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Nescafé Blend 43

Nescafé Blend 43

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184 reviews

Horrible taste


The “new” Nescafe Blend 43 tastes like burnt dirt. Definitely changing coffee brand now.

Purchased in May 2020 at Woolworths for A$16.00.

Annette L.

Annette L.Central Highlands and Goldfields, VIC

New Nescafe


The taste and flavour of the new blend is disgusting. I do not enjoy my cuppa at all now. I use to love the smell and the taste of the first cuppa in the morning not anymore.

Purchased in April 2020 at Woolworths for A$16.00.


GregGippsland, VIC

Hate new taste.


Have been drinking Nescafe since mid 1960's.
Obviously recipe has changed, tastes like "dish water"
Very disappointed. Time to change brands.

Greg Lia

Purchased in May 2020 at Coles for A$20.00.

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Roz R.

Roz R.Mid North Coast, NSW

Why have you murdered my favourite coffee?


Factual and objective: Smells disgusing.
Factual and objective: Tastes disgusting.
Factual and objective: I used to love my cup of Blend 43, I loved the smell of it when I opened a new tin. Smooth and mellow - but not now. I just opened a tin of the new stuff and the awful smell hit me like a scorched sledgehammer. It tastes awful and reminded me of the scorched stuff I had to buy in America under the name of Nescafe.
After at least 40 years of only ever buying Blend 43 .. I won't be doing it again.

Purchased in May 2020 at Coles.

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Hi Roz, we are sorry to hear about your experience, we’d love to help you further.
If you could you kindly call us on 1800 025 361 our team will be happy to help.


jemhNorth Queensland, QLD

Morning coffee no more.


New can colour should've known better.goodbye it tastes like into roast yuk.

Purchased in May 2020 for A$14.00.

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We are sorry to hear about your experience. If you could you kindly call us on 1800 025 361 our team will be happy to help.

Denise T.

Denise T.South East Queensland, QLD

Why fix something not broken


I'm so disappointed I have wasted $9 on this excuse for coffee

Purchased in May 2020 at Woolworths Physical store for A$9.40.


TerriSydney, NSW

What happened to Nescafe 43


I thought it was just me but looks like something has definitely changed in Nescafe Blend 43 and many others have noticed as well. What used to be a most delicious, smooth cup of coffee has turned into a vulgar tasting, rough cup of I don’t know what. How I long for that wonderful coffee that used to be

Purchased in January 2020 at Woolworths for A$16.00.

Feline V.

Feline V.Perth, WA

The murder of Nescafe 43


Purchased in April 2020 at Woolworths.


GarySouth East Queensland, QLD

New Blend 43


the new Blend 43 tastes horrible and seems like it is burnt

Purchased in April 2020 at Coles for A$8.00.

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  • 3 reviews

The person who approved this rubbish should be sacked


This would have to be the worst coffee blend I have ever tasted, the nasty $1 coffee’s at the servo would easily outrank this rubbish, don’t waste your money

Purchased in February 2020 at Woolworths.


SteveMetropolitan Adelaide, SA

  • 2 reviews

Nescafe new blend 43


The new blend Nescafe blend 43 is gross and doesn't get a rating but the old Nescafe blend 43 gets a rating of 10 plus.

Purchased in March 2020 for A$18.00.

Happy Client

Happy ClientCanberra Central 2601, ACT

  • 2 reviews

Absolutely put off


Nescafe blend 43 has tasted burnt for quite awhile.
Rapidly losing interest in it and I drink a Huge amount daily. Not now.
Oddly Aldi alcafe tastes the same

Purchased in March 2020 at Woolworths for A$14.00.

John G.

John G.Hunter Region, NSW

It's burnt like the Aussie outback


Decades ago Nescafe 43 was all rounder instant coffee. It was fine and everyone could drink it.

Now, and this isnt hyperbole, it tastes like burnt wood. It even smells like burnt wood.

I thought it was just me at first, but reading other reviews it seems quite a few the same complaint.

Won't be buying again.


RonMetropolitan Adelaide, SA



Bought one 500g can of blend 43 and tried it and thought it tasted funny. Bought another 500g and l don't think I will open it. I would like a refund.Why change the blend, to save money?
You will lose loyal customers.

Purchased in December 2019 at Foodland for A$14.00.

Change to vile taste and burnt smell Nescafe Blend 43


Nescafe Blend 43 has definitely changed flavour. I used to look forward to two morning cups BUT now it tastes and smells vile. It smells burnt both in the jar and especially when prepared. It has a terrible taste. I will not purchase Nescafe ever again. It really confuses me that seemingly to save a few cents big companies compromise in this way. I have been drinking Nescafe Blend 43 since it was first introduced many many many years ago. Good bye Nescafe.

Purchased in November 2019 at Woolworths for A$9.00.

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TristaSydney, NSW

  • 4 reviews
  • Verified purchase

Zero Stars!!


Purchased in October 2019 at Coles for A$16.00.

Change Back to old recipe.


I am not sure if you have changed your recipe or somehow BURNT a huge batch and passed it off as coffee. I do notice it has Imported beans now, but made in Australia. It tastes AWFUL.

Purchased in November 2019 for A$15.00.

Rhonda Ingram

Rhonda IngramFar North Queensland, QLD

Unhappy with new taste & smell.


This new taste is definitely NOT an improvement. Have been drinking Blend 43 for many years & always enjoyed it, but it now tastes like a very cheap brand. Also the smell when you opened a new tin used to be lovely, now it smells like dirt. Will be switching to another brand next time I buy coffee.

Purchased in November 2019 at Coles Supermarkets for A$16.00.


sagarGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

  • 2 reviews

Worst instant coffee I have ever tasted.


I have been drinking Nescafe 43 at home and at work for many decades now, only to find recently that the new taste makes it undrinkable. A burnt taste would be an accurate description. A co-worker began adding sugar so that she could drink it. I assumed it was a new, cheaper brand. I was quite shocked when the same co-worker opened a cupboard door to reveal a large can of Nescafe Blend 43. Wow! I couldn't believe it. I drank tea for a few weeks before bringing in some 'Nescafe Original' from home (ie, not the Blend 43). That tastes fine (usual taste). But I'm wondering if that taste will change when I buy a replacement jar.

Purchased in October 2019 at Coles Supermarkets for A$20.00.


DouggySydney, NSW

Nescafe 43 disgusting tatste


Have been a Nescafe 43 drinker every morning for over 40 years,but the 2 150g I bought in May 2019
tasted like it was burnt I took 1 jar back and swapped it for another jar but I made 1 cup and the taste is still terrible.Shame on you Nescafe for changing this product.
Will not buy ever again.

Purchased in May 2019 at Coles Supermarkets for A$9.40.

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Rocco C.

Rocco C.asked

Where do ii get sachets like you get in hotels

1 answer
Preggo L
Preggo L

I found these at Padstow Food Service in Sydney and they deliver anywhere
Hope that helps



Why has the recipe been changed. It is almost undrinkable now. I used to buy it in bulk and find that I now have 3 cans of 500g that I cannot drink

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Penny W.

Penny W.asked

Why did you change your recipe. Very disappointing. My favourite thing for the last 50 years was my nescafe. I suppose you are going for the people who drink non insant coffee. As i said very disappointing.

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