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Moccona Classic Medium Roast

Moccona Classic Medium Roast

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What have you done with the Hazelnut and the Caramel Coffee ? Cause it tastes like crap now

What have you done with the Hazelnut and the Caramel Coffee? Cause it tastes like shit now, Are you using some disgusting sweetener or something? I am so appalled, I used to buy 2 jars a week. Unless you change it back i will not buy this terrible rubbish again. You have ruined my mornings.

Purchased in May 2019 for $9.99.

Deserves No stars

Why haven’t you people changed it back already. Product is disgraceful. Must be costing a fair bit in sales. Someone needs to be reprimanded. Certainly have no room for product growth with this abomination.....

Purchased in March 2019 at Woolworths for $18.00.

Moccona Classic Medium Roast tastes awful!

Please bring back the original blend for your Moccona Classic Medium Roast number 5! The new blend tastes really awful. I have been buying this coffee for over 20 years and i will never buy it again of you dont bring back the original blend.

Purchased in April 2019.

Bring back the Old No. 5 please

The best thing you can do is change back to the much loved old product and advertise the " coming back of the old receipe" save yourselves from going burst. P

Purchased in September 2018 for $16.00.

Have you listened to the public yet?

Old No 5 was a lovely coffee. We purchased this all the time. Now, the coffee tastes bitter and horrible. The label reads ‘experience the smooth taste of Moccona Classic Medium Roast’. There is nothing smooth about this new brew.

Purchased in April 2019 at Woolworths Physical store for $18.00.

Are you using a different chemical??

Tastes earthy and dirty, But Worst is now making me jittery, agitated, and makes my heart race!! Feels like an anxiety attack, but it is the freaking coffee.
WHaT has been added to this?! Or what is new in the production??
I am not the only one I know affected like this. This is AWfUL.
I have to change brands :(
I love my Coffee, but I certainly don't love this chemical induced reaction.
I was so concerned I googled to see what was going on, and was led here.
Big thumbs down Moccona.
This isn't even about taste any more, it is firstly and foremost a decision based around my health.
Whatever you have done is awful!!!
Only ever feel like this off cheap nasty coffee....so...
Well done, another long term customer walks away.

Purchased in April 2019 for $24.00.


Goodness me! What have they done to the new number 5? It tastes burnt. Absolutely disgusting! Have changed to coles organic fairtrade and it tastes like the old moccona. Amazes me how Moccona are still in business. They shouldnt be allowed to pass that off as coffee. It's dirty rusty water

Purchased in November 2018.

Moccona Heft NO Meer Mmmmmm

Every morning stumbling into work I used to look forward to a nice cup of Moccona. That has changed since this new crap has taken it's place. The difference is so noticeable it's bitter and bland as soon as we had our first cup out of the new jar we all screwed up our faces wondering what the heck had gone wrong. If only I new the last jar in our office was that of the old brew I would have stooped to the level of a child and hid it lol.

Purchased in March 2019 at Coles Supermarkets for $14.00.

Whhyyyyyy? *crying*

As a first time mum with a 3 month old, my mug of Moccona got me going for the day and looked forward to it each morning.. But after opening a new jar, I almost spat it out. YUCK! Why do the bigger companies feel the need to fix what’s not broke? *sobbing*

Purchased in April 2019 at Coles Supermarkets.

Good to bad to worse

Moccona Coffee Classic No. 5 bring back the old flavour. Stop trying to improve it as it's not working. We just can't drink it anymore, We are now drinking Robert Timms huge improvement over Moccona, we have purchased our last jar ever being batch no: L16094 16.02 use by Dec 2020

Purchased in April 2019 at Woolworths for $14.00.

Time for a change

Hi, as I get older the worse my arthritis gets in my fingers. I love the Moccona range but find it difficult to open the lids on the dried instant coffee range. It's true that I can buy this coffee in a different vessel but it also cost a lot more to do so. Any chance you can design some type of pop-up lid?

Purchased in January 2019 at Woolworths for $18.00.

Bring back the old formula!

I have been drinking Moccona daily for 10 years and this new formula is quite disappointing. Why change something that was good??? It really has been ruined.
Our medium roast formula now tastes burnt like Nescafé when having it black (85-90deg water). As a latte with my lactose free milk, it is a bit metallic with a hazelnut flavour. My morning indulgence is ruined. Only skulling down this new batch out of habit and for the need for caffeine -not enjoyable at all. This may be a good time to quit instant coffee altogether.

Purchased in March 2019 for $14.00.

My favourite indulgance RUINED!

My morning coffee ruined - please put the Classic No. 5 back to how it was. I cannot live without my morning coffee. I have been drinking this for 25 years. I always carry a small container with me and when i go to friends houses and they offer me a coffee i pull out my Moccona Classic Medium Roast. They laugh but expect it from me. Even if i go to restaurants i take my own coffee. I pay them for the cost of the coffee but they use my coffee as I cannot drink any other coffee. For the past month or so I wondered why my coffee was so bitter and I tipped it out a lot and have not enjoyed it. The simple things in life are the best things and I wish you would change back to the original coffee please please please. It tastes like bitter Nescafe that I used to drink 30 years ago until i got onto your coffee. Please bring it back as it is costing me money trying to find other coffee brands that taste similar to yours and I'd rather not. FYI i love the caramel flavour as a special afternoon treat and have got my family onto it too but i really NEED you to listen to the public on this one. Thank you for listening

Purchased in March 2019 for $22.00.

Absolutely Terrible

Old one was much better. The same as everyone else. I had hoped I stumbled across an old batch. But nope. Should be called burnt roast. Please bring back the old one.

Purchased in March 2019.

Metallic taste

No matter how strong or weak I make it it's got metallic taste to it. I've always used moccona classic blend. I will be changing my brand. From now on so disappointed

Purchased in March 2019 for $19.00.

Moccona coffee classic blend

I have been drinking this coffee for over 10 years, but recently it has been tasting really bad that it’s almost undrinkable. It’s upsetting to me because I loved it so much. I will now have to switch to another brand.

Purchased in March 2019.

Rubbish coffee - period !

Was the best freeze dried coffee going around, was the best tasting coffee going around, but somehow all that changed until some delicate genius in the company thought to save money they would approach another coffee bean grower to save on costs, but what they didn't realise that they would lose customers because of a foul smell and taste.
But they probably have convinced themselves that we would grow to love the taste - ignorant and petulant children running the company.

Purchased in January 2004.

Morning no5 or is it....????

Same terrible blend in the old packaging.
It is a smell, not an aroma
DE has lost me as a customer so don't care if they bring the old one back

Deceived by labeling - Its still tastes burnt...

After stopping buying the Classic Medium Roast for months because of the terrible taste of the "New improved flavour" I found all the large jars on the shelf no longer had the new label. I thought Moccona had finally come to its senses and were listening to its customers about what they want. I was very sadly mistaken. Not only did it cost me $14.00, it is the same horrible burnt flavour with the old label attached.... Shame on you Moccona. I did notice that you do not back up your own product by saying on the label - If you are not 100% satisfied with this product return it for a full refund. Because you would be bombarded with returns.

Purchased in March 2019 at Coles Supermarkets for $14.00.

Bring the old stuff back PLEASEEEE

Don't understand why they would have changed this formula, it used to be so good!
When I realised what they did I bought 5jars of the old stuff (only coz that's what was left, im sure a lot of people tried to stock up) and now its finished and I am heartbroken! Please please Moccona bring it back! Listen to the people! Don't you realise the current stock isn't selling!

Purchased in December 2018 at Costco NSW, Marsden Park.

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Why is the coffee so so bitter now. It is unpleasant to drink and you have forced me to try other coffee in the search to find one similar to your old style medium classic 5 roast. Can you please go back to the way you used to roast it as it was perfect before... please
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We have tried most of your so called new style coffee and wasted our money on total crap. My guests always praised my coffee and I proudly told them it was Moccona no. 5. Not any more and taking the new and improved sticker of the label can not disguise the terrible taste it now has, (very sneaky). I still took it back to the store for a refund. so your coffee and I are both very bitter, your's in taste and me in your lack of notice and consideration to your customer's pleading for the original recipe. I would like an email back from you with an answer to my question When is the original moccona medium roast recipe coming to our stores?? Mrs Julie Poulson
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Julie/Reg - give up on Moccona and Nescafe and try Aldi's Fair Trade Colombian instant coffee. At $3.50 for 100g, not only is the price amazing but you will probably agree that its the best instant coffee ever. As with most Colombian coffee's, they are very high in flavour and very smooth. Two teaspoons makes a perfect brew. CheersI haven't had a chance to find an alternative . I did buy a jar of Moccona French style #3 to help disguise the taste of #5. It's ok, but I feel I don't want to support Moccona. Instead, after reading responses below I will be firstly returning the remains of my #5 Moccona to Woolworths and they can send it back to the distributor. Then I will try either the Aldi Fair Trade Colombian instant coffee, mentioned above, or Coles Fair Trade organic Freeze, or the Republica Freeze dried instant coffee, or Robert Timms all mentioned below and all seemingly available at Coles. I would be interested in hearing any other recent votes of #5 alternatives. On a final note, my husband has suggested that maybe Moccona is trying to crack the American market and have changed the taste to accommodate them. Which explains in part why the coffee now is so bleh."Natures Cuppa Organic" only from Woolworths. Beautiful and just a bit stronger than Aldi's Columbian coffee. Really, these are the only two instant coffee's on any of the supermarket shelves these days worth drinking. Bye

How do the numbers rate. 3, 5. 10 18. ?
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Easy !..... The numbers inform you how many times you will either dry reach or vomit after a cup of this coffee.Lol

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