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Mountain Buggy +one

Mountain Buggy +one

3.4 from 32 reviews

Really disappointed

The below recent reviews summarize my issues really well, I’m in contact with MTB awaiting a reply, here are the key parts of my complaint to summarize the key issues

I purchased the plus one 3 years ago for my first child (now 3) based on the advertising that it is a suitable buggy for carrying 2 children from birth +. I now have a 9 week old baby who is of average size and she has outgrown the flat baby 2nd seat (lie flat bassinet) position already!. (She outgrew from 6weeks which is when I originally messaged mountain buggy)

What is the safest way to use the buggy between now and when she can safely sit up (using the 2nd seat)? I’ve tried unzipping the 2nd seat so it sits on a slight backwards angle but it is still too angled for a baby of this age and her head flops down and around in this position. She also doesn’t feel secure like this and I’m not sure the 2nd seat should be used if not zipped in? Perhaps it is but I couldn’t find anything In the instructions or online about this.

I’m really concerned I won’t be able to use the buggy safely until my baby can sit which is approx 9 months + of age which if so means the buggy is not useable for the next 6-8 months which is pointless for a double buggy and misleading based on how it is advertised.

I’m also having issues with the front toddler seat squashing the newborn head - it’s almost like the front seat needs a stronger securing system to stop it pushing back onto the baby when there is a child in front. I looked through my box to find a bar or something (thinking I’d not put a piece in) but I hadn’t. When I turn my baby with head closest to me her feet get squashed for the same reason. It’s also near impossible to get a baby in safely without taking the hood off which is frustrating when out and about with a toddler.

Having read reviews (post my purchase date) and recently on Facebook this seems to be a common problem with several owners saying had the same issue and wished they purchased the side by side duet. Some even said they sold the buggy because of the poor design which is really concerning to me.

I would love to know how this buggy works safely for this inbetween stage as can’t find anything online?

On another (and less important) note I’m also hugely disappointed with how quickly this buggy material has faded vs other mountain buggys. Ive taken really good care of the buggy, Ive never left the buggy out in the sun and it has faded so quickly. My lovely once was black buggy quickly became a faded brown buggy. Any suggestions on how to spruce it up would also be appreciated. Is there a spray dye or something similar that can be purchased?

Purchased in March 2016 for $1,000.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Suitable for RunningYes
Ease of Packing & Storage

Worst. Pram. Ever.

I really wish I hadn’t wasted my money on this pram. It’s shockingly bad.
The review from Elynn I’ve just read described all the faults perfectly - but to summerise;
Newborn “shelf” is really small and the toddler in front seat squashes the baby’s head.
You can’t put the baby in normal seat until it’s 4/5 months as they need the head control (therefore pram useless really until baby older).
Once you have baby (6 months plus) in back and toddler in front the toddlers weight (and mine is really small for her age) squashes the baby.
However if you put the baby in the front the toddler doesn’t fit in the back seat and gets annoyed they can’t see out.
The pram is wide and bulky and hard to navigate.
The pram is really heavy for getting in and out the car.
I repeat. Worst. Pram. Ever.

Absolute Worst Pram I have EVER Used!!

Great ideas - poor execution

Before this pram I used the Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan, a great and functional pram, easy to fold up and down, multiple ways to position your child etc. We changed to the Mountain Buggy +One just before our little girl was born... boy was that a mistake.

We didn’t go for competitors prams that have the second seat attached above the back wheels as my husband has long legs and felt this seat got in the way. We didn’t go for the duet as we knew our older child would everntually want to walk and it seemed silly to have one empty seat.... boy was that a mistake.

We went in store and tested out a few of the prams before my due date, putting our little guy in and pushing him around to see how we liked it. The sales lady showed us all the great features of this Mountain Buggy +One... they all seemed so great...

Until baby girl actually arrived, being a longer baby her only option was to lie diagonally across the back flat deck - the best way I can think to describe this area. What is supposed to be somewhat of a cocoon area for newborns is more like a storage tray. I’m told the way that it sways side to side is a design feature, it is supposed to help rock them to sleep, that’s fine when they are a newborn, not so great when you have a 15kg toddler in there and the weight shift every step you take means you need to literally hold the pram upright to keep the kids from tipping out - great arm workout though! Lying diagonally squished in here, if her feet were facing me her head was squished by her brother, however if I put her head at my end I would have to awkwardly slot her in through the back opening, or try drop her in from the top. After a couple of weeks she could no longer fit in there anyway and was too small to sit in a toddler seat (seeing as they don’t recline fully and she didn’t yet have the head control to sit upright) rendering our pram completely unusable for about 4-5 months.

The plastic wheels indicate to fill to 20 psi however the outer tyre suggest 30 or even 35... Leading to overfilling and the tyres and inner tubes having to be replaced mutliple times.. waste of money.

The toddler foot well at the back is so small we have to take my sons shoes off before we put him in. Also it ripped at the seams after a couple of months using it, not very sturdy fabric. And we HAVE to put him at the back as the front seat tilts so far back it squishes the little girls feet/legs from his weight, she’s marginally smaller so not as big of an issue if she is at the front.

Our pram was partially assembled when we took it out of the box, unbeknownst to us, the sun shade wasn’t together correctly and didn’t open and close fully. After a while, we took it in to the shop to get some help with a few annoyances, by then it was too late and it was warped in to the wrong shape.

The drinks holder isn’t big enough to hold a drink bottle, I’m not sure what drink would fit in here... I use it to hold my phone.

One hand quick fold...... what a joke. Not only do you have to fold and flatten the back seat before you fold it down, it take several hands to fold it down. The folding and unfolding is not at all intuitive, it’s taken me almost 18 months to instinctively reach to the right place to fold and unfold it. DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THE ONLINE VIDEOS, it isn’t that simple and light to fold away.

I really had high hopes for this pram, I usually love Mountain Buggy products but overall I was so disappointed. To spend close to $1000 on a pram I definitely feel like it was such a waste of money, I can’t even on-sell it to someone else to re-coup some of the money and buy a different pram as I wouldn’t wish this torture on even my worst enemies.

Unstable and hard to steer.

I got this pram at the end of 2016. I have used it for just over a year and have been extremely disappointed as it pulls to one side, awful steering & stability issues. I am due to have a newborn in a couple months and want to be able to take my 2 year old and newborn for walks if only I felt safe using it. Very disappointed with pram.

Awesome pram!

This ticked all the boxes for us. It's not too big a pram (same width as the single mountain buggy!) but can comfortably fit two kids and has decent basket storage space under the pram. It was ideal for our needs and is a good quality pram that we have never regretted purchasing.

Best Double Pram for Two Small Kids

I bought this pram when my kids were about one and three. I love that it's inline without one kid almost being dragged in the mud under the other seat or side by side either unevenly balanced or just making it difficult to get through spaces. I do a lot of walking up very rough tilted hills and it is fantastic (being a mountain buggy it has great suspension.). It has a great unhood, high quality fabric and frame and a decent basket. My older child has only grown out of it at age five. Great to manoeuvre, really can't fault it for our needs.

Pram of all prams

I wish I had known about this pram in the beginning of my searching. It’s light weight frame is easy lift out of the boot and open. It fits in the boot quite well for such a big framed pram. I really love how you can use the second seat as a shopping compartment by unvelcroing the seat insert and chucking it in the undercarriage. The hood covers both the kids which for me was important, especially during magpie season. Plenty of ventilation. Now about the recline... the back child can sleep. The front seat doesn’t recline much from an upright position. I have a Houdini strap on my front child’s seat which I find helps... but because this front seat is forward from the sides of the pram, they can’t lean on anything whilst sitting up. My kids don’t nap at the same time so I’m not too worried but it might be a problem for some. Now the whole pram is compact, especially for a double pram. This is great for keeping the kids close and for navigating. My eldest loves chatting through the extra netting in the hood. Pushing is a breeze. Pumping up the tyres is easy to do. I have a true kit from bunnings ($12). I am using this pram for daily walking. Even with two kids, some shopping and a bit of a Hill, I coped. I would highly recommend!

Mountain buggy plus one 2015+ model

My mountain Buggy plus one 2015+

Unless you actually need to have single buggy mode often I'd go for the side by side duo or duet as they turn so much easier in comparison & you don't have to squeeze a child into the back (& take their shoes off to go in the foot rest hole) if you want room for growing kids & have space in your car go for the duo, if not the duet. Also you can't use the ride on scooter behind unless in single mode as you have to have the hammock flat to insert the second seat, so you can't do 3 kids like you can with the duo & duet.

The things that the 2015+ model has improved from the 2012 model is that the back seat reclines & has an opening at the back now & the front seat has more leg room in length, the 2012 model my 18month old had bent up knees but the new 2015 model he's fine, this is because they've made it longer.

The size overall of the 2012 is better (more like the actual single models) but then your front child has no leg room. The material of 2012 is better (easier to keep clean) & the handle bar of the 2012 is better (wider easier to push with)

The new handle bar is too narrow, I prefer how it was on 2012-14 model which was same as single buggys so that I can hold with my hands further apart.
The material is like a soft canvas cotton which isn't so good to keep clean as the previous models. Especially considering the child in the back likes to hold the top of the front seat (not good if they get sticky hands as kids do:)
If you're looking at buying a plus one second hand, have a look at both models & see which you prefer.
*** If you buy an actual 2015 year model with pulling to one side, awful steering & stability issues contact Mountain Buggy as it may be one of the very first 2015 models that were recalled & will need a replacement frame.

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I have sold my plus one & bought a phil & teds single with a double seat that clips on the back when needed . It is so much better . I recommend a dot or navigator & good second hand ones come up on Trade me alot cheaper than plus ones.

My 4 week old is too long for the newborn part of the pram

I was extremely happy with my MB +one until today. I bought the pram for the purpose of transporting my two year old and my newborn around. I tried my 4 week old newborn in it for the first time today and he is too long for the newborn bit!!!! I ended up lying him squashed in diagonally because by that point my toddler was too excited about our walk to not go. But I've no idea what to do next.... I've got months until my newborn will have enough head strength to sit in a seat.

Light Weight Buggy Everones First Choice.

This pram is the most easiest of all prams I have used & tested. The lightest by far, with its stilish good looks a one handed push, a free hand for that well deserving coffee.
No pram comes close to this feather weight. No fuss!! your struggling days are over.
The Modern day mum with her soccer mum car won't sweat it folding & lifting this bug in to the boot.
An excellent choice for any size mum, just wanting what we expect, quality, simplicity & relaiability that can take the hard knocks.
No need for a second pram this buet will accommodate Bub throughout his/ her growing years. This pram is perfect for New borns and way beyond the toddler years.
This pram is capable of steering through sand, rocky surfaces perfect for the beach.
The buggy has a roomy storage area underneath the pram, for all bulbs needs.
This pram has its own highly durable mozzie breathable sun cover that cuts out the glare so Bub can sleep comfortable anywhere. Cleaning this bug is a dream the entire pram can be clipped off, washed and hung out to dry. The price was competitive with so many choices today . I'm definitely happy with my investment in my bulbs safety. It's definitely a non negotiable, no brainer purchasing the Mountain Buggy. Everyone's first choice

Lightweight and easy to fold up/assemble

Very happy with this buggy. Lightweight,easy to assemble and pack up. Compact for travel and it fits easily in the car boot. Lots of storage and easy to clean . Highly recommend and the price was spot on . Have recommended to other Mums looking for a pram . Value for money and no jammed fingers. Happy Mum happy Bub .

Very poor design

We bought this with the intention to use for our 2 year old and newborn. It was fine until my daughter was 4 months old and could no longer fit the cocoon, and did not have the head control to be able to safely sit up yet. Her poor little legs were cramped up and it was so uncomfortable for her. Thankfully, the store gave us store credit and we went with the Mountain Buggy Duet, a side-by-side pram, which is actually the same width as a single. Fantastic. After we complained about the Plus One, the store actually took the pram off the floor and did not sell it any more.

Pretty good

I bought this for my 1 and 3 year olds to use on the school run so I can't comment on the newborn aspect. Its light to lift in and out of the car, easy to fold and to put up and the best thing is you don't have to attach a seat every time you get it out. Its also narrow and easy to manoeuvre in busy corridors. Also great to use when I just have the one kid for shopping etc. Great quality too. Disadvantage is the seats don't recline in case you have one child that wants to nap, but my kids tend to nap at home so this hasn't been a problem.

Great for two toddlers on short walks

Was great initially until my baby hit 3 months and now is too big for the cocoon, which is made of very thick fabric so not great for summer as the poor baby just sweated, even in NZ we have hot summers. Even now at 7 months she is still not ready foe the upright seat as it does not recline. On long walks when one has both children in the pram the seats don't recline so the babies can't sleep comfortably.

Great double but some limitation with newborn

We purchased the MB plus one to use with our two year old and newborn. my first impression of this pram is that it's really well made and the fabric is tough. We were lucky to get a deal on this pram and we got the footmuff and raincover for free. I was surprised that the raincover was not included - we live in Ireland so this was a must for us!
The cocoon is really comfy but unfortunately only got 8 weeks use out of it. Our baby outgrew it very quickly and now have a bassinet mattress in the back to give her more room. I have to use two small towels, one at either end to balance out the mattress. She is close to filling the length of the back portion and she is nearly 4 months old.
My two year old toddler LOVES this pram (have used a Quinny, mamas and papas and MacClaren with him also). It would be great if the footrest was adjustable but it doesn't seem to bother him.
We love the outdoors and this is were the MB rocks. It's definitely fit for purpose on trails but a bit of advice - have a puncture repair kit/ spare tube and pump on board!
One other thing that would have been nice to include was a pocket with zip to place your valuables...I had to buy the bag accessory which again was a extra cost.
I really think that this pram comes into its own with two toddlers. I am happy to live with the limitations until my youngest reaches 6 months.
It is a really quality product and I am delighted with my purchase over the other doubles on the market.

I love the Mountain buggy range !!!! But before you buy the +one...

Love the pram But... I Upgraded to a +one from a swift when I was expecting # 2, it's my only mode of transport. Great design for toddlers, (if you have multiples. ) But newborns are way too big for the Cacoon Carrycot after 3 months+, and there's no ventilation!!! It's just not a good pram for warm climates! I lived in Tasmania and now in Sydney... You need the ventilation!!! My baby ends up in the sling half way every trip, and that's not cool... excuse the pun... She's now 5 months and still not strong enough and too small to go in the front but waaay too big to go in the cacoon. Bad design but great idea. The fabric is great for rain showers, The sun shade Is fantastic for protection, But it's all too heavy for Australian climates unless you're in Melbourne( sometimes ), Tassie and maybe Canberra... Still we're not in NZ...A massive waste of money. I'm going to have to get another pram, just so I can have my daily sanity and get out and about in all weather with # 2... Peace out.

This is the best inline stroller on the market by far.. It is great looking and easy to use...

I have owned a phil and teds, McLaren and urban city... The mountain buggy is the best so far.. I love it ... It fits two bigger children in it and it is a breeze to push ...

Love the way it looks ... it is safe and doesn't tip over like the phil and teds and the kids love it ... The hood is the best hood I have ever had ... I really love this pram ...

It converts back to a single no fuss and it is smart to look at ...

If you want extra storage space the second seat fits a ton of shopping in it if you are walking to the shop...

February 1st 2015 Update:
Great double pram, heaps of room, stylish, easy to push. This pram can be a single or quickly converted into a double .. In double mode it fits two big toddlers easily. My children loved sitting in the back. It is fantastic in the shops .. Easy to steer and looks smart .. Many people taking a second look as it looks like a regular mountain buggy but the cool design means it easily fits two.

We has a city select .. But this pram was by far the best. In single mode the pram lies flat, has great ventalation and the beautiful big hood arches over the whole pram creating a really spacious an airy sleeping space ... I love this pram.

It has been an absolute beauty. We went travelling and took this pram. We had so much room for storage, it was easy to get off an on the boats and buses .. It goes on the beach, we have been on bush walks,

If you want a pram that is practical, has lots of room and handles two toddlers with ease .. This pram is the best pram on the market.

Doesnt fall over like the phil and teds, folds in one piece and is well made, and very practical .. Love this pram.
safe, easy to push, great looking, fun for the kids, well made, versatile
people say it is a bit small but my kids a big and they love it no worries

Very handy for baby and older toddler

I read the reviews before buying this pram, expecting that I'd have to persevere with it until my youngest was 6 months and could sit up but I found there was enough recline in the front seat if I took the support bar out and looped the clips around the pram frame instead. I contacted mb and they said it was fine to do this. My 5 month old has no problem sleeping in the front seat with the straps adjusted all the way out. My 2yrs 8 months son fits comfortably in the back still. Also there is the option to unclip the straps and the seat lays back completely, although you can't do this with a passenger in the back seat.

This pram is perfect if you have a children about 2 years apart because you can let your older toddler walk and aren't left pushing one child around in a large double pram.

Great inline jogger pram

Has been great for transporting our 3 yo and 6 mth around. The baby carry bag is really handy - have even used this for transporting bub on the tram. In line design great and the quick release tyres are fabulous for when you are travelling. Have also loved the flexibility of the sunshade. Better storage on this than our old phil and teds.
Great storage , works well as a single or double pram

Easier to push than Phil and Teds Navigator, beach/sand friendly

I do not own either a MB of P&T pram...yet....we are still deciding which to buy for our first child, due in Feb 2014, and we want something we could use for two kids, maybe!
We both test-drove both prams (double kit on P&T) in the shop with those baby and 12kg child weights that you can use to see how the pram feels to actually push without finding a child and a baby to actually put in the pram. Mountain Buggy +1 was far eaiser to push off, manover, and felt lighter (even though the weight of the prams is very similar and the two baby-weights identical!). The physics of the MB were definitely superior!
ALSO another intresting factor, one store we talked with mentioned the P&T prams should not be taken on the beach, it is near impossible to clean out the wheel axes and rental P&ts this store owns had rusted through after only a months worth of use as people continued to take them on the sand. MB buggys have a different wheel and axel system than enables them to be cleaned and re-greased easily after a trip to the beach.
Double buggy, beach friendly, easier to push with two kids
Downside is the two seats cant both have some recline with two older children. Also the restricted space for a newborn/young baby and if they grow to big but cant support their head or go to sleep in the front, then you cant use the buggy safely!

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Questions & Answers

I have a very tall 2 1/2 year old and 6 month old and thinking of purchasing mountain buggy plus one. I have found double prams in the past hard to push, heavy and un usable. The reviews seem good and I want to attach a free rider for my toddler. Are there any negatives to this and is this best option?
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Hi Kate, The one thing I love about the MB +1 is its maneuverability. The swivel wheel at the front make it a breeze to negotiate in shopping centers etc. I also go jogging with the pram and I can negotiate our busy seafront promenade using one hand while running. I am aware that MB have released a new MB +1...apparently the front footrest is adjustable so that would help if your younger child is tall. My boy will be 3 yrs old in Jan and he sits in the back comfortably, he is 98 cm.... I don't know what the changes have been made ( if any) to the back section of the new MB. I would suggest trying to check one out if it was handy for you. Good luck!Hi Kate, Apologies, there was a typo in my response. My boy is 94 cms. Also, I don't have a free rider so I can't comment on this. CheersI find it very cramped for my 3 year old and he's small. But my youngest is now one and could possibly go in the back now. I love the size of the pram and the way it manoeuvres, but now my son is 3 he prefers to walk most of the time. I wish I had my swift again.

Hi I'm trying to decide what pram to buy, I have the urban jungle and love it but bubs number two is due end of nov and my first will be 4 end of dec he won't be in the pram much but we are often out so Id like the option of being able to put him in. Any thoughts on the plus 1 for a 4yr old and new born? Keeping in mind it's going to be summer time aswell
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Hiya, I think it will be ok while the baby is under 6 months, then you will find the baby is too big and gets too hot for the cocoon and although the rear seat can lie down, they constantly kick at the toddler seat in the front, but by this time your 4 yr old may no longer want to ride in the pram. Ever thought of just getting a front carrier and keeping your existing pram for the older one? cheersHi, Obviously when your new baby arrives the little one would go in the back and your boy in the front seat. My boy is 2 and a half and had his knees bent fully in the front seat as the footrest is not adjustable. He now sits in the backseat and is fairly snug....my point being that my son is half the age of your boy so I would be concerned about space. If there is anyway you can physically check out the pram with your child in all configurations I would highly recommend it. Good luck! BabsI don't think it will be good for a 4 year old. It's ok when big boy is in the front but when bubba has to migrate to the front which is way too early because they're too small and you have to carry them in a sling and push the pram for 3 months. I have a 2.5 yr old and it's squishy with no leg room and it's way too hot for bubba in the back.

Are you meant to use the main seat positioning bar in two toddler mode or should i just put the two clips (that you'd use to clip the main seat onto the positioning bar) around the frame at the sides? I have noticed that without the positioning bar there is much more recline for the front passenger if I adjust the clips all way out and thread them around the frame but is this ok to do?
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Totally agree with your options and works great like that four two toddler mode. The bar was best at the end of the baby mode when they were getting long.


Price (RRP) $899.00
Seating Type Single and Tandem
Suitable Age0+ months
Max User Weight 25 kg
Seat OrientationForward-facing
Bassinet Compatible Yes (Included)
Capsule CompatibleYes, with addition of adapters
FeaturesArm Bar, Cup Holder, Height-Adjustable Handle, Locking Front Wheels and Under-seat Storage
Weight13 kg
Folded Dimensions109 x 63 x 37 cm
Release dateNov 2011

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