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This formula is for babies with allergies and my Chemist has advised now for the second time in three months the supplier is not able to supply. My daughter is having to go to so much trouble trying to obtain a prescription for another allergy formula (she is now being asked to pay for the new prescription). How can a company justify running out of supply of a product that is medically required by babies.

Suits my darling.

While we were on a holiday our little one was suffering from indigestion & we were clueless what could be the reason. On our return we visited our our doctor who advised to use Nestle Alfaré. We had no option but to try, i must say it did work though.

Alfaré - it's smelly but it works!

Hi all!
My son (now 9 months) has been on Alfaré Formula since he was 6 weeks old. Unfortunately I found out he was cow's milk protein intolerant after a 000 call and an ambulance ride to hospital. At first the taste for him was awful but it's all I could give him so it grew on him. Yes, I also agree if smells and tastes horrible but it's the only formula on the market that has worked! He was 40g below his birth weight at 6 weeks old. Alfaré turned that around for him and he's growing slightly above the line of the national average.

Oh and a tip for those of you struggling with it being clumpy and not mixing. Try warming your bottle withouut formula in it first for at leaat 15secs. Then add your powder, shake vigorously, then heat for another 10-15sec.
No lumps everytime :-)

Saved my little one from a world of pain.

My LO has a severe milk protein allergy and was admitted into hospital three times for 'failure to thrive' if it wasn't for Alfare she would have continued to be unwell. It's been the only formula she's been able to take to and gain weight on. The only thing I do not like it the awful smell and that the formula clumps together and doesn't mix very well. Apart from that my daughter likes this formula, is gaining weight and is no longer in pain.

Terrible in flavor

My name is Mekdes and I am from Ethiopia. I have been using alfare this 2 days because my baby has some symptoms of milk allergy and his doctor recommended it but the taste is so terrible. My baby does not like it, he spit a lot and sometimes vomit. I hope he will get used to it and am seeing improvement. Thank you!

This formula saved his life

My son was three months old when a pediatrician put him on this it had a putrid smell and it looked like yukky brown liquid but he was lactose intolerant and he had been having formula with lactose for three months he had soy etc but he would projectile vomit this formula saved his life

does the job....just about

Had to swap to this due to the fire causing no aptamil pepti junior available. This formula stinks, it also tastes disgusting in comparison to pepti junior. It has a terrible after taste. It makes my babies stools smell awful. It is extremely hard to mix we nearly break our wrists mixing it!
it took about a week for my baby to take to it she was very disgruntled, however I can't fault it in terms of my baby is healthy and still comfortable digestively.

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Hi, it's Jodie from the NESTLÉ Baby Careline. We are happy to answer any questions you have about our products directly and our Careline team can be contacted on 1800 468 8736. MANDATORY NOTICE: Breast milk is best for babies and provides ideal nutrition https://www.nestlebaby.com.au/breastfeeding-is-best/

Baby states at me like its acid

Horrible. Even when I put vanilla extract in it my baby screams, spits it out and stares at me like its a I'd. This product scared my baby off the bottle. my ped. Advised it but an infant specialist laughed when I let her know what we had been prescribed and demanded or 12 week old go on neocate. It is certainly not for babies who have established a love for breast milk.

It's made a great difference!

My 4mth old suffers milk-protein induced enteropathy. After trying soy, lactose free and goats milk formulas I was at my wits end, my poor little girl would scream in pain had constant diarrhea and was admitted to hospital several times and put on IV's and syringe drivers for dehydration and blood in her stool and asthma which was caused by the lactose free formulas and cows milk formulas. Our paed suggested we try Alfare. It has been a godsend but she will need Neocate as the problem is not 100% better. She also takes nexium satchels for reflux.

Yes it tastes terrible, but we were instructed to gradually introduce the Alfare with her old formula (3/4 Alfare to 1/4 old formula - over the course of a few days) to help her transition to the taste change. Also to add some golden syrup to the formula for taste. She takes the Alfare no problem now without any additives (other than her other medications)

Yes, the poo smells horrible, you can smell her the second you walk through the room, but she's happier.

It is hard to mix, always finding globs of formula/jelly like substance in the bottle. It doesn't matter how much you shake or the temperature at which it goes in.

The fact that it's so cheap on prescription is wonderful. Before Alfare I was spending $15 a can on Lactose free formula (400g). Now I'm spending $6.10 for 8 tins.

It is slightly annoying that the chemist doesn't naturally stock Alfare and it's always needing to be ordered and I've heard of Alfare shortages where they are unable to get stock (what do our babies do then!)


Smells and taste revolting! why would they make a formula that is synthetic so foul! my poor 4M old doesnt' want to go near it and due to medical reason I cannot breastfeed anymore! gross!


No matter what i try this will not mix properly on water. Baby chokes and gags it tastes so bad, why make something so nasty and hard to use?!

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Hi Deanna, It’s Clarisa from the Nestlé Baby Careline, I’ve noted your post and am sorry to hear your having trouble. If you have any questions regarding our products, please contact our Careline team on 1800 468 8736. As this is a specialised formula that should only be used under medical supervision, if you are at all worried about your baby, we would always recommend you speak with your health care professional in the first instance. MANDATORY NOTICE: Breast milk is best for babies and provides ideal nutrition https://www.nestlebaby.com.au/breastfeeding-is-best/

A godsend!

It has eased my five month old of all the pain he must have been in. Thankfully he drank it but it does smell rank going in and coming out. Just stir with a spoon. I had no trouble mixing it.

Was hoping for so much more!!!

After trying every store bought formulas including soy, goats, lactose free, HA, and comfort. ...we were at our wits end....bub would either be colicky on cows formula or have projectile vomits on goat and projectile poops on comfort. We thought we would be fine once we got a prescription formula. ..wernt we wrong!!!!! The smell and taste is hideous. It took 24 hours before she would take more than a few sips and we have had to add 1/4 teaspoon of brown sugar. Her vomits now are clear like water but smell like the chemicals under the kitchen sink and her poop is runny and black. On a positive, she settles very easy on this formula but 10 min later even if she has been burped she wakes for anothr burp...this happens usually 4 times and takes about an hour to settle her properly...we are trying neocate from from tomorrow when we can get a script
Scoop leveler in the tin
smell, taste,runny poop,vomit, gas, prescription only so chemist has to order it in, only 400g tins

Kept my baby thriving, which is good enough for me.

My son was diagonosed with cows milk allergy at 7 months. I was breast feeding him and eliminating all dairy and eggs from my diet did nothing to improve his condition. I decided to stop breastfeeding him to try and help but he was unable to keep any standard formulas down and vomited violently each time. He was covered in excema and it was very distressing for us as first time parents. A pediatric allergist prescribed Alfare for him and it was a wonderous turnaround. Our little baby had clear soft skin for the first time ever! Yes, it did smell different as compared to other milk based formulas, and it was sometimes hard to dissolve, but these were small complaints and we were over the moon to find something that worked for him. (Any formula fed baby's poo will stink as compared to breast milk.) He never had any objection to drinking it, and took to it from breast milk without any issues. It was cheaper than bought formulas as it was on prescription too.
My baby thrived on this, and it saved him from potentially months of uncomfortable, itchy, flakey, infected skin.
Sometimes hard to buy from our local chemist as they had to order it in specially. Difficult to dissolve.

So far ok

I have had so many milk dramas after my baby had blood in her stools. I was told to switch her to the aller-pro which did not work then the senior ped prescribed elecare which she refused to drink and screamed preferring to eat her hands then that so I switched her back to the aller-pro cause I was so worried she would dehydrate on the elecare. Took her back to Ed with blood in stools doc said it was cause I did not persevere with the elecare I told him I was NOT going to starve my baby on that junk! And now they have put her on this alfare it seems to b working no blood for the last two days but it gives her terrible tummy pains and she only drinks 30ml at a time and she is 7 weeks old so that is not sufficient but I just keep giving it to her regularly 30ml every hour should make up for the lack of full feeding on this. Also I'm finding it's making her constipated!
Blood in stools is gone
Taste foul she only drinks small amounts at a time. Gives her bad wind and makes her Constipated

Does not dissolve!!

We have been on just about every prescription formula for my kids, all with cma and mpi. Now that Peadiatricians can't prescribe full elemental diets without authority from another specialist, one of our daughters has been put onto this. Every bottle has lumps of gel like substance in it.

I have no idea how much of it is made up correctly. For a formula that is meant to be for specific dietary needs, I am disgusted that we are never able to mix it properly. It states on the can that using a dosage other than what is prescribed can be dangerous to your baby's health, yet it can never be mixed accurately.

Don't even get me started on the smell. Children's breath should not smell like their poo!
The lip on the can that you could level off the scoop
Doesnt dissolve, stinks, scoop fiddly, Nestlé never replied about the sample they took from me, but after being on this formula for more than 8 months I know it's not just one batch with the dissolving issues. Am I meant to carry around a stick blender in my nappy bag? How hygienic would that be, especially considering this is a hypoallergenic formula!

Perfect for our bubs

Our little boy was moved to this formula after we found blood in his stools and was suffering from bad colic. We had tried several other formula without success. This worked almost immediately and bubs is still on it at 7 months. He didn't like the taste initially but after a few feeds was OK.
it stopped bubs having blood in stools and reduced colic
Nightmare to mix! We ended up buying a blender to mix up batches for the next day which saved a huge amount of time and arm ache from all that bottle shaking

Disaster, made baby cry

My 6 week old son was diagnosed with silent reflux by paediatrician after about a week of crying for 3 hours or so every evening. Doc gave me tin of Alfare...what a nightmare. Constant screaming all night long, after reluctantly taking the Alfare he would still be crying and sometimes vomiting. At 10am the next morning I gave up and fed him a bottle of the old formula (novulac colic). He immediately calmed down and went straight to sleep. I don't know what is in that Alfare but nothing can make me go back to it!

Made baby crazy, very expensive.

Great but terrible taste

This was the best thing we discovered after trying numerous formulas to which our baby cried and cried. We has tried so many things. We saw a lot of paeds and someone said to try this so glad we did we now have a happy little bubby. Give it a go
Cheaper than normal formula on prescription
Tastes terrible

Improvement in colic but you cannot be serious! ...

Firstly we are so pleased that our daughter's colic has improved after switching to this formula. However, we cannot believe how bad this tastes, seriously. We have major major trouble getting our daughter to take this stuff. Experimenting with adding treacle and vanilla essence (guidance from maternal nurse).

If the formula is synthetic then why on earth can it not be made to be vaguely palatable.
Helps relieve colic
Taste is terrible, don't understand why it has to be so

where can i buy alfare milk here in philippinesyou can buy in rose pharmacy or ask your pedia. alfare .....the best solution to giving me a healthy child

Questions & Answers

Is it ok to swap from nestle alfare infant formula to nan optipro gold as my dr said i have to start trying other formaulas as he is only aloud to give 6months worth of scripts for this milk i tryrd the A2 platinum once b4 and was no good so was woundering if nan be ok?
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Hi Mel, I’m not a doctor but My daughter was on Alfare for almost a year so I’m not quite sure why you’re being told your baby can only have 6 months of it? I’d be more inclined to say if bub is on a specialised formula he needs one that is suitable again for cows milk protein allergies. I think you may find Baby goes through symptoms again if you don’t go to one that suits allergy. Soy based milks also don’t suit our babies so you’ll have to be really careful. Maybe seek a second opinion or ask your doctor what formula you should be looking at.

What age is alfare suitable upto? My LO is almost 6 months, do I need a follow on formula or does it go up to 12 months?
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No, no need for a follow up. It goes beyond 12 months. Double check with your ped. to make sure. :)I believe it goes up to 12 monthsIt can go up to 6 years as my daughter is on it at 3 and have been told sge will be on it til 6 years.

5 month old has been on alfare for about 2 months now but has now developed burning in his bottom (skin red) Is this a side effect?
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I wouldn't imagine that it has anything to do with the formula if bub has been on it for 2 months already - given bubs age...I would probably say that he is teething and they get quite acidic poop with teething - hope that helpsHi Raelene,Its Clarisa from the Nestlé Baby Careline, I've noted your post and am sorry to hear your having trouble. If you have any questions regarding our products, please contact our Careline team on 1800 468 8736. As this is a specialised formula that should only be used under medical supervision, if you are at all worried about your baby, we would always recommend you speak with your health care professional in the first instance. MANDATORY NOTICE: Breast milk is best for babies and provides ideal nutrition https://www.nestlebaby.com.au/breastfeeding-is-best/


AgeToddler (1+ year)
Release dateMay 2008

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