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Bumbleride Indie Twin

Bumbleride Indie Twin

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Good value pram

We have really enjoyed most of our experience with the bumbleride. The snap down style has been great, it's a little heavy but manageable. We have had problems with plastic covers for the foot rest adjustment button falling off. If these are lost then you are unable to use them. We have had them fall off a number of times and needed to carry a tooth pick with us, thankfully the cover has always shown up again.
We purchased the bassinet which is quite narrow as most doubles are but we still got plenty of use for our 8lb baby, around 3-4 months from memory. The hood could be improved by extending further, it's quite small and doesn't keep much sun or wind out and nearly always needed a blanket over it.
We originally purchased the snack packs but returned them when we realised these are really not suitable for the twin pram at all. You need to unclip the fastener from the outside edge of the seat on both sides. This means you are digging in to the very centre of the pram between the seats to get them in and out. It can be done but it requires time, patience and stamina, not suitable for us!
Excellent storage in the undercarriage and a couple of zip pockets are handy too. We bought the pram caddy and enjoy having it for cups and drink bottles
We have had more use from this than we ever anticipated and our 1m tall 3 year old still fits and is happy to ride in it beside his 1yr old brother so that in itself makes it a worthy purchase!

Purchased in May 2018 at Baby Zone.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Ease of Packing & Storage
Thank you, Emily for your very honest and thorough review of the Indie Twin. Pleased to hear that you are really happy with your purchase. In regards to the hood on the bassinet, did you use the pop-out extension? The issue with the buttons on the foot rests will be passed onto the US - thank you for drawing it to our attention. All the bestHi there. Yes we used the pop out extension but felt like it needed more privacy with that. I also realised that we have lost one button that doesn't seem to be re appearing. Are these available for purchase?Please contact our office 03 9588 0999 or via email

Amazing all rounder

With all prams there will be pros and cons but I have really loved owning my indie twin. It served its purpose and outshined my previous double pram. SURPRISINGLY... it fits through every door!!! I love this. It also loves to FWD like my CX9, it will take any terrain. Manoeuvres very easily and feels actually quite light even though it is not!

It washes very well, once you get the hang of taking it apart... everything can be washed!

It has loads of storage aswell. I did the whole tandem thing with a previous pram and if had nothing. This has been a dream! It’s sad to part with it but I need to downsize.

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Thank you Lyshm for your honest and positive review. Much appreciated.

Excellent pram

We have 8 month old twins and this pram has been fantastic from day one. We started with Mico capsules connected using travel adaptors, then put the seats on when they out grew the capsules. My favourite feature is how easy it is to maneuver, you can easily turn on the spot. Brilliant!! I love the extra long canopy to keep out prying eyes at shops :) I would highly recommend it to other twin mums. We also have the bumbleride indie single from our first kid, we love it also.

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Hi Tina. Thank you so much for sharing your love for our prams and we wish you all the best with the twins

Close to perfect

I love this pram, and really wish I had it from the birth of my twins rather than from 14months old. It would be invaluable for new borns with the bassinet style seats.
It steers beautifully, canopies are AMAZING, seats comfortable with plenty of growing room.
My only gripe is that it’s advertised as having an auto locking system.... either mine doesn’t work properly or it’s not actually what they advertise it as. I still have to apply a fair bit of pressure to the frame of my pram to get the locking mechanism to lock. Which, after putting two babies in the car and folding the pram, having to squat down and fiddle with the frame to make sure it’s locked, is a little annoying. Also, it is heavy at 16kg! But in saying this.....the good definitely outweighs the bad.

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Thank you Shan for your honest opinion and for sharing

Love this pram!! Wish I'd known about it when #2 was born

I originally bought a BJ City Select double but because I kept my newborn in the top\back & toddler at the bottom\front, I had a lot of trouble steering and moving the pram. I had a c-section so this did not help.
Anyway, fast forward 6 months later, we moved to Canada and I bought the Bumbleride Indie Twin for going for walks in the snow! Turns almost on a dime and fits through every doorway. My toddler had a tendency to run off so this pram was ideal for keeping both kids contained when i needed them to be (e.g. when walking from a giant car park with tons of cars through a shopping centre\mall). When I bought it, my eldest was 3 and youngest was 6 months and I did not notice the weight difference (I did with the City select). Now my eldest is 21kgs and my youngest is 14kgs and even with a load of kids stuff and groceries, I can still manoeuvre around and walk home (currently carless).
Tons of storage space! I also love the big canopy which allows my kids to pull the canopy over themselves on super hot or on rainy days.
I've taken it on buses, trains and trams in Melbourne and Sydney (even CBD) and have had no issues fitting in.
I've flown back to Australia as well as Malaysia to visit family & holiday to Germany and I've brought it with me every single trip. It has been a lifesaver for travelling on my own with jetlagged kids since hubby couldn't always get that much time off work.
Yes, it is heavy and a little bulky when folded up (although i understand the folding up has been improved in the new version) but the benefits of having this pram far outweigh having a different pram.
My only gripe (if any) is that it occasionally is a tight fit for older doorways but we've always managed to squish through.
I've had my pram for over 2 years now and am only selling in a few months because my eldest is going to school and hasn't been using her side much (except on those days when we've been out the whole day and she's knackered).
Love it love it buy it when #2 is on the way

Great quality

After owning three different brand prams we began to have a good understanding of how prams performed. After having twins we where again in the market for a new pram.
The Bumbleride indie twin is by far the best pram I have owned. ( The other prams I have owned have been well known brands and not cheap)
The quality of the build with welded alaminium and machined parts is just great.
The manovourabilty of this pram is second to none. This pram is easily guided with one hand and has an easily accessible foot controlled rear wheel lock.
The rear wheels are very easily removed if need be for boot storage. It is so simple to collapse and errect. It feels quiet wide however a fits through a standard door jam. I would highly recommend this pram to anybody. If I had found this pram on my second purchase ( being my first twin pram) it would have been my last purchase.
The only thing I could be critical of is the adjustable / pushing handle. It's three hinged sections are plastic and have the normal plastic movement in them. I am only critical of this as the rest of the pram seems to be of such high quality it does stand out. In saying this I have used this handle to ascend and descend stairs whilst also using the wheels on the stairs and have not had any problems. Check these prams out!

Brilliant pram!!

I've been using my Indie Twin since my son was born 3 weeks ago and I'm already in love with it!
It's so easy to maneuver and very smooth when going over bumps while walking outside. I have my 14kg toddler in one side and 4kg baby on the other and there's no pull or issues with the big weight difference. I have no doubt when we are able to run with both kids it will be a smooth ride!
I found the pram easy to fold/unfold and lift while heavily pregnant so it will be even easier when I'm able to lift things I'm sure! For a double pram I found this was slimmer than others I looked at...the Indi Twin just fits out our front door which means others I considered wouldn't have fit!
So far the build quality seems excellent!

I LOVE the huge sunshade coverage. It's amazing for my newborn, when I fold up the bottom part and pull the sunshade all the way down he's totally covered and it's been great for walking when it's been a bit windy, he's totally protected from the cool wind!

I also love:
The included belly bars
The HUGE amount of storage! The basket underneath is huge and the pockets on the back of the seats is perfect for my phone and keys.
The ability to sneek a peak of my sleeping baby through the top, but also the ability to unzip the back to take a quick peek.
The adjustable handlebar.

Lastly the customer service - I've had a few questions and I've always had a prompt and friendly response which is a huge plus for me!

Great control

Great control and so easy to manoeuvre. It's easy to fold and unfold and quality is really good. The only thing I don't like is the size it is folded and the weight, but like most prams in the same category it's what you get with a double side by side pram! Extra kudos to the recycled materials used for the hood canopies!

Best pram purchase. Very happy.

I originally bought a BJ City Select with the view of having more than 1 baby and whilst that was good for the short term with one child, as soon as we needed to use both seats things became difficult. The effort taken when walking around my suburb and simply crossing pram ramps and hilly streets was just crazy. I even had an old lady (had to be in her 80's) save our pram from tipping on a slightly uneven path one day.

Fast forward to purchasing the Bumbleride Indi Twin and those same walks that were stressful and difficult to manoeuvre became a breeze. No more special approaches and extra effort to get up and down pram ramps, it was straight across the street with no drama.

The sun shade is unbelievably good. Brilliant really and something I'd chased for a long time. I have a very very tall 1.5yr old and an average sized 3.5yr old and they both are very comfortable and sleep well in the pram.

It's fold is great and fits in our Outback no drama and even into my mums lancer hatch boot. It packs down really well in pieces and is super easy to put back together. The one movement open is brilliant.

There is plenty of storage and I have even gone without a nappy bag as there is ample room to put nappies/wipes/clothes/snacks/water and your keys/purse/phone in the compartments provided.

I can't think of a negative to be honest... I'm so happy with this purchase. It fits through doors and moves so well that even in tight spots you'll be surprised how easy it is to get around.

The only thing I wish is that I'd known about it sooner!

Amazing pram.

Brought the new bumbleride indie twin as I have a 1 year old and another bub due in June. I must say this pram is absolutely amazing. I tested my 4 year old it it with my 1 year old and it moves like a dream. I love the air tyres for all terrain. Fits perfectly folded in our audi a4. Might be lil heavy for some, No issues in not fitting in door ways. I felt this gave me more room then the Cj gt double and felt better to push and turn.

Love it!

I bought the 2015 version for my just 2 year old and newborn in addition to an inline double. The Bumbleride is easier to push and steer than the tandem. The kids are comfortable and I can see both of them through the mesh sections in the tops of the (huge) canopies. The pram feels evenly weighted despite the weight difference between my kids. It truly is an all-terrain pram and is wonderful for walks which I why I purchased it. It fits through our front door. The only negatives, which I believe have been addressed with the 2016 version, are that the fold isn't overly compact and you have to manually lock the pram. These issues don't really bother me though. I love this pram and the aqua colour is beautiful!

Fantastic walking pram!

I purchased my Bumbleride indie twin after doing lots of research on double prams that were suitable for all terrains & lots of walking outdoors! I stumbled across the Bumbleride indie twin & was so intrigued as the list of features sounded perfect for me!
I needed a pram with a seat big enough to seat my very tall 2 yr old, plus comfy enough for my newborn. There's only one retailer in Australia near me (well an hours drive!) but I made the hike out there with both kids to try it out, it was love at first try!

We purchased this on the spot, I've been using it for daily walks & I have been extremely happy with it!

Good sized hoods
Generous basket
Smooth ride
Great easy to clean fabric
I also love the little zip pockets on the back of each seat! Great little pocket for each child's small goods!

I really can't fault this pram & highly recommend it, the only thing I find (which couldn't possibly change due the quality of the pram and beautiful big wheels!) is it is very heavy.. To fold down is simple & to open up but lifting it (& I'm not a small person) is quite a task to get it in and out of the car boot- lucky for me I leave this up most of the time in the laundry to whip out on Daily walks!

Overall fantastic pram, quality fabrics & finishes. A dream to manoeuvre even with a now combined weight of 28kgs worth of baby & toddler!!

The best twin pram ever!

Love it! It goes flat, so it is great also for newborn twins. It is easy to maneuver. Twin pram which you can easily push on the grass with one hand, and drink coffee with the other :o). It is solid construction so it holds even when your children are bigger and heavy. It folds easily but once folded it is a bit bulky so you need decent car space. As much as it sounds like minus, once you do your research, you realise, that all twin prams are bulky. Maybe not the umbrella strollers but these are nightmare to push. It also provides great shade and plenty of space even for toddlers. Basket is huge and it fits trough the standard door (not once you add the drink holders). Very comfy and great looking pram.

love it!

This was my third double for my two boys 18 months apart! Absolutely love it easy to push amazing basket too. Fits my tall toddler with plenty of room and adjustable footrest is great. I have had to pump wheels a lot but easy to do and makes big difference to push. I havent haf any issues with getting through doors except when cup holder on.

great for 2 - worth it!

I had a baby jogger city select and changed for the bumbleride indie twin for my 2 year old and 2 month old. For the most part I love it. Its comfy, great colours, good size seats, large basket. Has great features like adjustable footrests which are fantastic for newborns and young bubs and adjustable handle. Also get lots of extras when you buy the pram saving extra money for some accessories. There are a few things I dont like including how large and bulky it is folded. I have a ford fairmont and have to take the front wheels off for it to fit in the boot so a major inconvenience. Also the cup holder is useless as it makes the pram way too wide and the wheels have to be pumped up which is also an inconvience as ive had it less than a month and had to pump the tyres already but hopefully won't have to for a while! Only positive about the tyres is they're all terrain. Overall I love the pram and so do both my boys.
big all terrain tyres,comfy, great colours, good size seats, large basket, adjustable footrests, adjustable handle, great extras
bulky when folded pump up tyres, useless cup holder.

A premium stroller!

With the strong Australian dollar, this premium USA stroller makes a worthwhile consideration.

Purchased from an Ebay USA seller, after extensive researching for a twin side-by-side stroller which can conquer most terrain if need be, for our newborn twins when old enough to venture outdoors. This is a great stroller for local shops and shopping centres which fits easily through standard doors, minus the cup holder.

Relatively light-weight when compared to the Mountain Buggy Duet and the like, though heavier to other lighter less compact stroller with less accessories.
Will fit through standard doors without cup holder, unique looking, adjustable foot rests, adjustable handle, nice range of colours and limited edition models, good looking/well designed, large basket and well made quality fabrics and stroller build.
Won't fit through standard doors with cup holder, on the large side, however it is comparable to strollers of this range.

Could not live without it - Was my saving grace!!!

Awesome for two pram riders, Love Love Love the fact that you can use the carrycot and carseat adapter without having to remove the entire seat fabrics. Definitely money well spent. Loved every moment of using it and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone or even buy another one should I have the need for a double again.

I chose this particular pram as I have taller children and found a lot of prams weren't able to accommodate my tall 2yr old - this one did and there was room to grow!!!
The hood coverage is fantastic, the seats have infinite individual reclines because of the strap recline system meaning you can stop at any level you wish. There is handy pockets on the back of the hood for small storage - I found this great for keys, dummies etc. I added a pram caddy to the handle bar as well as i found the cup holder useless, it kept getting knocked off ans it added to the width of the pram.

Mine came with the accessories; Raincover, carseat adapter, Parent cupholer & infant head supports - though I have noticed Bumbleride seem to change the inclusions occasionally. I bought the snackpack as optional accessories and these were worth their weight in gold and easily machine washable.

Even though it is a larger pram I was able to get it in the boot of a Toyota Carolla Sedan with no issues.
Reliable, Sturdy, Large Sun Hood, Awesome basket & basket access, Great range of accessories, travel system compatible (even takes 2 capsules), Tall seat back and even taller hood height clearance
Parent cup holder is useless and adds to the width of the pram

The best double pram

I love this pram and could not find one in Australia that came close to it. This is such an easy to push pram with a toddler and newborn and caters for both really well. Mine came with a rain cover, drink holder, newborn head supports and bumper/ belly bars. They come in beautiful range of colours and have great storage pockets a huge basket underneath plus a large hood, extendable handle (my 6ft7" husband pushes it with ease)adjustable leg rest. It also looks very comfortable to ride in. I cant believe how easily it fits through a standard door way (very deceiving).It can take newborn twins or even toddler and newborn or two toddlers.I cant recommend this highly enough,everything has been considered when Bumbleride made the Indie Twin.
Ease of use, practical large basket, accommodating, comfortable and so many more
on the heavy side - but it does compare with others of this quality

Hi Chook83 : ) I hope you can help me out... where did you purchase your Bumbleride from and did you pay any additional tax? Also, what type of warranty does the pram come with and are the prams covered in Aus? What accessories would you recommend? I plan on purchasing an indie single if all the stars align! Thanks in advance for your help. Hi, I actually bought it from a trusted ebay seller. I didn't pay any additional tax. I am not sure what type of warranty it comes with here in Australia but the ebay seller would probably help you in this regard they are very good to deal with. Mine came with a rain cover, belly bar and i recommend these for sure, i was also thinking about getting the snack pack accessory that zip onto the belly bar. I am really happy with this pram its such a nice colour too. Hope this helpsThanks very much for this info. Looks like I will be making a purchase soon! Glad to know you are still happy with your purchase. Having a Bumbleride in Aus at least means we have a unique pram : )

Questions & Answers

Specs read it is 36" long, but is it with the handlebar unfolded or folded (if you fold the handlebar in the upright position)?
2 answers
Hi Mike, Folded, in the boot it sits 29 inches high and 30 inches long. We have a Nissan Qashqai. It takes up the whole boot. It stands upright in the boot instead of flat on the floor. Not enough room to lay flat. It's been a fantastic pram for us.Thanks Tina

Hi, I would like to know if the backrest when in upright position is fully upright or reclined? I was looking at the mountain buggy and when I put my toddler in it at the upright position it was on too much of a recline and she kept pulling herself forward and sitting awkwardly as she likes to be sitting up properly. We have a strider compact which she loves and that has a proper upright feature. I like the look of this pram and I would love to test this pram but cannot find a retailer in S.A. thanks so any advice would be helpful as I thought I liked the mountain buggy till I tried it... :)
No answers

1) I love the huge canopy, BUT, is this a hot pram? The fabric and bulkiness of the hoods look like it might get hot? 2)Has anyone had issues with the size of this pram either at the shops or when its folded and fitting into the car?
1 answer
My two kids really feel the heat and neither had a problem this last summer. If it was particularly hot I would unzip the back to let some more airflow in for my baby. The pram fits through a standard door and it's only slightly wider than my single jogging pram so I've had no issues with the size, can be a bit tricky in restaurant/cafes, but you're going to get that with any double pram! We have a Nissan Dualis and it fits in the back easily with room to spare.


Bumbleride Indie Twin
CategoryDouble Prams & Strollers
Price (RRP) $799.00
Seating Type Side-by-side
Convertible No
Suitable Age0+ months
Max User Weight 20 kg
Seat OrientationForward-facing
Bassinet Compatible Yes (Sold Separately)
Capsule CompatibleYes, with addition of adapters
FeaturesArm Bar, Height-Adjustable Handle and Under-seat Storage
Wheel MaterialInflatable
Weight16 kg
Manufacturer Warranty3 year(s)
Folded Dimensions77 x 76 x 34 cm
Release dateAug 2011

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  • GTIN12: 812812010692

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