Miele G 4930 Jubilee (Freestanding)

Miele G 4930 Jubilee (Freestanding)

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Smells after Wash

Disappointed with Miele brand as paid a bit more for what is reputed as the best. Since the first wash, there is an unpleasant odour on all the dishes. I've contacted Miele customer service, received a few 'obvious' actions, even had a technician out to check set-up and machine performance. They left with a couple of descaler tablets and reported all OK. Clearly can't be. I purchased an extra Miele 1m drain hose at my expense to create a high point in case the issue was with the non-return valve. Have lodged a request with Miele to replace it in the hope this is a one-off issue and something the technician can't assess. Unfortunately my perception of Miele products will be swayed by thow they handle my request.

Date PurchasedMar 2018
Hi there, please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience of the matter. If possible, can you email your full name and best contact number to prsupport@miele.com.au and a member of our team will be in contact as soon as possible? Please reference your Product Review username so we can identify you. Kind regards, Miele.I've since contacted Miele service dept to organise a 2nd technician to inspect. Will update my post once this is carried out.Technician adjusted the settings to ensure the Auto feature senses when to run the higher temperature wash. Apparently, the settings suggested the first technician didn't do this, or the settings were not saved. Provided complimentary Miele branded powder, salt and rinse aid. Will run a few times with the program changes and offer a reevaluation in due course. Nothing was identified with the plumbing or machine though I did detect a slight odor in the rinse aid reservoir which appeared to be full although we hadn't added any. Could this have filled with grey water?

Great product

After 18 years with my Dishlex I my first Miele. It’s so quiet cleans fabulously. I would have given 5 stars just one irritating this is the bottom rack rolls back in so it very frustrating loading and unloading I have to put a cloth to stop it doing that.

Date PurchasedAug 2018
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Thank you Kathy for your feedback. If you have any questions regarding your Miele dishwasher, please don't hesitate to call us on 1300 464 353.

Matches the bench top boards.

Just had our kitchen upgraded and there's a black strip under the bench top so we went looking around for a dishwasher that wouldn't stand out to much and found this on appliances online. It looks pretty much like it dose online and the black strip where there buttons and screen is was just the right night for our bench. The dishwasher performs good and cleans the plates possibly better than hand washing would do. Am very happy with this washer!

Date PurchasedNov 2016
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Thank you Kylie for your feedback!

Don’t bother with this model

Worked well for 4 months, then got a F78 fault code. It took nearly two weeks to get a service call, and was told that it was a known issue with this dishwasher. Service man replaced the whole front panel after testing it once again said it was fine. The next night I put the washer on and within 5 minutes the fault came up again! miele offered to replace the dishwasher with the same model but I didn’t want this as it could’ve been another lemon. They refused to upgrade me to a better model, so I asked for a refund. Which I got. I have since bought a Bosch which cleans the dishes even better than the Miele. I did however prefer the Miele interior. Throughly disappointed by the experience. I questioned why they didn’t recall this model, they said it was only a small percentage of them! Yeah right! I noticed they have been heavily reduced.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Died With Error F78 After 3 Weeks!

I bought this dishwasher to replace my German made Bosch dishwasher that died after 4 years. Performance-wise, the Bosch dishwasher is by far the best dishwasher that I have ever owned. I was extremely disappointed when it died after just 4 years.

I was deliberating whether to replace it with another Bosch or change to a Miele. The Miele was more expensive and on paper, the Miele performance specifications were slightly inferior than the replacement Bosch model that I was looking at. My primary consideration was a dishwasher that would provide many years of trouble-free service. All of the retailers that I spoke to recommended Miele as the 'Rolls-Royce' of dishwashers, and that they are tested for an equivalent of 20 years of operation, which won me over.

So, I decided on a Miele, even though on paper, the specifications were slightly inferior to the Bosch model and the cost was more expensive. After exactly 3 weeks to the day of installation, the display started flashing error code 'F78'. I turned the machine off and turned it back on again and the error message disappeared. I tried another wash cycle, which it completed successfully. I emailed Miele Customer Service and they replied that if the fault is not cleared by turning the machine off and on again, then I should contact them and book a service technician to have a look at it. Since then, the same error code 'F78' has occurred another 2 times, being a total of 3 error messages in less than 4 weeks. I have checked the filter, drain hose and non-return drain ball valve for debris or blockages and there was none.Luckily, on each occasion, the error code has cleared when the machine was turned off an on again. Today the error F67 re-appeared and it won't go away and I am unable to use the dishwasher. I have contacted Miele customer service requesting a warranty claim. After all the hype about how good Miele is,my experience is far opposite. This would have to be the worst appliance I have ever purchased, failing less than 4 weeks old!

In addition to the error codes, my summary after 4 weeks is as follows:

- Very quiet, similar to my old Bosch
- Adjustable 3D cutlery tray accommodates tall items in the top basket
- Crockery is clean, even when using cheap Coles home brand dishwasher powder, similar to my old Bosch
- Option of using salt if you have high water hardness. (I do not use salt as water hardness is not an issue)
- Simple and uncomplicated controls
- More room for crockery in the bottom basket, with the cutlery tray, and not a cutlery basket

- Experienced 3 x error codes (F78) in just 4 weeks
- Door does not fold down perfectly flat. The bottom basket rolls back inside the dishwasher when empty / near empty which is annoying when you are trying to load the bottom basket (I have also noted the same complaint on this website for other Miele dishwashers)
- Long wash program times. It takes longer to complete a normal auto wash cycle compared to my old Bosch. It takes well over 2 hours to complete a 'normal' load on auto with the Miele, without any really dirty dishes. I am curious how the energy and water star ratings are determined. For the dishwasher to run for a longer period of time must have to result in more electricity and/or water to be used? (There is a 'quick-wash' button which I think halves the wash time, however the wash results can be inconsistent)
- Limited basket loading options. On my old Bosch, you could fold down several full length rows of spikes in the bottom basket which was ideal for large pots and the slow cooker ceramic pot. Also, the Bosch had two lots of spikes, some were spaced closer together and some were spaced further apart which was good for efficient loading of deep curved bowls and flat plates. The Miele spikes are evenly spaced and only a small number can fold down. The heavy slow cooker ceramic pot tends to put pressure on and bend the narrow spaced spikes. I find that our deep curved bowls have to be loaded between every second set of spikes, otherwise the water can't get in between them and wash properly, which reduces the amount of dishes that can be loaded. Maybe there is a more efficient way of loading dishes and I just haven't figured it out yet?
- Dirty cutlery with anything baked on doesn't always clean properly in the top cutlery tray. I only use cheap dishwasher powder, however I never really had any problems with the cutlery basket on my old Bosch. I think that this is because it copped the full jet of high pressure water from the bottom spinning arm. Whereas, on the Miele, there is a top small spinning arm and I don;t know how well it can disperse the water, with the cutlery tray immediately below it, Also if the top basket is fully loaded, I am guessing that it might impede the water flow from the spinning arms below. If I used a more expensive dishwasher tablet, it might make a difference? However I never had any real issues with the cheap dishwasher powder on the old Bosch or with the crockery in the Miel if spaced apart properly.
- The dishes aren't overly dry. Having said that, I have never experienced dry dishes with any dishwasher that I have owned. I usually put the dishwasher on after dinner and leave it sit overnight with the door ajar. In the morning everything is dry with the exception that some plastics may still be a bit wet. The Miele is similar to my old Bosch in terms of drying.
- None of the retailers can offer any discount at all and Miele set the pricing. I can't even get a $5 discount from the retailers on a machine that costs me $1,300. I am not sure how this works and if this is legal and if this is in breach of Australian consumer law? It seems like Miele is the only brand that they can't offer any discount, unless Miele offer a discount promotion, which would then apply to all retailers.(I got $300 off of my Miele, which was a Miele promotional offer, not a discount from the retailer)

My main concern is reliability and longevity. If the Miele lasts for +10 years I will be happy and can put up with the negatives above. However after 4 weeks and failing, I am anxious that the warranty claim process will be painless and hope that I haven't wasted my money.

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Questions & Answers

The Miele website says this dishwasher is 60cm deep (front to back) but the choice website and most appliance stores list it as 57cm deep. Can anyone confirm the true depth measurement?
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Hi Tasha, thanks for your question. We would recommend you go with what is stated on the Miele official website for the best reference. However, we also recommend that you confirm with the retailer if you choose to purchase this appliance your space limits at your home to ensure that the appliance fits correctly. Kind regards, Miele.


G 4930 Jubilee (Freestanding)
Price (RRP) $1,499
FeaturesEco Mode/Wash and Time Remaining Display
Water Rating5 star(s)
Water Consumption11.3 L/wash
Energy Rating3.5 star(s)
Energy Consumption274 kWh per year
Control Panel Position Front
Maximum Noise Level41 db
Number of Programs5
Colour / Finish Brilliant White
Dimensions 845 x 598 x 600 mm
Manufacturer Warranty2 year(s)
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