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Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle

Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle

2015 Model, Luxury and Legacy
3.9 from 69 reviews

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Great pram for rougher terrain

I purchased this pram after the original pram I got for my son turned out to be woeful. My main requirement was something that could handle slightly rougher terrain (gravel, sand, cracked pavement) without giving my son a headache from the constant jolting! So far I have only used it with capsule adaptors (for MaxiCosi capsule - an extra $79 but well worth it) as he is only 10 weeks old, but the ride is super smooth, pram is easy to maneuver with one hand, folds up and down easily, has a decent sized basket and even came with a drink holder and nappy bag. Only criticism would be that it would be quite easy to tip with the capsule attached as it sits very high. Once bub is in the seat I don't anticipate this being an issue. Highly reccomend. Was actually cheaper than the terrible pram I stupidly purchased originally! Great value for money.

Purchased in April 2019 at Babyland for $699.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Suitable for RunningYes
Ease of Packing & Storage

Great for running, quite bulky though

I love this pram for running, it's very smooth. However I would love if it could take 2 kids. That bassinet never seemed to attach properly. Capsule was great. Full sized seat had some excellent features like laying down flat. Just quite a big pram. I'd get something more compact

Ok not great

Steers beautifully and suspension is great. Handles different surfaces with ease. Basket storage is reasonable but not the biggest and an awkward shape. Bassinet is average. Parent facing seat is very poor, if this is important to you I would recommend choosing a different pram. The stroller seat is also average. It’s lopsided and the straps are useless at best. The sunshade is also poor-doesn’t stay up properly and even when it is up coverage is minimal. Easy to fold but heavy and bulky

Purchased in September 2018.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Ease of Packing & Storage

Survived 3 kids and a lot of walking since 2012

Bought the mountain buggy in 2012 for the first child. The only additional attachment we took was the rain cover. and carried the all three children in it from the time they were born.

Over that time it's been the only pram and has been used in a variety of terrains including the typical walking tracks with gravel but a fairly smooth track through to some quite rough tracks with lots of rocks and steps that the pram needed to be pushed over. Its also been through some snow.

All in all the pram has survived. The whole time the adjustable part of the handle bars felt kind of flimsy but did not break even with a substantial amount of force applied (Rocky surfaces). The tyres and tubes had to be replaced about 3 times. They just wore out the tyres are not quite as long lasting as say bike tyres, replacement was easy enough though. One of the wheels bearings wore out after 5 years probably due to mud getting in, but for $20 including delivery we could order replacement bearings for all 3 wheels from mountain buggy.

The main complaint is that some of the buttons that hold the seat to the frame kept popping open as the kids got bigger. I could just order the replacement section but I suspect it will last long enough that i'll no longer need a pram

Great purchase!

I love our Mountains Buggy Urban Jungle! We decid d to go with a pram that had 3 wheels, and we had also heard that this model of pram is great for running with also! It’s sturdy and is competent in going off road also. My only critique is that the bassinet (purchased separately) for this pram is bulky and somewhat poor quality compared to others that I have seen. The bassinet is difficult to disassemble as you have to remove the bassinet prior to folding up the pram, and takes up a lot of room in the car as a result of this.

We love our Mountain buggy!

I purchased this pram when my first child was a toddler. We are now using it with our second child and cannot fault it.
I really wanted a pram that was able to go off-road with ease. We had 2 prams prior and both were not able to be used on gravel, and over grass were quite awkward to manoeuvre.

If you are looking for a pram that is smooth, easy to manoeuvre on all terrain, big and comfortable for your child, has a large basket then this is the right one for you!

I ended up getting the bassinet free through the Mountain Buggy website (purchased an existing model) and it came in handy when our second baby came along.

We have only had to replace one of the inner tyres once, due to a catheat. Otherwise the pram is so sturdy and has lasted well. We use it for regular walks, holidays and shopping. Highly recommend!

Love this pram!

I loved the 3 wheels after pushing my friends pram 4 wheeler around (steel craft). It is easy to steer and very manoeuvrable. The air filled tyres make it very comfortable for baby and it also has shock absorbers to reduce the bounce on rough surfaces. So far this pram is used twice daily for nearly 7 months, it’s spent many hours at the beach, camping, rain forest walks in the back of my husbands ute and it is still in perfect condition.

The only negative I have is it was a little bit unbalanced while we were using it with the capsule (maxi cosi) so you had to make sure you balanced it really carefully off the gutter or through a pot hole etc.

Great Pram that will go anywhere, smooth ride for baby

Extremely easy to manoeuvre and with great suspension, guaranteeing a smooth ride for Bub. We have had this since August 2017 and purchased brand new in the black colour. We also purchased the Maxi Cosi capsule adaptors to go with it. Has been a very handy pram given the capsule clips straight in with bub facing you. We aren't looking forward to putting the pram seat back in and having bub face the other way where we cannot see him, but I'm sure he will enjoy looking out and seeing everything going on around him. It came with an insulated drink holder that straps to the frame. The fold up is easy, even with only one hand, its all in one piece, not a jigsaw to put together. Its great that it locks together once folded so that its not trying to open back up at you when you are putting back in the car. It is also very easy to open. There are two main things I love about this pram, the fact that the wheels are good wheels, not plastic and noisy, and the fact that the brake is in the handle. It takes a lot to get used to, but so handy and stops your feet from hitting the rear brake in other prams.


I got the mountain buggy urban jungle just before my baby was born, it has been the best purchase so far! It is easy to maneuver once you get the hang of it, it is so simple to fold although unfolding can be a touch tricky, only because I find the release mechanism on the "wrong" side!
It is a very large pram but that was perfect for me as I didn't want to have to purchase another as my baby grew. I highly recommend the mountain buggy range!

Poor quality

I loved the look of this pram (nautical luxury) and was so so excited. The hood is very rarely extended and 18 months in looks 10 years old from the obsurd amount of fading. Adding to the the entire Brake system has gone so have had to pay for a new one as my pram is currently stuck in lock mode and is unusable.
Extremely disappointing and definitely not the standard which it is advertised as being.

Our best baby product purchase!

Purchased new including CarryCot which doubled as a bassinet for 5 months. Worth every cent. Excellent quality, great suspension and find easy to maneuver in all terrain. The storage basket is deep and easily accessible making shopping convenient with a baby. The hand brake is practical and folding the pram is simple. The only downside for me has been the weight (approx 11.5kgs) however this is a small sacrifice for the quality.

mountain buggy

So i had purchased a second hand mountain buggy which was previously loved and it was still faultless and was so happy with it i decided to upgrade to a newer model for no other reason than just as a treat its easy to fold away and if needed i can even quickly unclip the wheels to make it even more compact. The suspension and the large wheels makes it glide on ruff terrain when we go off road .

Fantastic pram

Fantastic pram worth every cent. Manoeuvres easily and very well, has been a dream in shopping centres, footpaths and off road. Holds up to a high weight, meaning we have been able to let our 4 year old sleep in it on the off occation. Incredibly easy to fold and unfold, a bit large but we knew the size when we brought it.

Great, straightforward pram that maneuvers really well.

This is a great, very well built straightforward pram. I've found it particularly useful to use in my area with lots of cobbled laneways and parks, mainly due to the air tyres and suspension - it just glides along super easily. Also, due to only having three wheels it's really easy to get on and off trams (that aren't packed) by locking the front wheel. My two frustrations are that the fabric on the hood (black) fades and the seat recline buckles are fiddly, but worh practise they're fine. I also didn't use it with my newborn, because we mainly used a carrier for the first four month , but believe you can get a bassinet for it!

Great looking pram

Easy to maneuver and folds with the press of 1 button. Fits in my mazda3 boot (small!) And still room for shopping and is not too heavy. Great pram for forward facing babies and young children alike. Good quality materials and build. I've had many compliments on this pram so highly recommend.

Genuine review.

This pram is one of the best prams i have used. Can not rate this pram enough. Having two children so i have bought and sold a few as they were to heavy and not that comfortable for a baby and toddler. This pram ticks every box. It's stylish, super comfortable and easy to maneuver and easy to fold down. It had large wheels that make it super sturdy for walking and jogging. Would highly recommend this pram but the only down side is the wheels have to be pumped up regular and can get punctures.

Great pram for offroad or running

Agile pram with good control and steering. Good wheel turn. Can lock front wheel for running giving improved control. Supportive and good suspension for bumpy or offroad. Very pleased with fabric and wear. Folds easy but is bigger than other prams to fit in the boot. I still managed to fit this in a small sedan tho so don't be put off. Plenty of room for a growing child and the width is better than the swift for a toddler. Would recommend.

Great for bumpy terrain

Great pram for bumpy roads, parks, near the beach etc. Easy to maneuver, good storage and love the different seating positions. On the downside it is rather big and awkward to get in the car. We found we would only use the pram for walking around home and only took it in the car if really necessary.

A bit of a beast!

This is quite a large pram. Great for outdoors but not so much your friend indoors and out shopping. Looking back I'd go for the Baby jogger City elite as it has more smart features but didn't have the quality of material that the mountain buggy has. They're both the same size tho. Apart from it's size, it's great navigating this around bends, up and down off footpaths and any type of obstacles you'd hesitate with other prams. Those big tyres are gold! Bit awkward to get the hang of folding and unfolding with the dust third wheel and it's quite heavy as a single system rather than separate parts like other strollers.

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I'd also add the Sun canopy is pretty limited consisting it's marketed as an outdoor pram.

Great pram, but can be heavy and awkward

Love my Mountain Buggy, so easy to maneuver and great for all types of terrain and also for the light jog (when baby is old enough). Love the versatility of having the various attachments for bassinet, capsule, +3 months seat that has a full recline. It's a lifelong pram. And now we have a skateboard attachment for our toddler and back to the bassinet for our newborn. It's only downside, like most prams, it can be awkward to fit into a car. It folds nicely and doesn't take up a lot of room in the car, but the length can be problematic if the boot opening isn't wide enough. Like any pram purchase, take your car and try it out before buying.

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Questions & Answers

I’m looking at this pram Mountain Buggy Urban 3 and wanting to know how easy it to push with one hand ? I have big dogs and wanting to walk them while pushing the pram. My current pram phill and Teds 4 wheels is horrible to push with one hand. Also is this pram heavy to lift in and out of the car? Thanks
1 answer
I have the Urban Jungle and walk 5km every day with my 35kg husky. It is the perfect 1 handed pram, so easy to steer! It is however a heavier pram to load in and out of the car, but I'm still managing it at 6 months pregnant.

I noticed there's a zipper on the hood of my UJ. What is it idee for?
1 answer
The mesh shade cover attaches to it.

Hi! Would an 2015 Urban Jungle suncover fit to the older version of Urban Jungle ( pre 2015)? Thank you
1 answer
Hmm, I'm not actually sure. You could try emailing mountain buggy and asking, their customer service is pretty good :)


Urban Jungle 2015 ModelUrban Jungle LuxuryUrban Jungle Legacy
Price (RRP) $749.00$999.00$679.95
Seating Type SingleSingle
Suitable Age0+ months
Max User Weight 25 kg
Bassinet Compatible Yes (Sold Separately)
Capsule CompatibleYes, with addition of adapters
FeaturesArm Bar, Height-Adjustable Handle, Locking Front Wheels, Suspension and Under-seat Storage
Wheel MaterialInflatable
Weight11.5 kg
Folded Dimensions90 x 63 x 33 cm
Replaced byMountain Buggy Urban Jungle 2015 Model

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