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Mtm 58SX

Mtm 58SX

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Genuine no frills workhorse,love it

I bought an MTM 62sx,when it arrived I had it running within 15 mins of receiving it.Starts easy and I have worked this thing so hard,I am totally impressed. I am using it to cut through 30inch logs and it hasn’t missed a beat,the Husqvarna gave up two trees ago,yes it leaks a little,it’s a chainsaw not an ornament and yes I would buy another one if this ever packs it in...9.5 out of 10

Purchased in July 2018 for $119.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance

Great expectations - Okay performance - Grand finale when it died only after 2 weeks.

Easy to start following traditional chainsaw starting procedure.
Smokes like a trooper - not bad if you don't mind killing yourself with toxic fumes.
Plenty of power at first - terrible chain and requires constant sharpening when cutting hardwoods (rose gum, stringy bark, iron bark, etc).
Cheap construction - the metal casting of the bar oiler compartment comes with defects.
Hideous colour when it's next to a Husqvarna. Neon orange feels like radioactive orange pop.
Chain brake seized up after only 1 week of daily use.
Spark plug cord snapped clean off after checking the spark plug (experienced small engine user).
Not worth repairing - service department of seller (Edisons) is unreliable.
OK saw if you have a single job to perform or are a city dweller or part time 4x4 adventurer.
NOT ok if you own an acreage or intend on cutting any amount of wood over a days work (4-5 tanks).

Date PurchasedSep 2018

Component failure after 2 uses

The quick start didn't work well right out of the box. It takes about 5 minutes to actually start, and lots of force. Edison was NOT helpful and tried to explain the difference between bar oil and 2 stroke fuel.

After the second use, the on-off switch stopped working (stuck in the on position). So I had to use the choke to stall the engine (Not a safe tool). So this one has 2 mechanical failures in 2 uses.

Edison has not been very helpful about replacement or repair.

I bought the 22" and 20" models at the same time.
The 22" starts easy and runs well. No issues there.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Cheap chainsaw. It works. What more can you expect.

This was the cheapest 20" chainsaws on ebay @ $109 including postage. I bought it to cut down a big date palm. If I hired a chainsaw I would have needed to do the job all in one hit and it would have probably cost me just as much to hire as buy. This was I did the job over 4 weekends and at the end of it I still own a chainsaw.

- The pull start is super light and easy pull eg you are having to fight piston compression like on some chainsaws.
- The cc's so it has lots of grunt, 49cc engines tend to bog down.
- Comes with chainsaw gaurd.
- Ignition kill switch is easy to turn on and off.

- You get what you pay for, therefore it does feel cheap and don't expect to have this chainsaw for life or cut lots and lots of wood with it.
- The chainbar oil did leak on me as well when it sat over the week. It doesn't bother me coz I just tip the chainbar oil out of the tank and back into the chainbar oil container after I have finished using it.
- The chain that comes with it is cheap and stretches quickly which means you need to re-adjust often. After I cut my palm down I have no more adjustment left and the chain is hanging off the bar.
- I am now concerned about buy chains off ebay as I am pretty sure they will stretch quickly too. But then again I hardly do any chainsawing so might as well just buy a cheap chain.

To summize:
If you are looking for a cheap portable chainsaw with a big bar and plenty of grunt and you understand that cheap means cheaply produced than this is a good buy. I am happy with my purchases. Although as I probably won't use it again for at least 5 years, I probably should have bought a electric chainsaw as the carby gaskets on the petrol chainsaw will go hard eventually and I will end up with problems. I think at the time when I bought it I was just looking at this massive spikey palm tree and just wanted to decimate it and got trigger happy.

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Follow up 1 year later after the chainsaw has been sitting a year from the date palm job. I pulled the chainsaw out to cut a whole tree big eculyptus tree up that I got off my neighbour's tree loppers when he had the tree cut down. It worked first start and I had bought a few chain ebay chains, the wood was harder than the date palm but the chains didn't stretch as much this time I think the fibre in the date palm was blocking the chain oiler last time so the chain was getting to hot. I am 1/2 way through cutting up about 2.5 years supply worth of firewood (big tree) into small pieces and the chainsaw is going strong as an ox. I forgot how theraputic using a 50cc chainsaw can be ;c)

Chainsaw is of questionable quality

After using the chainsaw a couple of times, the chainsaw will no longer start up. There have been parts that have been falling off it. It feels very unsafe to use and it is clearly made of cheap quality components. It leaks oil and the chain is constantly coming loose.

Date PurchasedMay 2016

Get what you pay for

Bought it off ebay. The blade on the saw doesn't sit well on the unit, so I find the chain requires tightening a lot and quite often kicks off the chain. One used for the first few times, the saw also leaks bar oil when you store it. Disappointed, but then again I paid $120, so what should I expect...

Great Chainsaw, Great Price

I bought the chainsaw from edisons on eBay (website link is their website) and it took 8 days to be delivered to Perth (free delivery). It started up in 5 pulls easily. It runs very nice and cuts good. The only cheapish thing was the choke lever thingy, but works. It is very impressive for the price I paid ($119 on sale, retails at $259). Highly recommended.

Questions & Answers

58cc brand new out of box started ran then stopped will not start again??????
No answers

Much is written about the quality-or lack of-of the various Chinese made chainsaws. Varies between users. Often advise people to buy 'quality' brands instead. But at least they are not expensive. My experience with a Husqvarna 562-Xp ($1670) has been a nightmare. Trouble with cold or hot starts; dealers quick to blame the customer and many don't have the proper equipment to test or repair the problems. Turned out the motor had seized in mine. Reluctantly rebuilt but again practically useless. The websites are full of similar stories. My point is-where are those great chainsaws of the past; simple choke device, access to carburettor if need for the idle or mixture. And robust, reliable. Any views out there?
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People always advise to buy quality brands in life no matter where you go, it is called the placebo effect and it can be hard for them to see the woods through the trees. If you need a professional chainsaw I would be joining a chainsaw forum as that is the only place you find people who know what they are talking about. Dealers only know their own product.


Mtm 58SX
CategoryPetrol Chainsaws
Bar Length51 cm
Weight6.2 kg
Engine Displacement58 cc
Fuel Tank Capacity550 mL
Manufacturer Warranty1 year(s)

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