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Moto Guzzi Griso 1200 8V

Moto Guzzi Griso 1200 8V

5.0 from 5 reviews

Has the Looks and the Power

I have to say this is my favorite bike to ride. Something about the feel of this bike that is unlike any other. Its low and tight and very mean. It handles very well and is pretty quick. Its not a high speed burner, but, for a twin, it will hold its own with a lot of sport bikes out there. It sounds great with the stock exhaust. The best part of all, though, is that it is the baddest looking stock motorcycle I have seen in a very very long time! I am not disappointed at all!

Date PurchasedApr 2014

The best bike I’ve ever owned

It’s a sport bike, a cruiser, a retro, it’s everything. I’ve owned Ducati’s, Harley’s, sport bikes. This is the best I’ve ever ridden or owned. It’s comfortable, it sounds awesome and it looks hot. Buy one, you won’t regret it. I get groups of Harley riders giving me the thumbs up. I get random strangers (non riders) complimenting the bike. I don’t understand why they aren’t selling them by the container load.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Great cruiser

Beast of a bike. Good looking machine ,reliable and gutsy. Excellent around town and awesome on the highway and curves .Sounds terrfic and very easy to maintain. Never had a problem mechanically . Pillion passenger is very comfortable and no complaints on long rides. Fantastic bike and worth every penny.

Date PurchasedFeb 2016


The Griso I ride belows to my best mate. Persuaded him to buy the Griso before the Ducati Monster. Briefly the Griso's finish is excellent. Attention to detail. Get up close to marvel at Italian craftsmanship at its finest. Gray matte or denim finish really make this bike unique in an ocean of H-Ds & Japanese machinery. Beautiful spoked wheels which are tubeless. The dimensions are deceiving. It is looks & feels small. This feeling is reinforced by the low seat height (am 183cms tall). Seating positioned is slightly cramped as the ergonomics are slanted towards "sporty".

What's there to like:
1. Superb handling. For a big heavy "power cruiser" this machine's handling is exemplary
2. Shaft drive
3. With Termigonis, the exhaust note is a deep bass. Soul stirring.
4. Braking. No worries there. One word describes it: excellent
5. That motor. So much torque. Just stupendous
6. Appearance. In my opinion, the Griso is one of the most handsome bikes around. Whenever we stop, it seems to attract admirers.
7. Unique. Not common like HDs.
8. It's Italian
9. It's a Moto Guzzi
10. Cheap to run & maintain

What annoys me? The lack of aftermarket accessories. Very limited choice in comparison to BMW boxer twins.

Summing up. If you are looking for something that isn't mainstream, take a long test ride. It'll put a smile on your face

A Thug Dressed in a Tuxedo. ....Oh Mama what a bike.

This is for the SE.
Not your whiz-bang super quick off the lights bike if thats what you need, but a powerful superb handling naked-sporty-cruiser machine. Will keep up with the in line 4's through any set of twisting roads and an amazing surge of power from 5000rpm onwards. Styling is snappy with a subdued green paint and brown leather (yes leather) seat and unique with wrap around frame and bolted in engine with those massive cylinders protruding from either side it looks a bit like a thug in a tuxedo. Perhaps thats what it really is. Riding position is comfortable slightly forward leaning and even after a full days ride I wasn't even slightly sore or tired. Street cred is very high, everyone gawks, everyone asks questions, everyone nods approval and theres always a crowd when you park.
This is a bike that wants to be ridden - not sat on and steered - and after your first set of bends you will not want to go home. Power delivery is constant, not as smooth as a 4 but certainly springs some surprising urge into your life when you cross 5000rpm. The only negative is the positioning of the side stand which is set so far forward it can be difficult until you get the hang of it. But seriously - you won't want to put it on the stand - its just too much fun to ride.
Simply superb handling, very responsive, uber cool styling
Awkard position for side stand

Questions & Answers

Given the forward leaning riding position,any arm fatigue after a couple of hours of riding?
1 answer
I’m 188cm tall and I don’t get any arm fatigue at all. The only thing that tires me on long highway stints is the lack of wind protection (like any naked bike). Wind protection and luggage options are almost non-existent so it won’t be a good touring option. As far as visceral experience goes, there’s nothing like it. I’ve owned Ducati and Harley.

I am 176cm tall just wondering if I would be able to sit on the bike with both feet firmly on the ground?
2 answers
Hi Pav - I'm 177 and don't have a problem. Much will depend on your weight (i'm 99kg) and how firm you set the rear - it's adjustable. I've kept the factory settings coz i love the clearance - but you can adjust for a softer (read lower) spring at the rear shock. Hope this helps - they are a great ride.Thanks Dmax just went to the shop and sat on one and it feels fine not as low as my Harley but the Griso is replacling it I'm sure Ill adapt. Regards

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