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Great machine still going after 16 years

I only just recently sold this machine to upgrade after 16 years of great trouble free use. It has been an excellent washing machine and I overloaded it on numerous occasions with queen side bedding that it wasn't really meant to wash. I have purchased a LG 10kg direct drive washing machine and I very much doubt it will last as long.

Date PurchasedMay 2002

14 year old. Money in bank waiting, till it won't start and then some.

Been an awesome machine am crying and lost my hair over having to get a new machine. Ours has given us 14 years of reliability, while still washing even though making waring I'm getting bloody old noises, I'm still using it. We are not wanting to get a new machine. That really says something about today's market when a girl doesn't want to go spend a few hundred dollers. We wish ours could be magically new.

Date PurchasedJan 2004

Extraordinarily Reliable

Purchased new from 2nd's World in 2004. Has never failed us. Does regular family size washes without any problems. The lack of an agitator significantly adds to capacity. Nothing cracks or falls off. Robust in all respects. Would definitely buy same brand again, should this one eventually expire. Fuzzy Logic controls functional and easy to understand. Survived a house move without damage.
Never fails despite regular family size washes. No agitator.

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After 11 years 10 months of reliable service (August 2004 to June 2016), our NEC NW652 washing machine finally failed. From memory, we paid about $950.00 for the product in 2004, and at an average capital cost of $80.00 per annum, it was certainly excellent value for money.. As a discontinued model, (NEC now not making any washing machines), we are not going to chase around for parts and pay service charges for a 12 year old machine, so have ordered a new washing machine of a different brand (Simpson). Will be very surprised it we get 12 years service from the new machine!

Excellent machine

Have had it for 10 years. Very quick and clean wash. Still washing good. Pity, the front plastic controls are pealing away. Otherwise a great machine. Purchased at a time when prices were high. Same machine would not cost as much as previously. Highly dependable. Has not had one thing go wrong in the 10 years that we have had it.
Quiet, uses little water for a top loader. Reliable
Front plastic is giving way before the machine, as with all modern plastics.

Reliable & Quiet

We brought the machine 7 years ago, when we first move out of Home and its been a very reliable machine. We have not had any mechanical problems and after 7 years of use its now starting to show its age.The machine washes well and if used on Eco Cycle the wash is complete in 26minutes, we have always use this cycle as we are on tank water and its water consumption is good. Its very quiet while in use and automatically turns off after full wash cycle has completed. You can fit most items in as there is no agitator to get in the way, also I have never had a wash interrupted because of the clothing being unbalanced inside. Our machine is cosmetically looking very bad, the white plastic on top of the machine has now discoloured and turned yellow and the plastic over the keypad has become brittle and broken on some buttons and is missing completely on a few but is still usable.
Short wash cycle, No agitator, low water consumption on Eco Cycle and in general washing clothing very well.
Would be the discoloured plastic on top of machine & Broken button pad.

A great washing machine!

We bought this washing machine secondhand from a friend of a friend. No manual came with it, but it's so simple to use we didn't need it! It's lasted us 4 years of constant use, as well as whatever it was put through prior to us owning it. It died today and NEC advised they don't make parts for it anymore, so we've had to replace it. I'm very disappointed as this was a great washing machine!
Clothes always came out super clean, has an excellent quick wash cycle, four different load sizes, no agitator.
Lid is made from plastic that was easily damaged in a removal truck.


Overall I love this machine. Have had it bout 6-7 years. Has done us well we bought before we got married and now have 3 kids so gets plenty of use. Washes dog blankets doonas hubby's work clothes. Can do large loads and small loads. 4 water level choices. Can change all cylce's to suit your load. No agitaor means clothes don't get unnecessary wear and tear. Very gentle. Alarm to tell you when cylces are finished. Leaves clothes reasonably dry. Recommend it wasn't too expensive and is still going strong. Only had minor repairs on it. Apparanetly parts are expensive. Definately recommend extended warranty on them. All our repairs with suspension bars were done in the first 3 year. Is a great machine for full family don't have any probelms recommending it. All complaints are minor and common with alot of machines.
No agitator so can wash just about anything. Great size has economy wash which only takes 26 min. Great selection of wash cycles. Great bi fold lid. Soak cycle is great and can turn off and leave over night then start cycle to soak again and auto wash after that.
Filter bag broke key panel cracked very quickly. Suspesion bars not great we had to replace 3 times with just basic washing. Plastic lid gets damages easily. Rear filter needs cleaning out regularly, can be a pain as noe too easy to move. Fabric softener not recommended as leaves film inside barrel and eventually goes black and comes out in washes. Filter bag not the best material really thin


I have had to have this machine serviced about six times since I bought it. Absolute garbage! Don't be talked into buying this machine. It doesn't even wash the clothes that well.

It leaks water all over the floor, "walks" across the floor (even though they swear in their marketing that it won't!), leaks water into the machine itself, creases up all the clothes & knots them all together....absolute crap.

Questions & Answers

Where can I purchase the front panel with all the dials please, mine have deteriated...
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how to I clean the fabric dispenser please?
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You don't need to clean the fabric dispenser, once a month you need to fill the machine to high water level on blanket mode with only hot water and pour 4 liters of vinegar in and a 500g bag of bicarb soda, let it mix in the machine for 5 minutes then pause the cycle for 1 hour and resume the rest of the wash after 1 hour of hot water with vinegar and bicarb, this will melt and remove all calcium, mold, sludge and fibers from the plastic inner drum that you can not see. You will notice the water turn green and you will notice a huge amount of rubbish floating in the washer. Repeat this process until the water remains clear with vinegar and bicarb then repeat every two to three months once the initial clean is complete. The fabric dispenser will automatically be cleaned using this procedure. Your washing machine will be like new and your clothes will smell fresher.

Water won't stop. Any help?
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CategoryTop Loading Washing Machines
Price (RRP)$759
Water Consumption131.13
Water Rating2stars
Energy Rating1.5stars
Max Spin Speed675rpm
Release dateNov 2000

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