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Nescafé Blend 43

Nescafé Blend 43

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No coffee smell, no coffee taste. I mean that literally. Wow, I can’t believe it. What have they done to it?!
I’m looking for a replacement, does anyone have any suggestions?

Purchased in April 2019.

Coffee robbery

Usually buy 3 at a time so we don't run out, thought something was odd , no nice smell when opened and taste is crap.opened the next one in case just a bad jar...exactly the same.. bye bye all Nescafe products

Purchased in April 2019 at Woolworths Physical store.

This is not coffee.

Wow. I can’t believe this stuff is being passed off as coffee. There is really NO taste of coffee in this AT ALL! It really is unbelievable, the taste is absolutely disgusting. I’ve been drinking it since I was 10. Three decades later, it’s definitely time for a change. Any suggestions anyone?

Purchased in March 2019.

Nescafe blend 43

Nescafe blend 43 should be taken off the supermarket shelf. The taste off the last jar I purchased was foul. Years ago when nestle made its coffee in Dennington in Victoria the coffee was absolutely the best. It has never been the same since it has been made in Gympie. But lately it has got even worse, so bad that it doesn't even taste like coffee. I think they are selling the burnt scrapings of their coffee drying towers to us. Will not be purchasing anymore.

Purchased in March 2019 at Coles Supermarkets for $14.00.

Bogan blend bites the dust

We have been proud 43 Beans drinkers for years. We have staunchly defended it from attacks by coffee snob critics. No longer! The latest few jars have tasted like factory floor sweepings. Yukko. Goodbye Nescafe.

Purchased in March 2019 for $17.00.

changed flavour

they tried sneaking this rubbish in a few years ago by selling it cheaper. i took it back then and i'll be taking this one back too. why do companies keep messing around with things that already work!

Purchased in March 2019 at Woolworths Physical store.

Change in taste

I have been drinking Nescafe Blend 43 for years. Lately that taste has changed. If this is a new formula for the coffee I'm afraid I will have to change brands as this new flavour is undrinkable.

Purchased in February 2019 at Coles Supermarkets for $20.00.


This is one of the worst, if not the worst coffee that i have ever tasted. Now i know why some people think coffee tastes like dirty dishwater - because this certainly does!

Purchased in February 2019.

Smell OK, taste horrible

The worst coffee I have ever had, so so disappointed, taste horrible, so regret I didn't read the review earlier, why it need's 30 words that even made me upset

Purchased in December 2018.

This coffee smells like gasoline

I just purchased Nescafe instant coffee and it smells like gasoline. Won't be buying Nescafe or Nestle products ever again. I do not trust nestle products

Bad TV advert

You must never, I repeat, never drink a hot drink of any kind while holding a baby. THINK ABOUT IT. Should be COMMON SENSE.

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Well done Nestle and thank you for altering the ad. Five stars *****

Not like it used to be

I have been drinking blend 43 for 15 years. Although I have a nespresso I have always enjoyed an instant coffee as I only need to add a small amount of milk. However, over the past two years I have noticed that the taste and smell is completely different. It smells stale and tastes burnt and off. At first I thought it was my kettle so I purchased a brand new one. Taste still the same! This coffee is disgusting and I will never purchase again unless you change the formula back to the original.

Nescafé instant coffee

I have used the instant Nescafé coffee for years and really like it. Now Nescafé has come out with a new brand which is bitter leaves a metal taste in my mouth and leaves a ring in the coffee cup. I don't know what was wrong with the way it was. I certainly don't like it anymore.
K Vander Velde

This coffee is burnt

The beginning taste no flavour doesn't taste nice no crema the smell of burnt coffee the after taste none but when you finally get a full coffee in if you force yourself within the first 5 minutes i feel sick and mouth to dry a disgusting taste left in your mouth for what you pay its actually feels offensive can't believe you still sell this and to my poor mum and she buys this rubbish everyone needs to try Coles instant coffee powder do something about it nescafe because your not as great as you think you are rubbish.

What Happened?

Okay, so what happened to the flavour of this? It used to be my ON-THE-GO coffee when I was too lazy to grind and brew, and now it's just absolutely vile. I would rather drink dish water than this, cause it would taste more better than this garbage..

It may have given me chronic diarrhea

Has anyone else experienced the same symptoms described below?

I've been drinking Blend 43, 3-4 cups a day for 40 odd years. About the same time the new recipe came out I started getting diarrhoea. Recently it got so acute that I started passing blood and had to have a colonoscopy. Luckily nothing bad was found but the diarrhoea persisted. Recently I ran out of Blend 43 but didn't buy any for a couple of days and the diarrhoea had gone. I then bought a new bottle and within one day it had come back. I haven't had any now for 2 weeks and now I'm diarrhoea free. One thing I've noticed recently is the coffee doesn't dissolve completely and I've had to scoop the odd particle out with a teaspoon. Is it possible that undissolved granules are reaching the colon where they either cause inflammation or the concentrated caffeine contained within bind to the nerve receptors causing a response. If any medical person is reading this it may be worth investigating.

Worst coffee ever

I used to enjoy a nescafe blend 43 and its been my coffee of choice for at least 40 years. I wont be touching a cup of this rubbish again and feel ripped off at paying for such a disgusting product. whatever nescafe have done to the blend has absolutely ruined it. It is undrinkable and I've had to throw it out. I wont be buying this brand of coffee again. I dont know what nescafe had to do to make it so undrinkable but they've sure had success at making worst coffee ever. I hope nescafe are reading these posts.

i emailed nestle regarding this coffee and they replied that they would send me a gift card to recompense me for the wasted purchase. Although i didnt expect that i thought, okay I’ll spend it on some other coffee and appreciated their offer. that was 23rd November 2018. I havent received the gift card so emailed the company to advise them that the gift card hadnt arrived. that was 11th December and still no gift card. I was told they had forgotten and would send one immediately. I didnt complain in the hope of getting a gift card but was very disappointed with the ethics of to Nestle to make this offer and not fulfil it. As at 27th December still waiting on their promised gift card. Not good enough Nestle.

received the promised gift card yesterday. thanks Nestle.

tastes like dish water YUK

Nescafe has been my choice in coffee for longer than I can remember. We have now thrown out all our Nescafe as the taste is disgusting. Shame on you for changing a great coffee.

Very dissapointed

Have been enjoying my morning coffee for years and the last jar bought has an aweful taste and aroma.


I have drunk Nescafe most of my life ( I am74) but had to throw out most of a jar because of a kind of sludge ĺeft in the bottom of the cup. Was pleased I had another jar in the cupboard only to have the same thing happen. As well as that the aroma and taste are not the same. Will not be drinking this again

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Questions & Answers

I have a bottle of blend 43 that smells like petrol what should I do?
1 answer
Return it to the servo you bought it from

Bought a fare few from Woolworths when special but always thought it might be a bad batch that was over roasted,my question is will they take it back?
1 answer
If u have a receipt they will take it back. If you don't have a receipt send an email to the company that makes it, or ring customer service

Is the nescafe i brought in Aldi the same as Coles / Woolworths?
3 answers
I have no idea! I used to buy my Nescafé in a local Asda.Aldi sell both the Blend 43 and one called 'Original'. I found out when I accidentally bought the Original and it tasted different. Then I noticed it did not have Blend 43 printed on the label. So to answer your question, yes and no.I have found that some of the Nescafe blend coffee in Aldi has actually be made in Indonesia.


Blend 43
Release dateMay 2010

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