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Nature's Way Adult Vita Gummies Multivitamin

Nature's Way Adult Vita Gummies Multivitamin

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Balmain Boy

Balmain BoySydney, NSW

Pure sugar


There may be vitamins inside too but this is just like chewing a soft jelly lolly, it's even covered in sugar on the outside. Yes I know I bought a gummy, but compared to other ones this is just sickeningly sweet

Purchased in October 2019 at Chemist Warehouse.

Vanessa S.

Vanessa S.Perth, WA



Going through menopause I decided to try Nature's Way and my hot flushes have disappeared all together. Went off them just to see if it was the vitamins and 3 days in all my symptoms were back.

Purchased in September 2019 at Coles Supermarkets for $23.00.

Effective Within A week

I found my hot flushes arnt as bad as they used to be going threw menopause


Very happy since I started vitamins 7months ago I had been suffering with menopause for ages and since taking vitamins I cant complain so thank goodness for vitamin gummies I love em taste grate



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Vitagummies Omega 3 - pleasant tasting


I'm now on my third bottle of these and don't really know how effective they are! only that they have fish oil in them as well as being easy to digest! I feel ok and haven't had any health problems since starting. What a way to take vitamins! : )

A formatted list of what's in them..



DougCentral Coast

  • 14 reviews

Horrible taste low vitamin levels


Okay the taste is horrible and the levels of vitamins are low you need to take 4 to get the daily does needed.
I'll stick to my daily vitamin tablet.



  • 4 reviews

Gritty, unpleasant lollies!


These are absolutely awful. I'm annoyed I spent $20 on them. They are very gritty and sandy in texture, accompanied by that odd, old-mans-urine taste that magnesium already has - and then made into a gummy lolly!!

Avoid, avoid. Yuck.

Helps with menopausal flushes for me anyway


Yes they are sweet and they taste like a normal lolly BUT I'm going through menopause and for whatever reason they have helped with my night sweats and hot flushes. When I stopped taking them the flushes came back and now I've restarted it they have stopped considerably again. Can't vouch for anything else but if it helps with my symptoms of menopause I'm all for them.



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Really yummy


I love them. At first, it was hard to get used to the taste, but once you do they are really enjoyable. It is good as it has vitamins and minerals a woman needs. Yes, it has sugar but id prefer these over tablets. I love the gummies, it is like a snack but you're also taking what your body needs. Have a balanced meal, but also have a gummy during the day as a snack, I love it. Despite what everyone says, I have had these for about 2 years on and off, but I always go back to them! I am loving it.

So much better than normal vitamins


I found these so much easier to take than other vitamins. The taste is a odd but other than that they are great and I'm inclined to take the more regularly than other vitamins I've tried.

Rubbery consistency


Gimmicky product that I got caught up in the hype and purchased. I thought they would help me take my vitamins regularly. But I find the taste and particularly the texture to be offensive and off putting.
I'll go back to taking regular vitamins

Adequate- Not really good though!



JackieSydney, NSW

  • 6 reviews

Worked for me!


I decided a few years ago to start taking vitamins in hope of boosting my immune system and help with anaemia.
After numerous attempts on different brands (tablet form) and some bad side effects I decided to give the gummies ago. I was definitely skeptical.
Fast forward 1 year later and I have really noticed a difference! Better energy levels, haven't been sick (flu) and doc has confirmed my iron levels are normal (this is the first time in my adult life this has ever happened!).
Give them a go!



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Causes stomach bloating


I'm a fit and slim size 8 and after taking 2 vita gummies for Adults, my abdomen swelled up within 2 hours. I was shocked. I will now stick to my usual vitamin tablets, no need for fancy bloating gummies.



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Perfect for meat eaters! except for the sugar!


Well I recently became a vegetarian and thought supplements will help me keep up my nutrient levels that I will now miss from the meat content of my previous diet. Like many I am not a big fan of eating tablets everyday, so the idea of vitagummies was appealing. It was my fault however for not checking though that gummies is made from gelatin in this instance bovine. Must read fine print from now on! Found out there are very limited options for vegetarians and worse for vegans in terms of multivitamin supplements. Will keep researching.

Pet D

Pet D

  • 2 reviews

beware if you have kids


My 3 year old opened the child proof lid no problem. They then had a feast with his younger sibling. These are a great idea but in hindsight something that looks and tastes like lollies doesn't belong in my household. Too much of a temptation for little people.



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Has artificial colours and flavours!! Not natural at all!


If you are looking for a natural supplement this isnt it. It has many artifical colours and flavours and loads of sugar.
My son reacts to artificial ingredients and they aren't even listed on the container. Not sure why the full list of ingredients isn't listed for consumers.
Don't think because of the name "natures" way that you are buying a natural product. Far from it.



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Couldn't stomach it.


I tried three times to take this suppliment and each time I had horrible GI distension and tightness the following day. I think it was from the Zinc. Not for those with sensitive GI.



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Great Vitamin, whole family love it


We're family of 4 with 7 & 14 kids, so everyone enjoy eating this vitamin, as you know sometime it is really difficult to get them from food regularly. The whole point of gummies is to make it easier to eat without feeling you're eating medicine. So if you don't like sugar, choose something else, there are plenty choices out there.

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Tastes good, does the job


I love these vita gummies!!! I could eat more than 3 but since they're not regular lollies I can't. To the people complaining about the amount of sugar in it, if you have a healthy diet already then it shouldn't be a problem to have a little bit of a sugar kick. You guys probably go off and eat sugar and unhealthy foods in another form. I, on the other hand, don't eat unhealthy so I love having my multivitamins and tiny bit of sugar. It also doesn't taste like vomit, it sort of does taste like multivitamins but the sweetness masks that taste. I just bought more of the women's multivitamins and the hair, skin and nails ones!

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How much sugar is in these vita gummies ?
The pack does not specify amounts.

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Balmain Boy
Balmain Boy

I don't have the exact amounts anymore, but they are the sweetest vitamin one ever had. Tastes like pure sugar. I had to throw it out in the end as they were totally inedible

Hira J.

Hira J.asked

Is Nature's way multi +probiotic supplement halal?

No answers

Rusdi T

Rusdi Tasked

Hi, just want to know, is Nature’s way kids smart omega 3-fish oil Halal?
thank you

No answers

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