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Nestle Allens Minties

Nestle Allens Minties

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I am sad re Minties size..

After years of loving Minties, I am sad that they are now so small in size compared to the original size that they were, the paper almost goes around them now 3 times, I really loved my ORIGINAL sized minties, I don't like the new Chewy ones either. love the taste etc. as they do refresh your mouth. Just wish they had not shrunk them .


Great mint flavoured treat for the whole family. Mint flavoured to freshen your breath as well as being a sweet. Individually wrapped in waxed paper so can easily be shared around. Works well to help ease sore throats and upset stomachs. Has everyone remembering the slogan 'Its moments like these you need minties' as they chew on them.
One of my favourite treats. Extremely chewy with a full minty flavour. Hard white sweet that is individually wrapped in waxed paper so they are great to share around with others. Great alternative to the usual mints available for freshening your breath. Also a great mint sweet to suck/chew on when you are feeling sick and need something to relieve that sore throat/tummy upset. Some wrappers have cartoon designs on them.
Takes a lot of chewing to get it down which may not suit some individuals


These are soft chewy mint flavoured sweets. I would suggest storing them in an airtight container because they go a bit hard once the pack is opened. I used to see these a lot in some recruitment agencies when they were having interviews for candidates. The fact that they are individually wrapped makes them convenient to carry in your bag. Just make sure you dont pop 1 in your mouth just before you're going to speak to anyone, because they're so chewy, you'll never get your words out.
These are minty taffy sweets that are not sugar free. You can have them anywhere to freshen your breath and get some sugar into you too.
They are extremely chewy, so would'nt suit someone who has sensitive dental issues or who cannot eat chewy foods. They are also made out of sugar, so it might be okay to have 1 or 2, but not too many.

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How bad are minties for you? How many calories are in one mintie?
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Allens Minties
Release dateFeb 2011

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