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Mr Sheen Furniture Polish

Mr Sheen Furniture Polish

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But... “Trigger Pack” version of Mr Sheen makes RUST !

I have used the pressure pack spray version of Mr Sheen for many years to polish and preserve the hardware such as cymbal stands and shell fittings on my drum kits. One time in an attempt to be more Earth friendly I tried the “trigger pack” version to preserve a brand new snare drum and found the fittings RUSTY the next day! I was not impressed. After that I returned to only using the product in the steel pressure pack.

Not happy Mr Sheen

This product has lost it's sheen . Been a user since my teens to clean my motorcycles. Now after using the same product it leaves streaking marks on the paint work and water stains. Formula has obviously been changed usually comes down to cost cutting to make more profit

Mr Sheen Multi Surface Polish

The name on the tin of Mr Sheen that I have, is stated as above, "Mr Sheen Multi Surface Polish". It also says "with Weatherguard." It has the same smell and foamy texture as the Mr Sheen that has been around since the 1950's

I use this product for cleaning the see-thru visor on my motorcycle helmet and the white fairings on my scooter. It puts a smooth surface on everything I clean and if the surface gets wet, it will make the water bead, so it runs off easily.
I use it as a finishing product on tables and benches and It also cleans off some minor dirty spots.

As it is designed for inside use, i wouldn't expect it to have very good sun protection properties or be long lasting outdoors, but it is easy to reapply if the right product is not available.
I have no complaints about this product and will continue to use it.

Mr sheen original

I normally buy spring fresh polish, my son purchased the original by mistake, and what a mistake, it smells like fly spray, its disgusting. It is in the bin now.


Can’t believe Mr Sheen is a furniture polish which stains. The polish stained my wallpaper when it dripped from the dado rail. Not even bleach could get rid of the stain! Finally had to cover it with paint. I am throwing the tin away.

not happy

i have always brought mr sheen and always was happy with the product but it does not do the job any more am going to replace it with another product. Am really diappointed in a product that has always been excellent

Mr.Sheen New Fragrance

Mr.Sheen works beautifully on leather, when no time for leather protecting and polishing, use in between.
Old Mr. Sheen ran out so purchased new Fragrance, OMG within 5 mins the smell was making me feel sick, smells like bathroom hygiene products, gag!!! Bring back the retro old smell!! Had to do the lounges and chairs in stages so not to be overcome by the fumes, but you sure work little Mr.Sheen, love you little man!!!

Mr Sheen does what it says.

How silly to say it attracts dust, you just see it more. It can't create dust, besides if you want dust free surfaces it should be polished say once a week and a light dust over should be done each day and that takes a couple of minutes Mr.Sheen may show it up but kept clean it's magic.

You should dust every day. Our dead skins cells make up most of the dust. Often if you are dusting wrong all you are doing is moving it around. Always use a damp clothe to dust it actually takes the dust away, you are putting it into the clothe and not making it float around the air to find a new dusting spot ... without a damp cloth all you are doing is rearranging the dust.
Hope this is helpful.
Works as it says. So easy to use. Smells and looks great when the room is done. I really love the product and is what I have stuck with.
I don't like aerosols or sprays that create too fine a mist.I also miss the adds.

a good furniture polish

A lovely furniture polish that has a very subtle scent to it. it gets the furniture clean and is not that expensive to buy its available from all the major supermarkets. My only issues with this polish is that it seems to attract the dust. Only a day after dusting there is often a big film of dust again on the surfaces that i just dusted the day before. So although it does clean well it does attract the dust making you use more product and also using up more time and energy which is a precious commodity in my household.
smells nice gets the job done
attracts the dust

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I have found, on our coffee tables, instead of making them mark free and with that polished look.... they bring out all the old hot cup marks in white rings. Just the coffee tables mind you... the other surfaces eg. laminate... don't have this problem. I now use OCedar Liquid Furniture Polish on them.... works a treat.

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Can it be used on outdoor wooden table and chairs
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can i use Mr Sheen polish on leather?
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Yes, I use it between using a leather protector, Protector 2 x a year and Mister Sheen whenever it is dusty once a week, its seems to help retain the moisture and has a lovely look, cleans waxes and polishes. Love that little man, haha!Don't do it. It has silicones & waxes in it which will suffocate your leather, & solvents that will eat away at your top protective coat of your leather & disintegrate it eventually.

How can I keep vinyl (it looks like wood) floors clean? Suppliers say to just spray with water and microfibre cloth. However they always look like they need some protective polish.
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Don't use Mr. Sheen it will make the floor too slippery and someone will get hurt, haha. Try some vinegar or mentholated spirits, half cup in bucket of water and half scoop of Biozet washing powder for top loaders, hot water and dry with soft towel and looks amazing.I always find Pledge 'ONE GO' is brilliant and not slippery. I love it just add some to the mop water and off you go. It's made by'Johnson '


Furniture Polish
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