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Mother's Choice Coco

Mother's Choice Coco

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The bassinet needs a recall

Bought the coco bassinet, after 6weeks of my newborn using it I started to notice he was rolling ng to one side. And also it was starting to slope downwards so every morning his feet would be squished against the bottom of the bassinet.
The wooden base and mattress new to be looked at as these are flimsy and an ill designed bassinet with problems for baby development. I would stay purchase something else, and stay away from mothers choice coco bassinet.

Purchased in October 2018 at Baby Bunting for $200.00.

Poor quality & overpriced

We purchased this online as we liked the appearance & it looked compact and able to fold. In actual fact this bassinet is quite cumbersome as nd the base leg width is 86cm wide (not so great for a small narrow space).
The construction is poor quality. Mattress is just a tiny thin piece of cheap foam (2cm thick) and flimsy mdf board. It was ok in the beginning but after two months the mattress can’t cope with the weight of my 5kg baby and the foam compresses completely around his head so he ends up crooked and squashed against the mesh wall.. potentially unsafe and posing a suffocation risk. The manufacturers should either improve this product or remove it from sale as it is unsafe. In addition if my baby kicks or moves too much the board tends to tilt upwards so he is lying on a slope The screws also need to be tightened regularly as they come loose & potentially the whole bassinet could fall apart. After two months of use I have had to go and purchase a different bassinet as sleeping in this bed risks the health of my baby. Do not buy this bassinet. Many other much better quality bassinets available for a similar price

Baby factory lady gives advice

So after reading reviews of this bassinet was still too in love with the design and chose to go ahead and buy this for my baby due in November. However as per reviews I planned on buying a bassinet mattress to put inside the new bassinet as well. I told a lady in my local baby factory store and she said that's a big no no. You cannot add/ make modifications to these bassinets as it changes it completely and at that point becomes unsafe. They are already designed to be structurly safe with the right width of base and mattress added. If we add another mattress this increases the height of the bed and therefore unsafe for babies as it is not secure and baby can end up underneath the mattress. The base and matress this bassinet comes with is covered with a type of linen making it the safest and most secure so that there is no chance baby can move the self or fall into the sides. The lady I spoke to said once you have covered the original bassinet mattress with the linen, protector, maybe even a small blanket this will make it more comfortable for your baby and absolutely safer for baby too. Hope this helps someone else out there wanting to buy this also.

Works for us!

I'm surprised by the other reviews as I've loved our bassinet and find the mattress and base board to be of good quality. I have noticed the bassinet slopes towards the feet end slightly, however other than this I'm very happy with it. The bassinet is lightweight and breathable, it also looks very nice and modern.

Mattress and board underneath is flimsy

After baby girl had a few sleeps we noticed the "mattress" which is just a tiny piece of foam, get flattened out and basically baby is sleeping on a board. We ended up going to Bunnings and buying a board that was thicker and a new bassinet mattress. After that, it's great!

Useless board

The bassinet looks beautiful and would be very practical if the actual board wasn't so bad. I called your helpline to get a replacement and got told I have to pay $30. This should be free considering the cost for the bassinet.

This item should be either improved or stop making it!
The design
The board!!!

Harmful to babies development!!!

I bought this bassinet because I live in the tropics and loved the fact that the materials are breathable. I have noticed since using this bassinet which has been for the past 10 weeks my DS has been favouring 1 side as he sleeps. When I properly looked at the design of this I had noticed that the bed part of it was slopping down the favourable side and down towards the feet. Also the mattress is very thin and hard. I have now noticed that my son is getting a flat spot on the favourable side but no matter what I do he keeps turning to that side. I have put my DS to nap in his cot in the daytime and do not have this problem. I truly believe that the flat spot is caused by the design of the bassinet as the only frame support it has is by the rods are that is inserted into the bassinet. This bassinet has NO solid foundation and the only support it has is 2 rods. So if you have uneven weight it is going to slop. But who can predict and make a baby sleep still. I wished I had researched this product before handing my money over!!!!!
Breathable materials
Dangerous, poor design,

mattress and board dilemna

thought this was great to begin with and apparently does for upto 6months. Well bubs is only 3 months and the board and mattress are absolute rubbish. It bows and sags and bubs slides sideways into the wall which wakes him up and we have a terrible night sleep. Not happy at all and would not recommend it at all.
lightweight and folds
mattress, base board and also the screws come lose and need tightening

Dear Melskie, I am sorry to about that. Could you please contact our customer service team on 1300 809 526 or send me your details support@dorel.com.au so we can fix this issue for you.Mothers choice you should take this product off the market!!!! So dangerous and not good enough!!!I just called and got told I need to pay $30!! You must be joking, you should be offering this replacement for free!


Yes, we too replaced the mattress and I love it. The design is beautiful, the bed is functional. No complaints what so ever! Except the net - not too sure of its purpose, never the less it looks very pretty and I would recommend it to all. Read some reviews before buying it and was a little concerned, but luckily I had no issues.
great design
none really

Loved until Board snapped!

This product looks beautiful & I was very happy until I'd noticed how curved the board was under the matters, I turned it over & put it back, I pushed down on it to get it to fit better (not very hard at all) and it just snapped in half, my almost 6 kg baby has also been leaning to one said in it lately. Does anyone know how I contact mothers choice?
Look & great for smaller baby
Mattress & Board (base)

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Hi, our Customer Service number is 1300 809 526, please give them a call so they can help you out.

Great Bassinett... but be prepared to replace mattress and base

This is a great bassinet, very sturdy, practical and looks lovely. The mesh sides make it safe, and for a bigger baby who likes to squirm, they won't hurt themselves on solid sided when they through they're arms around.

The major downside to this bassinet is the terrible base and mattress, if you can even call it that. The base piece of plywood, used to hold the bottom firm and straight is very thin, and bows quickly and easily once there's any weight in the bassinet. Also the mattress is simply a very thin and soft piece of foam that is barely worth having.

So when you purchase the bassinet just be prepared to replace the base and the mattress. I got a 6mm piece of MDF cut to size for the base, which is much sturdier and working perfectly, and some more dense and thicker foam cut to size. All up these extras cost me under $20. Now it's perfect.
Love the look, the size, the folding feature and the mesh sides.
The base and mattress are terrible and will almost certainly need to be replaced once you start using the bassinet.

Hi Mummyofgirls, I too loved this and had it for my 3. I replaced the foam for each new bubba but now I'm handing it on to my sister-in-law and want to replace the base too. Where did you go to get your MDF cut to size? Most places I know of just sell the larger price of MDF and I don't have a jig saw to cut it out anymore. Thanks in advance.Hi Kate, Yes it's great isn't it! I bought a large enough piece of MDF from bunnings, and after buying it just took it through to their trade area where they have a cutting service, told them the dimensions and they cut it to size for me. Just a little note that I sanded the corners down to a slight rounded shape just to avoid any potential ripping of the sides of the bassinet. Good luck!Thanks a million!

My favourite piece of baby furniture.

I love the look of this bassinette, it's gorgeous. I thought the design was very good. The mesh sides makes it so airy and breathable, and the veil shields the light around bubs. I used to rock the base to soothe my baby to sleep, and the hanging design makes it perfect for this.

My baby slept well in this and seemed very content. Also the sides are just high enough to stop my other children from reaching in and disturbing her.

I used it for 2 children and never had a problem with the base or mattress like some other reviews.
Inexpensive, good design, lovely to look at

Poor quality and terrible design

I agree with most of the comments on here. The design looks great but just doesn't do the job.
The mesh doesn't support the mattress, so with my 5kg baby it bows where she lies and causes her to roll to the side - and me to worry that she'll restrict her breathing.

Even with the addition of a new mattress we bought from Clark's Rubber we are having the same issues.

It's really disappointing that the product is so shoddy and customer service so poor. I wish I'd done my research before wasting my money.

Bad design, bows, mattress is terrible!

i had the same issue with the mattress and ply wood, the mattress was too thin and the base (ply wood) snapped in half. I had to replace the mattress and ply wood, it was just not strong enough... very disappointing...:(hi Hoolias and Rachel, we are very sorry that our product has disappointed you. Would it be possible to contact our consumer service on 1300 809526 so we can help you out?

Great bassinet.very bad quality mattress!

LOVE the look of this bassinet,it is by far the nicest one ive seen.we have been very happy With it Besides the mattress! It bowed I'm the middle and it would sink in spots so I kept turning it around every few days,but I was finding my baby would roll to one side.
I took it back to the baby shop where I had bought it,the shop assistant took the back board out from the mattress and found it was wet with condensation! On top it wasnt,just underneath.wasnt very impressed! This cannot be healthy for my baby.the company was great and easy to deal with and are sending a replacement (newer model mattress) in the mean time my baby is now in her cot so the bassinet will now be no use to me.
Hopefully the "newer model" mattress solves the common issue with the mattress. Other then that I have been happy with it.
Looks great! Stylish.baby seems to be very content in there
Mattress! Very bad quality!

Do Not buy!

Where to start.we bought this due to the price and the looks and have had so much trouble it's really been horrible!the air mesh is great in theory but due to it being stretchy the mattress (which I agree is so ill fitting) sits about 5cms under the actual lining which makes it "sag" where my daughter sleeps down one half!

another safety issue is the board-totally not sturdy enough and once again maybe too heavy for the air mesh base but it dips on the middle and made my 3.5kg newborn roll onto her Side in her sleep!very scary and even after ringing the manufacturer who told me this is in the instructions and to turn the board every few days it made no difference!and hello this happened when my newborn was in there, heaven knows what it would be like when she got to 6 or 7kgs!

We ended up returning it due to too much worry of her rolling over due to the dip in the middle or her getting her face stuck between the ill fitting mattress and the sides, So I would definetly not recommend this product as it is definetly not safe! Oh and for everyone saying they got a new mattress or extra piece of wood I wouldn't recommend that either as

1)we shouldn't have to buy or spend extra on a product due to it being unsafe and 2) it is not recommended due to SIDS to change or add anything other than the manufactured products as they weren't specifically made with the bassinet!

Very disappointing and unsafe!

I have bought the same bassinet and I'm having the exact same problems with it... It is the worst product ever and the staff at Mothers Choice are hopeless they say there is not problem as it complies with Australian standards.. very disappointingTerrible bassinet! Same problem with mine too. If only I had researched this like I did the cot and pram. Wood board flexes and babys not sleeping flat. Baby is now 3.8 and I have moved her to the cot at 5 weeks. She sleeps really well now :)Glad others are rating this horrible product for what it is!just wish we all didnt have to waste our time, money and worry on this faulty product! Mothers have enough to worry about without losing sleep over whether or not our babies will be safe in their beds!!

love it!!

My bub was prem and wouldnt sleep in a cot/portacot/wooden bassinet, etc we tried it all. She would only sleep in your arms. Got this and instantly started to self settle,sleep through nights etc. She cant get her arms stuck out the side either. We bought it at baby barn $300 and got a new mattress. Will deff b keeping this for next bub. its awesome too cause easy storage and the curtain bit on top shields light out if bubs asleep in your room and your reading a book- thats wat i did
nice design,easy to clean, baby loves it,great height,portable,can rock
bad mattress, expensive


This bassinett looks stunning, really elegant and a good size to have next to your bed. The mattress however, is woeful. If you are to buy this, you'll need to head to clark rubber or something to get a new mattress, as it's not good for baby to be sleeping on.
Beautiful shape and very asthetically pleasing
The mattress!

Looks good, but terrible mattress.

I bought this bassinet when I was still pregnant, purely because it was inexpensive and I liked the look of it. However, my bub didn't sleep well in it at all and we soon changed over to the cot with an insert.
In my opinion, the mattress is terrible. It's just a thin piece of foam (not more than a few cms) laying on top of a board. I know baby mattresses are supposed to be firm, but this was barely better than him sleeping straight on the board itself. It's not a standard size so finding replacement mattresses is difficult. I did find someone online who would make a good quality, organic mattress to fit but it wasn't cheap and for the combined cost I could have bought a better bassinet in the first place.
Not a big deal, but standard sheets do not fit properly. I just tucked the excess underneath. There is someone on ebay who sells custom made sheets to fit though.
Also, he didn't seem to like not being able to see out because of the deep, opaque sides. I know this might be good for some babies, but our son seemed to sleep better when he could see out, as he could through the sides of the cot.
Inexpensive, lovely looking, can rock baby, can wash fabric
TERRIBLE mattress, uncomfortable for bub, too deep and baby can't see out, hard to find sheets that fit

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Agreed terrible mattress!

If you can afford to spend more on a bassinet please do!

My mother purchased this bassinet for our 1st baby and although it looks good and is not too difficult to put together the mattress is terrible! It is so thin and you can completely feel the cardboard underneath! We should have trusted our instincts in feeling that this mattress was far too thin but we stupidly thought that Mother's Choice would not be allowed to sell a mattress that was too thin. Now after 3 months of using it our baby's head is so flat (and no, not the 'usual' flatness most babies get), it's so upsetting and we feel like terrible parents. We went shopping to find a new, thick, good quality mattress and no other mattress fits this bassinet!
Honestly, if you can afford to spend a little more on a better quality bassinet please do!
Nice looking
Terrible mattress, too deep, need allen key to fold up and move.

Baby head flatness like that doesn't necessarily come from being on a hard surface. See a Chiropractor because some children will naturally get a flatter head because for whatever reasons they don't turn their head enough in their sleep. Babies actually need to do this because even the softest of mattresses will cause this to happen if they don't...I have this one and as soon as i bought it , i went to clark rubber and got a new foam mattress cut to the right size to fit, its perfect now. I also got a new piece of timber too, its much better and all for about $30thats a great idea i was thinking of going to a small company i know of who do the same thing :) im glad it worked fine for you as i have it currently on laybuy with numerous other things so would of been a pain to have to change everything all for one bassinette lol i previously had a bassinette that had the board underneath and about an inch high of soft foam and what i did is put a thick doona over the top and tucked in all the excess so it wouldnt be a suffocation risk and she slept fine in it :) obviously the doona that i talk of was a small baby sized one lol

Don't buy this bassinet

As soon as I discovered that it bowed when my baby slept in it I took her out - she was only about 5kg at the time. My baby has neck problems and I wonder if this had anything to do with it. Also when I called the manufacture to report the issue of the bassinet bowing, they said 'it will, it will'... What??. And their solution was to turn it around, which does nothing.
Not impressed at all
I brought it cause it was inexpensive and looked ok
Terrible mattress.. if you call it that.. its a piece of masonite with a poor piece of foam on it

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We had the same issue!!!it caused our newborn to roll onto her side- very dangerous!!glad others can see how bad it is!

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Questions & Answers

A family member is giving me her bassinet, which is this one and after reading the reviews I just wanted to know would a bassinet mattress from bigw fit it?
3 answers
Sorry, just remembered; this bassinet is not designed to have a mattress added to these at all for safety reasons. With the thickness of a mattress and the design of this is just not safe. My baby was rolling to one side in this so I'm glad I didn't buy the mattress in the end.Agree with shon, we tried to buy a mattress but none fit and yes my son was rolling around at 2 months. I would stay away and purchase something safe. As I heard that this bassinet coco had been recalled due to babies rolling. It’s not worth buying a new mattress for the sake of your babies life.Oh. Thank you for the replies, that has definitely made me think twice about using that bassinet

Hi I have the original Mothers Choice Bassinet but have lost the cradle part in one of our shifts I have the frame but nothing else would like to know if I can get the cradle part?
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Can you please advise where I can buy a replacement brace for the Mothers choice bassinet? we have lost one in a recent house move and need it ASAP. Location Auckland New Zealand
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