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Nescafé Gold

Nescafé Gold

Dark, Decaf, Intense, Original, Rich and Smooth
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Not what it used to be

I love strong ground coffee on occasions. On others, I like smooth easy drinking coffee and Gold Blend was always my go to choice. Sadly the new formula is a half way house, not full enough in flavour to compete with real ground coffee and not the easy drinking but lovely flavoured coffee it used to be. I will stop buying until I hear that Nescafe have reverted to the 'original' blend!

Purchased in May 2019.

A passable substitute

I lodged my view of the current Nescafe Gold under the heading World War ll. It doesn't deserve one star.
However, I drink my coffee white ie boiling water with full cream milk added. For those who do likewise might I suggest you try Nescafe Gold SMOOTH 3 (mild) and in addition to full cream milk, add a slash of whipping cream. It's not perfect and doesn't do away with the grounds rubbish at the bottom, but I find it passable.

Purchased in March 2019 at Big W Retail Stores for $12.00.

They killed the coffee flavour

Me and my wife were avoid coffee drinkers.. Be it got or cold, but since these people from Nestle just ruined the taste after their recipe change.
I'm still confused that why people take a perfectly fine thing and ruin it, assuming that it'll be appreciated

Purchased in February 2019.

Who wants to drink coffee grounds??! Not me

Zero stars. The taste of the new Nescafe original gold with finely ground barista coffee is appalling. The OLD original gold (in the pointy square jar) was the only coffee worth having. Why on earth would anyone think it a good idea to change what was never broken?? Why would consumers ever want to drink fine grounds?! If I wanted a barista coffee I would go to a cafe!! I just want to enjoy a coffee at home, as we have done for decades! I’ve tried salvaging the situation - sifting the fine grounds out, straining the coffee with filter papers without any success. The yuck taste has permeated the whole jar, and it simply will not be separated out. Our family would drink no other coffee but now we are forced to search for another one. You have lost your most loyal customers Nescafé. I’m throwing out your branded cups. Not everyone wants a blessed pod machine. If that’s the path we have to take I guarantee it won’t be Nescafé - I certainly don’t want to be reminded of the best coffee we no longer have. Extremely disappointed. My highlights from reading other reviews of the new formula on this site include “mangrove mud smells better” “God save Australia because nothing will save Nescafé Gold” and, simply, “undrinkable”.

Purchased in April 2019 at Woolworths Physical store for $14.00.

Why did you change a good coffee.

The taste is terrible this Nescafe Original Gold Barista coffee now in the shops. I would drink no other coffee for 30 years but Nescafé Original Gold. You brought in the Barista Mild and Dark, the worst coffee I have ever tasted. I was still able to get the old Version of Nescafé Original Gold from Woolworths, then you decided to change it to a Barista coffee WHY!! I will have to find another coffee to enjoy and will never purchase your coffee again. You had an excellent Coffee. I loved the taste of the Nescafé Original Gold.

Purchased in January 2019 at Coles Online for $18.00.

new blend disgusting

nuff said. it's garbage ground and painted brown. at least leave the original gold on the shelves. i'm surprised there isn't a petition to bring back the original gold. guess it's time for moccona.

Purchased in February 2019 for $12.00.

Gold turned Garbage.

Did Nescafe make a deal with International Roast to add it's floor sweepings to Gold Original. I have abandoned this product for a more reliable brand. Gold turned garbage... bring back the Original, the coffee that is on offer now is disgusting, to do yourself a favour- avoid what is on the shelf marked as Nescafe Gold Original, no matter what the price. Thankyou.

Purchased in November 2016.

Change in taste and sediment

We have been disappointed over the last couple of months
We are left with a sediment in the cup which has also affected the flavour
What has changed?


My wife has been drinking Nescafe gold for years and loving it,but the new product tastes awful,upsets her stomach,and leaves a horrible residue in the cup.She definitely will not be buying it again.

Purchased in October 2018 at 10 Dollars for $10.00.

made me sick

long time nescafe user but there is something really wrong with the nescafe gold, always keep spares in cupboard opened new jar and have been seriously nausea's for 4days after first day cut back to one cup, this morning after eliminating all the usual suspects changed coffee and surprise nausea problem solved oh well back to moccona it is.

Purchased in February 2019 at Coles Supermarkets for $18.00.

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200gms for $18 we take our coffee seriously

Where is the old Barista style smooth

I have been disgusted that you took away the barista style smooth coffee in the can. The new Nescafe gold is dish water. You have a great coffee and you discontinue. We will now change brands. thanks for nothing.

Purchased in January 2019.

This used to be my coffee of choice for 30 odd years!

The new recipe has taken me by unpleasant surprise. Where I took the old recipe with me on all my travels to avoid having to drink other coffees in hotel rooms, the new recipe is actually undrinkable.

The fantastic smell of the old recipe has all but disappeared and the bitter after taste is just YUK.

I made my wife a coffee this morning and she even refused to finish the cup.

I have complained with Nestle and gotten my money back for the 7 jars I had in my pantry. Good customer service but no indication they will actually change back to the old recipe. I will now need to try a few of the other products around to see what resembles the old recipe the closest.

Purchased in January 2019.

Back to square one!

The Nescafe gold coffee, apart from the Short Black line, is a spectacular failure. From opening the jar, which has no tab to lift it (whose genius idea was that?) leaving the gold seal sitting on the lip and needing a sharp implement to open it. To my taste buds, the coffee is near undrinkable and the residue left in the bottom of the mug leaves an acrid taste in the mouth. I am not used to being in agreement with the majority opinion in anything, except in regards to the poor quality of your product. Fortunately my plunger and coffee machine allows me to drink quality coffee at home! As a 5+ cup a day drinker, my salvation is complete. Time to send your boffins back to the drawing board and input from external coffee aficionados couldn't hurt. Paul.

Purchased in February 2019 for $9.00.


I have been drinking this coffee for years but find the new version almost impossible to drink and I have 4 jars to go.
Go back to the original(original).


What has Nescafe done to their Gold Blend coffee. I have been drinking this for many years and the new taste is terrible!

...and I've got four more jars to suffer before I can change to a new brand!

Terrible new taste

Bitter and bad. Hate it. And I happened to buy four jars.

Nescafé, what have you done

The new formula for Nescafé Gold original is bad, and I mean really bad. Have stayed with Nescafe Gold for many years now, but cannot drink new blend. It is bitter and leaves a horrible aftertaste. For those interested there are still some Big W stores that have the old one in stock

A loss for coffee drinkers and for Nestle

The new Nescafe Gold Original is not literally undrinkable (I got through a 200g jar) but it is poor compared to the previous formula. The previous recipe smelt great when opened and the taste was rich and smooth. The new coffee has a quite strange smell when opened and a harsh after taste. Since Nescafe Gold Original changed I have tried a few instant coffees looking for a replacement and I think the best so far is Moccona #5 with Coles Fairtrade Organic and others including Nescafe Gold Original well back. I always thought Moccona was dreaming when they claimed to be a premium instant coffee and for years I have avoided it but it was better than I expected and most like the old Nescafe Gold Original.

I am guessing two things went through the minds of the bosses at Nestle. First was that since worldwide sales of instant coffee have been dropping with people moving to pods etc, they tried to straddle the instant and ground coffee markets. And second the Swiss boffins thought they could mask the use of more of the cheaper Robusta beans with lab flavour magic. I think the result is just a less pleasant instant coffee.

I think Nestle will need to drop the price to maintain sales since the coffee is now no better than say Coles Fairtrade Organic which is half its price. I have noticed that Nescafe Gold Original has been on special a lot and was $9 for 200g at Woolworths today. I find these misteps by market leaders interesting and I am keen to see what happens. I just wish they would relent and bring back the original Nescafe Gold Original.


The new original gold is absolute crap. I will definitely be changing to Moccona which was always my second choice. The new Nescafé does not even make my list of choices. Will never buy again.


The new Nescafé gold blend coffee tastes disgusting, nothing like the delicious original old gold blend. Will not buy it again ever.

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Unfortunately and unusually, I find myself in the majority in finding the Nescafe gold coffee products as near undrinkable. I can't stand granular coffee and the Smooth leaves an acrid aftertaste. I have given away the jar I had left in the pantry. The only saving grace is your Short Black line. Fortunately I have a coffee machine and a plunger to satisfy my need for quality coffee. Which for a 5 cup a day drinker is essential! Time for your product developers to go back to the drawing board. And while you're at it, could you please add a pull tab on the seal. It's ridiculous having to pierce it with a sharp implement to open, leaving most of the seal on the lip of the jar. Paul. Brisbane.
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Why do granules leave an unpleasant sediment In cup after drinking?
1 answer
Nescafe uses cheap Robusta coffee beans that are grown in Vietnam, not 100% Arabica beans from South America like many other coffee manufacturers. Add to this the beans are now roasted and packed in Korea with a sprinkle of unfiltered coffee grinds and there's your answer. Cheers

Where is my original coffee gold granules 350g been buying this for a long time?
1 answer
In a museum.


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