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Mitsubishi Delica

Mitsubishi Delica

MK4 (1994-2007) and MK5 (2007-Present)
4.6 from 22 reviews

Great family vehicle

We use it eveyday transporting kids and we love it. In our personal research, Delica is the only van with proper 8 seats. You can have an adult sit in any seat and feel comfortable. Not like other vehicles who claim to have 7 or 8 seats as they are typically kids seat. Well, toyota makes great vans too but they are not 4 WD. Delica is a proper 4 WD and there are no hesitations to drive in 4WD mode. It handles pretty good. We can even fit in a narrow car park and not worry, thank goodness to the sliding door. With the back row seats folded up, we a have massive boot space to fit most camping gears. Yes it is a V6 and its a little thirsty. But we have space and comfort for the long journey. Its not a luxury van but its a purpose built functional van for any growing family. We love our Mistubhi's as they are reliable, easy to service, affordable price for parts and you get it anywhere in Aussie.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

1995 V6 S1 Petrol

Have this Van for about 3 years now. Have not done serious offroad. Consumption of petrol is high but my is dual fuel so still ok about $1 for 10km when LPG is 50cts. Since having this van many issue, but can be solve . First is best to check the cooling system and is possible change all plug and lead. When changing the plug do your rocket cover gasket as it tends to leak.I enjoy this van as it spacious and can sit up to 7 people. I use this van as my weekender. Part can be source if you look hard enough, as for my 1995 I cannot get a scanner to scan for any code, this is a set back.

BadgeL400 Spacegear
Date PurchasedApr 2015

Mighty Road Trek doing the lap of the Map(clockwise) via The Savanna Way from Broome to Cairns and n

Diesel blt noisy, get use to it...roof rack removed... too much wind noise! Otherwise brilliant

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Smiles per mile

I bought this my second Delica two years ago and went for the 3.0 v6 Petrol version after having Land rovers in-between , I previously owned the diesel version so I knew what to expect. The newer version comes with parking sensors electric seats, electric side step etc and if you manage to acquire the crystallite roof version your passengers will enjoy every mile spent in it as its comfort and form really cater for passengers and driver, fold the seats and there's the van aspect. Combine that with a proper offload capabilities(not rock hoping) based on the same chassis and running gear as the Shogun then its a great allrounder. I your looking for a solid van thats not meant too be like any other then its just the ticket. Everyone who’s been in it loves it and its always asked about in every car park in the UK. if you want economy to take the kids to school then looks elsewhere 22-24 mpg, I fitted mine with LPG system which makes it the best on road value for these machines. As I stated if your looking for a school run bus its maybe not for you, but it if your kids had there say then yes its perfect. Use it as a van or people carrier or everyday run about its great. Handling isn’t as good as other road based suvs but throw a muddy field or wet grass at them and see how they fair. I love my Mitzi and despite there lack of every day spares on shelf availability there are lots of helpful owner clubs online who love to give info about where and how to, …...every time I drive it it makes my smile worth every penny

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Date PurchasedJul 2015

Perfect off road van!

I've had my d5 for 2 years now and it's given us NO pRobles at all. It spacious and comfortable and it goes alright off road. Literally a multifunctional family car that goes 4wd too! Love it! I recommend this car to anyone. Currently looking to buy the turbo diesel version now.

Date PurchasedFeb 2014


Had a Series 2 L400 SWB 2.8 Diesel with high Roof & 7 Seats. Did bit mods on the vehicle such as 31' tyres, 2 inch lift, Roof Rack, Winch and LED light bars. And this car is a beast in the outback bush. Quite often took the car with other 4WD club fans' vehicles (Landcrusier, Hilux, Pajero, GU/GQ patrol, Jeep JK, D4, and many other 4WDs) and the Delica L400 performs very well above the average. The 4WD capability is amazing through Mud, Beach Soft Sands, Creek, River, Rock Climbing. In general, this car can take 8 people comfortably to those areas and places that normal vehicle couldn't go, seating is way better than Station-Wagon 4WDs especially the 3rd Row.

The most funny thing is, if you drive this L400 in a serious 4WD track, people just won't close their jaw when they saw a Mum's school bus is doing intensive off-road 4WDings, and you just look at their faces, LOL.

And around town, if you are not doing any off-road drives, this Van is a very good cargo mover, just folding all the seats at the back & u had remarkable space to put fridges/TVs/Washing Machines....lots of things.

Because it is actually a 2nd Gen Pajero V36 with Van shape.

BadgeL400 Spacegear
Date PurchasedApr 2014

3rd Motor now blown up, do not buy!

###Update 2018### 3rd motor now blown up, man I am over these things, just a bucket you poor money into!!!!!!!!!
*****These Do Blow Heads fairly Often So Buyer Beware******You might get 5 years between blown Headjobs lol........thats what ive experienced. ........$2500-3500 each time....
Have had my Delica l400 for 6 years now. Is reliable"sometimes", easy to service and can go just about anywhere you point it. Taken her in the snow, beach, off road, handles all with ease. Once you get one of these you will be hooked, have turned the back into a double bed for camping, mine has curtains also, very strong capable 4wd van. Parts can sometimes be a chore sourcing, but they are out there. Some of them sometimes run hot in Australia as built for the snow in Japan (import vehicle) however the run hot issue is usually a blown head which just needs replacement but after that they should usually be fine (just make sure the mechanic changes the temperature sender switch on the head also, also there are some after market heavy duty radiators available, but more importantly some skilled Delica mechanics out there also who can troubleshoot any issues for you. Overall I like this vehicle, so very comfortable,sometimes reliable, gets about 13 litres diesel combined hwy/urban per 100 k's, not great,but not bad fuel economy for a 2 tonne 4wd go anywhere Van.
The best Delica mechanic in Australia bar none is the: Delica Garage, 10 14 Coonil Cres, North Shore VIC 3214, Australia.
Just spent 1 month driving on beaches with the delica far north coast nsw, fantastic in the sand, not stuck once, in high range 4wd and she didn't miss a beat, or get stuck, awesome car.

*******update 2017 march*******
Had ben and phill(DELICA GARAGE GEELONG NORTHSHORE)0 give zippy(my delica's name)new front control arm bushes top & botttom,new ball joints top & bottom,new dvd player/touch radiio,new Tom cruise control,extended sway bar links,extended brake bias,drilled slotted brake discs..Torsion bar saddles........man,she drives like new,one sweet ride...

****August 2017 FYI folks she blew another head and motor ruined*** the heater core behind the dash shat itself a month before she blew, I ignored the signs and kept drivng it......$6500 later and I got a used low k motor fitted, heater core, new rad etc etc...now runs like a dream.....just couldn't bear to part with the old gal...**** touch wood I can get a good 2-3 more years or more outta the old gal....

****any overheating delica usually means a blown head, which ive had,and fitted a new aftermarket head(mechanic frank r&r fitted wrong sensor)replaced sensor, runs beautiful(until this head blew August 2017) lol...
Comfortable, goes anywhere, 4wd hi/low range,diff lock centre, reliable
suspension components need refurbishing as vehicles are 20 years old (bushes,shocks etc) they can overheat quite easily if not fitted with good radiator/drilled thermostat, some do warp the heads due to high run temp.

BadgeL400 Spacegear
Date PurchasedJun 2012

So good it made us decide to drive all the way around the world

I bought a Delica 3 years ago to be a people mover while my family was over from South America. However, it turned out to be a lot more than I would have ever expected. It is an amazing car, extremely versatile, awesome to drive and great 4WDing.

We fell in love with it so strongly that we decided to spend 2 years driving it around the world. Literally!


i have been given one Delica van, just needs an indicator switch and glow plugs

The van is 21 years old but very well kept. The AC does not work, and it has 2 dud batteries but generally looks very good. I will eventually turnit i to a camper van. At the moment i have 4 kids so need to carry heaps

All good news. I put 2 new batteries in 610 CCA and the AC works, Glow Plugs work and DElicaSpares in Brisbane worked on the Switch, what a true Mechanic, got parts from 4 switches in and put it together. I have not tried it yet but looks very goodDelica is on the road and did 2500 km without a miss. Doing 110 lt/km and sits on 120 km easilyShould be 11km/lt

Amazing 4WD van.. just make sure it's been looked after well

I've had my 1998 LWB L400 2.8L turbo diesel Delica for 12 months now and have put 28,000km on the clock since getting it and driving around Australia. They're awesome vans, very nice to drive long distances and quite capable offroad even in stock configuration. But they are awful to park and drive in tight situations due to height and blind spots. It REALLY helps to have a reversing camera and parking pole installed. If you do some cheap mods like 1.5" suspension lift and 16" wheels it goes even better offroad as departure/approach angles aren't fantastic, especially with the series 2 LWB models.

As others have said these vans are 15-20 years old, so they really benefit from a thorough inspection and overhaul of any worn components especially with the cooling system and suspension. Like any older 4WD vehicle, they also don't tolerate neglect or abuse. So make sure you keep up with the servicing and maintenance, especially quality oil and new oil filter every 5000km.

Be warned that the front stock bash plate is a flawed design (bolt in front of oil sump!) and should be replaced with one of the many aftermarket kits. I'd also recommend installing a low coolant alarm and an engine watchdog (temperature alarm) especially if you live in a hot area of Australia and take it in the sand.

Fuel-wise, we are getting around 12L/100KM highway driving and 15/100KM town driving. I think that's pretty decent for such a big vehicle, especially since we have after market A/T tyres, wheels and a suspension lift. Plus a low profile roof rack and side awning.

Basically, if you find one of these in good aesthetic and mechanical condition then you will probably never have any problems with them as long as you look after it and spend a bit of time learning about them and how to avoid common issues. Joining the online Delica owners club is a great way to get access to a wide variety of useful information and tips.

These are perfect vehicles for large families looking to get offroad, 4WD campervan conversions, people who are into outdoor activities who need cargo space (mountain biking, kite surfing etc), and so on.

We'll be selling ours eventually when we no longer need it (currently set up as a camper) and will be sad to see it go. Hopefully it'll go to a good home where it gets looked after just as well as it does currently. :)


Great camper van

I fitted out our low roof SWB 1998 2.8 turbo diesel Delica with a double bed, fridge, gas stove, water tank etc. about three years ago. We've done some 40,000 km so far including parts of the Birdsville and Oodnadatta tracks. I'll be keeping this vehicle for quite some time yet. Its certainly more expensive both to run and repair than our previous campervan (Toyota HiAce) but the fact that it'll go almost anywhere is more than adequate compensation.
delicaclub.com is an excellent source of information on these vehicles.

Date PurchasedMar 2010


Love it. V6 on LPG is cheap to run. Articualtion is not as good as a regualar 4WD but the van is great for space. 2" lift is cheap n easy.
Easy to drive, comfortable and lotsa options. good 4WD ability and can trick it up. Parts OK to get. Are all Pajero /Triton and Starwagon bits. Highway cruising is great then just turn off onto the dirt and go anywhere. Superselect 4WD all from driver seat.
V6 3.0 is good but doesn't like long hard hills. Handles like a tall van because it is.

Great Family Car

This van is so versitile,I have a 8 seater.Back seats fold up or down.Middle seats swivels around to face the other way,has 2 sunroofs.Seats can fold down flat to either sleep on or to put long things in there.Good strong car.This van is spacious & comfortable.Great if your out & about & end up on a flood damaged road,just wack it into 4wd ,don't have to worry about getting bogged.
Spacious Van,Great for families or putting your shopping in there.Back seats fold up.You can fit a mountain bike in there upright.Great for all types of roads,& for travelling.
Heavy on fuel especially when you towing a caravan.Normal mechanics cant always fix your Delica.Our Delica needed a new fuel pump,which is expensive,had to travel to Brisbane to get it done,it was cheaper there.

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The Mitsubishi Delica is fitted with a Pajero engine. All Pajero engine parts should fit. Hope this is helpful.


Ive had several 4x4s and the Deli is going to be a hard one to part with after 5 years.

Offroad it is easy to place it on track as you dont have a bonnet in the way so you dont have to get out and look or get directions.
This one has 15" Pajero wheels 265x 70 Coopers and air bags on the rear with about 2-3" lift, its a camper with 4 seats a double bed, fridge ,rear tent ,side tent and Ive towed a Camper trailer as well .
With it loaded or unloaded I like they way it handles for a 2 ton van and its capable like a Pajero and the person behind the wheel.

You cant beat it for comfort and versatility and parts are easy to get at no greater expense( online is a great way to source them and the Delicaclub is a great start before you buy.
The Lwb is great for a bed conversion and the rear seats fold up and slide fore and aft and its also step thru to the drivers seat.
Comfortable,reliable ,versatile,capable off-road, made for travel.U tube has some good pics of offroad antics.
Working around the engine is a bit squeezy but after lifting up the turbo cooler its actually not bad servicing everything.

Versatile - go almost anywhere

I'm on my third Delica and have brought them all in direct from Japan. Have travelled about 300,000kms in total including a 17,000km across the top in my first L300 version.
I can only agree with all the comments on this site. My current ride is a 1999 2.8td high roof auto. Critical points to consider are - the high roof is a serious issue if you are a town driver as I have had to back out of some awkward situations a number of times; you need to become a member of the Delica Club on-line as being a low volume import Mitsubishi generally won't service them so you have to make a bit of a personal effort to sort problems out. The diesels are generally trouble free and the cam is chain driven so no timing belts changes. One issue is the fact that Mitsubishi did not sell any 2.8 diesel autos in Australia and this has proven (in my case) to be a problem if you have some electronic auto trans problems - and you don't live in a major city. 4 mechanics and still problems! No diagnosis available. Find a manual if you can although you won't find one newer than about 1997. As other reviewers have attested, these cars are so versatile for large families or taking lots of gear bush. There is aftermarket suspension stuff available if you want to raise them. Fit some decent tyres and these wil go almost anywhere - with care. The dual a/cond is great, younger kids can walk from front to back, 2 people can sleep in comfort and diesel economy is reasonable - particularly highway cruising.
Fairly cheap to buy, fairly cheap to run, amazing space for your gear
Some engine problems can be difficult to fix if you are unlucky

im going to buy a95 delica &it is diesel the only problem is i need a right hand side step & cant get on to one can you sugest some one my email is keith1937@y7mail.com kind regards keith In relation to auto problems, look for coolant getting into trans fluid from engine radiator. there is a pipe at the bottom of the radiator that warms the trans fluid and can let coolant into trans,Talk to Josh at D &C Fuel Injection in Lonsdale Sth. Aust. He can get codes out and fixed my Deli when none of the so called experts in Adelaide had a clue.He knows heaps about them. Hi Col of Adelaide, can you give me any symptoms to watch for with the above mentioned problem? We own a 1997 auto (love it) but have been having a intermittent problem - which feels like driving on corrugation when it occurs (assuming it has something to do with running gear/trans).

From a Delica mechanic's point of view.

I run a Melbourne based business (Auto Academy in Moorabbin). We have been carrying out repairs to these vehicles for a number of years now so are well aware of the common issues Delica's sometimes suffer.
All in all, they are a very well made vehicle. I don't say that lightly because I'm not generally a fan of many other Mitsubishi made vehicles.
If in the market to purchase a Delica, I strongly recommend having the vehicle mechanically assessed by someone who knows them well. For example, I recently repaired a vehicle purchased with a certificate of roadworthiness which the buyer thought to be in good order because the certificate had been issued. It is now costing the owner around seven thousand dollars to repair many suspension and rust issues as well as other faults. Because many of the parts for these vehicles can be expensive, the cost can be quite daunting for those who didn't envisage these costs when they bought the vehicle.
I think the Delica is a great multi-use vehicle. They are well built, solid, comfortable, ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
Chassis and component rusting can be a major problem and expense. Many component bushings readily fail.

whats a 4m40The 4M40 is a 2.8 Litre diesel motor used in various Mitsubishi vehicles. Was there a specific query you had regarding this motor???I'm having a really hard time finding a website with the cargo capacity. I have to prove it's volume to the Canadian post office before I can use the Delica van for delivery. Do you know of any websites?


Great drive if alone or full to the roof. Great height and view forward over heavy traffic, helps avoid congestion and rear enders! Comfy, quiet, enjoyable ride. Fold up back seats makes for an over sized station wagon.
Having 5 kids we needed plenty of room. We are now on our second L400, the first was 1995 SWB 5 speed manual done 70,000km and was $30,000, drove it from one side of Oz to the other and back, now done nearly 300,000km and all it needs is a headjob. Second is 1995 LWB 6 speed auto with 81,000km for $9500, great for the growing family, heaps of leg room and plenty an adult has comments on how good the ride is. Recently added gas for $3,900 and it now has more power, less smoke, and 20% better fuel efficiency.
Without gas, bit heavy on the juice. hate the attitude of some mechanics when they see you come in with a Delica, you can see them rub their hands together. Now we all know better, they aren't that special for parts and repairs, regardless some mechanics try to tell you otherwise. Not that great a 4WD, not a serious one at all, but a fun one all the same. Struggles with both air conditioners running fully. LWB Royal Exceed came with a karaoke machine built in which caused my audio man some grief when I installed a new stereo with in built GPS. Wont fit in most public car parks.

You are correct in saying that they're not that special when it comes to repair costs. Owners still need to be aware that some parts are indeed quite costly. For instance, indicator switch for a 1994 model is almost $600. Not all parts are dear but some can be...........cheers, Mechanic.Depends where you look for parts www.delicashop.com is Australian based with the partscd and manuals


I've had my Exceed 2.8TD for 5 years now and can't complain, good all rounder apart from already stated. Parts are not an issue (or expensive) if you know where to look and what equivalent manufacturer codes are. Def nothing in OZ to match it for a big family like mine (6) and the price. If I had the money would consider an i-Max as the replacement as I don't go off-road enough.
Kids can't kick you in the back from behind, lots of room, dual A/C, 4M40 engines rock!
Underpowered, soft ride, fuel consumption, getting parts, can't reach the kids to give them a slap when messing about at the back.



Great Vehicle all in all. For serious four wheel driving; front clearance would be an issue for the series2 L400.Lifting ride height would have to be the solution. However getting into shopping centres is another issue. The delica is not a landcruiser or a hilux but it's there with them. I take it to stockton newcastle every year, no problems in the dune. Plenty of torque and power always gets you of trouble. Nothing ARB air lockers cant solve aye!
what i like about the delicas...capacity of a people mover..the space.. and the capability of a 4wd. i have an L400 series 2. Good ride height.
Difficult in sourcing Japanese exterior accessories such as roof carrier and Jaos bullbars.

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Hi there, how does it go if you've got a full car and towing a trailer?


If you have a big family or a need for a big 4WD this is a very serious consideration at a much lower cost and a lot of street cred...
We have owned a delica Spacegrear L400 Turbo Diesel Super Exceed for over 6 months. We have had all sorts of other vehicles but this is the coolest most versatile we have owned. Some of these other reviews complain about parts - hmmm - Mitsubishi pajero motor and Triton running gear - so what is the problem everything is available locally. We have 4 kids and these come in 7 or 8 seats. And that is real seats with real leg room for adults not kids - that is the short wheel base. The long wheel base gives you another 40cms of room. This is a great 4WD which will get you anywhere a Pajero will get you to - with far more room and far more comfort- the Crystalite roof is a fill length moon roof running the entire length of the back. This car demands respect on the road. We looked at the Chrysler Grand Voyager Limited for a long time but eventually gave up and found the Delica instead. These cars were originally designed in Japan to take people up to the skifields - hence the seating capacity and the room. There is a high roof and a low roof vrsion as well. There is 2 separate air conditioning systems. The turbo diesel gives you plenty of low end and high end grunt. The series 4 was built until 2006 and was replaced by the D:5. Most of the versions built post 2003 are all v6 petrol. You should be able to pick up a late model in good condition fully imported for about 20,000. There are plenty of support in Australia via people who are mad keen on them via the www.delicaclub.com website. Spares are adverrtised on the site as well as a whole pile of helpful hints.
Turning circle can be a bit wide at times but you can always get nto most places. The Delica can be a bit thirsty - but no more so than a comparable size WD - remember this car is bigger than a really big Landcruiser and top out over 2 metres in height.

BadgeSuper Exceed
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Looking at buying an eight seat vehicle. Didn't know much about this type of 4WD, found this site very helpful. TNX.

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