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Moccona Classic Medium Roast

Moccona Classic Medium Roast

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burnt cardboard & corporate greed

Could it be true, the old flavour was back, a old batch had slipped into the store? No, my dreams were shattered, it was the new flavour with the old labbling. It tasted like burnt cardboard.

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Bring back the old batch..

I to have found the new number5 classic moccona has changed to the new richer aroma and tastes disgusting. Hubby managed to find a few bags of the old blend so for the last couple of months I’ve been able to still enjoy a coffee but I’m back to the new stuff today and honestly can’t get rid of the foul taste in my mouth. Bring back the old formula would you!!

Purchased for $8.00.

Sad but true

The "now richer aroma" no 5 coffee is awful compared with what they had before. Like the other reviewers I'm pleased to know that it's not just me. I too will need to find another coffee source. This is a great opportunity for another manufacturer to capture a market of coffee drinkers If they just describe it as "like the old moccona 5 use to taste like"

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Maccona - are you trying to deceive us?

Have you noticed ever since they changed the formula it is always on sale? Don't they get the picture ... nobody likes it.
I thought a mystery supply of the good old stuff surfaced at our local Coles and jumped on a couple of 400g jars only to be mortified to find it's the same new rich aroma formula. :( WARNING they have removed the labelling off the jars so you think they have done what they should do, which is just bring back the old stuff that everyone loves. :(

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Moccona Coffee

My son purchased Moccona Classic Coffee, Brought it home and it tasted just like cheap coffee. We still have that jar. He later purchased Moccona Awaken coffee, and it taste no better than cheap coffee. Both jars are 200grams. I work at a disability facility and a client drinks Moccona coffee in the smaller jar, Once I open the jar you can smell that, this is the real Moccona, Im so disgusted

Purchased at Coles Supermarkets.

It’s revolting

What have they done? They have ruined the coffee I have been drinking for years! It’s lost it’s great flavour - it’s now too strong and bitter. I can get around the strength by using less, but cannot get around the bitterness. I hate it, and I have two large jars in my larder. Why can’t they Leave It Alone? If it’s not broke, don’t fix it! It was ok the way it was. Can anyone recommend another brand that tastes like the old Moccona?

Purchased at Coles in Traralgon.

If I could give it no stars, I would!

So disappointing! I loved staying my morning with this coffee, it actually tastes like burnt dirt now, disgusting! I thought it was just me at the start... bad milk, bad batch... but hubby agrees - filth!

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I've been drinking this coffee for years, I got my work place onto it, we all loved it but just like the "discusting" review we all noticed that the new so called improved coffee tastes burnt, leaves a foul taste in your mouth and is undrinkable. I emailed the company with my complaint and they replied saying that they had changed the formula by popular demand and suggested that I might like to try the French roast as it was close to the old flavour, I did this and agreed it was lovely however now I can't buy it anymore.

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Very disappointed with the new flavour

Bought my usual large jar of this product and struggled through a few cups hoping I'd become accustomed to the new flavour -- that didn't happen. I've switched to Coles Fairtrade Organic Freeze Dried Instant Coffee but do not enjoy it as much as the old Moccona.

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My husband has been complaining about Moccona classic med. roast for a while now< I have been buying it for him for decades. He said to check must be now made or China or something! To my surprise I finds it has been changed! WHY I have to find another brand now he likes how annoying, I will be taking it back as its undrinkable!

Wow. I can't believe the hate.

Moccona is better than any wanky cafe blend found in the alleyways of Melbourne. You've all been brainwashed by Big Cafe. I pity those who can't appreciate the liquid gold of Moccona Classic Medium Roast. Maybe you have yet to perfect the correct milk-to water-to Moccona ratio - we all know baking is a science.
So, I share my secret recipe here:
- Big Mug
- Moccona
- Whatever milk is on special at Coles or Woolies
- Boiling hot water

Step 1; pour one inch of cold milk into the mug
Step 2; add two rounded teaspoons of Moccona DO NOT STIR AT THIS STAGE
Step 3; add boiling water to two cm from the top of the mug
Step 4; NOW you can stir
Step 5; Experience happiness

Another example of leave good enough alone.

Swiss did it with their chlorophyll liquid greens, Arnotts did it with their Shapes biscuits and now Maconna has done it too with their most famous blend.
Please leave good enough alone and return to your original blend of No.5.
You have already lost many loyal customers now because of this change, you will no doubt lose many many more if you don't.
Listen to your customers. Not your team of experts.

I've just been had - well played Moccona (Buyer Beware)

Walking down the coffee aisle at my local Woolworths I couldn't help but notice the 'Richer Aroma' decal has been removed from the label. I stupidly thought that Moccona may have come to their senses but having just made a coffee I can confirm this is not the case.

Not sure whether removing the Richer Aroma labelling is a last ditch attempt to move what surely must be a massive stockpile evidenced by consistent heavy discounting or are they just trying to suck formerly loyal customers back in. Not sure?? At least the jar once I dispose of the rubbish inside may come in handy??

Was my jar from a disgruntled employee?

You know when you stick a finger in your itchy ear hole, then forget about it and just happen to bite that very nail from that very finger? That face you pull in bitter tasting disgust? Welcome to the ‘new aroma’ of classic number 5.

The only things that helped me cope are 1. The fact these reviews have confirmed I’m not crazy nor overreacting . And 2. The comments themselves. Funniest stuff I’ve read in a long time.

P.S. I will never buy number 5 again until it’s returned to its actual ‘original’ self. And even then, I’ll be suspicious of every single jar I buy. Scarred for life!

It's a scam, Moccona's dignity is in the toilet swimming in the dirty water they try to pass off as

By now everyone who has even 1 single taste bud left would be fully aware just how awful and undrinkable their new "richer aroma" coffee is. Moccona must know, it is obvious when every week their coffee is heavily reduced in order to get it off the dust ridden shelves. Now Moccona have gone one step further, they have removed the "richer aroma" from the label in the hopes of scamming people to buy what can only be described as the soil scraped from the rubbish tip they are pretending is coffee. This product is still the disgusting one disguised as the old drinkable, lovable coffee that we all happily woke up to drink. Do not waste your money, the jars are just a wolf in sheep's clothing. Moccona did you really think we were that stupid? Try treating the population with respect and listen to everyone rather than trying to trick us all. Shameful ploy with the foul stench of desperation, Moccona you should be ashamed of yourselves.

Not me after all.

I thought It was me, then the milk, then the water.
But not so. It's the coffee.! . Gone right downhill now. Gotta find another brand.. Thanks for the reviews guys.

A stupid change

I thought it was just us, or perhaps a bad batch - our previously favourite cuppa at home was Moccona Classic Blend 5. The latest (large) jar tasted different. Was it just a bad batch?
Now we know the answer - a stupid change in blending. Why not create a new number and leave the old blend 5 as it was?
After months of negative feedback, the company still hasn't learned apparently, and long term customers will be lost forever. Not intelligent.


We thought it was us! Changed brand of milk, bought bottled water. Never will we buy Moccona classic medium roast ever again. Now the search for a decent instant coffee after years of drinking Moccona. Peeved we wasted our money bulk buying crap.

Former Moccona Drinker

It now smells and tastes like some other very ordinary bitter instant coffees. Such a shame as I used to love my Moccona. I struggled to even give it a 1 star. Garry.

Have yòu changed ingredients or prcess?

I have thrown out the last jar of Mòccona coffee because the last 3 jars have left a very bitter taste and found everytime i had a cup my stomach would bloat and feel very uncomfortable. What have you done?

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We have tried most of your so called new style coffee and wasted our money on total crap. My guests always praised my coffee and I proudly told them it was Moccona no. 5. Not any more and taking the new and improved sticker of the label can not disguise the terrible taste it now has, (very sneaky). I still took it back to the store for a refund. so your coffee and I are both very bitter, your's in taste and me in your lack of notice and consideration to your customer's pleading for the original recipe. I would like an email back from you with an answer to my question When is the original moccona medium roast recipe coming to our stores?? Mrs Julie Poulson
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Julie/Reg - give up on Moccona and Nescafe and try Aldi's Fair Trade Colombian instant coffee. At $3.50 for 100g, not only is the price amazing but you will probably agree that its the best instant coffee ever. As with most Colombian coffee's, they are very high in flavour and very smooth. Two teaspoons makes a perfect brew. CheersI haven't had a chance to find an alternative . I did buy a jar of Moccona French style #3 to help disguise the taste of #5. It's ok, but I feel I don't want to support Moccona. Instead, after reading responses below I will be firstly returning the remains of my #5 Moccona to Woolworths and they can send it back to the distributor. Then I will try either the Aldi Fair Trade Colombian instant coffee, mentioned above, or Coles Fair Trade organic Freeze, or the Republica Freeze dried instant coffee, or Robert Timms all mentioned below and all seemingly available at Coles. I would be interested in hearing any other recent votes of #5 alternatives. On a final note, my husband has suggested that maybe Moccona is trying to crack the American market and have changed the taste to accommodate them. Which explains in part why the coffee now is so bleh.

How do the numbers rate. 3, 5. 10 18. ?
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Easy !..... The numbers inform you how many times you will either dry reach or vomit after a cup of this coffee.

May i know which country manufactured this brand?
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The jar says Made in Germany with beans from multiple origins. Packed in the NetherlandsExplains why Australia has the most expensive, crap instant coffee in the world. Grown in Asia, Indonesia and New Guinea, roasted in Germany, packed in the Netherlands then shipped to Australia.

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