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Mtm 58SX

Mtm 58SX

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7 reviews
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Kenny Boy

Kenny BoyGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

  • 3 reviews

Genuine no frills workhorse,love it


I bought an MTM 62sx,when it arrived I had it running within 15 mins of receiving it.Starts easy and I have worked this thing so hard,I am totally impressed. I am using it to cut through 30inch logs and it hasn’t missed a beat,the Husqvarna gave up two trees ago,yes it leaks a little,it’s a chainsaw not an ornament and yes I would buy another one if this ever packs it in...9.5 out of 10

Purchased in July 2018 for A$119.00.

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Nick L

Nick LSunshine Coast

  • 3 reviews

Great expectations - Okay performance - Grand finale when it died only after 2 weeks.

Date PurchasedSep 2018

JohnSouth-Eastern Region, NSW

  • 3 reviews
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Component failure after 2 uses


The quick start didn't work well right out of the box. It takes about 5 minutes to actually start, and lots of force. Edison was NOT helpful and tried to explain the difference between bar oil and 2 stroke fuel.

After the second use, the on-off switch stopped working (stuck in the on position). So I had to use the choke to stall the engine (Not a safe tool). So this one has 2 mechanical failures in 2 uses.

Edison has not been very helpful about replacement or repair.

I bought the 22" and 20" models at the same time.
The 22" starts easy and runs well. No issues there.

Date PurchasedAug 2018
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Funky Consumer

Funky ConsumerPerth, WA

  • 28 reviews
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Cheap chainsaw. It works. What more can you expect.

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Funky Consumer
Funky Consumer


  • 3 reviews

Chainsaw is of questionable quality


After using the chainsaw a couple of times, the chainsaw will no longer start up. There have been parts that have been falling off it. It feels very unsafe to use and it is clearly made of cheap quality components. It leaks oil and the chain is constantly coming loose.

Date PurchasedMay 2016


  • 4 reviews

Get what you pay for


Bought it off ebay. The blade on the saw doesn't sit well on the unit, so I find the chain requires tightening a lot and quite often kicks off the chain. One used for the first few times, the saw also leaks bar oil when you store it. Disappointed, but then again I paid $120, so what should I expect...


ZakPeel, WA

  • 5 reviews

Great Chainsaw, Great Price


I bought the chainsaw from edisons on eBay (website link is their website) and it took 8 days to be delivered to Perth (free delivery). It started up in 5 pulls easily. It runs very nice and cuts good. The only cheapish thing was the choke lever thingy, but works. It is very impressive for the price I paid ($119 on sale, retails at $259). Highly recommended.

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I have a brand new mtm 58 sk 20 bar, it won’t start has no spark, I have put a new plug in, still won’t start, I have even replaced the run/ stop switch. Can you please help me with this problem.

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Dean macartney

Dean macartneyasked

58cc brand new out of box started ran then stopped will not start again??????

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Much is written about the quality-or lack of-of the various Chinese made chainsaws. Varies between users. Often advise people to buy 'quality' brands instead. But at least they are not expensive.
My experience with a Husqvarna 562-Xp ($1670) has been a nightmare. Trouble with cold or hot starts; dealers quick to blame the customer and many don't have the proper equipment to test or repair the problems. Turned out the motor had seized in mine. Reluctantly rebuilt but again practically useless. The websites are full of similar stories.
My point is-where are those great chainsaws of the past; simple choke device, access to carburettor if need for the idle or mixture. And robust, reliable.
Any views out there?

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Funky Consumer
Funky Consumer

People always advise to buy quality brands in life no matter where you go, it is called the placebo effect and it can be hard for them to see the woods through the trees.

If you need a professional chainsaw I would be joining a chainsaw forum as that is the only place you find people who know what they are talking about. Dealers only know their own product.

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