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MooGoo Anti-Ageing Cream With Resveratrol

MooGoo Anti-Ageing Cream With Resveratrol

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Fantastic product

This is a fantastic product that I use everyday.
At first I only used it at night but now I use it in the morning too.
Sometimes if my skin is being temperamental it can be a little oily but most of the times it is great.

I wear this everyday- Great product

I use this everyday on my face, forearms and neck (I NEVER wear shortsleeve tops so my forearms are the most that ever gets exposed!) It rubs in very nicely and has really moisturised my hands and I have noticed my face being so much softer. I like the way it makes my face look, even at the end of my work day, my face will look fresh and smooth. The first couple of times I used it, I had a small breakout across my cheeks and nose I think due to the zinc but have not had it since. I love this so much and always buy 2 when Im down to my last one so that I always have a stash :) For non SPF moisturiser I use Moo Goo Soothing MSM moisturiser for general moisturising. Also a great product.

Wonderful Moisturiser

This cream easily absorbs into my skin and leaves my face feeling moisturised and soft. I have been using it now for about a month and while I am yet to see any reduction of fine lines, it does make my face glow and look and feel very healthy. It may take more time to reduce lines etc but even if it doesn't, it is a lovely cream with a nice texture that keeps my face soft and full of moisture all day. I also use the Night Time Face Cream which is also wonderful. It has a thicker texture and your skin feels so soft the following morning. I highly recommend the Moo Anti Ageing Cream and the Night Time Face Cream.

Best anti ageing/night cream

I have used this anti ageing cream at night for a couple of years now and just love it! Not too thick not too thin, not greasy, skin feels beautiful and smooth after, even helped improve my acne on my forehead. And I am 31yo with not a wrinkle in sight. Very happy!

MooGoo Anti-Ageing Cream with Resveratol

I've bought the MooGoo Anti-Ageing Cream to see if it will work. I've bought other products fromMooGoo too which is wonderful! I've started this Cream only a week ago and allready I can see and feel a big difference on my face where the Ageing lines are, it is starting to get less which I am happy about. There is no chemicals involved in any of MooGoo Products, you pay so much more for other skin care products which don't even work. The only skin care products I want to use from now on is MooGoo, you can't get better skin care products. Thanks Amanda van Vuuren

Lovely Moisturiser!

Moogoo, you've done it again! You've created yet another wonderful product that I will continue using for a very long time ;)

Don't be fooled by how light this facial moisturiser is. It has been specifically developed to penetrate deeply & absorb quickly. It will help keep your skin moisturised all day without any heavy greasy or oily feeling at all. So far I have found that it works best with Moogoo Rosehip Oil as it helps to lock in moisture. I apply Rosehip Oil first, leave it to sink into my freshly cleansed skin (using Moogoo's Milk Wash) for about 5 minutes & then apply the anti-aging cream. That's all I do to protect my skin from any nasty environmental impacts it will endure including free-radical damage. I also like the fact that it is loaded with anti-oxidants which also help prevent the skin from ageing more rapidly.

I hope my review will help you decide to give this wonderful moisturiser a go. It's not overly priced & a 75ml bottle will last a while. I'm so glad I decided to purchase it, so I would encourage you to do likewise. You won't look back.

Here is a link for more info:

Doesn't Do Much At All

I was disappointed with this product. I applied it twice a day for two months. Didn't much care for its texture and it didn't seem to moisturize my face or provide any other benefits. Certainly no improvement in the appearance of fine lines or wrinkles.

Love it!

Although I'm nearly 70, my sensitive skin still breaks out if i put anything on that it doesn't take to, and unfortunately many natural skin products are heavy on the essential oils which are an absolute no-no for me. So happy to have finally found a skin cream that I can tolerate. MooGoo anti-aging cream also makes a great base under foundation. I do find that using Simple toner then rubbing in a few drops of chia oil 10 miniutes before adding the MooGoo cream helps to make it more effective.

Waste of money

I really wanted to love this product but once you get past the fancy packaging and marketing blurb, you're left with just an ordinary face cream with no particular anti-ageing or deep moisturizing qualities. Serves me right for expecting a miracle product for the basement $30 price tag.
Going back to my trusty Dermalogica. Expensive by comparison, but at least it works.


This is a fantastic product. Leaves skin hydrated and younger looking. So easy to use just wet face or straight out of the shower. Will definitely be my regular moisturiser.

Cream is to thin

I like the oils but this cream is too thin definitely needs to be thicker for mature dry skin, does nothing for my skin at all. I was hoping I would like this.

Found the product for me

I am 51 and have finally found a keeper in Moo Goo anti aging cream. It smells ni e, soaks in beaitifully and makes my skin feel very comfortable. I use johoba oil underneafh and my fine lines havs been reduced. I love MooGoo.

Found "the one"!

I received the Moogoo Skin Milk Udder cream in the past year as a gift for my newborn son. The first time I applied it on him I wanted to try it for myself because it felt so soft on my hands! Eventually, we shared the cream and I started to actually use it on my face and it was absolutely fantastic! I used it for a while until I looked up Moogoo online and found the whole range of natural products and fell in love straight away.
I'm 26 with combo skin, and I've never really taken proper care of my skin. I've always changed products, I've never been set on a product because I've never been happy with them. Either they're too expensive, or they contain too many harsh ingredients, or they just haven't suited my skin. Now I've started to use the anti-aging cream and it's perfect for my skin. It goes on smoothly, has a nice creamy texture that isn't too oily, absorbs quickly and leaves my skin nice and smooth. I put it on morning and night and I always wake up with my skin feeling refreshed, clean and silky smooth. I love love love this product! I'm set for life with Moogoo I think ;)

The best!!!

Great quality and works with my dry skin. I stopped using it for a while because it is a little pricier than most moisturisers but my skin went bad. Using it once again and don't think I'll stop this time. I would buy it in a larger size if that were to sell too.

It was ok

I heard lots of good things about moogoo. I am using heaps of moogoo products at the moment. How ever I found anti-ageing cream does not absorb properly to my skin and it just sits on the skin. Further I have very dry skin it wasn't moisturised enough for my skin,

Great moisturiser

This is one of the best moisturisers I have ever used but I wouldn't call it an anti aging product. Non greasy, goes on smoothly.

My favourite moisturiser

Amazing product! I am one of those people who is constantly trying items once and changing however since starting to use the anti-aging cream, I have stuck with it. Lovely smell, non-greasy, organic and soaks in well. Even my partner has been converted. The price may be up there but if you want to look after your skin properly, you won't regret your purchase.
Pretty much everything.
Price but I am happy to sacrifice for having nice skin

Ok but expensive

Tried this cream as I have sensitive skin and is used in my beauty salon and recommended to me after my facial. I found that it moisturised my skin at a hefty cost.
Didnt find it to have any anti aging effects.
Would recommend for those seeking moisturisation not anything else.
didnt have any anti aging effects

It was OK, didn't do magic

I read so many reviews that raved about this cream so i bought one to try. I had high hopes on this product. I have used it for about a month now. it hasn't miraculously fixed my dry skin problem and i can still see the fine lines from dryness. Good thing is, it doesn't irritate my skin, but not many products do.
Natural, smell nice
not the cheapest

Love love love love love

I started using this face cream when I was sent a sample with my first MooGoo order, and I dell in love immediately with it. I've been a dermalogica user for years, and loved it, but never realised al the harsh and nasty ingredients in it until I was researching skin products for my son.
The cream doesn't cling or remain oily on the skin and yet moisturises and leaves my face feeling so soft. I don't get the tight feeling anymore either, and the best part, it's free from all the rubbish that goes into most stuff that is readily available.
When I did the math, buying this cream isn't more expensive than my dermalogica products of the past.in fact, I calculated that by switching to MooGoo products for hair, body and face, I save almost $60 every 6 months! ( and I used expensive brands like dermalogica, cetaphil and Nioxin)
So yes, I'm a convert. :)
Goes on well without leaving an oily feeling, good for my sensitive skin, smell is quite pleasant
Would be good if it came in a larger size too

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Questions & Answers

I have bought this cream and it's smell like gone off milk. Is that normal? It get worse the more you rub it in. Thanks
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I have a 12 year that has milea. It seems to be getting worse, she suffers a little acne. Do you have a product that you recommend?
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Hi I have had this problem as an adult. I assume your referring to small raised white bumps on the skin, (Milia). I found that a good exfoliant using it everyday worked. I used Clinique 7 day scrub cream followed by the 3 step cleanse, tone and moisturise by Proactive as I have acne as well. I then removed the Milia myself. Follow this link to help you make decission with removal. http://miliaremoval.org I hope this helped. Good luck.Proactiv is good for acne, but very harsh on the skin and ages it prematurely (I know this from personal experience) moo goo have a coffee scrub and acne cleansing moisturiser which is much less harsh on the skin and very effective. I wish I had found it sooner.Try Paulas Choice Products.

Where is moogoo available to purchase?
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I have purchased Moogoo products from Chemmart chemists, or online from Moogoo.com.au shipping from their website is quite fast. Hi Denise, I am in Armidale in NSW and I bought mine at Monks Health Food emporium. I still use it everyday and I still love it and how it makes my skin feel. I am hooked!! So I would suggest you try health food stores in your area or maybe you would be able to buy it online, here is the link to the Moo Goo page http://www.moogoo.com.au/ and they do list stockists.. Good Luck I buy mine from The Nappy Lady in Tecoma she stocks the whole range their and always have full stocks of it...my favorite is the Shampoo


Anti-Ageing Cream With Resveratrol
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