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Mountain Buggy Duet

Mountain Buggy Duet

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I love Mountain Buggy!!! A comparison with the Stealcraft strider compact

First we brought the stealcraft strider compact which we were very disappointed with! 8 months later we purchases the Mountain Buggy Duet which I wish we had of just done in the first place.

With the stealcraft my oldest son was underneath and couldn’t see a thing so he wouldn’t sit in it and wanted to be carried, the Mountain Buggy side by side instantly solves this problem.
The stealcraft would get bogged on any gravel or dirt, whereas the Mountain Buggy goes through almost anything
We live in sandy areas and this pram is perfect, it goes up curbs easy with two children in, goes off road, compacts down flat with one bottom.
The stealcraft you can’t remove the covered to clean the pram, this one you can.
The reason I didn’t buy this pram originally was because I though it would be too big and couldn’t get through doors but this is not the case at all, it is so misconceiving and easily fits through all doors.
And best of all you can purchase the Joey bag for the side when the eldest wants to scoot to the shops and you need to do a food shop.

Purchased in May 2019 at Baby buntings for $650.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Suitable for RunningYes
Ease of Packing & Storage

Good pram only for first few months

We bought this pram for our twins. It was really handy when they were very little. Soft seats, smooth ride. But as they grow bigger they struggle to fit in. Mountain buggy being a narrowest pram may be the reason.
It's very heavy to put into the boot.
Eats up all the space in the boot too.
The straps to collapse the seats are very difficult to manage. Can't collapse without waking the baby.

Purchased in November 2017 at Toys R Us / Babies R Us for $600.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Suitable for RunningYes
Ease of Packing & Storage

Can't live without this pram!

This pram is a must for any parent especially a multiple mum! It is easy to push on all terrain with good suspension. Even our 3 yr old loves going in the pram still. The basket underneath is actually quite spacious holding a nappy bag and more. Would recommend to anyone!

great pram!

One of the best decisions I've made to buy this product, great pram, love the basket idea and it may not look like it can but I have had no issues fitting through doors & fits fine into my car. My little girl loves the seat, sits up and can see everything and when sleeping lays flat.

Good but has some problems

The pram pushes brilliantly, fits through most doorways. Love the pram in that sense. Dont like the air filled tyres. Constantly getting punctures. Instructions are useless. Really not easy to understand. Don't like the zips to hold all the seats in place. I find they don't stay done up especially with the 2 year old in it. Hard to lift into the car. The extras are really pricey too, like the mosquito net and rain cover.

Love love love

Love this pram. It’s so easy to push and copes well with uneven terrain. Heaps of storage. If you use it as a single and have the basket on the side you double your storage easily and makes grabbing things out while on the go very convenient. Not to mention mountain buggy have fantastic consumer service when ordering replacement parts or extras for their prams. Two down sides: it’s weight when you lift it to put it in the car and that it doesn’t fold down as compact as some other brands do.

Love the pram but buy the aerotech wheels

I have owned all 3 Models of the duet yep crazy I know not actually intentional our original 2011 model was the absolute beast got a beating from 2 boys 40kms plus a week upgraded it to aerotech no puncture wheels once they were released it had a great 3 years used sold it then surpise baby so brought the next model the 2.5 yep not really a huge fan the fold idea was fantastic but you had to watch for the bar in the middle coming undone and breaking the seat fabric again used aerotech wheels and now we are onto the V3 model I really do like it the hand break is stupid though but the shorter fold is fantastic but dont get ripped off with mountain buggies stupid buy it as a single scheme and then they won't let you just purchase the seat fabric and hood as we already had the carry cot plus and didnt want the carry cot in the family pack without the plus eg no forward facing seat that they will the rob you for $99 for a scrap of fabric (angry face) oh and the 2.5 and v3 model you can't wash the seat fabrics in the washing machine what on earth were you thinking mountain buggy kids are grot monsters to live life without limit they need food for mummies sanity of silence CHANGE THE SEAT FABRICS BACK! Overall I love the pram and think they need to get back to basics eg washable fabrics and loose the inflatable wheels unless they want to find harder wearing materials to make them from

Great pram

Easy to manoeuvre, easy to fold. However when foldered it as bulky and a bit awkward,only downside.
Quality is great, very easy to push through grass, gravel and then footpath.
18month old and 3 year old love getting in it. Uv sun cover and rain cover are a "extra" would be great if they were included.
I like the how the seat padding is a "pram liner" makes washing the pram very easy!
I like how the pram can also turn into a single with a basket on the side with a skateboard attachment to. Will be good when 3 wear old decides to walk more

The Best All Rounder

My favourite thing about this pram is how incredibly easy it is to push. It doesn't matter whether you're on grass, dirt or on the path it is SO easy to maneuver. I have a 2 and a half year and 8 month old and going up and down curbs is effortless in this pram. It can also fit through a single doorway - winning! People are always surprised when they see how easily it can go through tight spaces. I have the gray seatcovers and features which looks beautiful.I definitely recommend this pram.

I took off a star for two reasons: firstly, it is quite difficult to lift in and out of the car because it is an awkward size. Secondly, it doesn't come with proper instructions. It comes with a useless picture booklet and if you want proper instructions you need to go to their website...not completely convenient when you are in the midst of constructing a double pram. But aside from those two things, it's a wonderful pram. For me the pros outweigh the cons.


I love this pram! It is a little heavy but i guess most double prams would be. I can fit through standard door frams with no issues. My nearly 4 year old still sits in it. Steering is great and i take this for my walk every 2 days to the park and supermarket. Very easy to fold too.

Slim side by side pram

We bought this pram due to the fact that it was one of the slimmest side by side prisms on the market, and also one with the most features we liked. Both seats are able to lie completely flat which was great with a newborn and young toddler. The removable belly bar, the adjustable handle, the foot rest and individual sun shades are all features we love. The basket is difficult to access when the seats are lying down unfortunately and I wish there was a pram caddy to fit across the handles.

Great pram!

Great pram! Currently using it for both my 2 and 4 yr old.Its easy to maneuver,easy to put into boot,has a good sized basket,great that the handles can be adjusted,adjustable seats are very handy for sleepy babies and also great for hikes or long walks. I Highly recommend this product!

Excellent double pram

This is a great pram. It's the same width as my single MB Urban Jungle which is amazing considering it's a double pram. It's very versatile in that you can have two 'regular' seats, two carrycots or one of each together or use it as a single pram with the joey tote. That's why i bought it because my nearly theee yr old won't be in a pram for much longer but when he grows out of it (maximum weight is 18 kg so the average 4 year old) I can still use it for my younger child and use the joey tote to put the shopping in when we go down town. It's very easy to steer and push and maneover around both in shops and over bumpy terrain at the park or where there are no footpaths. The extendable handle is fantastic for me because I'm tall and get sore back and shoulders from pushing prams with shorter handles. I got this pram as a single with a joey tote with a FREE family pack (second seat and a lay flat carry cot) for $700 so it's great value for money and my toddler and baby are both very comfortable in it and live going for our walks in it. My toddler is 103 cm tall & he fits in it well, both in terms of height & width of seat & the straps fit him well (I notice some have said they are too short). He is 17.5 kg and my baby is about 6 kg. You just have to lock the front wheels and it's easier to steer when on a slope or bumpy terrain (I notice his side does feel much heavier). This pram is the double pram recommended by Choice and for me it has lived up to my expectations.

Best pram i’ve Had

Bought this pram when I had my second child. What a great investment. Looks big but it fits through all doors and shopping aisles. Very easy to manoeuvre even one handed which was very handy when it came time for shopping. Build quality is excellent and it’s easy to fold, takes a bit of getting used to lifting it by myself but it’s doable. Bought the bassinet attachment which was great whilst my little one was in it. Very happy with it and would definitely recommend

Great pram..aslong as you have boot space

I have a Mountain Buggy Duet Pram. I purchased it from a friend who's twins no longer needed it. I have two kids 15 months apart.I am a small framed person so a light pram was important (15kg). A light pram is important as eventually those two little babies grow and you're pushing close to 50kg ( pram,two growing kids,nappy bag groceries etc) This pram is very easy to manoeuvre and fits through a standard door way!!. Parts are easy to replace through the Mountain Buggy website although over priced. I replaced the handle, being 2nd hand it was a little torn. Recently I had a flat tyre whilst on holidays!! luckily I was able to buy the tube from Baby Bunting for $12.95 . Valco tyre tubes are universal with a bent valve (as long as you know the correct size). The pram is easy to wash down, good size under basket. The only downfall is adequate boot space for this pram. I have a Subaru Forrester, it fits easily but not much room for anything else unless you stand it up and use a harness to secure it (we do this when going on holidays) .The Duet is easy to collapse. I recommend this pram as its sturdy, comfortable for the kids and well made.

The best double ever!!

So there's no perfect pram, but this is certainly the best double. I did SO much research. Girls in my mothers' group had doubles (we walked a lot!) so I tried quite a few - Bugaboo, City Select, iCandy... but whilst some of the others were prettier, this was streets ahead in terms of how easy it is to push / steer / go up & down curves - and with 2 kids (mine are now 18mths & just 4), you want it to be light and easy to push!!
It's also the narrowest - though I still can't work that out as it looks huge, but sure enough, it is the narrowest. I've never not been able to fit through shops etc. But my average sized 4 year old boy is also very comfortable in terms of sitting comfortably - he actually sleeps happily in it.
I have an Audi A3 hatchback so it only just fits. In fact I tend to pop off the 2 back wheels - just pinch and pop them off, it's very easy & quick; to make it even quicker to then just slide into the boot.
Doubles are always going to be heavyish, but this is the lightest (apart from Maclaren style umbrella strollers - but they're awful to go walking outdoors with) and is actually only slightly heavier than my single.
I've never had any quality issues, occasionally (maybe once a month?) I knock one of the front wheel knobs (when getting it out of the car I think) so one of the wheels lock (ideal if you jog with it) but you just flick it back to unlock. But otherwise, tyres, handle, all perfect.
Oh and finally and importantly it cleans up really well. Yogurt, squished pear (!!) all come off the nylon fabric with a few scrubs of a baby wipe , and just once I've gone over it with a damp cloth.
If I didn't go walking so much, (and was comfortable spending more), I'd go the Bugaboo Donkey, but at double the price, it's as good, certainly not doubly as good though!
I'm can't wait to get the Joey Bag once my son's in school, it'll be perfect for shopping at the market with my younger one.

Do not buy- trust me

Had this pram for 6 or 7 months now, the wheels are a joke. We've had to go and buy a pump to pump all four of these tyres once every two weeks. The nozzle to pump the tyres is on the inside of the wheels so it takes 15 minutes to get the nozzle out and pump 1 tyre, I got 2 kids, I don't have time for that. Now 1 of our tyre's pump nozzles is broken and letting out air. Went online to see how much they are because you can't just purchase 1 off the shelf of course, $70 for 1 wheel. What a joke. I'm going to get a new wheel put it on and sell it. I am going sing out loud to everyone I know how inconvenient this pram is.

Good pram feels like your driving a bus

This is a great pram compared with all other doubles on the market - it will fit through doorways, and the air tyres give it pretty good feel and steering etc. however compared to a single pram, you will feel like you are driving a bus!! my 2 year old who is on the tall side won't fit into it for much longer however,it is fantastic to have our newborn in the bassinet which is fantastic.

Good sturdy pram

Excellent outdoors pram and great for jogging and going over rough ground. Not so great if you want a fold up pram for your car, unless you have a 4x4 or ute, as it is heavy! We keep ours unfolded outside and use it to walk around our neighborhood and we have a lighter pram for the car, works really well for our twins and they love it!

Not as good as mountain buggy terrain...BUT

The overall strength and ruggedness of this stroller is great. However, it is not as awesome as my mountain buggy terrain. I expected the duet to be a mountain buggy terrain, except built for two....but it is not. It is the inferior younger sibling.
The wheels are small so navigation off-road is more difficult. Bummer. There is NO hand break. Sucks. The seats are too short and my 3 year old is already pushing the height limits. Darn. The tallest harness setting is already being used on my 9 month old. Darn again. The tires are always running low. Dang it. The canopy is fixed and cannot be adjusted to cover all angles of sun. Oh man. The cup holders hang at a bad angle so liquid splashes out continuously. Shoot.


Pros: the stroller is Excellent in that it is smooth and glides like air on pavement. Yay! It is relatively light for its utility power. Great! It maneuvers like a swan on water. Perfect! It pops over curbs like popcorn. Yum... I mean... Awesome! It looks attractive and sporty. Nice! It has a great big compartment for storing a lot of junk. Hooray!
Even with the things I do not like about this stroller, it is still amazing and I would buy it again! Mountain buggy strollers are incredible!

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Questions & Answers

Is the depth of the seat adjustable? My nearly two year old seems to slide down as there is no depth in the seat?
No answers

HI there, i am considering this pram for my toddler and my newborn, so I'd like to know if i can have the newborn facing me in a bassinet/capsule and the toddler at the same time? Thanks in advance!
No answers

Hi I’m planning to buy the MB single car seat adaptor to fit my 2.5 duet and I’m wondering do you have to remove the main seat fabric in order to be able to attach the car seat or can you just sit the car seat over the seat fabric once the adaptors are fitted? I just want to be able to swap between the car seat option/normal seat as required. Thanks
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Price (RRP) $849.00
Seating Type Side-by-side
Convertible No
Suitable Age0+ months
Max User Weight 18 kg
Seat OrientationForward-facing
Bassinet Compatible Yes (Sold Separately)
Capsule CompatibleYes, with addition of adapters
FeaturesArm Bar, Cup Holder, Locking Front Wheels and Under-seat Storage
Weight15.1 kg
Manufacturer Warranty1 year(s)
Folded Dimensions89 x 65 x 32 cm

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  • GTIN14: 09420015700312, 09420015733259, 09420015739374 and 09420015739381

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