expert, but I haven't had any dramas.
Poor steerability


Cost a bit more but fantastic, my car now rides and handles better than ever,, can't work out why but my car seems so quiet too. All tyres look the same to me but the rep was in the shop at the time, was going for the oe's but he convinced me otherwise.
So good
Bit pricey

Suits 500SL Mercedes Benz (1992)

Tyres have been on for about 3 years and done less than 10,000 klm (I know, I don't get out enough with this car) but they have been quiet, grippy ( I would notice if they didn't perform here) and no sign of wear. Given the car sits for extended time, the flats developing on the bottom quickly round themselves.
As result of this experience, we fitted them to our Golf and that has done 20,000 in a similar time with no complaints.
Real review point is that I would buy them again, for both cars.
The only real decision, applicable to any tyre you buy, is what pressure to run at.
Perfomed to advice given by tyre expert
Would love them cheaper

Great Tyres!

Only had it for 8 weeks, but gee these tyres do not disappoint. They are very quiet and extremely good grip. I drive a front wheel drive V6 Toyota Aurion on (215/60R16). I get minimal torque steer too. The ride is very smooth. Steering is great too. I haven't noticed if it has saved fuel though.

Too early to tell regarding durability.
Very quiet. Excellent grip.
Can be a bit pricey if you don't shop around

Long Wearing Durable

I am about to by my third set of Primacy LC tyres for my Toyota. The original set were changes out at 90000 Klm and this set at 169000 Klm. I did not get a wheel alighnment done so the left hand tyres scrubbed out on the edges. The right hand tyres could go another 10000 Klms easy. As for fuel economy I cannot say as I have had no other on this car.

Excellent - worth the money on Mazda 6

Purchased 4 Michelin Primacy LCs (205/55R16) in 2010 for a Mazda 6 wagon.

Three and a bit years on they are still terrific and I have not noticed significant loss of grip, but my latest car service indicated they need replacement over the next couple of months. I've done 50,000 in this time (mostly freeway and city driving), and I'd say it's only been for the last 5000 that I have had any inclination that the tyres are starting to wear.

They've been exceptionally quiet (the quietest tyre I've ever used), I LOVED the driving feel especially when they were new - it was such a good road feel and great when cornering, driving in dry or wet/icy conditions. Vibration has been non-existent over the last three years. For comparison - I'd say I'm a pretty average 'cautiously assertive' female driver and usually travel with kids.

My only disappointment is that I didn't keep any fuel records so I can't comment as to whether they saved me; without any data my gut feel is that they have been good in terms of fuel efficiency.
exceptionally reliable, quiet, good road grip in all typical conditions

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I will buy Mitchelin primacy LC after reading all this reviews! I will install these tires to my BMW X1 with an RFT tires and drives like Wooden Cart! Should this tire smoother the ride and silence the road noise of this BMW x1, then this must be a very very good tire! May I make this clear, that if this tire improves the performance ride of the BMW x1 , it is because of the Mitchelin tires and not because of the BMW x1 which rides neither. A tank or a car!

Dangerous tyres in wet conditions.

I replaced two of my Michelin Energy VX8 tyres in front with Michelin Primacy LC on Honda Accord VTI. Since then on two occassions my car spun 360 degree on a wet road whilst taking right turn. This happened due to Aquaplaning , these tyres are non resistant to aquaplaning where the tyre loses contact with road in wet conditions. On both occassions I was lucky to escapte unhurt . This happened within less than 4 months since I changed the tyres. The tyres would have run for under 5 K now and I am going to replace them with tyres that have better grip on wet conditions. Considering the switch to Continental Premium contact 2 .
Low noise, smooth
- low grip. Dangerous in wet conditions.

But, oversteer ( spin ) would imply that your rear end had less grip than your front end, which means that the LCs on the front out preformed the VX8s on the rear. Couldn't this mean that the problem was caused by putting a better gripping type on just one end of the car?I have exactly the same comment as WillGray ...

Quiet & comfy as!

Just put two primacy 215/55/17 on the front of the Maxima to replace the Dunlop sport sp 270 ( these were very noisy and scrubed out in approx 26k. Not impressed Dunlop!

So far these Michelins are awesome! They make the car so much nicer to drive; quiter, smoother less road bump through the steering etc.

I am actually looking forward to having to fork out another $460 to Jax Tyres when the rear ones need replacing.

These would have to be the best Tyres I have ever had, even better than the Toyo proxes that were great on the 380 . Do yourself a favour and seriously consider them.
Quiet smooth very comfortable
Can be a bit exy shop around

Michelin Primacy

My Honda Euro came with the Michelin Primacy tyres fitted, three(3) years later and some 95,000km’s travelled the tyres are only now coming up for replacement. They have been absolutely outstanding from the start, would highly recommend them to anyone for both durability and comfort. After reading through this forum regarding equivalent products from other tyre brands I will be putting another set of Michelins on the car.
Durability & Comfort

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I think my new Michelin Pilot Sport tyres are noisier than my previous Cincturato P1s. Are the Michelin LCs quieter than the Pilot Sports?
1 answer
I am afraid do not have an answer to your question as have not had an experience of these tyres that you are asking about. Regards.

Is michelin Primacy LC better or Primacy 4? Because I already have 2 rear tyre primacy lc and I am very happy and now I need to change front tyres but I cant find Primacy LC . They said Primacy LC has been discontinued and new model is primacy 4. Anyone knows how's Primacy 4. For 215 55 r17?
No answers

I have a 2012 Honda accord euro standard fitment with Michelin Primacy HP 235/45/18R/98/W and except on new hot mix roads, every smallest crack in the road gives a hell of a thump as though all the suspension bushes ha had-it. Is it the tyres, or the car's suspension?
1 answer
I think the Michelin Primacy LC and the Primacy HP are quite different, so not sure I can assist on this one. I've only ever had the LC but did find that I experienced more 'feel' for the road with them (which I preferred). Mazda 6 tends to feel a bit more shock than bigger cars (previously had a futura). Am now using MIchelin Energy XM2 (only because Primary LC was not available in the country when I needed to change my tyres last time). The Energy XM2 are quieter than the Primacy but less road feel and grip in my experience. I'd prioritise grip and responsiveness over shock absorption but that is just a preference.


Primacy LC
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