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Mitsubishi Verada

Fantastic Car.

I brought a used 2002 KJ Verada XI Series II from a minister here in Tas in December 2018 for $1900. It had just over 230,000k's on the clock. And condition wise, it's honestly immaculate barring a few stone chips and minor scratches which i haven't tended to as yet. As for the car itself, well, options wise, it's amazing. Leather interior, sunroof, electric seats as with almost electric everything else. It's almost 17 years old and there is no noise whatsoever, so squeaks, or anything. It is like a new car. The power in the 3.5 engine is amazing. I couldn't recommend this car enough. Comfortable to drive, with all of the options, it's like the Magna of a Mercedes so to speak.

Purchased in December 2018 for $1,900.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Acceleration / Power
Gear Shifting
Fuel Efficiency
Interior Design
Boot Size

Awesome car!

Honestly the best car I've ever owned. My only complaint would be the headlights yellowing from the sun & some clear coat peel. But thats minor. Its very comfortable, reliable and affordable. Excellent family car. Overall, i'm very impressed with my KL Verada AWD and would highly recommend this car.

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Date PurchasedMar 2016

Loved It!

One of the best cars i've ever owned. Full of features. Smooth to drive. Powerful and very economical V6 Engine. The build quality was excellent. Materials used throughout were top quality. Has always been reliable. Loved every bit of it and miss it ever since i sold it. Hope the current owner is loving it as much as I did.

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This is my 4th Verada and my last one as I intend to keep this for as long as possible.
Has only 92000kms and is petrol- lpg converted.
These cars are solid,powerful and extremely comfortable to drive.
These models and the previous models were of a high build except for paint issues which I experienced on a previous model.
Keep them serviced and they will go on forever
Interior materials especially the leather are of high quality.
Simply love these cars.
Those were the days when you could distinguish a base model from a luxury model.
If you get the chance, try the series 2 which had a 5 speed trans fitted,nothing wrong with the 4 speed tippy but the gear ratios are slightly better.


One of the best cars I have owned

I bought my Mitsubishi Verada GTV in 2004. It was one year old with 15,000K on the clock.
It was used as a main vehicle for both personal and business use. The car has spent most of its life in the city with an occasional interstate trip.

Apart from the usual maintenance and wear and tear I have had no problems with the car at all. The service costs and parts were reasonably priced. The fuel consumption was okay for a car that size and I honestly could not fault it at all.

When I sold the car some six years later it had 150K on the clock and apart from a fading paint still in a perfect mechanical condition. Some people reported gearbox issues on this model, mine was a six speed auto and never missed a change.
Fun to drive, roomy and comfortable for five adults. Decent booth. Cheap insurance and maintanance costs.
Nothing really. Resale value on these cars is not so great nowadays.


Gonzo is a great car for touring in Australia

I bought this car third hand 4 years ago with 180,000kms and have not regretted the choice. I took a while to find an Xi with a colour scheme I liked. It's the third Verada I have owner and is the best. It's very comfortable for long trips, very economical for a largish car that will carry 5 people and stacks of luggage - I get around 9l/100km averaging 100kms/hour on motorways - an on ULP. I think the 3rd generation (with the Gonzo nose) is the best looking Verada made by Mitsubishi - the second series os probably the best with a 5 speed auto.
Nice balance between big car and economy. Very good build quality, excellent choice of luxury fitments (leather, climate control, sun roof, music system) and a cavernous boot. Discretely powerful engine which gets on with the job when you need it. Inexpensive services costs and parts.
Nothing. Every time I drive this car I can't find a reason get rid of it. I would have preferred the 5 speed series 2, but it's a minor benefit.


2005 Verada xi

Bought my Verada in 2006 when 9 months old. Has given no problems whatsoever, and still on original brake pads @ 103000km. Just put new Bridgestone tyres on even though similar original tyres still had life left in them. It is a great touring car and I would average around 10L per 100km. It is just as happy around the city although the car is a bit longer than normal when pulling in to parking spots. I am expecting to get a lot more trouble free years ahead. A great car.
Reliability, quietness, fuel economy, touring.
A bit long for parking. Instruments sometimes not easy to see in daylight.



My ex demo kl verada awd has been an excellent car for the money. I t does everything an Australian built car should do.As long as you service them, treat them nicely they will look after you. I average 10.1 litres per 100 kms. I don't have to add oil between services which are done by an onsite mechanic/friend. At 100000 kms it's still seems like a new car. If you can get one. You wont be sorry.
Great value. Goes well, handles well, stops well. I put michelin primacy lc's on and it is magic.
They should have made the wagon awd as well, and a ute too. When the time comes for another car I want to keep this one and turn it into a ute, with a supercharger conversion. Weeee!!!!

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I have owned my 1998 Verada Xi since it was new. Have been using it for over 11 years now without any problems at all. The car has been serviced by the book at the Mitsubishi dealer where I bought it ever since it was new. This might have helped its reliability. As it has poor resale value, I decided to keep using the car instead of buying a new one. I hope to get another 6 years (or more) of usage from this car. One advantage of an old car is there no need to buy any comprehensive insurance, although I buy 3rd party property insurance cover. This saves a few hundred dollars a year.
Has been a reliable car. Reasonable level of standard equipment, including 2 airbags, ABS brakes, leather seats (in the Xi model) and 10 stack CD player.
Poor resale value.



Troublefree luxury smooth driving (AWD is added safety) Depreciation is an issue if you intend to replace in short timeframe.
I have a KW series 2 AWD GTVi, 15 months down the track but only 22,000kms the car has been faultless. No warranty claims. Smooth acceleration, Luxury interior, depreciated very badly was able to buy a factory with all options including sunroof car 4 months old for 60% of RRP!! Added safety of AWD. reasonable fuel consumption around town, 13L/100kms Services are not expensive and most licenced workshops can maintain it for you.
Seat slightly too short for my tall 6 foot 2 frame (but not many are ideal) noticable on 2-3 hour country drives. Depreciation. Good buy but a tough sell unless you intend to keep it for a long period.



All in all, this is an excellent car. It's top end luxury and very feature rich and very cheap for its class.
This is in reference to the KJ 2001/2 Ei model Verada. A bargan luxury car if you buy second hand. The Ei model has superb quality interior and seats unlike the more expensive Xi which has leather (cold in winter, hot in summer and doesn't wear well). Beautiful ride, quite, good power. Unlike the later model, a good looking car.
A little heavy on the fuel at 15L/100 as compared to the mroe efficient 380 which does 13L. Shocking depreciation, but this means you get the car for extremely cheap when you buy 2nd hand. As most Mitsi's that use the 3.5L engine, it has developed some level of roughness at 60,000 km; this is common for Verada/Magna and not substantially worse than for comparable Holden/Ford models, but, nonetheless, it does detract from the ride.



An excellent car with all the features of a more expensive euro car. ABS brakes air bags etc. Resale value is poor but i intend to keep till it dies. parts are cheap as well as tyres and servicing as it is a `standard` car.
Luxury - comfort - power - perfect for our family who just got a little child - very cheap to but second hand - got an 04 with 65km for $15000 in SA
Front wheel drive but what can you do



Have done over 200,000 trouble free klms and the Verada is still "tight". The 9th and the best car we have ever had. We also have an excellent dealership in town. Absolutely all positive.
Economy. Looks. Comfort levels. Quietness
Cleaning the front of locusts.



Seriously Magnas are the bargain of the century, I got a 2003 Verada with electric everything that opens and shuts for just under $10000, this car was nearly $50,000 7 years ago!
Comfortable, powerful and easy to drive. Interior design is fantastic, beats falcons and commodores of the same era hands down.
Not much really, except a little bland looks with the base models.


Questions & Answers

I just bought a 2003 verada and want to know what is the worst problem these cars have pls it has a new battery, but had to jump start it the other morning after two days of not starting it pls help and what's fuel consumption like also pls thanks
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Fuel consumption can vary depending on age of vehicle etc. As for common problems, they can vary like any other vehicle. it all comes down to how the vehicle has been looked after through it's age. however I would recommend doing a Google search on "common issues with Mitsubishi verada 2003". This would lend you a few forums and sites of people who have had experience with this. I know transmissions tend to go in the Mitsubishi after a certain period of time if they are not maintained correctly. Sometimes you may even have issues with the ECU. As for your current issue of having to jump start your vehicle over numerous days, it sounds like you may have a crook alternator. I would assume that there is no charge getting to the battery upon starting the vehicle. I recommend taking your vehicle to an auto electrician for further inspection or if you are in roadside assistance ask them to test the vehicle for you. I hope that helps Debra.

Hi all, My verada is real good in all sector but the fuel consumption is freaking me out ..... sometimes its shows/ gives like 18L/ 100km ... that's way much for me... Is this similar problem for any one of Verada users...??? Can anyone help me what should I do for not to consume too much fuel.... I don't want to sell my car for that reason... HELP ME !!
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Mine uses approx 15L/100km around town and 9-10/100km out of town. the more kilometres you have on your car the more fuel it will use due to the motor getting older and more tired. There could be a number of reasons why it's using more fuel. Do you have a hole in your exhaust? You could also have a crook oxygen sensor or air flow metre. I would suggest taking your car to Supercheap Auto and asking for a full diagnostic check. It will cost you $28 for a printout which will give you any errors or problems with your car. I hope that helps.

What problem does Engine warning light indicate. ?
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