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Nescafé Espresso

Nescafé Espresso

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I love this coffee.. where is it?

I went shopping yesterday to my local coles at Waverley Gardens and went to the coffee aisle to pick up the large jar of my favourite Nescafé Espresso coffee.. and I was absolutely flabbergasted when there was none on the shelf... none of any size... there was a lot of their own crap brand.. but they have decided to stop selling Nescafé Espresso... I’m absolutely disgusted that coles would do this... they have lost a loyal customer to Woolworths...

Purchased in May 2019.

The best instant coffee I have tried.

I don't know what the other reviewers are on about but I think the green label expresso is the pick of all instant coffees. I like strong coffee and think Maccona is bland and that Blend 43 Expresso is the nearest thing to a store bought coffee you can get. I have an expresso machine at home and it cannot match the commercial machines and full milk coffees are not fantastic for your health so Blend 43 is the best out there by far. I have not tasted 'the original blend' others are going on about but suspect they are going to be really disappointed when they try the alternatives.

Purchased in April 2019 at Coles for $9.40.

Not even close to the Original Espresso

The formula has been changed. Not even close to the original pictured on this site. The original was so much better. Please bring it back any reason for the change?

Purchased in March 2019.

....and I thought it was my taste buds !

I'm in total agreement with 'Barb "REALLY DISAPPOINTING" and have tried other Nescafe' styles of coffee without acceptable satisfaction.

Closest is Nescafe' Dolce Gusto machine with two capsules of 'Expresso Intenso' ,unfortunately without enough caffeine.

Really disappointing

I was so disappointed with the new bland Blend 43 Expresso that I rang their consumer line. They assured me that the coffee was stronger than it had been due to their new machinery and brewing techniques. They spoke so convincingly of the stronger aroma and taste that I was convinced that I had lost my taste buds. 20 years ago I rang because a bottle I bought tasted burnt. They took the batch number and rang me back to thank me. That batch then went on sale in the supermarkets. This time their response was so different so I am wondering if this "new and improved" Blend 43 Expresso is a euphemism for "cheaper and nastier". I would gladly pay the old price for the old coffee. In fact that was what I have been doing ever since they put Nescafe Expresso on the market. Unfortunately, when the stash I currently have is finished I will be hunting for another brand. Though it must be said, the Nescafe Expresso product taste and aroma was consistent and product reliability was awesome for all those past decades. So thank you Nescafe for a great past brew but you and I will be parting ways for the future.

This is just great.

Tried so many coffees but enjoy this so much .

Dont fix something that's not broke

After years of drinking green label espresso I am so annoyed nestles had to change it. I don't believe it is the same coffee. I will be finding a new coffee to have every morning.

Why oh why change something that's good

We love our Nestle Espresso. But since it changed to blend 43 its horrible. Will have to start looking at other coffees.

Brand Loyalty

I have been drinking Espresso for the last 20 years. Nescafe says the recipe has not changed, I strongly disagree, I think we are all drinking Blend 43 with a green label. Nescafe had the best instant coffee on the market. You have lost me. Multi Nationals are working over time to keep brand loyalty and Nescafe manage to destroy it by changing the recipe and then insult that loyal consumer, telling them nothing has changed.

Bring back the original Green Cup Espresso.

The new Blend 43 RED cup Espresso is woeful. If i cant get the Green Cuplabel Espresso i will be giving Nescafe the flick.

Blend 43 Espresso is a terrible replacement for the original Espresso

My first thought after trying the new Blend 43 Espresso, as opposed to the original, was that it tasted like spent firecrackers i.e. burnt black powder. I used to enjoy a morning Espresso but the new blend has me looking for another brand.

Bring back the "original" Nescafe Espresso !

Nescafe should sack the focus group that told them that the Nescafe 43 Beans Espresso is as good, or better, than the original. I have been drinking the original for years, even spruking the flavour etc to real coffee drinkers. After (unwittingly) buying the 43 bean type I knew there was something different as soon as I opened the jar, it actually smelt off and certainly did not get any better when made ready to drink. The rest of the jar went into the rubbish and I then hunted down a few jars of the original ti keep me going for a while longer.

Hits the Spot

It's a matter of personal taste in the end and for me, as far as INSTANT is concerned, I haven't come across another as rich, full, strong, smooth and aromatic as this one.
Of course not up to the double espresso I crave from a particular cafe I frequent, but 2 heaped teaspoons to half a cup of boiling water and you're away.
Given what I look for in an instant coffee, no other I have tried comes close.
As I said, a matter of personal taste.
It probably explains why it takes up more space than any other instant coffee on the supermarket shelf where I buy it.
What does that tell you?


This is the worst instant coffee I have ever tasted. I have no idea why Nestle would allow such an inferior product to join their product line.
I bought the jar in the same supermarket where for years we have enjoyed buying quality Nestle coffee. Unfortunately our favorite Dark Instant was no longer available,
I am pondering whether someone at Nestle will rush out a trick way of preparing a cup that tastes good using this concoction.

They did change it

We too have noticed a huge difference. I now tastes like the cheap, made in Malaysia Nescafe Aldi sells. We tried it once and it was awful. Sadly we bought a huge can... so far have thrown out several cups thinking it's the milk or water. Realized there is no good smell when opening the can like there used to be either. We should ALL boycott nestle and change brands. I was loyal 25 years... I feel cheated.... very very disappointed

Nescafé Espresso - blend 43 not the same!

I have been drinking Nescafé Espresso since it's availability on the market. This new blend 43 mix is NOT the same and I suggest you get your money back. I did!

I have been purchasing the Nescafé Espresso since it was $5.99 for what is now at $15.99 (in woollies), I have been happy to pay the steadily increasing price because of the flavour, that's it FLAVOUR.

Nescafé Espresso should review the job status of the people involved in this new blend 43 mixture.
As far as they maintain it is the same, it is DEFINITELY NOT the same taste. I did not realise the product even had a changed label, until I made a cup and promptly reviewed my actions:
What had I done to make my coffee taste rubbish?
Until I realised it was not me but the coffee, it looks different, less larger granules and more dust like particles, and most of the smell. It does NOT smell like the old espresso.

So in summary avoid it, get your money back

Nescafe espresso has been sneakily changed for the worse!

Recently woollies has cleared its shelves of the original nescafe espresso & a new nearly identically labelled jar has been put in its place. Coincidentally the new coffee was on special! The main label difference is the inclusion of blend 43 now appears on the label. This is not nescafe espresso inside the jar! This new coffee is terrible & i feel cheated having purchased it as it was obviously meant to fool regular buyers.

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Upon contact with NESCAFE Australia they say the recipe has NOT changed, only the label. A refund voucher was posted & an investigation is underway to determine the cause for the wrong coffee in the jar. No explanation was received.

Great taste for instant coffee

It may not be as good as machine coffee/cafe coffee, but as far as instant coffee goes I really like this one. Strong taste, rich, and not overly expensive. I don't like Nescafe Blend 43, but I do enjoy Nescafe Espresso and all my friends who usually drink machine coffee are happy to drink this.
Taste, convenience, decent price.

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