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Nestle Allens Fantales

Nestle Allens Fantales

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Fantales disaster

Why, why, why? The only reason I can think of for changing Fantales is the omnipresent fear of litigation. This is what our society has become! Everything tailored around risk management i.e. in this case, the fear of being sued for a cracked tooth. Bought a second packet because I too thought there was something wrong with the first packet. Now I know. Never, ever buying them again.

Purchased in August 2019 at IGA Dromana .

Did they change the recipe????

Came on here looking to see if they changed the recipe??? These new ones just arent the same. Way too soft for my liking and much sweeter. Wont be buying again

Purchased in July 2019 at BP Australia for $5.50.


So disappointed in Fantales. Used to love the rich chocolate over the hard caramel. Now just a tasteless soft fudge barely covered by cheap chocolate. No flavor, no chewiness. And getting smaller. Won't be buying any more.

Purchased in April 2019 at Big W Retail Stores for $5.00.


Bought a one kg bag yesterday, put them in a jar for an Easter present. Lucky i tasted one. Was sure they were stale as only a month until use by, then saw these posts, so now can’t even take them back as apparently they’re the new fantales! Soft, no taste, chocolate fake and $12 down the drain. Couldn’t give these poor excuses for a chocolate away. For heavens sake, why mess with perfection

Purchased in April 2019 at Big W Retail Stores for $12.00.


What has happened to fantales? They are horrible now, no longer yummy caramel centre but a yucky soft fudge type filling. Bought a packet at Sydney airport last month and thought they had gone stale but date was ok. Bought a packet at supermarket today and realise the recipe has changed. Threw the packet in the bin. At least it will be good for the waist line!

Purchased in March 2019 at Coles Supermarkets for $5.00.

Fantales disaster

I was eating a fantale and it tore the top tooth from my mouth with the caramel. As I crunched down to chew again, I could feel the broken tooth with my tongue. Not a pleasant feeling. I have recently been to the dentist and have a good set of teeth with no decay, so unsure what has happened in this case

Purchased in February 2019 for $2.99.


Absolutely awful now. Used to be great. It's like they sat around a table and said "Right people, how can we make the product worse, yet charge more?"

Cheap disgusting chocolate

So disappointed. I loved these treats once but they have been ruined. I’d like my money back really. The caramel is not the same either, almost tasteless. What on earth has happened to them.


Fantails were fine how they were. Why, why, why change them? No flavour, too soft and more like fudge. Won’t be buying them anymore.

Enough of the fake chocolate

Even if the price needs to go up, bring back the rich dark chocolate coating. These are supposed to be "Fantales" not Cobbers, so enough of the terrible cheap compound chocolate now being used. Not sure about the people complaining about them "not being hard and chewy anymore". There were hard lollies for sucking "Fantales, Minties etc" and soft lollies for chewing "Milko's, Sherbies etc". Allens seem to want to make everything softer now, probably so their eaten faster.

Terrible -soft and no longer chewy.

First I thought I had a packet which was stale or something, but after reading other reviews it seems this is intentional. So disappointing - wont be buying them any more.

Aaah! Fantales are now terrible!

Fantales are now soft fudge rather than hard caramel and the chocolate tastes like it has been on the shelf for months. So disappointing! Never again

Why change a perfect product?

Fantales are known to be delicious lollies with a hard chewy centre. Please don't change it. The flavour of these new ones is nowhere near as good as the old ones are. I understand they may have been changed to make it easier for kids to eat them, but the taste is so different it is no longer a yummy treat. Please consider changing it back, or maybe market the new product as a different line of fantales.

Horrible !

Fantales are supposed to be hard chewy Caramel NOT FUDGE! Why do you insist on changing the formula of all our Aussie Favorites! NO NO NO! CHANGE THE FORMULA BACK TO THE WAY IT WAS

Still awesome.

I'm not sure if it's my memory or not (I doubt it as I remember Fantales having a very distinct taste and texture) but I have to disagree with the other comments on this product.

I bought a 500g "Family size" (yeah right, I can eat it all on my own!) bag last week and it tastes exactly the same as it used to. There's a kind of darkish chocolate coating on the outside and the inside has a chewy caramel/toffee which tends to get stuck in your teeth. From what I remember these taste exactly the same as they used to (and I haven't had them in a few years)

My only complaint is that the trivia on the wrappers is way too easy, usually after the first sentence I know the answer.

Not what they used to be

Like all the last reviews, this product is NOT the same as it used to be. Like your other products (milko's , sherbies) the caramel is not hard and chewy like it used to be (as were the milko's and sherbies). Have you guys been sued for causing broken teeth or pulled fillings??? I've bought several packets over the last 12 months (fresh stock, and both winter and summer stock) to no avail. No longer on our shopping list.


were once my favorite Allens product... they have now changed and are terrible.
After reading other persons reviews it doesn't sound like I will be the only person to stop purchasing them.

What have you done!

Bought fantales for the first time today and was so disappointed to find out another manufacturer has meddled with a classic! I was expecting a chewy caramel and delicious chocolate coating, I got a cheap tasting chocolate with a horrible fudge centre. WHY! Why mess with the classics!

First Time eating Fantales for a while

Just bought a bag of Fantales after a fairly long period of time. What a disappointment. Cheap chocolate dreadful caramel and a smaller size. Won't be buying them again.What a shame. They were such a lovely treat.


You have changed everything about the fantale that was so perfect and delicious! What has happened to the caramel! So disappointing, will not buy again. :(

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Have you changed the recipe late last year? We have always loved Fantales and they were out of stock for a couple of months. When they came back the packet we have has a different flavour. Not a favourite anymore!
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I agree they do not taste the same at all. The chocolate tastes cheap.


Nestle Allens Fantales
Release dateFeb 2011

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