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Don’t even bother!

Deserves 0 stars. Booked appt for new antenna after our build; shows up 1.5hrs late without an apology, waltz into the house with his dirty boots to try sell me the most expensive antenna without checking signal strength; Says I’ll need an amplifier on top of quoted amount $500+. GTFOH; I’m glad I read previous reviews. Pure crap!!
Stressful enough trying to settle my 4m baby and you have inconsiderate halfwits trying to rip you off.

New Antenna

Required a new antenna as the old analogue developed a fault mainly when raining. Called Mr Antenna and "technician" came and checked and said we needed a new antenna. He said because our area had bad reception (although we had good pictures with the old analogue antenna) we would need the top of the range antenna at $649 AND an amplifier at $299. Antennas and amplifiers sell for a fraction of these prices and the installation was simple being a single storey house and the antenna on a 'hockey Stick" attached to the facia board. (NOT on top of the roof)
After installation we were back to a normal picture.
I then had a look at the government website "My Switch" which stated our area had good reception and no need for amplifiers. No doubt we did not need top of the range antenna either.

Cannot recommend Mr Antenna

Not recommended

I went with Mr Antenna as the reviews were all positive and the other quotes I had were roughly what Mr Antenna would charge. Installer first took a signal strength reading and told me the signal was very low so I chose a roughly $400 antenna ( 4 to choose from.) The installer then said that the chosen antenna would not give me a good signal and suggested the $627 model. I accepted his expertise but was somewhat alarmed to be told that only one of their antennas actually gave a good signal in a low signal area. Once the antenna was installed the installer showed me on his signal tester that the signal was still not adequate and said I needed an amplifier - another roughly $200 and new cable. I said I couldn’t afford this and he told me that I would not get the lifetime warranty on the antenna (a main selling point) unless I also bought an amplifier. In the end it cost $874.00. I would caution future users of Mr. Antenna to ask for a worst case scenario price that could include everything that might be needed before going ahead with an installation.

antenna reception prompt professional fix

Shane arrived on time and ready to investigate coaxial cables running from antenna...quickly tested lines for signal and rectified both upstairs point and relocated downstairs..all fixed tuned ..all channels perfect.. very competitive pricing..well done Shane.

Amazing and honest service

We moved into our new house about 18 months ago. It was an existing property, and already had an aerial. However we had absolutely no TV reception. We had received a quote from a competitor when we moved in who advised we needed a brand new digital aerial that was capable of receiving transmission to our area which is in a Valley. The quote at the time was over the top. As such we decided against the aerial and just got Foxtel installed that operated via satelite dish which we knew would work. Problem solved as we now got free to air channels as well. But after 18 months we decided it was time to go ahead and fix the issue. We decided to try Mr Antenna and had set aside a fair amount of money. The tech came out, had a look at our current aerial from the street before even knocking on our door (we had already explained our issue to the call centre so they were prepared for our situation) and he was able to tell us straight away what was needed. All we needed was a booster on our power point! All up about $120 which included the standard call out fee which we were already aware of. The aerial was perfect, and not the issue. He plugged in the booster, tuned in the TV and picture perfect.

The staff at Mr Antenna are true professionals who have proven they will only sell you what you need. We were prepared and expecting to purchase a brand new aerial, but instead they showed complete honesty! Highly recommend these guys.
As for the Call Centre, they were fantastic. Friendly and down to earth service. More Companies could learn a lot from these guys.

Great work ethic and great service guys. You are awesome. Well done. We will definitely be recommending you!

Reception fix - excellent service

Technician Craig arrived promptly, identified and explained the problem. Resolved very competently and and in very hot conditions.The system is now working perfectly and the cost was incredibly reasonable.
Very professional, friendly. Highly recommended.

Fantactic Job done by Mr Antenna's "Craig Aitken"

I contacted Mr antenna last November and got a quote. This morning I contacted Mr antenna and I was put in straightaway I had my appointment with Craig Aitken from Mr antenna at 12 o’clock today. The work was unbelievably great. I just personally want to thank Craig doing a wonderful job on a very hot day. The install was excellent his attitude was excellent I recommend Mr antenna to anyone who is reading this review and specially want to thank Craig from Mr antenna once again for a fantastic job

Prompt and efficient

Called them to fix long standing pixelation issue on our TV. They were efficient from booking to reminder to technician to payment. Ernie was also good at explaining things in simple terms. The price was reasonable and both payment and invoicing seamless.

Excellent job. Swift diagnosis, excellent follow up reccomendation. All wored really well

Quick diagnosis of the problem. Swift replacement of the (once seen, quite obviously faulty) head amplifier. Diagnosis of what shortfalls might be left. Quick trial of an updated antenna. Results measurable ommendable. All done swiftly.

Very efficient

The employee turned up on time, was very friendly and honest in his diagnosis. I would definitely use this company again

Prompt Helpful Service

Mr Antenna was extremely committed to finding a solution to our TV Antenna problem and was prepared to offer advice and suggest issues that could have impacted on the situation. Suggested other avenues to pursue (Energex), when it became clear that our Antenna was NOT faulty. As a result of follow up, it was an Energex issue now rectified and TV reception is again perfect without having to replace the existing antenna.
Would recommend Mr Antenna without hesitation. Also replaced a manhole damaged cover that Mr antenna had nothing to do with.

Great customer service!

Helpful, friendly, assessed an aerial we had on hand, said it was good for what we needed, didn’t force us to buy a new one. Good advice to install it inside our roof cavity! Very happy :)

Line down on show!

Tech was great, worked hard and fast but with great quality control, can’t be happier!
Picture is clear and strong now, better than before.

Perfect clear picture now.

Can watch TV without losing signal. Nice clear picture.
The antenna man was friendly and changed the antenna in a timely manner.

Great Company

Very friendly and helpful people. Explaining in detail what needed to be done and why. Great experience. Will definitely recommend Mr Antenna to friends.

excellent service

george was great on time fixed my antena and added extra power points amazing attitude and friendly staff made this a breeze

Great service

Great support, advice and service. Totally recommend for all things antenna. Did everything I asked and very trust worthy service

Excellent service and advice

I had great experience with Mr Antenna. I was given good advice on which antenna to choose and the new antenna was professionally installed with minimum fuss and very quickly. The installer was polite and courteous. I would not hesitate using them again.

Great service and no bull

Mr antenna came to install a antenna at my property in kellyville, after get many other quotes for other companies I decide to go with Mr antenna for their great price and no crap.
Just straight to the point with reasonable price.

Mr Antenna was great

Shane was fantastic,great people skills,was on time. I would recommend Mr Antenna to all.Shane was very professional.
He was on time.

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Questions & Answers

Just recently, my television started pixilating......I thought it might be that the coaxial cable had come loose. After fiddling with it, it seemed to improve....but now every so often the TV makes a bit of a noise, and words are missing......Could it be the antenna? We have had strong wind and storms.
1 answer
Hi Jude, Thanks for reaching out to us. Based on the notes you have shared, a number of things could be at play. There could be signal loose due to poor contacts from the cable, there could be cable or antenna damage, or interference. Depending on the distance of the antenna from your TV set (and the length of cable used) there could be signal loss. The best option would be for one of our technicians to attend and conduct an on-site inspection. They can then provide a no obligation assessment and free on-site quote to correct the problem. If you'd like to go ahead with this please give us a call on 13 11 49 or send us the best number to reach you on and a member of our team will be in touch.

I purchased my antenna from you about 18 months ago. It has stopped working, I tried unplugging the antenna and the tv's from the wall outlets and plugged them back in again. I tried doing the channel search. I tested the outlet to be sure it is working. I still am not getting a signal. What else can I do?
1 answer
Hi Lorraine, it should be covered under warranty. Call 13 11 49 and tell them about your issue and they will organise for someone to come and sort it out.

Hi. Want to make enquiry. How much is the price of airal anthena? Not sure if its the right word. I live in clyde north. Thanks - joy
1 answer
Hi. Not sure of the detailed cost. But we paid $700 and this included a new antenna, a new antenna outlet in our study, and two new digital wall fitments where we already had an old analogue connector.

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