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Moccona Cappuccino

Moccona Cappuccino

2.4 from 34 reviews

Often use the Moccona strong Cappuccino while travelling instead of motel coffee

Really enjoy the taste. As far as lumps go, no problem. All you have to do is mix the powder with a little milk or hot water,stir thoroughly then add the rest of the hot water. Simple. great product

Purchased in March 2019 at Coles for $4.50.

Change recipe

I have bought Moccona strong Cappuccino since Nescafé change their recipe, Now Maccona has altered the taste, I'll be saving my money in future.

Love this coffee

I'm not sure what the cracking noise is people are talking about? I've never heard it. I mix my sachet first with a small amount of milk and stir well until smooth then add the boiled water....delish


I quite enjoy the moccona cappuccino sachets! I mix mine in a small cup with hot milk & mix very well or else it can be quite clumpy.

Yummy and quick to make

Boil the kettle to 80 degrees C, put the sachet in, pour 150ml into the cup and stir!
I love this product. You don't need any milk or sugar, it already has it in the sachet for you! Give it a really good stir and you are done. Sometimes I chuck it into my thermos and just shake it and its delicious :) great for on the go. The crackling sound happens only when the water is too hot :)

Don't put too much water in and it is delicious!

I actually really like this product, which is shocking seeing how much people hate it on here. I would emphasise following the instructions though - the first time I tried this it was gross and watery, and the next time I realised you're only meant to put 150ml of water in it, not a full mug. So I did that and it was delish!!

worse coffee sachets i have ever bought !!!

it taste horrible, cracking sound . .. never in my life have ever tasted such ugly coffee! maccona u should improve or do something to this! this is just a shame to provide such a terrible product!

Lumpy and watery

I have been drinking Nescafe strong cappuccino until i saw the Moccona ones half price. This product it terrible. Is clumps into a chewy goo. Its watery and tasteless. Doesn't even include the chocolate shaker like Nescafe does. Back to Nescafe i go.

Quality control not happening

Just opened another box of cappuccino strong and found some of the satchets not sealed on the corner. The powder is a solid block. This is the second box that I have found damaged sachets in and have had to throw them away. I have taken photos this time incase someone is interested.

Test is perfect ı can’t live without

I waiting for speacils

Terrible Taste in last batch of Maccona strong cappuccino

I have always loved Maccona and Nescafe strong cappuccino in their satchels. The last Macconos were on special at Coles, so I purchased 3 boxes. Wow what a terrible taste, what went wrong? I took them back to Coles and received a refund. Hope the taste is fixed or I'll be sticking only with Nescafe. It was not only myself, my Wife could not drink it either.


Moccona sachets were on special so I bought 4 boxes, terrible mistake as the coffee is tasteless and makes a weird cracking sound when adding the water. Will be returning the boxes and not be buying this product again

Weird cracking sound

My daughter and I thought it would be fun to try the Moccona Rocky Road Latte sachets; we will not be drinking them ever again. I frothed milk as I like mine creamy, and find most sachet lattes taste better with hot milk. As I poured the hot milk in it started to crackle like popping candy, I was concerned that my cup was breaking because there is no logical reason why a latte should make that sound. The mixture does not mix in well even after being whisked quickly and smooshed against the side of the cup. The taste was lacking coffee flavouring and was iddly very thick. I will never buy Moccona sachets again.

Ruined a good product

I have been using cappuccino satches for years i look fwd to my one coffee a day .. found new product very weak i use the strong ones.. what can you do i suppose to put 2 in together or change brands.

Ugh. No. Moccona what have you done.

I made the switch to Moccona Cappuccino sachets (from Nescafe) last year, as Nescafe changed their formula to something undrinkable.

Horrified to find the same has happened to Moccona. Went to make one this morning...weird fizzing noise, wouldn't all mix in, went super lumpy... Thought I just had an off sachet, so grabbed another. Exact same thing.

It appears I have a box with some of the old formula and some of the new, as the previous ones I'd been drinking out of this box have been fine!

So unimpressed.

(Was about to make a complaint to Moccona when I found these reviews with people experiencing the same.)

What have you done!

Moccona Coffee sachets were up until recently our favourite coffee treat, even introduced them to the office tea room! Now it froths like a Berocca and taste is nowhere near the same. Nothing like the cappuccino we used to love. Time to try another brand, another instance of attempting to fix something that is not broken and failing. e.g BBQ shapes.


I drink the latte sachets, it has changed dramatically not for the better. It makes a crackling sound it tastes like water and you getblobs of powder because it doesn't dissolve like it use to. Go back to how it was as I'm not buying anymore.

product ingredients have changed

I've been drinking 4 or 5 cups of moccona cappuccino for 2 years now absolutely loved it up until recently when they changed the ingredients including the frother.
it's not as creamy as it used to be and flavour has tottaly changed also it was not stated on package that the that ingredients were different.
Very disappointed would love the old one back.

My favourite turned to horrifying drink

Have been drinking Latte for several years loved it no problem. Now this coffee induces immediate vomiting until I have got rid of the offending drink from my system. This product now contains a large amount of phosphorus which i have an aversion too. Thanks moccona for filling your coffee with poison.

Horrifying Experience!

I am so disappointed in this product. My co-worker and I were looking forward to enjoying an afternoon treat. When alas, we realized after the first sip how very wrong we are. To our horror, the coffee or shall I say concoction tasted more like cappuccino dish soap then the delicious hot beverage we all know. I would never consume this again. I suggest that Moccona conducts a taste test, as it seems like they must have asked a washing machine whether or not it tasted good. I am kind of offended if i am honest.

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