Too many issues!!!!

I have 5 cameras active approximately 12 hours a day.
3 months later 2 cameras have different issues with not recognising the genuine charger, and the other simply not working at all. Harvey Norman don’t want to know about faults unless you’ve spent hours on the phone with Arlo Support and provide a return order.
The cameras won’t pick up fast movement, and activate approximately 60% of the time (I have excellent wifi signal and the fastest plan).
Phone support is simply reading from a trouble shooting manual and is very frustrating and I’m pretty patient.
This is extremely disheartening as they have the potential to be a great product.
Just not worth the money or hassle.

Purchased in February 2019 at Harvey Norman for $1,210.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Night Vision
Connectivity / Reliability
Ease of Installation
Motion Detection

I will not buy at all because of false information

We were going to purchase the Arlo 4 camera because 3 different stores and NetGear said that they would be great with our WI-FI plan even though my reception is not so great in the lounge which I told them all and to improve this we will get a WI-FI extender eventually to solve this problem. What annoys me with further research I find out that if you have poor WI-FI reception in your house that the Arlo cameras will be no good as it just will not work well and interfere with other appliances in the house. Why were they all dishonest with us or have they not done their research. My son and one other retailer were the only people that knew this. Google “Will Wi-Fi Wireless Cameras work well if your WI-FI is poor” and the answer is there. I was just told from a proper Alarm Security company that they do not bother with them and they only install wired cameras as they are reliable and made better so we will purchase “Concorde Cameras”, because After research and reviews are good 4K cameras. People just want your money these days so do your research before buying.

Purchased in April 2019 at Noel Leeming for $1,300.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Night Vision
Connectivity / Reliability
Ease of Installation
Motion Detection

If you want peace of mind not grief stay well away from this company and product

I purchased the Arlo Pro 2 system three months ago. Took forever to set up. First off the camera would not recognise the QR code on the back of the package to activate the system. Then I tired to use the app. No go. Then I placed the camera right next to the base station. No go.
Then somehow, magically it recognised the camera.
Two months later the A/C adapter failed. They promised to send me a replacement. Instead I got an empty box. I called and had to wait for a supervisor close to an hour and a half. He promised to send me the replacement within 2-3 business days. Never came. I called again and asked for a tracking number. They could not provide one. When I pressed them on the issue they walked back from the lie and said that they never sent the replacement.
They then promised to send it out the next day.
I lost faith with all their lies.
I packaged up the product, took it back to the retailer and got a full refund and a discount on a competing product.
Worked right out of the box flawlessly.
My advice: do not buy Arlo/Netgear if you want safety and peace of mind. You will get nothing but grief.

Purchased in January 2019 at Harvey Norman Physical Store for $799.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Night Vision
Connectivity / Reliability
Ease of Installation
Motion Detection

Would be good if battery life actually lasted anywhere near as long as they say it does.

I purchased Arlo Pro 2.
Two cameras, yes easy to install and set up.
But battery life on cameras is said to be between 2-3 weeks?
Mine last 2-3 days.
Would like to contact Arlo and either replace battery or camera one of which has to be faulty as other camera battery lasts longer.

Purchased in February 2019 for $649.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Night Vision
Connectivity / Reliability
Ease of Installation
Motion Detection

Happy with our purchase

We've had our Arlo Pro 2 with 3 cameras for 2 months now and we're pretty happy with them. They were easy to set up and have worked well for us so far.

Both motion and audio detection work fine. We get an email notification within a couple of seconds of motion detection. The recording is visible on our phone right after it stops recording. You can specify a duration to record (up to 120 seconds) upon motion detection or specify that recording stops after activity stops which is a max of 300 seconds.

Night vision is pretty good even in darkness. We are able to speak to the person at the camera from our phone. Sensitivity to motion or audio detection can be adjusted which we found useful. Free cloud storage is great. Loved that the cameras are portable.

Battery life seems to be pretty good. Two of the cameras are still at 50% from the first charge. The third camera had to be recharged after the first month as the motion sensor triggered much recording by plants moving in the wind and us walking past. The camera can be easily turned off from our phones if we are in its line of sight but we often forget to do that.

Tried to mount a camera on the ceiling and accidentally dropped it (from ceiling height). Thought it was the end of that unit but it still worked perfectly fine after that!

Initially, the cameras seemed to go offline every now and then but we found that what we needed to do was simply to log off and on again on our phone and they would be fine. This problem has however ceased to happen after a while, no idea why.

The main disadvantage for us is when we attempted to put a camera behind the window glass, facing out to the front yard and the street. The visual through the glass was great during the day but any motion through the glass could not be detected and thus does not trigger any recording. Manual recording is still possible. At night however, the reflection made it useless - can't see through the glass at all. The reason we hope to put a camera behind the window is because due to its portability, we're actually afraid it can be easily stolen if we mount it outside the house but looks like that's not possible.


This is possibly the worst camera I have ever purchased. While the battery life is good, this would be about its only benefit. The Lag on these cameras is absolutely disgusting. I will have a courier come to the door, have me sign and collect it, ask how their day is and the camera has still not notified me. The lag on this is typically a good 2 minutes or more. What is the point in having security cameras when someone can come and go before you're even aware there is anything going on. Really disappointed with this product and wont be considering Netgear again for any security purchases. I'm going straight to FairTrade for a full refund.

Easy to use

Hi this unit has great outdoor range and great daytime picture quality .On windy days I get 2 false triggers a minute all day just like my other Swann unit but repositioning camera may help.I carnt see why arlo can't use same Technology as my 20 year old sencer light which only comes on if life walks in front of it or a car and wind never sets it off .Any way i'm glad I brought this unit because free sever video storage and great app to use and playback is excellent anywhere. Netatmo presence camera gives no false triggers but arlo has wireless and sever Storage maybe u need both.

Do your research especially if you need activity zones outdoors

Great a wireless camera I can use outside. Good reviews so I buy one.
Oops. Activity zones don’t work. That’s no good. It’s outside and I want my door, not the cars going by.
I need a power supply. Cool. Arlo has a solution. There’s a solar panel available. Not cheap but hey, that’ll do the job.
Install it. Still no activity zone feature. Still need wired power. Never said that on the tin either.
Then I find Arlo now has a plan I can purchase that does offer activity zone analysis. Hmmmnnnn. Feels like Arlo keeps taking a bigger share of my wallet. As an indoor wired power product it’s ok. But outdoors is another matter

Great, am excited

I endeavoured to install another brand product, but was disappointed so after reading a good review of Arlo made the change.
Since only just installed cannot comment on battery performance yet.
Working well, great picture clarity even though have low setting.
Easy enough set up but having some computing nous helps.
Communicates well with base station (through brick walls to outside).
Settings and options good within App, downloading manual is recommended.
Not sure that microphone/speaker that useable given time lag though recording sound good.
Turning Camera off within App doesn't turn off microphone/speaker - these are done separately. It adds to flexibility of use but when turning Camera off it would be logical to ask whether to turn these off as well.

Cameras are OK but the app is terrible and there is NO SUPPORT

I am writing this review now as I am sick of waiting for solutions from ARLO. I initially thought the cameras were easy to install and had a good quality image but many problems viewing the data have appeared and keep getting worse but there is no way to get any real technical help. The app has many issues especially on PC when you need to view large images. The app relies on the "Flash" plugin which is unsupported by many WEB browsers and every attempt at getting flash to work with ARLO on all our computers fails, yet flash with other sites works fine. This same issue has been raised by hundreds of users in the forums. The app has also stopped recording motion activated events after just 2 months without any instruction from us. We have reset all the geo-fencing and schedules without success. With all the problems I have tried the support "chat" which just does not function at all, the forum where you just get bad advice, bad attitude and no solutions, emails and phone calls. After venting my frustration at all the failures I was promised that an ARLO support agent would contact me and of course after several weeks have still heard nothing.

It’s just ok

Received my pro 2 / 3 camera last week , it say detect movement, even I select 100% active And still not work like 100% . 5 out of 10 can detect movement .

don't buy

don't buy the arlo camera system , they claim on the box and on the internet that the battery last 3 to 6 month .
What a joke it last 2 days the most !! even on the lowest settings i get 2,5 to 3 days out o a Battery .
I spoke to arlo people who really don't care they told me to buy there solar panels for $150 each to get the battery to last ! WHY do i need a solar panel when you claim that the battery last month ? i will take this all back to the store and get something else what a waist of my money and time

Just okay

Summary: Slow, clunky, full of false motion triggers, audio too slow to be useful.

Could be better. It works as advertised but is soooooo slow and sluggish. Doing just about anything, with good internet speeds is so slow. Periodically, it even tells you your devices is offline when you first open the app, and finally refreshes after a good 2-3 minutes and decides it is actually not offline after all.

It's motion sensing is also a mixed bag. It's good when it works but I do get lots of false positives even when I drop the sensitivity quite a fair bit. Now I'm not sure if I've dropped it too much either. The infared cameras don't work too well at night when you've say placed it against the wall because the wall would be brightly visible (infared) but everything else is pitched black dark. You can turn up the brightness but for some reason there's no auto setting, which means during the daytime the full brightness video has it's highlights completely overblown and nothing can be seen through the video.

Even if you zoom the video in, the exposure does not adjust only for the zoomed in area. Worst of all, it does NOT give you a notification if it goes offline - e.g. someone turning off the main power to the entire house will not trigger a notification for whatever reason. Could be better. But works often enough. There will be a time when just good enough isn't good enough anymore when a competitor comes up with a better solution.

12mths in and all Arlo battery's need replacing

We installed this system approx 12mths ago and will be fair to say the system has been great up until now.

Inital installation was simple and the set up with syncing to the base station & a mobile phone via the app was very straight forward.

However there are a few areas that could be improved upon.

The Geofencing mode for arming the alarm is very hit & miss and rarely works. We just have it set to a custom schedule which is easy to set up.

When you get an alert via the app on the phone and want to check on that camera it is very slow to connect 'live' to the camera to see what is happening.

The biggest problem with this system is that after this time all of the genuine Arlo lithium batteries require replacing.
They lasted for approx 8 mths from the original charge out of the box before getting low on charge which is indicated on each individual camera via the app. After a few charges over the last couple of months they now only last for a few days then there are alerts coming through saying the batteries are flat. We only charge the batteries with the Arlo chargers provided and leave them on until the system indicates they are at 100 % charge.
Please note this system is the upgraded model with the white square Arlo lithium batteries which we have been given prices of approx $120ea to replace and we have 5 cameras linked to the system. I feel this is going to be an expensive system to maintain over time.

Time will tell- so far so good

Originally purchased a Swann 1080P wireless 4 camera set-up, hard to set-up, app not user friendly,would only download on my phone and not my husbands, can only view on phones-not on desktop, when update was done camera screens went silly, returned and purchased this one, so much easier to set-up, app is user friendly, easy to load onto more than one phone, sends email notification (so you can view cameras on your desktop computer) as well as to your phone. So far so good but time will tell. Would definitely recommend this brand over Swann, even though more expensive, think it will be worth it.

Disappointed in support

Had a power plug die on my Netgear arlo base unit, called them up and they said the would send a replacement out, 3 weeks later it never turned up, called again, still nothing. now i have a useless Netgear Arlo Pro 2 system. Disappointed in the service.

Wireless made easy

The netgear arlo system works great. Was relatively easy to set up compared to previous ive set up. Night quality is pretty good. wifi connection is good with range aswell. Not a huge range of accessories available in AU/NZ. Not impressed that to set up Zones you need to have a constant power supply to the camera. you cannot buy the plug in cable for the Arlo in Australia and i had to purchase this from eBay.

Needs Upload speed of at least 100MPS!!

Why oh why are things as obvious as that not disclosed on the packaging/advertising blurb??!! We have wireless NBN here, and it's not too shabby speed-wise I might add. Didn't know about this requirement until we were getting lags and jolty video with excessive buffering. After trying to troubleshoot, we found it hidden away in the on-line specs somewhere. Thanks for that! Did a speed test to find our connection was only uploading in the 90's. If you are on wireless only, or an otherwise marginal connection, stand by to be underwhelmed. Another reviewer on here has found similar results in their review. I'm led to believe that retrieved video from the cloud doesn't suffer from the jolty-ness ... have to take their word for it!!

The install is simple, and relatively quick. You only get a quick-start guide with the pack ... a more comprehensive manual is available on-line. This seems to be the norm these days though.

The cameras appear of good quality, with an ingenious mounting system. They use decent proprietary lithium cells that are said to work for up to 6 months ... probably when set to lowest quality. Been in here set at optimum for 3 weeks, and are currently showing remaining capacities of 50-76%, so this may or may not be achievable. They can also be plugged in to mains power, and this opens up the additional feature of recording the few seconds prior to a trigger being activated ,,, I imagine you would need to purchase separate leads to allow this feature should you require it. Batteries are recharged by wiring the cam unit into a USB outlet ... easily done.

You can customise notifications to come as either e'mails or "pushes" (with is apparently trendy speak for a notification to your linked smartphone). Each camera can have its sensitivities adjusted, and each records video and audio. You can even use the sets as intercoms, with ability to speak out the camera unit ... so long as you have lightning fast internet ... of course. Otherwise the person you're trying to speak to has probably left 3 minutes ago (or more)!!!

You can set the install to continuously record, with many combinations and rules for what to do when one camera is triggered, for example. Or you can simply view the cameras outputs at any time using either linked smartphone or remote internet access. You can do this whether they're set to continuous recording or not. When using this "live view" feature you can take a photo or manually commence recording at any time.

Your purchase entitles you to complimentary online cloud based storage for a week, with over-riding of the older files then happening thenceforth. You can purchase more comprehensive storage plans if you require - say if you're absent for months at a time, and need to review surveillance for longer periods. Retrieval of recorded data is dead easy, and is available via calendar based menu selection by individual camera, with thumbnail previews/selection.

You can customise recording schedules, and there is also a "geofencing" option which disarms certain cameras when you're present so they don't simply record you .... this presence is sensed via your smartphone. In our application here, we don't use these additional features ... all we need is continuous recording ... so I can't offer any thoughts on their performance.

The output quality is excellent in daytime, and marginal at night. As the other reviewer mentioned above pointed out though, the industry generally has a little way to go before night time recording improves to any great extent. Camera sensitivities seem pretty accurate, and the trigger zones are commendable. Maximum range from the base station is said to be 90M ... but this is heavily influenced by impeding structures. All our cams are showing a link strength of 2 out of 3 bars, despite one being just 8 metres from the base, and another being 40. Although to be fair, this distal cam does show a strength of 1 out of 3 from time to time.

The smartphone interface is well laid out and user friendly, but not all functions are intuitive, and some are actually incorrect. See the next paragraph!!

As with many other products these days, the good quality hardware's let down a little by lacklustre software sets. At one point what the manual (and the company's online support file) says is not what happens whatsoever when a particular button is pressed. Thankfully the issue I was trying to solve was easily rectified by referring to the substantial on-line community troubleshooting feature.

These cameras fill a useful niche in that nether-zone between hardwired Vs WiFi Vs 3G/4G trail cams with their mobile network pathways, and are in fact more attractively priced than the 4G trail cams. However there's the downside that you need mains power in the case of the Arlo's whereas the trail cams are completely stand alone. In our application we have a combination of the technologies to cover areas out in the paddock beyond the reach or the Arlo's ... horses for courses.

The Arlo Pro does what we need ... but as with most things, it's aimed fairly and squarely at those with superfast uploads ... in other words those in metropolitan areas!! SIGH!!

10 months old and its in for repair. Avoid

Base station stopped working after 10 months. Other problems that have developed after the initial disappointment are
1, that it stops working but you only realise when you go to check videos - ie you notice there are no videos recorded for the past x number of days.
2, battery life isnt that great
3, pretty much useless in the dark more than 1-2m from the camera

Thats by no means the full list of the problems.

Best in its class

As the title of this reviews states, the Netgear Arlo Pro 2 is the best of a fairly niche class.

1080p footage is clear and more than usable in the event that it is required.I do say this with some authority as I present CCTV imagery to court on a near weekly basis....

Night vision is average at best (sadly) but so are the majority of the cameras on the market and most importantly at this price level. Still perfectly capable of proving an offence but may not identify anyone. This is why we have insurance....

If you are looking for a product that you can install, move, adjust, remove and re-install with nothing more than a drill and screwdriver this is the product for you.There are no cords if you chose to use battery power which should last you about 4 months per recharge.

The cameras will send you notifications by way of the app and or email if desired and so far have proven timely and accurate.

The biggest downside to this system is that being wireless, latency is an issue.Measured at some 5-6 seconds when viewing live camera footage. This perhaps could be improved if your internet is blindingly fast but good luck with that in Australia.

All in all. Yes, there are better cameras on the market, if you want to run cabling and operate a dedicated system solely for the purpose of operating a cctv camera. Each to their own.

There are also vastly worse systems on the market. Vastly.

For the money. It offers peace of mind. 4/5

Questions & Answers

Why do you not tell customers that you need a good WI-FI plan for these cameras to work well. We have poor WI-FI reception and more than one store and NetGear representative told me it would work fine. tell me what am I missing
2 answers
Seems logical to me. A wifi camera obviously relies on a workable wifi system. Hardly Arlos fault.Chris I had rung the company directly that manufacturers the Arlo Pro 2 and they told me that they work fine even if you have a poor WiFi reception, they have obviously mislead me. Also as I had already mentioned in my review that 2 stores had also told me that they would work well with poor WiFi. So my question is why would an Arlo representative tell me that the WI FI Cameras go well even when WI Fi reception is poor. I believe that they are not educated enough with their product or they just want my money. Are you a representative for Arlo Chris because your response is not very professional if you are a representative and I was asking the question to a representative not to a customer if you are a customer and If you are a representative for Arlos then you need more training on how to speak in a professional manner to the retailer. Maybe I needed to address my concerns to an Arlo representative as it was not to the retailer. To answer your response “Yes in my opinion it is Arlos fault (your comment) or in my words, It is Arlos obligation to train their staff on their products and give the correct information to the retailer so that the retailer does not make such an expensive mistake in purchasing a product that does not work properly or suit their needs. The reason for my comments is to educate others before they purchase this product. I am very fortunate that research and perseverance is part of who I am and am so pleased that I did as I purchased a wired more affordable camera system and it works well. I’m so pleased that I can warn others to do the same. Sorry Chris if my concerns were not clear enough to you but you may not of read my comment before that. And if you had then you would of fully understood what I was asking. Thanks.

Why does nobody tell you that Arlo Pro cameras do not work well if your Wi-Fi Plan is poor and will effect other appliances in your home.
2 answers
I don't have that experience. I have NBN at the highest speed level. My experience is that when you do encounter tech support is sheer hell. They do not respond. They do not deliver on promises to send out replacements.Thanks. I agree. I have asked them twice and no response. When I did ring the company they told me that the cameras still work well with poor WiFI. I’m so glad I did my research further and asked a professional alarm guy and he told me not to get them because of my poor reception. Arlo Netgear are one of the worst company’s I have dealt with. They sell these cameras to the supplier and the supplier tells the customer that they work well also even with poor WIFI. They all have poor knowledge about their product. In the end I got a wired camera for quarter of the price and am really happy with it. Heard that you have to change the battery all the time, what a hassle. With the wired its only 6 months to once a year job.

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