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Nestle Allens Chicos

Nestle Allens Chicos

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Totally Ruined


Chicos were probably my favourite lolly growing up. I hadn't had them for a number of years and bought a pack on a whim. I was excited to try them again after so long. The new formula are terrible. Totally ruined. Have gone from a 10/10 to a 1 out of 10. There is no way product testers tried these and said they were better. By 'product testers', Nestle clearly mean 'our desire for lower input costs'. Your customers are your number one product testers and they have spoken.

Purchased in November 2019.


QuinnSouth East Queensland, QLD

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Killer Pythons- What the hell happened to the size of them :/ you have shrunken them so much
Party Mix- You put way too many bananas in them and the teeth are so small now, I used to love your lollies but now they aren’t as good as they were, very disappointed

Purchased in April 2019 at Coles for $5.00.

Horrible and Bitter!!


I was so disappointed and angry. I used to LOVE chicos. Bought two bags and threw the first one out because I thought I got a bad batch. Some tasted good then I’d hit one that tasted like soap!! Super bitter and disgusting. Opened the other bag thinking they’d be fine and ran into the same thing. What the hell is going on with them?? They should all taste the same! Never buying them again. Tasted like some have been laced with something toxic.

David P

David PMelbourne

This is perfect! Can’t live without it.



WitchyGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

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Chicos gone bad


i haven't had chicos since allens wrecked them. Then i was given a packet and sadly they still wrecked. Bit sad when a product is changed for the worse.



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Chico’s are Dead to me


I have love love loved Chico’s forever but today is a sad day because I have eaten my last. Allen’s have changed the taste so much that they don’t taste like chocolate but nasty soap. I feel like I’ve had my mouth washed out but didn’t do anything wrong to deserve the punishment.



New flavour NEW LIFE in this old favourite.


Never really been a big fan of Chicos, but after buying some on sale the other month I'm now addicted! The new product is nice and firm, with a lot of flavour, the texture is solid, but breaks apart nicely when chewed, with just a little bit of stickiness. The old flavour was ok, and I know a lot of people are upset about the change, but if you weren't a big fan before then perhaps try them out now.

So sad...


My son came back to Canada today (from Australia) the only thing I asked him to bring was 3 bags of Chicos, I was so disappointed , the taste texture are lousy, why did you do this, they were fabulous before, why ruin suck a good product?

Ian Downs

Ian DownsAU

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Why change good to bad?


I bought a bag of.chicos today. Half price. No wonder. they appear to be jelly babies with slight chocolate taste. Never used to be like that. Used to have a flavour like nothing else. Now they are disgusting. Why do companies change products?



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Go back to riginal flavour before its too late


Please go back to the old flavour. The new Chicos have the taste and texture of a barely chocolate flavoured escargot (snail).

Please sack the chico taste tester and return to the original taste and texture before Chicos go the way of Dick Smith.

Bel hill

Bel hillGold coast

You killed the chicos


Nestle who did you get as a chicos taste tester to allow you to put out this bland product. I hope you didn't pay them there work is substandard to agree this is an improved flavour. They should be sacked and where would you like me to send my resume to get on this panel of taste testers. Bring back the original flavour



New flavour a poor replacement


Old flavour much better. A shame you had to change. Do you actually listed to feedback or just an exercise?

Bring back the chiko baby when they were first made


I remember going to the shop buying chiko babies they were so nice big and thick today the chiko baby tast s like rubber they are horrible


KezSouth East Queensland, QLD

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Never buy Chicos again


Just awful....got nothing more....why change perfection! Great to see original BBQ shapes back, I don't understand why manufacturers change what is a successful recipe!!!



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Have just tried Chicos again for the first time in many years. What a complete disappointment! The taste/texture, etc. is completely different to how I remember it, and the new variety is horrid! Another product that's not been changed for the better, and I will not be buying again ever.

Bring back the old ones


Yep the old ones were a lot tastier. I'd rather pay a bit more than have to put up with the new 'improved' ones!!!!

Awful. First time I've tried Chicos and it's like chewing on hard plastic tainted with faecal matter


Never tried Chicos before and thought I'd give them a whirl. How awful. Hard, chewy plastic-like substance with and hint of something masquerading as chocolate. Never again.

Just dreadful


Is this a joke? The new chicos taste like plastic with a vague Chico flavoring. Kind of a Pisspoor effort, very disappointed.

Original Chicos


I bought a packet of Chicos. They were original. Thank goodness. Was horrified to learn you changed them at some stage and actually distributed it. Do not do it. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!!! Arnotts made that mistake with Shapes...Learn from it.



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Smaller than before and terrible new taste


Terrible change . Used to be my fave: now small and horrible tasting . Why mess with perfection?
And make them larger like the original!

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As i am 52years old i still remember the powder coated jelly babies as a young boy they were so nice.Are they ever going to make a comeback?

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I remember them too and wish they would bring them back, not just because of the flavour though. I have recently become aware that Allens use palm oil in their confectionery to prevent it from sticking together as do other sweet manufacturers I'm sure. The use of palm oil is destroying orang-utan habitat and therefore driving them to extinction. Perhaps the powder they once used for this purpose would be less destructive.

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