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Seriously who can get these on!

I bought the full set of magnetic lashes and have spent hours just trying to get them on, its impossible!
I don't know what the trick is but I felt like I have wasted my money.

Absolutely trash

I bought their magnetic false eyelashes and as soon as I opened the box I saw that a magnet had come off. Once I tried to remove them, another followed. Don't waste your money. Below bargain basement quality and not even that cheap

Not a fan of the highlight/contour trio

I’m not a fan of the highlight and contour trio, the three shades all feel more like cream highlighters to me and have too much glitter in the blush and contour colours to be a blush or contour shades. As highlighters I think they are quite nice.

Magnetic lashes

I purchased a full set of magnetic false lashes. I pulled them out of the package and carefully separated the bottom from the top set. Unfortunately the magnets fell off. I exchanged for a new set. I was so carefully pulling them apart this time round (I spent like 10 minutes and even used one of those plastic tong applicators to separate). Again the magnets came off the row of lashes. I emailed the company and was told I could enjoy 20% off the brand. I don’t see myself purchasing anymore of their products. Not good quality.

Favourite make up atm

Love shell fluid splash foundation, nice lipgloss, and model co fibre lash mascara shame it’s being discontinued The luxe oil smells and feels divine. Fast delivery & nice customer service team very helpful

Model Co Express Tan is the Best

This tan is the best, I only need to to wear it for 45mins and then shower, 8 hours later I’m fully tanned. No need to sleep in it!!!

Top notch

I am sold on the skincare products. They work and smell heavenly. Can’t go past them now. Good value too.

LASHXTEND Lengthening Black Mascara- Best Drugstore Tubular Mascara!

Have been on a never-ending search for a mascara which is smudge-proof yet comes off easily with water. Yes..WATER! This is the perfect lazy girl makeup item, and holds a curled lash very well. Best drugstore dupe for the Kevyn Aucoin The Volume Mascara. I bought mine from my local Woolworths. Highly recommended!!

MpdelCo Eyelash Curler

AMAZING!!! I've been using the 1000lash eyelash curler for years now and will never EVER go back! This curler has a perfect curve allowing it to efficiently curl lashes in 2 applications unlike the straight edge of the 1000lash!
I love it and will definatly be buying more for spares;):)

New favorite products!

I recently tried out a few makeup products from the brand MODEL Co. The Powerlash mascara, and the More Brows brow gel. The Powerlash mascara is great because it doesn't clump and it makes a huge difference, I also love it because it goes on so smoothly! And the other product was the More Brows gel which is probably my favorite product in the universe and I was so surprised by the quality and how amazingly natural is looks!!! I have ash blonde hair but my eyebrows and lashes have always been black. I got the light to medium gel, this product lightened my brows and filled in the spots where my brows were not as full. It looks so bloody natural! I recommend to everyone!!!!

One word - awful.

Bought the FluidSplash 3 in 1 foundation, and it is simply terrible. Got the lightest shade available, and it had an awful orange tone. Almost looked like I had applied fake tan to my face. Coverage is light to medium, but I wouldn't say it "conceals" as the name suggests. It feels greasy, and is very strong smelling. For the $25 price tag, I would have expected more. Will not buy again

Cute packaging but Overpriced & Not great quality

I had needed to upgrade my whole makeup kit as I had been on a "no-buy" and was running out of everything so wanted to replace everything. Ended up buying a almost a whole kit from the ModelCo as it was new to the store and the sales staff where pushing this brand as the best quality.

Well its not. The eyeshadows are too sheer, too glittery and fade away quickly, the foundations yellow toned but too sheer and oxidised, brushes too scratchy. I do like the eyeshadow trios better than the singles though and I still kept 2 of them I still use, they are more buttery and pigmented than the singles for some reason. The lash growth serum which I brought for $NZ50 stung my lids and did not work. The glosses were moisturising and lasting but sticky (which I like), the blushes faded and oxidised. lIp liners faded and went off quickly (smelt odd and changed texture which I've never had before). Brow Kit faded, off my brows, eyeliner had great pigmentation but melted off my oily lids. Face Base Primer did nothing. Also, the blush brush I brought for $51 was advertised as "natural hair" which sold me but I later found out it is synthetic, which is false advertising. I notice its on sale for $22 now and they no longer state the brush composition. The rose toner is mostly water and a tiny bit of glycerine which I make myself for 10c. The eyeshadow brushes were scratchy. There was a nice smelling moisturiser I brought for $25 but wouldn't buy again as it was expensive and not that moisturising. The "stroke upward" type battery operated lash curler does not work that well and mascara builds up on the coils so its very unhygenic as there is not way to clean it. I could go on as I brought a TON of things but needless to say I was disappointed in the quality. Its very cute but they should bring the price down as the quality does not match the drugstore quality. I also don't think they run the company ethically because of what I've heard and a few things I've seen and experienced, including them STILL selling expired products on their website that were discontinued 3 - 4 years ago from memory. Oh, and the stores I brought it from? They pulled the whole ModelCo line as they had too many complaints and it not selling well. No wonder. Still, that packaging is rather cute...

Good products but can be pricey

Recently ordered things online which came the next day. items are ok. i do not like the fake tan mousse- it is hard to spread evenly- i do like the fake tan in a can however it is pricey for what you get. The foundations are ok- light/ medium coverage. The lipstick party proof are great. the kitty colour is a nice natural look. The smokey eye shaddow is also good. the shimmer and face fix as well as concealer however are not good/ worth the money.

love it!!

I recently bought model co fat lash mascara, which I was a little apprehensive about as I haven't heard much about it apart from what's on the ads, and I absolutely love it, its everything I've been looking for in a mascara. My favourite thing is that it isn't too runny when you first use it and make your eyelashes stick together. Will definitely be sticking with this one.
doesnt make eyelashes stick together, inexpensive

Blend Buffing Mitt

I have used the model co "blend buffing mitt" for about a year now and it has lasted me well. i am able to achieve an even and nice coloured tan with the help of this tanning mitt. it is priced $11.95 online and is machine washable. great purchase.
lasts long time, value for money, machine washable, good price, giver even coverage

Happy Chappy

I have used a wide variety of Model Co products and find them all great quality, along with this they are very reasonably priced. The portion sizes of the bronzer, fake tan and lip gloss are very reasonably sized and last a fair amount of time. I have also used the body wash which was fantastic and left skin hydrated and soft.
quality and price

Great products

Model Co covers all aspects of beauty products without the hefty price tag. Products aren't exactly classified as cheap, but they also aren't extremely expensive. I have tired numerous products but my favourite would have to be the spray on tan, especially great before a night out. Also the mascara and lash growth kit is also amazing.


great product has a nice smell to it , natural looking tan & quick..
just makesure u put somthign down on the florr like an old towl otherwise it will stain everything.......
the only disavantage with this product is that u need somone to spray the back of you but other then that its a lovly product will buy this again it last quite a while in the can :O) if ur doing just your legs you prob will get approx 3-4 uses.. & for entire body prob once & some left over next time for your legs :)
the tan in a can is awesome
last up 4-5 days
need to get someone to help u


This brand has some really nice products, but they're so expensive! The fake tan runs out quickly and it's too expensive to keep replacing them.
THE TAN IN A CAN (AU$40-$50) - not orange! it's a really lovely bronze colour that looks natural, it doesn't streak and it soaks into skin easy too.
THE TEETH WHITENER (AU$45) - it didn't work at all.


I really love all the pink of ModelCo. It's such an innovative brand, and all of the products works well. It's not very easy to buy though, I think it's only availiable in David Jones which is annoying. Overall, I think ModelCo is a high quality brand that I would reccommend to any makeup loving girl!
It's high-quality and works really well! I love the Lip Lights lip slogg, it's lipgloss with built in LED lights. The mascaras are awesome, they really make my eyelashes thick and long. My favourite is Fat Lash.
Some of the products can be really expensive, I only buy them every now and then.

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Do any of you recommend model co lipstick?
1 answer
I like the Party Proof lipsticks depending on the color and what you're looking for. Peony (hot pink) and Red Velvet (pinky red) are great, they're really intense and long lasting too. Disco Fever (coral) I don't like , it looks pasty and uneven on the lips.

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