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Amolin Baby Cream

Amolin Baby Cream

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30 reviews

VeronikaCanberra 2600, ACT

  • 45 reviews

Irritation central


Around 3 years ago I had to stop using this one, it was perfect up until I got one that had a very different smell and upon application burned and I had to go ASAP to the shower and wash it off. It flared up my nerve condition it was not fun one bit.

I tried another 2 at different intervals, like months in between, but all had that same smell and I didn’t feel like flaring up again for a week. I’m currently using 2 creams from our overseas trip, when those run out I don’t know what I’ll use, it’s a scary thought honestly.

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Shelby L.

Shelby L.Central Queensland, QLD

Omg i love this


Ok lets talk science zinc oxide is not only added to creams for healing and repair but also a mild sun barrier and then the amazing properties in the almond oil for skin rejuvenation and healing is beyond amazing, so you cpuld imagine my excitement aftee only taking 2 years of using this for my daughter and i happen to read the 2 yes 2 ingredients I put it straight onto my skin.. and have not looked back... i use this every day or night. As a person who is right into the skin and cosmetic care world i am in love with amolin

Purchased in January 2019 at Woolworths for $5.00.

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Have used Amolin for 45 years


I have used Amolin for 45 years,it always took away my babies nappy rashes within 24 hours.
Now that I am old,I am still using it for skin irritations and rashes.Wonderful stuff.

Purchased in November 2018.

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This cream was recommended to me, by an 80 year old lady, with the most beautiful skin. I have now used this cream as a face moisturiser, plus around my eyes for 4 years & find it amazing. You only require a very small amount & I can say it is the best cream I have ever used.

The best healing cream for irritated dry skin


I've had 4 children now all grown up & used it on all of their bottoms. it good for dry lips, hands & fantastic for sunburn, skin rashes. I asked my chemist about the healing properties he said its the zinc & said everyone should have a tube at home



  • 39 reviews

Excellent for dermatitis and eczema


I have recent flare up of eczema and have trialled most pharmacy eczema creams. This has been the best by far in terms of moisturing my dry patches over an extended timeframe and managing the itch. Unlike other zinc creams it is moisturising and does not stain clothes. Love it,

A Miracle Skin Cream


Amolin Baby cream is an all-rounder - I use it every night on my hands - I damaged the skin on my right hand many years ago by dipping it accidentally into some very hot detergent water and the only thing that keeps the skin on my hand from being extra dry is Amolin! Also I have used it on my father for small lesions on his body when he was older and he lived to be 101 with no bad skin problems!! It is like a miracle cream - please never stop manufacturing this wonder cream!!



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Love it!


Best nappy cream for my child. Used as preventative measure and we have never had any nappy rash develop. While oilier than some other nappy creams, I feel the almond oil is what has kept my child's skin soft without making the skin moist. It also smells great and is nice on my hands too!



  • 11 reviews

The Only Nappy Cream I Would Use


I grew up on Amolin and it has solved for me most skin irritation issues. It really is a must have item in my medicine cabinet. So naturally when I had my baby I made sure I had this stocked up (I live in Singapore so had to rely on my husband and Mum to get it for me). I smooth this on after each nappy change and my baby has never experienced nappy rash. Smells lovely too and each tube lasts a good while. My husband now swears by Amolin too. I just wish it was sold in Singapore!

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Excellent skin cream.


Have used Amolin baby cream as an all over face and body cream for the best part of 60 years. I do have very dry skin and have tried many different skin creams with little to no success. I could not be more happy with Amolin Baby Cream and do hope it does not ever go off the market.

The one and only healing cream for me.


I used Amolin on my babies 50 years ago. Now 75 I am still using it and have given numerous tubes to family and friends when they have problems. It fixes all sorts. Takes the hurt out of bruises, rose thorns, cuts, healing most overnight, sunburn, eczema, breakouts - any spots, in old age even 'tags' disappear. My two main discoveries in older age, use it on haemorrhoids for itch and pain relief, and I had a spreading precancerous darker patch which started up against my cheek on my nose, was frozen off twice, eventually came back and spread slowly round to the centre of my nose over a few years. I then kept putting Amolin on it, twice a day, and it has completely disappeared. I'm so thankful!



  • 5 reviews

Product works wonders


My mother used to use this on me, as a child. I have continued to use it religiously over my whole lifetime, and still do. Although the ointment is a bit oily, and specifically states on its packaging, "baby cream - nappy rash cream", it has the potential to do wonders and can heal skin conditions such as light to mild eczema and dry skin. This product does not clog my pores, thus not exacerbating my current acne. It is my holy grail beauty product.



  • 3 reviews

Excellent barrier cream


My daughter has had nappy rash only a handful iof times, after one particular bad round, I decided to try a new product and I was very impressed at how quickly the rash cleared up.
Now when changing if there is any sign of rash out comes the cream and within two applications the rash is gone.
Highly recommend giving it a go, brought from woolworths supermarket.



  • 7 reviews

The perfect soothing cream


This cream is the ONLY cream I can use when I have really irritated skin. My family have been using it for as long as I can remember and we even had to bring across a bulk lot when visiting my brother in France. It works very well when you have a rubbed raw nose during a cold or flu, for example. I carry a small tube in my bag always.
For baby's bottom this is really soothing but not the best as a barrier cream. We found a combo of Amolin for calming then zinc as a barrier, the best.

+ Extremely calming on irritated skin. Have never had it sting me or baby.
- We need to use in combination with a zinc barrier cream if really struggling with nappy rash.

Overall this is an excellent, thick, soothing cream.


MyeSydney, NSW

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My son had eczema, not a nappy rash, on his legs near his nappy area. I applied eczema ointment, aveeno, gaia, QV cream, sudocrem and Dermeze but none of these products moisturised and treated the area. Out of desperation, I applied the amolin baby cream which was given to me by a relative. Surprisingly, it worked overnight!

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Applied to bottom area & it stung as much as the rash did! I felt pure pain!
If your baby screams when you apply then I know why!! You should get a rash then apply to your own bottom & see if you like it!! I would stick to bepanthen Ladies. Sorry about the French, I'm still in a bit of pain!
After 30 second burn from acid hell, it started to work.
Burnt me like acid

should be advertised for more to know


my son had really bad nappy rash crossed with teething sores. i asked a pharmacist what cream would be best. she recommended am.o.lin baby cream. after only one day there was a vast improvement. i have not looked back since. with my daughter i used what is advertised, bepathem. am.o.lin kicks bepathem behind when it comes to nappy rash and teeting sores. more people should know it exists!
results in a day

Not just for babys bottom....


Not only two generations of baby cream for bottoms also used on faces from mother whom is now 80 and myself 50. We believe in this every evening as WONDERFUL NIGHT CREAM on face and have many comments etc.......now a third generation grandmother myself have just past on to my own daughter and friends how amazing Amolin is.
Extremely efficient

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I have tried alot of different baby nappy rash treatments on my sons very sensitive skin. This was one I have picked up a couple of times when in a hurry because it is available in most supermarkets at a good price. It contains healing ingredients essential for little babies skin and it helps sooth and relive nappy rash. Another good use is as a barrier cream to prevent the rash occuring in the first place. Also can be used for chafe, sunburn, dry skin and cracked lips. This is an average product that does the trick when you need something cheap and easy.
Availability and very affordable. Australian product.
It is very similar to other ones that are around.


careypayneQLD, 4670

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We absolutely love this cream. I apply it to bub's legs, arms, back, chest, bottom, everywhere!! It works an absolute treat - gets rid of rashes very quickly! It leaves the skin smells nice and it feels great! Very smooth, no residue etc. It is fairly cheap to buy an available everywhere - all chemist etc stock it. We always have some of this at home and I will definitely keep buying it - an absolute must for new mums!
My doctor recommended this cream for bub as she developed a little bit of a rash from dry skin when we were using some different baby bath washes. This works really well! It is very smooth, easy to apply and it rubs in very well. It has a nice smell and it is relatively inexpensive. Would most definitely recommend for others!

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Steve J.

Steve J.asked

Is the cream safe to use on cats

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Whatever all the ingredients in this amazing cream

2 answers

All I know is almond oil , calamine, zinc but I know there’s one more ???
I’d love to know please
I am always singing Amolins praises

Fired Up
Fired Up

Simple google search :-
Amolin baby cream is an oil-rich product combining Zinc, Almond Oil, Calamine and Salicylic Acid.



Can you still get Amolin Baby Cream in 50g?

1 answer

Yes! You might have to order it in at your local Chemist if you can’t see it on the shelves.

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