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Nestle Allens Kool Mints

Nestle Allens Kool Mints

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I love Kool Mints!

Change in taste

What have you done ... the taste has changed seems to have a soft chewy centre as well definitely not as nice.


These are great yummy mints which come in a convenient sized pack. They are a good option to serve in a candy dish to guests after dinner. These keep your mouth cool and freshen the breath. Overall, I dont buy these regularly because of the sugar content, but they are okay to try if you want something without artificial sweeteners.
These are mints that can round and look like they would be fun to eat. They are 97%fat free, which is a gimmick because I think our concern should be about the sugar content, not just fat content.
These have sugar in them, so not a good choice for those watching their calorie intake.

my 94 year old mother loves her cool mints

My Mother loves her cool mints. she has been buying 2 pts a fortnight for a number of years and sometimes in between. she is concerned with the rise in cost of these. she cannot comprehend that they have gone up so much in price.
when dad was alive he also loved his cool mints. he was eating them when in an old folks home. when the staff tried to get them off him, he used to hide cool mints. even in his slippers.
they "were"inexpensive
Getting too expensive now

Questions & Answers

Im addicted to these "cool mints" but they have not been in countdown or new world in Christchurch new zealand for about 3 weeks. Whats going on ? Where are they ? I neeed them !!! Bring them back pleeeese
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I bought a packet of kool mints recently. I usually love these mints because of the chewy inside. However this batch had a hard almost inedible inside that hurt my teeth. I want to know if this just a bad batch or is this how they will always be now?
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Allens Kool Mints
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